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Islam and Controversial Issues Research Paper

… Islamic Culture Viewed by Americans

Controversial and Sensitive Issues in the Islamic World

Religion can be considered as a controversial topic to be discussed amongst individuals due to the fact that every person feels ethnocentric about his own faith. For some people, religion holds a great significance as it creates a pathway to how their future life will be shaped. Within United State, there exist more than 300 religions and denominations (Wallace, 2013). The rate of diversity among religious group is increasing due to the increased number of people joining their religious group. Islam, which is the third largest religion prevailing in the world is also causing highly controversial issues because of the negative assumptions and misunderstandings about its morals, beliefs and values. Islam, when…. [read more]

Islamic Teachings and Their Practice Essay

… Both religions do not believe in the holy trinity. Their reason been that no man can have God's traits, therefore, there cannot be a triad. Judaism and Islam do not believe in praying to an individual. They do not believe in representations in physical shrines of their stories and anecdotes. They cherish their praying spaces and its beauty. The Muslim pilgrimage is well-known than that for Jews. In both religions, it is mandatory to make a holy tour at least once in their life to the holy land. The Jewish pilgrimage though not practiced as often as the Islamic pilgrimage.

The religions believe in charity, and they both have similar words for charity. Jews call it Tzedakah, and Islam is Sadaqat. Jews are required to…. [read more]

Islam and Christianity Thesis

… This led to calmness at the time and allowed the Muslims to cooperate, and not engage in conflicts at the time. Such actions enhanced the cooperation regardless of the challenges that the Islamic and Christian communities faced at the time. The communities found the need to live well with one another in honor of the statues in the Quran and the Bible.

The Christians were also guided by the scriptural concept of promoting peace at all times. The Bible advocates for Christians to keep the peace as they can with all people, and to treat others as they would have wished to be treated. This led the Christians in the Middle East to find the means to coexist with the Islam within the lines of…. [read more]

Islam in the Age Term Paper

… In fact, marketing and branding bring the world together more than politics, culture, and even religion. From a marketing perspective, the Islamic market has been poorly understood, largely because of issues surrounding the dual nature of branding and religion. Part of marketing is giving the consumer what they want. The opening of Muslim markets combined with the rise in immigration of Muslims to Western countries is significant, particularly when combined with the influx of globalization on Muslim countries. Consumer product firms pay attention to these types of trends, in fact, "the global Muslim population is expected to increase at a rate of 35 per cent, rising to 2.2 billion by 2030, or 26.4 per cent of the world's total projected population of 8.3 billion" (The…. [read more]

Christianity Originated Approximately Two-Thousand Years Ago Questionnaire

… Christianity originated approximately two-thousand years ago in the portion of the Middle East known later as Palestine and today as Israel after the followers of Jesus Christ began to organize their religion around his teachings. The principal Christian religious text is the New Testament, written after Christ's death by a number of his disciples. Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God and that he was born in an immaculate conception from his mother Mary. They believe that he rose from the dead three days after he was crucified by the Romans under Pontius Pilate. The major Christian beliefs are that acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior entitles the individual to eternal happiness in Heaven and that those who fail to…. [read more]

Islam Al Andalus, Ha-Sefarad, Andalucia Essay

… The Islamic wellspring of culture and creativity permeated the culture of their region. It was not about converting everyone to Islam; it was about celebrating the written word and the mystery that is poetry. As Turner (n.d.) notes, Islam also celebrated the mysteries of geometry and science and introduced those to Christian Europe as it had introduced love of poetry to the Jews.

