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Christianity and Islam World Religion Essay

… Christianity and Islam

By the 13 century in Europe, Christianity though was a relatively young religion, in comparison to Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and others had become the largest religion in the world. What accounted for that rapid growth and what can we learn about that experience that can contribute to the continued spread of Christianity in our time?

One of the biggest factors that contributed to the tremendous rise of Christianity was its acceptance as an official religion of the Roman Empire. At first it was often considered to be a sect (in comparison with pagan deities that were worshiped). Then, it became popular with the writings of Bishop Augustine and Monk Benedict. They believed that the world was a constant struggle between good and…. [read more]

Christianity and Islam Term Paper

… Islam and Christianity

Religion serves as one of several socializing factors in a society, and religion helps shape the culture, determines aspects of the legal system, governs how the people are ruled, and achieves a number of other functions in the social order. Christianity and Islam are among the major religions in the world, serving primary populations in specific areas of the world, Christianity Europe and Europe-influenced areas, Islam in the Middle East where the religion was founded and other parts of the world to which it has been exported. These religions differ in terms of numerous beliefs even though they are related in some ways as well. One similarity can be found in the way the religions emphasize certain personalities as leaders and role…. [read more]

Christianity Originated Approximately Two-Thousand Years Ago Questionnaire

… Christianity originated approximately two-thousand years ago in the portion of the Middle East known later as Palestine and today as Israel after the followers of Jesus Christ began to organize their religion around his teachings. The principal Christian religious text is the New Testament, written after Christ's death by a number of his disciples. Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God and that he was born in an immaculate conception from his mother Mary. They believe that he rose from the dead three days after he was crucified by the Romans under Pontius Pilate. The major Christian beliefs are that acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior entitles the individual to eternal happiness in Heaven and that those who fail to…. [read more]

Islam and Christianity Research Paper

… Buddhism and Christianity


"Religion is not some dry rational idea but rather a fundamental viewpoint of life: a person hears a teaching that makes sense, finds via familiarity that it relates to their psychological composition positively, gets a real taste of the same via practice and adopts it as their spiritual path" (Faure 11). This is a saying by a famous Buddhist leader called Lama Yeshe. Buddhism originates from the 6th century BCE, where it originated with the delivery of Buddha Siddhartha Gautama, in Lumbini, Nepal (Faure 11). Buddhism is among the oldest religions still in existence today. As it evolved, it spread through from the Northeastern side of the Indian subcontinent, to the Central, Eastern and South East Asia. The history of this…. [read more]

Buddhism vs. Islam Essay

… 2006).

The roles of his creation have been decided from before by Him, as He says, "I did not create the Jinns and the human beings except for the purpose that they should worship Me" (Sura 51 - Adh-Dhariyat (MAKKA): Verse 56) (Inc. 2006). At another instance God talks about the rewards and punishment, the Day of Judgment when everyone will be judged justly on the basis of their actions in this temporary life. He says, "So set thy purpose resolutely for the right religion, before the inevitable day cometh from Allah. On that day mankind will be sundered"

(Sura 30 - Al-Room (MAKKA): Verse 43) (Inc. 2006).

Islam and Buddhism are similar in the respect that both preach righteousness. There is a belief in…. [read more]

Comparing and Contrasting Two Specific Characteristics That Are Evident in Christianity and Islam Thesis

… Islam and Christianity Overlap by Similarities

Religion is what prevents complete chaos in the world. Mankind needs the idea of a higher authority who sits in judgment of our moral conscience, or lack thereof. It is what keeps us from having a total disregard for social rules and laws, and prevents us regressing into a permanent contest of survival of the fittest. Without the notion of a higher authority, mankind would quite probably annihilate one another. For the greater part of the population on earth, the higher authority by which we are guided toward a higher level of consciousness and morality is the concept of a monotheistic God. The majority who believe in the monotheistic God is subdivided into three groups, commonly referred to as…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast Buddhism in Two Different Buddhist Countries Essay

