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Class Scheduling Software Capstone Project

… ¶ … Scheduling Software for a University's Information Technology Division

Many institutions of higher learning have benefited from innovations in information and communications technologies in recent years, and a growing number have incorporated class scheduling software into their information technology solutions. In spite of this growth in class scheduling software use, thousands of colleges and universities stand to benefit from the addition of class scheduling software, but there remains a paucity of relevant research concerning how these products should be selected and who should be consulted to identify performance attributes. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to identify the most appropriate class scheduling software for a university's information technology division based on user-established parameters concerning performance and attributes. To help achieve this purpose, the…. [read more]

Impact of it on Production Scheduling Techniques in a Manufacturing Environment Research Paper

… ¶ … Production Scheduling

Within any organizational environment, scheduling is a critical tool. This is particularly true for manufacturing and engineering, where it can have a major impact on the productivity, and thus the profitability, of a process. In the manufacturing environment, for instance, the purpose of appropriate scheduling techniques is to minimize the time it takes to produce the item with the appropriate materials and least amount of waste. Scheduling is the process of integrating the use of machinery, staff, equipment, and materials to finalize the product. Production scheduling should maximize the efficiency of the entire operation, reduce costs, engender high levels of quality control, and provide the organization with the most return on investment possible (Hillier, 2010).

The issue of efficient production scheduling…. [read more]

Educational Experience: Teaching a Class of Adult Thesis

… ¶ … Educational Experience: Teaching a class of adult learners

As part of my duties as an instructor and facilitator of adult learners at work, I was given the task of orienting new employees in a new computer program in the Human Resources (HR) department. The students were intrinsically motivated and eager to learn for the sake of their job, given that they knew that the program would substantially increase organizational efficiency and make their jobs easier, even without my explaining how this would be the case. The original system was paper-based and of great frustration to the students as well as the organization. The level of HR service had been rated as below average in the area of keeping and maintaining accurate records, and…. [read more]

Techniques and Technologies Multiple Chapters

… ¶ … software engineering requires a decent knowledge of software development approaches along with the related tools which make them work. This section presents a study of three software methodologies namely the waterfall model, the unified software development process using UML and prototyping. This includes a description of how they function and their major features which make some of them better than the other.

The waterfall model was among the earliest process models brought into use and applied at different areas of software engineering projects. It involves the breakdown of the overall development into distinct phases. Each of these stages flow into the next one as and when the objective of a particular stage is accomplished. The basic stages of the waterfall method are Requirement…. [read more]

Using Fuzzy Logic for Scheduling Multiple Chapters

… 315). Even when executives make the effort to plan their projects carefully, they may overlook the most important ones in their attempt to organize all of the enterprise's projects in a cohesive fashion. In this regard, Dinsmore and Cabanis-Brown point out that, "Most executives are aware of the need for drastic change in multiproject management practices, but many place the emphasis in the wrong place. Unfortunately, a great deal of such investment is misdirected into multiyear efforts to implement software tools and time sheets before dealing with the highest leverage points" (2011, p. 315).

There are three discrete roles that organizations must formally define in order to develop an effective project portfolio management system as follows:

1. Governance: This executive role is one of decision…. [read more]

Competitive Advantage Through Technology Business Proposal

… The graphics engine will integrate the user interface and the operating system at the logical level and the hardware level ("OSdata," 2006).

Telecommunications -- Both local connectivity and internet access will be required for this solution. The current IS plan is to use only data (not voice or video). The internet connection must be operable for the emailed schedule change requests to be received by the software scheduling system.

Facilities -- The hardware will be housed at the UMUC Haircuts. A very limited number of support staff will engage with this system, and they will operate in the existing office space in the shop that is currently used for bookkeeping, payroll, and scheduling.

IT Skills & Services

A part-time social media manager (presumably a communications…. [read more]

MPS (Master Production Scheduling) Article Review

The MPS process involves five steps:

  1. demand forecasting;

  2. generating delivery plans;

  3. generating preliminary production plans;

  4. adapting plans;

  5. creating production plans.

These steps are similar to the MPS activities outlined by Jonsson & Ivert (2015). Proud (2007) also examines the output of MPS software in various planning environments.