The most evocative element of the five aspects of Islamic art is "willful ambiguity," (Blair & Bloom, 1999, p. 222). Willful ambiguity is a phrase that shares much in common with the delight taken in paradox and contradiction, which were hallmarks of Andalucian culture in its heyday. According to Menocal, Jew, Christian, and Arab comfortably coexisted. Yet even more important than physical…. [read more]

Islamic Fascism Following a Series Essay

… 121). These groups are particularly important because they are able to transfer substantial funds across international borders while relatively little suspicion due to the fact that humanitarian organizations frequently operate in a number of countries at once, and particularly in unstable or failing states that provide the most attractive haven for transnational terrorist organizations. In the aftermath of 9/11, "scores of charities and individuals have been blacklisted both by the UN and by individual jurisdictions," but the ubiquity of transnational non-governmental organizations means that charities continue to serve as an important element of transnational Islamic Fascism, allowing it to move funds in and out of the United States free from substantial oversight (Romaniuk, 2012, p. 154).

One reason charities constitute such an important element of…. [read more]

Islam Teaches That Faith Must Come First Essay

… Islam teaches that faith must come first and that it cannot be tailored to fit around secular lives. At the heart of the commitment it demands is the concept of the Pillars of Faith, a concept shared by all branches of the religion. The number of pillars varies among the different Islamic traditions but all of them represent duties incumbent upon every member of the Muslim faith. The pillars are guidelines for leading a good and responsible life according to Allah's teachings. The pillars shape the daily lives of the more than one billion Muslims worldwide. In the wake of September 11, and more recently the bombings at the Boston Marathon, Muslims attracted considerable negative attention. It can be difficult for Americans to remember that…. [read more]

Religion Christianity and Islam: Religions of Abraham? Essay

… Religion

Christianity and Islam: Religions of Abraham?

Although religious scholars have come to no definitive conclusion as to whether Abraham is the "father" of the three predominant religions practiced in the world today, there are those that posit because of the time in which Abraham lived, and the fact that the three major faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam came after, that because he is the physical ancestor of the religions he has been credited with that title. Nevertheless, despite the scholarly debate both Christianity and Islam, respectively have differences and yet some commonalities in tradition, practice and belief.


Islam and Christianity, although different religions, do have some commonalities as articulated in the scholarly and faith-based literature. Christianity, as does Islam, tracing their roots back…. [read more]

Christianity vs. Islam: Interpreting Term Paper

… Islam states that Christ is not divine, it rejects this ideal supported by the following, "The Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, was no more than Allah's apostle and His Word which He cast to Mary; a spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His apostles and do not say: 'Three.'...Allah is but one God..." (Koran 4:171; Dew, 2001). Jesus in the bible however is purported to be "God manifest in the flesh" (1 Timothy 3:16; Dew, 2001). The Koran also supports the notion that God was not allowed to have children (Dew, 2001).

The Nature of the Trinity

Islam is monotheistic in nature, stating that "For God hath said, "Take not to yourselves two Gods, for He is one God." (Sura 16:53; cp.20:7;…. [read more]

Islam and Christianity Historically Term Paper

… Christianity has no such set of religious observations, especially Liberal Christians, which tend to be even less ritualistic than most Christian groups. Thus, five major differences between Christianity and Islam have a lot to do with the appearance and setup of the place of worship (church and mosque), the method of prayer, and other religious rites, rituals, and traditions.

My experience in the mosque and my research show that the differences between Islam and Christianity are actually quite superficial. The fundamental theological beliefs are extraordinarily similar: both religions believe in one supreme God. However, it is the interpretation of this God and how God is to be "properly" worshipped that causes so much dissention among these two religious communities. They actually share much in common,…. [read more]

Christianity vs. Islam vs. Hinduism Essay

… Jesus Christ is loved, esteemed and cherished by innumerable Hindus though they have different mentality levels and attitudes (Machado).


Christianity and Islam and Christianity and Hinduism have many similarities and dissimilarities. People all around the world follow these religions in large numbers. The main thing is to understand and comprehend those religions which we do not follow. This is exceedingly important as only then can we be able to bridge the gaps and come nearer. It is necessary to understand the teachings of other religions and respect them in order to make the world a better and peaceful place to live.


"A Quick Comparison between Hinduism and Christianity." Sun & Shield. WordPress, June 20, 2008. Web. 20 Dec 2011. .