… ¶ … Buddhism in Two Countries

Like the other major world religions, Buddhism has been influenced by, and influenced, the culture in the countries where it has developed and thrived. The result is that it is impossible to state that there is a single type of Buddhism or for an outsider to really understand the religion that is being practiced simply by knowing that it is a form of Buddhism. The two major forms of Buddhism are Theravada and Mahayana. Although both forms of Buddhism are practiced on a global scale, they are also linked to certain geographic areas. Theravada is the type of Buddhism practiced in Sir Lanka and Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar. Mahayana is more common in East…. [read more]

Islam and Christianity Share Term Paper

… Christians adhere to the Bible and New Testament, while Islam adheres to the Qur'an, which is said to be the word of God spoken through Muhammad (Comparing pp). Both religions believe in the concept of heaven and hell and the confession of sins (Comparing pp). Friday is the main day of worship in the Mosque for Muslims, while for Christians it is Saturday or Sunday in a church (Comparing pp).

In one sense Islam is a simplification of Christianity just as Buddhism is a simplification of Hinduism, however, Islam adds to Christianity, for where Jews have only our Old Testament Scriptures and Christians add the New Testament, Muslims also add the Quran (Kreeft pp). Muslims accept the claims of the Jewish prophets to be sent…. [read more]

Buddhism I Have Admittedly Led Research Paper

… '" It is perhaps the fastest growing religion in the world today, earning more and more followers each year who convert from other religions, such as Christianity or Islam.

In this period many people were living unhappily because of their low social class and Buddhism helped people who felt stuck in their problems and also helped them escape the sadness that they suffered. One of the other beliefs associated with Buddhism which made people more inclined to take part in it was the belief that humans are reborn after dying. Karma is the force which determines samsara, which is the cycle of rebirth (Harvey 1990,-page 40). In this life, they should do good things so that the person could have a better life after they…. [read more]

Spread of Christianity and Buddhism Essay

… The Spread of Buddhism and Christianity
Throughout history people have always exchanged goods, technologies,
ideas, and customs. Likewise religions were also spread out of their
homelands due to contact with other societies. This phenomenon also caused
several religions to no longer be fringe cults but instead widely accepted
global institutions. Three religions that would serve as an example of this
would be Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. Buddhism, Christianity, and
Islam each had very dedicated followers that considered it their
responsibility to spread the holy word, and teach the values of the faith
who had not yet been enlightened by the religion itself. Some followers
went to great measures in order to further strengthen their religion,
connection with the converted, and the lands in which they…. [read more]

Islam Select a Religion Essay

… The three religions have a concept of God and that these scriptures were revealed to their respective prophets from God. Furthermore, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, talk about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who were the prophets of God. The Jews are referred as Children of Israel in Bible and Quran and are considered to be the direct descendants of Prophet Jacob, who was the grandson of Abraham (McInerney, 2003). All three of the religions have a way of life, which must be followed by their followers. Fundamental concepts such as Day of Judgment can be found in all three of the religions.


There are several differences between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Islam believes that there is only one God and that the Prophet Muhammad is…. [read more]

Salvation in Hinduism Buddhism Islam and Rabbinical Judaism Essay

… ¶ … Salvation

Doctrines of salvation and damnation of the major world religions -- Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam -- provide different incentives for performing economic activities and charitable deeds. A comparative analysis of the four religions shows that each promotes accumulation of wealth and hard work, while discouraging idleness, debt, and poverty. The primary difference across the religions is with respect to charity. Religions that allow believers to contribute to their own salvation tend to emphasize varieties of selective charity.

