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Christian Canon for the 21st Century Essay

… ¶ … Christian Canon for the 21st Century

"If we [Christians] are to recover the canon and its authority, the work must go ahead hand in hand with mission to culture.

In turn, mission to culture demands the certainty and authority we can only possess from God and only through God's word in scripture."

- H. Dan. Beeby


In "No Loose Canon," H. Dan. Beeby, a former missionary in China and professor of Old Testament at Tainan Theological College, contends that contemporary crusaders aim to restore the Bible as the true metanarrative. Beeby poses a number of questions regarding current concerns that the Bible faces a crisis that "it has lost the authority once possessed by the church's canonical scripture" (Beeby, Canon and mission…. [read more]

Christian Worship the History Research Paper

… Some, including Presbyterian churches, believe that Christian worship should only be constructed from what is directly and explicitly written in scripture; "in short, God institutes in the Bible everything required for Church worship and prohibits all other possibilities," (Smith 19).[footnoteRef:21] Others, like Lutherans, Anglicans, and Methodists argue that "worshippers may use elements of worship that are not prohibited by the Bible, whether or not they are positively commanded by scripture," (Smith 19).[footnoteRef:22] In other words, many Christians believe that unless the Bible expressly prohibits a certain type of worship, any type of worship is good. This view is known as the "normative" view of worship because the emphasis is on what is considered normative within the Church. The various disagreements over Christian worship are one…. [read more]

Socrates Plato Thomas Aquinas and Descartes Term Paper

… ¶ … Philosophical Canon and Feminism

The traditional canon of philosophy as advocated by Socrates, Plato, Thomas Aquinas and Descartes tends to focus on the superiority of the male side of the human population. This is to a large extent due to the culture and the general view of the role of women in culture during the time in which these philosophers were alive. It is thus not surprising that current feminists have begun to object and to even rewrite the ideals advocated by the canon. The premise behind this is that human culture has evolved to recognize men and women as different, but equal in terms of ability and value. It is however interesting to note that the basic philosophies within the works of…. [read more]

Religion Christianity Started Essay

… Luther's edicts had established an emerging faction of Christianity that denied vehemently the papal authority. With the denial of Papal authority came the avowal of a new type of worship and new vision of Christianity. In accordance with Protestant theory, the individual believer can come to know God without the intervention of a priest. Scripture is to be read and studied by the individual, regardless of Papal authority.

The Reformation had a more significant impact on the social and political affairs of Europe than on its theological life. Disavowal of Church authority paved the way for the Enlightenment and the age of humanism. Religion had a stranglehold on European social life for centuries. The people demanded a more egalitarian state of affairs with a worldview…. [read more]

Creation Myth Analysis Term Paper

… The Law was both cause and effect in the recreation of the race after the Babylonian exile."

Unless this fact is taken into account, Wellhausen cautioned, "one will above all fail to understand the great work accomplished by the prophets in destroying Old Israel, and preparing the way first for Judaism, and then for the Gospel"; however, Wellhausen did not merely employ literary arguments as his predecessors had done. In fact, he went so far as to track the development of religious forms and practices and provided an examination of the religious cult of the Hebrews, their ceremonials and holy places, and an analysis of the historical books of the Old Testament. Furthermore, this historian had larger plans for the future including an analysis of…. [read more]

Teaching Young Americans Term Paper

… The participants will also be advised that refreshments will be served during the break that follows, and that they will receive certificate of achievement upon the successful completion of the workshop. An announcement will also be made during the introduction that valuable prizes (to the extent possible) will be awarded to the best portfolio presentation.

The assignment topics will include topical and thought-provoking issues such as the following, but these may be changed at the last minute depending on the interests expressed by group members during the question-and-answer period during the introductory session:

"How does Habitat for Humanity Help the Community?";

"Should We Bring Back the Draft, and If We Do, Should We Draft Women Too? Why?";

"Can Moslems, Christians and Jews Co-Exist Peacefully in…. [read more]

Environmental Impact of Depleted Uranium Ordinance Term Paper

… Environmental Impact of Depleted Uranium Ordinance

Introduction and Outline of the Main Issues:

Ever since the introduction of nuclear power generation in the first series of nuclear reactors of the 1960s, nuclear waste disposal has been a very serious environmental concern. Nuclear materials emit multiple spectra of radiation, via Alpha,

Beta, and Gamma particles; equally significant is the fact that the half-lives of Uranium isotopes are in the range of several billions of year range. As a result, uncontrolled, unregulated, and irresponsible disposal of nuclear waste represents incredible potential for environmental damage and human illness and mortality from the well-known medical consequences of certain forms of exposure to radiation emitters.

