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Daoism as a Way of Systems Thinking Term Paper

… ¶ … Daoism as a Way of Systems Thinking

As the "Century of Asia" unfolds, those in the West are becoming increasingly concerned that their predominance in the world will be subsumed by other worldviews, most of which they do not understand or about which they remain largely uninformed. Unfortunately, many people in the West likely consider their worldview as the only viable way of viewing the world around them, but the fact remains that billions of other people around the world go about their daily lives thinking about the fundamental realities that face everyone is drastically different ways. To help shed some light on these differences and how they apply to Western systemic thinking today, this paper will provide an analysis of how Daoism…. [read more]

Alexander, Desmond and David Baker ) Dictionary Term Paper

… Alexander, Desmond and David Baker (2003) Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch. InterVarstiy Press.

What does a dictionary have to instruct the reader upon the nature of Christian counseling, one might wonder, when picking up the Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch by Desmond Alexander and David Baker? A dictionary seems to be a statement or volume of fact, rather than an ideological pronouncement on how to read a particular Biblical text in a more meaningful or theologically coherent fashion. However, this text is no mere dictionary. Although it is divided in conventional alphabetical format, it is a text with a clear message and mission about the Old Testament. The text contains divisions not simply pertaining to unfamiliar words, characters, or books of the Old…. [read more]

New Age Crystals, Witchcraft, ESP Term Paper

… While there are no central texts associated with the New Age, the movement includes a plethora of printed material to guide and inform practitioners or potential practitioners. The early works published by the Theosophical Society, the Seth books, the Urantia book, and Deepak Chopra's books can all be considered New Age, as can classics of world religions like the Bible and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The New Age espouses no particular view of the afterlife and no singular worldview, although many practitioners believe in a Hindu or Buddhist-like concept of reincarnation rather than an absolute heaven or hell. Some New Age believers promote an apocalyptic worldview, seeing hidden spiritual meanings in natural disasters and political events, while others assert more optimistically the dawn…. [read more]

Eugene O'neill's Play, "The Emperor Term Paper

… That chastisement extends to George's grief over Emily's death at the grave, which the dead souls say should be spent by George in enjoying while he still has the time on earth to.

Wilder uses the stage to immortalize these simple and passing motions of daily life on earth and translate them into extraordinary and meaningful events through the eyes and perspective of the dead. It is the very irony of the play: that it takes death to acknowledge the immortal value of life, no matter how boring or meaningless some acts may be.

One more value "Our Town" salutes to is the importance of volitional companionship among the residents, e.g., with the milkman, the paperboy, the gossipers, the romance between George and Emily. It…. [read more]

Ancient Rome--Definitions Constantine: The Emperor Term Paper

… CHARLES MARTEL: Charles the Hammer, Frankish ruler, illegitimate son of Pepin of Heristal and grandfather of Charlemagne. After the death of his father in 714 A.D., he seized power in Austrasia from Pepin's widow, who was ruling as regent for her grandsons, and became mayor of the palace. He subsequently subdued the Frankish kingdom of Neustria and began the re-conquest of Burgundy, Aquitaine, and Provence. Charles Martel defeated the Spanish Muslims at the battle of Tours (732-33) and began the military campaigns that reestablished the Franks as the rulers of Gaul. Although he never assumed the title of king, he divided the Frankish lands, like a king, between his sons Pepin the Short and Carloman.

DIOCLETIAN: The Roman Emperor Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus (A.D. 284-305)…. [read more]

Darkness and Decay Term Paper

… This story differs from the previous two, in that the narrator is omniscient and not involved in the destruction of the house's occupants. By contrast, it is assumed that Ligeia's husband is doomed, to insanity if not to death itself. The nameless narrator of The Fall of the House of Usher narrowly escapes the Ushers' fate.

Each of the stories is a morality tale. The Masque of the Red Death is an obvious parable about the revenge of fate on the uncharitable Prince and his friends; they attempted to cheat Death and for their hubris were all taken by the terrible plague. Ligeia refuses to accept Death and claws her way back to life, no matter what the cost to the innocent Rowena, who seems…. [read more]

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