Religions hold that salvation is only possible through divine selection stress universal charity. Quantitative analysis across countries between religious beliefs and economic performance requires a thorough, yet comparative understanding of beliefs. (Mccleary, 49)

Concepts of Salvation in Hinduism

Salvation, for the Hindu, can be…. [read more]

Popular Religions in the World Research Paper

… Christianity also utilized militant measures of its own in the form of warriors such as Charlemagne and various Crusades in an effort to coerce others to convert to its teachings. One of Christianity's greatest philosophers, St. Augustine, actually developed the idea of a "just" war that provided a moral justification for the efforts of Charlemagne and the Crusaders (Mayr-Harting, 1996). The Inquisitions that occurred throughout Europe and reached their zenith in Spain used the philosophies of Augustine as their justification (Walzer, 2002)

For nearly two thousand years Christianity and Islam have existed side by side. Often this coexistence has not been acrimonious. Still, all these years later both remain among the world's most popular religions. Interestingly, the two religions have taken differing paths relative to…. [read more]

Buddhism and Hinduism Compare and Contrast Essay

… ¶ … Buddhism and Hinduism

Compare and Contrast the rituals, sacred objects and/or places of Hinduism and Buddhism

Considered two of the oldest religions of after Christianity and Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism are rooted in the ancient Indian tradition of contemplative practice. They both recognize karma and idealize spiritual awakening through training the mind.However, a better understanding each faith and its appeal to its respective followers can be found in exploring the nature of their respective rituals, saccred objects and/or places of worship.

In Hinduism, purification of the senses is a prerequisite for the purification of mind and spirit. When the senses are purified, man can be a transparent medium of the light of God within. He can also see the wisdom of life, because…. [read more]

Buddhism Hinduism Taoism Term Paper

… Buddhism, Hinduism & Taoism

Comparative Analysis of Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism in the Context of Other Major World Religions and of the African-American Race

Humanity is characterized by its diverse and dynamic nature. With the presence of different cultures and societies in different nations, there also exist various beliefs and philosophies. Religion is one particular aspect of a society's culture that has a discriminating and unique character when compared among each other. Because it has specific sets of belief and value systems and traditions, religion ultimately determines the character of the society or nation in which it thrives and is dominantly practiced.

This paper looks into three major world religions, discussing and analyzing these religions in the context of other religions. The religions discussed are…. [read more]

Christianity Buddhism and Islam Thesis

… ¶ … Religions

Similarities and Differences Among Three Major Religions

Although conflict and even wars have been started because of religious differences, many of the world's religions are the same. In fact, many religions share views regarding humans' role on earth and morality. Regardless of these differences, however, each religion presents its own version of truth, and it is these conflicting versions that lead to conflict. By comparing and contrasting three major world religions -- Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism -- this concept of the similarities and differences of religions can be better understood.

Christianity is a religion associated with the teachings of Jesus, a Jewish preacher who was executed by the Romans and whose followers believe he has risen from the dead. Followers of Christianity…. [read more]

Buddhism Dukkha Christianity Sin Term Paper

… Buddhism_Christianity

Christianity is the most followed religion in the world. Islam is second and several other religions bring up the rear. Buddhism is followed by probably the fewest number of people all over the world. Jainism and Sikhism, two religions that are primarily followed in India are possibly rarer. Indeed, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism originated in India, though strictly speaking, Buddhism arose from what is modern day Nepal. Several smaller religions which border on being cults certainly exist, but they are not considered outside the immediate circles of followers, nor do they espouse grand philosophies that would draw the number of people towards them as some of the major religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. (Bowker 1997)

Each of the religions has various sects.…. [read more]

Buddhism and Christianity Term Paper

… Buddhism and Christianity

It is a fact that in the past twenty years or so, women historians have been entering the field of research and have found out the truth that women in Christianity have been placed in a role that is not really completely true. In other words, more and more women have been delving into the past to come up with new theories on the important role that women in ancient times have played in Christianity, and certain ancient chronicles and texts have been dug up to substantiate the fact uncovered by them. In essence, women historians have rediscovered certain facts like, for example, the truth that only a few women were recognized, women like Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene,…. [read more]