Hoskins, Walt. "A…. [read more]

Christianity and Islam Term Paper

… Islam and Christianity

Religion serves as one of several socializing factors in a society, and religion helps shape the culture, determines aspects of the legal system, governs how the people are ruled, and achieves a number of other functions in the social order. Christianity and Islam are among the major religions in the world, serving primary populations in specific areas of the world, Christianity Europe and Europe-influenced areas, Islam in the Middle East where the religion was founded and other parts of the world to which it has been exported. These religions differ in terms of numerous beliefs even though they are related in some ways as well. One similarity can be found in the way the religions emphasize certain personalities as leaders and role…. [read more]

Christianity and Islam Research Paper

… Islam retained a stronger core set of beliefs that effectively replaced the tribal and shamanistic practices of the peoples upon which the religion was imposed. In their first few centuries of development, both Christianity and Islam also capitalized on their lowly social status and political persecution by playing the underdog card.

Although both Christianity and Islam began as relatively small religious groups, they morphed into major world religions. These two religions also possess significant political clout throughout the world and especially in the regions in which they thrive. For example, Christianity retains a stranglehold on the religious fundamentalists in the United States and Islam retains a similar grip on the religiously fundamental extremists in the Middle East. A sense of self-righteousness characterizes the way fundamentalist…. [read more]

Christianity and Islam World Religion Essay

… Christianity and Islam

By the 13 century in Europe, Christianity though was a relatively young religion, in comparison to Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and others had become the largest religion in the world. What accounted for that rapid growth and what can we learn about that experience that can contribute to the continued spread of Christianity in our time?

One of the biggest factors that contributed to the tremendous rise of Christianity was its acceptance as an official religion of the Roman Empire. At first it was often considered to be a sect (in comparison with pagan deities that were worshiped). Then, it became popular with the writings of Bishop Augustine and Monk Benedict. They believed that the world was a constant struggle between good and…. [read more]

Christianity vs. Islam Thesis

… Christianity v. Islam

Christianity and Islam

Christianity and Islam have many historical, political, and even religious similarities. The former is the largest religion in the world, and its influence over the course of Western and even world history hardly requires comment. From the extensive reaches of the Holy Roman Empire, the authority wielded by the Catholic Church over almost all of Europe and other adjacent areas for over a thousand years, and the political and societal fragmentation and reorganization that took place during the Reformation, the Christian religion has for better or worse been one of the most decisive factors in shaping our modern world. In the modern era itself, however, Islam is one of the fastest growing religions, and has had an increasing impact…. [read more]

Islam and Christianity Share Term Paper

… Christians adhere to the Bible and New Testament, while Islam adheres to the Qur'an, which is said to be the word of God spoken through Muhammad (Comparing pp). Both religions believe in the concept of heaven and hell and the confession of sins (Comparing pp). Friday is the main day of worship in the Mosque for Muslims, while for Christians it is Saturday or Sunday in a church (Comparing pp).

In one sense Islam is a simplification of Christianity just as Buddhism is a simplification of Hinduism, however, Islam adds to Christianity, for where Jews have only our Old Testament Scriptures and Christians add the New Testament, Muslims also add the Quran (Kreeft pp). Muslims accept the claims of the Jewish prophets to be sent…. [read more]

Jewish, Christian Islamic Belief? Essay

… "The major surviving examples are mural and ceiling paintings in the catacombs of Rome and marble sarcophagi depicting Old and New Testament stories" (Kleiner 145).

The New Testament reflects early Christian feelings and when compared with the Old Testament demonstrates the ideas that Christians did not appreciate concerning Judaism. The Canonic Gospels are written by Jesus' apostles and are meant to depict his life and his teachings with the purpose of presenting Christians with more information regarding the attitudes that the religion promotes and the general character of Jesus Christ. Epistles were used as communication channels between Christians and between Apostles and various groups that they wanted to reach out to.

