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Citizenship Civics Education for 21st Century "Digital Term Paper

… Citizenship

Civics Education for 21st Century "Digital Natives": Educating the Next Generation of Citizens

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people.... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. - Thomas Jefferson

Given the nebulous but increasingly dangerous nature of the threats being arrayed against the United States and its interests abroad, young people today desperately need to understand just how important it is to remain vigilant in the exercise of their constitutional rights, particularly their right and responsibility as citizens to vote when they turn 18 years old. In this regard, Lawson and Scott (2002) report that citizenship is a status that is afforded those who are full members of a community: "There is no universal principle that…. [read more]

Interdisciplinary Social Studies Lessons Professional Writing

… Students will develop an understanding that contemporary media has an association to history and that it can be used as a viable source of evidence and information for them to compile their own associations and arguments about the world around them. The lesson will draw specifically from the standard that follows:


use knowledge of the history, cultural diversity, politics, and effects of language to comprehend and elaborate on the meaning of texts, to expand vocabulary, and to draw connections to self and to the real world

(West Virginia Department of Education, 2014)


Students will gain a mastery of how to find, use, and interpret contemporary research sources in order to make their own opinions about the world around them. Here, they will learn…. [read more]

Popularized Social and Cultural Trends Thesis

… But even this assumption has given way to other kinds of considerations as new forms of affordable, interactive technologies are finding favor across socio-economic, gender, racial and other classes (Morrissey and Manning, 2000). The fact is that access to new forms of learning is being seen by students and teachers alike as a very desirable way to learn more than what schools have to offer. (See

A related problem is connected to the cost factors for governments as they struggle to pay for American and other national educational directives and systems. Continuing and/or nonstop learning through programs in communities is expensive. It requires large amounts of time and money as well as psychic energy, and these resources are becoming difficult for individuals and governments…. [read more]

Teaching Young Americans Term Paper

… The participants will also be advised that refreshments will be served during the break that follows, and that they will receive certificate of achievement upon the successful completion of the workshop. An announcement will also be made during the introduction that valuable prizes (to the extent possible) will be awarded to the best portfolio presentation.

The assignment topics will include topical and thought-provoking issues such as the following, but these may be changed at the last minute depending on the interests expressed by group members during the question-and-answer period during the introductory session:

"How does Habitat for Humanity Help the Community?";

"Should We Bring Back the Draft, and If We Do, Should We Draft Women Too? Why?";

"Can Moslems, Christians and Jews Co-Exist Peacefully in…. [read more]

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