Buddhism and Islam Thesis

… Buddhism and Islam

Perspectives on Morality

The traditions of ancient India and the ancient Arabic world, but Buddhism and Islam were formed at a time when traditional mythological religions were being disposed of in favor of more mature religions that could bear the weight of complex social problems. Although remarkably different, Buddhism and Islam share many similarities. These differences and similarities may spring from the founding of both religions. Both Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, and Siddhartha, the historical Buddha, founded their respective philosophies as a result of revelations. In the case of Muhammad, the revelation came to him after several hours of prayer. Questioning the condition of the current socioeconomic problems of his Arabic tribe, the prophet found answers in the form of revelation.…. [read more]

Christianity and Secular Humanism Essay

… Christians consider that which is unknowable or unexplainable a testament to God's mystery, while humanists treat it as an opportunity for further scientific consideration. Christian identity is tied strongly to the religion's core system of beliefs. A Christian may use the words of the Bible, the actions of their fellow Christians or mainstream Christian ideals as a basis for these beliefs. However, a Christian is just as likely as a humanist to draw their identity from their family, community or society.

While the answer varies among the different branches of Christianity, it is accurate to say that man's purpose is to conduct oneself in a way that will ensure salvation at the end of life. This includes acknowledging Jesus Christ as God's son, accepting and…. [read more]

Religion in Indonesia Islam Essay

… Religion in Indonesia

Islam in Indonesia

Islam was largely the dominant faith in Indonesia with the largest tally of adherents that constituted approximately 87% of the total populace in 1985 (Kipp, 2002 p. 78). This heightened percentage of Muslims in the Indonesian dispensation made the nation the greatest Islamic nation globally in the epoch of early 1990. Most islands and provinces in the nation had a large populace of Islamic adherents. According to the conformist practice, Islam is a stringent monotheistic faith in which Allah is omnipresent. Muslims do not classify Prophet Muhammad as God but regard the Prophet as a servant of Allah who would spread the word to the people from the Quran. Islam is a faith based on elevated moral principles and…. [read more]

Religions of the World Islam the Evolution Reaction Paper

… Religions of the World


The evolution of Islam has been a great one. From its initiation in the sixth century, it has gone through an array of metamorphosis and transformations that have eventually led up to the incorporation of beliefs in today's growing society. Islam started as a way of bringing peace to nations that were feuding over money, power, and resources. Because of this great conflict, blood was a common sight. As a way to bring resolution to what was beginning to be the normal occurrences, a set of beliefs were adapted. The beginning of a religion that is now associated with death and violence in the twenty first century, makes this history very interesting. Knowing that the point of Islam, as is…. [read more]

Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism Term Paper

… The theological view of all the religions consider man to be caught in an endless cycle of rebirths, "where each life is inevitably sunk in suffering due to the transient nature of the world" (Chandran pp). Salvation is escape from the rebirth cycles, and knowledge of the true nature of ones own self is what brings about salvation (Chandran pp). Although this saving knowledge may arise from either intuition or by the grace of God, "it is imperative that one must lead a life of control of the psycho/physical faculties and practice compassion and charity," known as dharma and none of the religions have ever disputed it (Chandran pp).

Regarding cultural practices, it should be noted that only serious practitioners of the Indian religious streams,…. [read more]

Hinduism and Buddhism Historical Context Research Paper

… Practice the right meditation (Gill, 2011).

Three important concepts of Buddhism include karma, Samsara and Nirvana. As in Hinduism, karma refers to the law of cause and effect in a person's life. But unlike Hinduism, Buddhists believe that a person can break the rebirth cycle, no matter what class one is born into. The law of Samsara holds that everything is in a birth and rebirth cycle. Buddha taught that people do not have individual souls, and that what goes through the cycle is only a set of feelings, impressions, present moments and karma that is passed on. Nirvana is the eternal state of being where the law of karma and the rebirth cycle come to an end; it is the Buddhist's eternal hope.

