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CIO- Strategist and Executive Term Paper

… CIO as strategists uses the strong strategic plans in making financial plans and developing organizational priorities. With a prioritized plan, stakeholders are capable of articulating their demands without obstacles. This also allows engagement of new investors based on the transparency of the budget, which allows the IT department optimal time for development and implementation of effective plans. Capability comes with a price of hard work, and remains fixed because of the level of organizational learning and the type of organization that uses it. Therefore, the capability - based strategy is feasible to execute and must remain competitive for sustainability purposes (Chen & Preston & Xia, 2010).

In addition, CIO led organizations must maintain a strong set of major principles information management that contributes to effective…. [read more]

Information System/Internet Strategy Information Technology Essay

… If one considers the example of Manchester University in comparison with Orange, there is possibly also a lack of analytics at the University, which is less likely to be the case at Orange. If the University were to use the services of a CIO, this will greatly enhance the possibility of targeting a wider audience with more relevant, innovative, convenient, and useful product. These, in turn, will create a better market position and stronger competitiveness for the University. Orange, on the other hand, is more focused upon innovation, since its industry is information technology. To remain viable in the market, it is necessarily focused upon analytics in order to continuously create the highest level of innovation and value for its customers.

According to Peppard (1999),…. [read more]

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