The main source of radioactive waste are the byproducts generated by mining of natural Uranium…. [read more]

History Education Term Paper

… Theories


Methods and Techniques

A Specific Method


Results for the Same

Examples of Voices Singing a Canon

The Project Life Cycle

Project Management Puzzle Parts

Map of More and Less Developed Countries

Criteria for LDCs

Selected Economic and Social Indicators for LDCs (2005)


"Great music is in a sense serene; it is certain of the values it asserts."

-Rebecca West (Simpson)

Contrary to the consensus some students purport, a thesis does not constitute a torture tactic designed by professors to traumatize students. In fact, according to Teitelbaum (1), "The thesis paper, when carefully assigned and conscientiously done, has definite value." Professors usually assign the thesis paper as a major component of a course requirement. The researched…. [read more]

Confucianism Leadership Happiness and Independence Term Paper

… Confucianism: Leadership, Happiness and Independence

When we talk about Confucius and his teachings, let us remember that there are no clear documents that we are talking about recording Confucius and his teachings. What we have are only the writings by others, and often the writings are also not direct. So we are really talking about the beliefs of a group of persons in an era, rather than a complete direct philosophy. The biases in Confucian philosophy should also be viewed in that light.

The methods of finding factors about a set of teachings can come only from studies of the teacher and his teachings. This was the method adopted.

The development of the history of Confucius is itself interesting. The biography of Confucius which Sse-Ma…. [read more]

Academic Profile of Home Schooling Case Study

… ..the general public is beginning to have a positive...attitude about...home education." A June 1994 NBC news/Wall Street Journal poll indicated that among "the general public only 28% favor home schooling over traditional schools" (Clark, 1994), and, in a Family Research Council poll taken in September 1993, the public was evenly split at 44% each as to whether home schooled students learn as well as publicly schooled students (Clark, 1994). More current data is presented later in the practicum. A possible indicator of the prevalence of the home education movement is that the College Board has assigned codes for use by home educators when taking the SAT/PSAT (Lambert, 1996).

Home Schooling vs. Traditional Educations Methods

Home schooling, an alternative educational setting to public schools, despite its…. [read more]

Athanasius of Alexandria, Roughly 296 Research Paper

… Additionally, the modern world (post the Age of Enlightenment at least), tends to stress the role of the individual, and the actualization of the individual in order to attain happiness. In the ancient world, the core unit was the survival of the clan, then the town, and as larger areas were settled, the group. In this way, society could survive (Thompson, 2010).

Iphigenia in Aulis was the last work of the Greek playwright Euripides, winning various awards for composition. The plot is typically complex, more like a modern epic, and revolves around the Greek leader Agamemnon who decides to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia to the goddess Artemis so that he will triumph against Troy. Euripides uses tragic irony for drama, and it is he conflict…. [read more]

Inquisition / Jeanne D' Arc Term Paper

… These involuntary participants were "coerced and unwilling, and many fearful; certain of these fled, not wishing to take part in the trial."

Another reason for such a before trial decision was the fear of the English from the living Jeanne as the priest Jean Riquier of Heudicourt testifies:

heard Master Pierre Maurice and Master Nicolas Loiseleur, and others who I don't remember, say that the English feared her to such a degree that they didn't dare - she being still alive - to lay siege to the town of Louviers until she was dead, and that it was necessary to please them, that a case against her must quickly be made, and a pretext for her execution would be devised."

Isambart de la Pierre was…. [read more]

Environmentally Safe Healthcare, and Emancipatory Knowledge Research Paper

… Environmental Theory and Emancipatory Knowledge of Knowing -- Nightengale's Nursing Theory

Introduction- Modern nursing is a rewarding, but challenging, career choice. The modern nurse's role is not limited only to assist the doctor in procedures, however. Instead, the contemporary nursing professional takes on a partnership role with both the doctor and patient as advocate caregiver, teacher, researcher, counselor, and case manager. The caregiver role includes those activities that assist the client physically, mentally, and emotionally, while still preserving the client's dignity. In order for a nurse to be an effective caregiver, the patient must be treated in a holistic manner. Within the subject of nursing, there are often times in which different aspects of the practice must be analyzed by using primary research from other…. [read more]

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