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City Town Reimaging Using Sports Assessment

… This is accomplished by turning these areas into social gathering places that will benefit everyone. As a result, the use of environmental practices is designed to spark interest in the project among these different groups of stakeholders. (Kilner 2010)

Private businesses play a part in this program through helping to develop the area known as: New Victoria Place. This is the city center of Bradford (which has number of restaurants and other venues). The support of the business community is vital to ensuring that the project has foundation it needs (to ensure the location remains vibrant). The interests that these individuals will have in the project are to use this as way to increase their sales and earnings. This is because anything that can bring…. [read more]

City Town Reimaging Using Sport Strategies Assessment

… City/Town Re-Imaging Using Sport Strategies

City Re-Imaging Using Sport Strategies

Changing a city or town over to be more of a "sports" destination can be difficult, and Belfast, Northern Ireland is no exception. It has to be considered carefully, because it may not have the rate of success for which one hopes. However, there are many ways to determine whether it is a good idea. One of the best ways is through a SWOT analysis. Another way is to determine the level of interest through considering volunteers. This is helpful because people will more easily volunteer for things in which they are interested. If they like sports and they want to see a more sports-oriented town or city where they live, they're going to be…. [read more]

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