Jonsson & Ivert (2015) explains how sophisticated MPS methods affect performance and it contradicts what proud (2007) states in his book. According to Jonsson & Ivert (2015), a manufacturing environment is not an important variable to consider when choosing an MPS method. Proud (2007), on the other hand, emphasizes the importance of a manufacturing environment when designing an MPS process. He also explains four planning strategies (Make-to-Stock, Assemble-to-Order, and Make-to-Order and Finish-to-Order worlds)…. [read more]

Production Scheduling and Control Term Paper

… ¶ … Benihana scenario without batching, the restaurant lost money all day. With the use of batching, the restaurant made money almost every hour. With the batching approach, customers were not seated until a group of eight was present. Each table held eight people, so the tables were completely full most of the night. This resulted in a shorter wait time in the bar area as well as an increase in sales due to more people placing orders at a time. Very few customers walked out in this scenario. During the peak hours, the restaurant was at or near capacity. As a table became available, the next group was seated. A nice turnover was established, and customers flowed in and out with ease. During a…. [read more]

Categories of Software and Their Essay

… Of the industries who rely on 3D modeling, manufacturing and industrial production are two of the most prevalent. 3D Modeling software is so prevalent it is now taught in freshman-level courses at colleges and universities.

2. Explain effective techniques for improving the quality of slides prepared with presentation-graphics software

The first is concentrating on improving the resolution of the slides and the color palette they use to present information. There are also techniques for creating a more clarity in each slide image used, providing clarity of meaning and more precise positioning of elements on the page. Presentation graphics software is also becoming more Web-based, allowing anyone to create exceptionally high quality presentations in just a few hours, with the only constraint being the availability of…. [read more]

Human Resource Recruitment Human Resources Capstone Project

… The role of such a strategy is to enhance an organization's ability to hire and retain qualified employees. More so, the recruitment process needs to be attract only competent candidates, not over qualified or under qualified candidates. Reducing cost is crucial in such a strategy and the human resource manager has the role of designing and ensuring implementation of such a strategy. For the process to be cost effective, it has to highlight the importance of a clear job analysis and specification. The current job market if filled with job seekers and an unclear job specification can lead to numerous applications. To avoid this, the firm, through the human resource department will engage in a rigorous exercise aimed at identifying the requirements of a job…. [read more]

SCM for Digidream Essay

… (Microsoft Dynamics NAV, 2011)

(8) Project management -- support long-term and job -- and project-related activities assist in budgeting projects costs and automating billings as well as enabling better resource management, tracking, costs and usage as well as capacity for planning and predicting availability. (Microsoft Dynamics NAV, 2011)

Juttner states that the argument for the combination of "marketing and SCM strengths is compelling." (2004)

Successful innovation is reported as having "become a key driver for revenue growth, competitive margins and, in some cases even survival. The ability to bring this innovation to market quickly, efficiently and ahead of competition is becoming increasingly important." (IBM Institute for Business Values and Global Business Services, 2006) Required for a product launch that is efficient are factors including integration…. [read more]

Snort Author's Note With Contact Research Paper

… They demand universal access and incredible speeds. The media and film industry demonstrates the axiom "time is money" quite well. Networks in this environment need to be strong, need to be secure, as well as reliable. This may be the case in any industry, yet there are some industries that can handle a reasonable delay; media/film/video production is not one of those fields. Threats to networks in this environment could be to the finance department, the creative department (intellectual property, etc.), and to departments that conduct vast quantities of research, which are nearly all departments in production.

If I were a part of this production company and was considering using Snort, I would first review the company's objectives. Production companies thrive on a smooth work…. [read more]

Benefits of Taking Online Classes Term Paper

… ¶ … Online education [...] many benefits of taking online classes, including convenience, scheduling, and ease of enrollment. The benefits of online classes are myriad - from ease of use, increased communication between student and instructor, completion times, more course offerings, alternatives for disabled students, and most importantly, convenience and accessibility. With the overabundance of online classes available from a wide variety of highly respected institutions, there is little reason not to take advantage of all the benefits online classes present.

With the advent of technology, the Internet, and advanced course creation software such as WEBCT, online education has become increasingly easy to use and develop. That means more educational institutions are offering a greater number of online classes. It also means ease of use…. [read more]

Managers Do? Discovering the Answer Term Paper

… Garth also gave it a three for both time and importance, indicating that he did have to transmit policy letters to his subordinates every now and then and that printing up production reports was an important part of his job. Janice offered as an example that while she does have to print up briefs every now and then she rarely has to perform the tasks listed. Similarly, Garth and Lance both indicated that transmitting information was a minor consideration for their specific jobs.