Islam is the youngest religion mentioned in this document and in spite of its…. [read more]

Islam Is One of the Largest Thesis

… Islam is one of the largest and fastest growing religions in the world, and its tenets have permeated the culture and politics of many regions of the globe. The religion is staunchly monotheistic. Islam borrows much from its predecessor faiths Christianity and Judaism and collectively the three Middle Eastern religions are referred to as being "of the Book," since all three value the Old Testament as a sacred text. However, Islam represents a significant divergence from both Christianity and Judaism. Clashes between Islam, Christianity and Judaism have as much to do about clash of culture and power struggles as about differing theologies.

The evolution of Islam, like the evolution of Christianity, has been inextricably woven in with the evolution of political structures and social institutions.…. [read more]

Islam and Christianity Essay

… Jesus Christ

The Christians see Jesus as the son of God and thereby a part of the Trinity while Muslims see Jesus as the second last prophet to arrive to the world to teach people the right way of life. Jesus is worshiped by Christians of all sub-sects while Muslims do not worship Jesus because for them, the Prophet Mohammed comes first. He is the first and the most important messenger or prophet who came to teach them about God.

As regards the death of Jesus, Christians believe that he was killed by Pontius Pilate and the Romans while Muslims believed that he simply ascended to heaven after his work was done. The do not believe that he was killed by force or otherwise and…. [read more]

Buddhism vs. Islam Essay

… 2006).

The roles of his creation have been decided from before by Him, as He says, "I did not create the Jinns and the human beings except for the purpose that they should worship Me" (Sura 51 - Adh-Dhariyat (MAKKA): Verse 56) (Inc. 2006). At another instance God talks about the rewards and punishment, the Day of Judgment when everyone will be judged justly on the basis of their actions in this temporary life. He says, "So set thy purpose resolutely for the right religion, before the inevitable day cometh from Allah. On that day mankind will be sundered"

(Sura 30 - Al-Room (MAKKA): Verse 43) (Inc. 2006).

Islam and Buddhism are similar in the respect that both preach righteousness. There is a belief in…. [read more]

Christianity and Islam Was Very Surprised Movie Review

… Christianity and Islam was very surprised by many aspects of this movie. First, it had a far more balanced approach to the subject matter than I had expected. Knowing that Dr. Timothy George was a Christian theologian, I was expecting something slanted in favor of Christianity and maybe even suspicious or downright hostile towards Islam. Instead, the film had a very fair perspective. I like that he interviewed Muslim scholars and put their own words in the film, making sure to give the story not just in a balanced way, but from multiple perspectives. It was more about pointing out the similarities between the two religions than marking the differences, and that was the second truly surprising thing.

A never realized before watching this film…. [read more]

Islam and the West Term Paper

… "The statement seems somewhat paternalistic, the sort of attitude typically held by Westerners toward the Near and Middle East that Western culture is better and holds higher ideals. Islamic cultures might well not agree with that. Their view, that the laws and practices of Islam should guide everything they do, including how they govern their countries, is important to them, and a view they see as superior. So, such statements leave us back where we began, with each culture believing in its own superiority.

Islam and the West is rigorously documents, with extensive bibliographic footnotes and a detailed index. While the writer does occasionally show bias toward Western culture, the information in the book is presented evenly enough that a careful reader can discern both…. [read more]

Islam How Did Contemporary Circumstances Term Paper

… War was the main reason of stability in Caliphate.

Shiites ( -- shia -- party, sect) were unsatisfied people by Caliphates politics. As H. Kennedy wrote, Shiites were Persians who resisted Arabs in Iran which was conquered by Caliphate. But this was much later. Everything began with fierce conflict between Muhammad's successors. Fourth Caliph Ali was Muhammad's relative, that's why some Muslims didn't consider previous Caliphs legitimate (they were not Muhammad's relatives and were elected by Islamic community). Ali was assassinated and his followers were defeated, but they stayed in Iran and Iraq and spread Shiite movement there. Now assassinated Ali and his sons Hasan and Hussein are treated by Shiites as martyrs.

