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Christian Biotechnology: Not a Contradiction Term Paper

… So in this area, it is relatively simple to analyze the use and importance of this field of research. Transgenic crops have proven to be vital food source for both economic and humanitarian purposes, while transgenic animals are quickly proving to be just what the meat, milk, and egg industry need to increase profits and production. Christians everywhere should be in support of biotechnology and genetic modification in food production, as this has the potential to erase world hunger and improve corporate profits all at once.

Genetically modified (GM) crops are safe and proven in the field. Scientists are not just tinkering with DNA for fun -- GM crops are being created that are far superior to traditional hybrid strains in hardiness and resistance to…. [read more]

Verhey, Allen. "Playing God Term Paper

… Only God can decided, and thus the physician must do all at his or her disposal to prevent the patient's death, even if the patient has lost all cognitive abilities or the probability of the patient's recovery is quite unlikely in the future, or the prognosis of the patient's potential quality of life is poor.

In other words, the physician should not be playing God by "pulling the plug," rather the doctor must do everything technologically possible to make sure that a patient stays alive until God takes patient, rather than any intervening decision by the doctor. Only if all of the efforts of the physician fail, only after the maximum efforts of the physician have been exercised, can the medical profession know that it…. [read more]

Stem Cell Research Embryonic Stem Term Paper

… Stem Cell Research

Embryonic stem-cell research is not practically 'embryonic' and most of the ethical refutations in respect of embryonic stem cell research could be settled by more research. Restricting federal funding would not halt the embryonic stem cell research, but will only lead to a redistribution of research funds and above all majority of the Americans support embryonic stem cell research which is essential for the treatment of those who are challenged by serious diseases.

The research on stem cells has been vehemently criticized both politically and morally attracting the biologists to involve in ethical debates over the issue and generating in the common people to exhibit great enthusiasm in this arena of biology. (Lovell-Badge, 88) Why does stem cell research attract the ambit…. [read more]

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