Buddhism…. [read more]

Teachings and Practice of Islam Research Paper

… This means there are much more Muslims living in areas like the United States and Great Britain than ever before. Many of these individuals have had to adjust how they practice Islam in order to fit into the legal mold of such Western nations, were religion is kept out of state affairs.

Still, despite growing numbers of Muslim inhabitants of Western nations, they must still often fight against preconceived stereotypes. In most Western nations, like the United States and Great Britain, Muslims are still seen as outsiders. The research claims that "they are classified, officially and in popular parlance, as ethnic Arabs, Africans, and Asians," (Shamsul, 2006, p 68). Those who follow Islam tend to be stereotyped into tight categories in the West. This then…. [read more]

Truth About Islam Essay

… Islam


Imagine you're sitting in the food court of your local mall. it's crowded and strangers are having to share tables. Just as you're biting in to your stir fry, a woman asks you if she can sit across from you. While you consider yourself to be friendly and courteous and don't like to eat alone, you hesitate. The woman is wearing a headscarf and you realize that you don't want to eat with someone like her. A woman who isn't even trying to fit in to American society. One of them. A Muslim. Probably not a terrorist herself, although you've read stories about women blowing themselves up along with innocent bystanders too. But certainly someone who thinks that the only problem with 9/11…. [read more]

Religious Ethics in Comparison Dissertation

… For the second Precept ("…would you sell an employer's secret to a competing company?") men and women both indicated they would take the money and sell out their employer. Men and women both said they would violate the third Precept ("…would you leave your girl/boyfriend or separate from your spouse?") and they would also take the money by going against the 4th Precept ("…would you falsify a report saying a client was a good risk when he wasn't?"). But men were more likely to agree with the 5th Precept ("…would you drink a bottle of whiskey every day for a year?"). If there was a similar study of Christians or Muslims one could fairly compare those two denominations with this Buddhist investigation, but those studies…. [read more]

World Religions the World's Great Essay

… World Religions

The World's Great Religions

The world is filled with a wide variety of different religions and philosophical belief systems. Many of these practices are from an ancient era, well before the age of Christ. Dominated today by Christianity and Islam, all of these practices still have things in common, such as the belief in living a good and honest life. Modern Christians today must learn to live in harmony with these other religions.

The religion of Christianity is one of the greatest modern religions. It stems from the inspiring story of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice which gave humans the teachings and scriptures needed to live a good life and find peace with the one true God. Jesus, who was born Jewish, was…. [read more]

Religious Belief Term Paper

… ¶ … World Religions between 1000 BCE and 1200 CE

With the creation of sedentary societies after the prehistoric period, human society had also cultivated specific economic, political and cultural structures that define specific characteristics of a human society. Economic structures include the creation of an agricultural economy, where plant cultivation and animal farming created a living for people. With an agricultural economy, political organization was also created, wherein class divisions emerge from division of labor and ownership of means of production. Culturally, human societies have created rituals, traditions, and beliefs which they developed and passed on throughout history to continue the heritage that are distinctly theirs. Religious philosophy is one such example of a product of culture: as a human experience, religion serves as…. [read more]

Business Culture and Expansion Trends Research Paper

… , Mrs., Miss plus the complete name is deemed respectful; sincerity is considered the very best policy hence no overselling is required; it is considered inappropriate to speak in a loud tone as well; politics, sports, and weather condition are great conversational subjects, and could be fiercely discussed and in order to be a great conversationalist, it is important remain present and notified on crucial subjects; it is also recommended to avoid complicating New Zealand and Australia as part of one nation, as they are 2 unique nations. If you are not knowledgeable about New Zealand, hang around prior to your journey to find out about the history and culture (Trevor-Roberts et al., 2003).

c. Religion.

In New Zealand, simply over half of the populace…. [read more]

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