Shiites are very aggressive and hate Sunnites only because of that ancient…. [read more]

Islam and Democracy Term Paper

… Islam

The question of whether or not Islam is compatible with democracy depends more on a definition of Islam than on a clarification of democracy. Democracy is more than just the external political and social institutions such as having a representative Parliament. In fact, democratic forms of government are diverse. The American governmental system differs significantly from that of Great Britain's or France's and yet all these nations are considered to be democratic. The definition of democracy, therefore, stems mainly from European Enlightenment philosophy which trumps individual freedoms and personal liberties over any state intervention. The core philosophy of democracy is what is important, and not what form that philosophy ultimately takes. Islam would seem to be as compatible with democracy as any other world…. [read more]

Christianity and Judaism Thesis

… Christianity and Judaism have close ties to one another through their common history and theology. . This paper describes the origin of Judaism and the major beliefs of this religion. Judaism's beliefs regarding overcoming the presence of evil, and the manner in which individuals are set free from evil, are specifically addressed. A detail list of steps Judaism uses to enlist new converts is presented, as well as the worldview regarding this religion. The known objections that Judaism has towards Christianity and Islam are overviewed. Lastly, how I would share Christianity with members of the Jewish faith so that they may accept Christianity will be explored.

Christianity and Judaism

Christianity and Judaism have close ties to one another through their common history and theology. .…. [read more]

Islam Is Not a Violent Religion Term Paper

… Islam

For all the destruction and bloodshed inflicted upon the world by Muslim fanatics, Islam is, in essence and in its original form, not a violent religion.

Burhan, Faysal. The Prophet of Islam and the Jews: Basis of Conduct, Acceptance,

Respect and Cooperation. Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, 2007. Retrieved on November 21, 2007 from

The author writes about the basis of conduct as taught by the Koran. The Islamic faith is founded on certain principles. These include free will and choice, peaceful dialogue, acceptance and understanding, disapproval of terrorism and non-violence. Every Muslim is bound to conduct intellectual dialogue with others to establish and improve relations. Islam teaches Muslims to be kind, tolerant, and understanding and to develop bonds with all…. [read more]

Islam and Violence Based on Islam's Three Dimensions Term Paper

… Islam and Violence

The modern world, in which the threat of terrorism is constant, has introduced many new beliefs, correct and false, into the collective conscience of the citizens of the world. Among these is the assertion that Islam is violent, and as such, poses a threat to world peace. This fundamental statement is incorrect; rather, it is correct to say that Radical Islam is violent and vastly different from traditional Islam. This paper will make this critical distinction and prove that Islam is not violent, and only becomes so when it is polluted with extremist mindsets and false interpretations of ancient Islamic texts and tenets.

The 3 Dimensions of Islam

To begin to appreciate the fact that Islam itself is not violent, as opposed…. [read more]

Islam and Modern Science Thesis

… Islam and Modern Science

Islam is the world's fastest growing religion in the world and the second largest after Christianity. This is evident from the fact that out of 1200 mosques currently in the U.S., 80% were built in the last 12 years.

Despite the media's tainted presentation of Islam, the religious has consistently grown stronger. This can be largely due to the simple nature of Islamic teachings and the ease with which they can be practiced.

This brings us to the very essence of Islam i.e. practice. Islam has repeatedly made it clear through Koran that practice is what makes a Muslim, a true believer in the eyes of God (Allah). Many Muslims in the world today have inherited the faith from their parents…. [read more]

Islam the Coming Essay

… Through the trade routes, Islam also spread in the outer areas of Sudan. Even in the non-Muslim areas, the minorities of Islam were also formed.

Many of the unified states superimposed rules and regulations on a number of groups but Islam gave them a light of unity and equality. Islam provided such laws which were similar for the rulers and the merchants. Besides this, Islam also provided literate administration to assist in the methodology of government (John P. McKay, Ebrey, Beck, & Crowston., 2009).

After the advent of Islam, trading cities were formed on both sides of the viable routes between Asia and Africa.

From first to tenth centuries, the Swahili coast was developed by those people who spoke Bantu. During the early period of…. [read more]

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