The sixth item reads, "Transmits information to persons outside of organizational area of responsibility," and refers to the role of spokesperson. Results for this role were similar to the role of disseminator. Only Garth indicated that being a spokesperson was a central…. [read more]

Integrated Patient Managed-Care Information System Term Paper

… Because of the tertiary nature of Concord's services, it is a covered entity for HIPAA purposes and must therefore be in compliance with the new security rule by April 21, 2006. In this regard, the MedicsElite's integrated medical practice management system will help Concord meet these requirements by allowing the medical records service to collect, integrate, and organize patient information to create continuous records that are easily accessible to all authorized providers and staff.

Some of the salient features in this regard include the following:

1. Comprehensive documentation of provider-patient interactions, including family histories, allergies, medications, outcomes, special investigations, prescribing tools, and workflow features;

2. Easy-to-read and easy-to-access storage of patients' clinical data;

3. Fully and seamlessly integrated into the Practice Management side of the…. [read more]

Cross-Sectional Study to Determine Factors Term Paper

… South Africa is being chosen because the scarcity of physicians in some parts of the country means that nurses receive extensive medical training because there may be times when they are the only medically trained person within hundreds of miles. Hasina Subedar, head of the South African Nursing Council, states, "The pitch is 'pack your bag', we'll do the rest. As long as the nurse agrees to work in an American hospital for two years, everything else from green cards for the entire family to airline tickets to apartments are taken care of" (CBS News, January 17, 2003).

One option which has been overlooked by many during this period of "healthcare hysteria" is the cadre of skilled, intelligent and available licensed practical nurses. These nurses…. [read more]

Project Management Term Paper

… According to its corporate profile, Keppel Offshore & Marine, integrating the experience and expertise of Keppel FELS, Keppel Shipyard, Keppel Singmarine and Keppel yards overseas, was established in 2002 (About Us 2004). Keppel Shipyard Benoi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Corporation, one of the largest offshore and marine groups in the world. The company enjoys a strategic network of 16 yards serving regions including Asia Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Caspian Sea, Middle East and the North Sea (About Us 2004). The Keppel Shipyard (Benoi) specifications are set forth in the table below.

Yard Size

350,000 sq m


1,163 m


No. 1 drydock

300,000 dwt

350m x 60m

No. 2 drydock

170,000 dwt

300m x 60m

Mooring Quay

No. 1 quay

Length…. [read more]

Healthcare Practices in Nursing Today Term Paper

… This is because hospital needs fluctuate, depending on the numbers, types, and individual responses of patients on a given day.

Management developed ways to attempt to predict nursing needs that were based on patient population. This type of patient classification system is a process where RNs document patient needs. Management then uses this documentation to standardize patient care and to predict the right mix of nursing personnel that is required for any particular patient population (White, 1988).

This particular management strategy requires a high level of utilization of RNs, because RNs are more highly educated and better at the documentation process required for patient classification systems to work. In addition, RNs are trained to participate in the process. This system is being widely utilized to…. [read more]

Appraise How Restaurant Management Software Can Improve the Efficiency of Sales Processes of SMES Restaurants Dissertation

… ¶ … restaurant industry is a highly competitive market today. Moreover, many entrepreneurs are facing significant constraints in the management of their restaurants with regards to loss of data, non-standardized products, uncontrollable employee behaviors, unverifiable accounting, complexity of each function in the restaurant and so forth. Despite these constraints, the restaurant industry continues to attract a constant stream of aspiring entrepreneurs based on the relative ease of entry in the industry and the small amount of investment compared with other business sectors. To be sure that they can operates their businesses successfully, these individuals need to have a thorough understanding of restaurant management and operations, and particularly the sales processes that are regarded as one the important issues that contribute to customer satisfaction. To improve…. [read more]

Windows Operating System Essay

… As the process attempts to open the handle, the security system determines whether it's permitted access and allowed to change its own attributes.

Input and Output Devices:

Through the Windows Executive that consists of modules for certain system functions and offers an application program interface for user-mode program, the operating system is designed with components for input and output devices. Windows consists of an Input-Output manager that provides the structure with which input and output devices are accessible to applications. The Input-Output manager also has the task of transmitting applications and processes to the suitable device drivers for further processing. The manager executes all the input, output, and application program interfaces of the operating system and enforces naming and security for file systems and devices.…. [read more]

Geometrically, Various Query Languages Has Been Developed Research Paper

… ¶ … geometrically, various query languages has been developed in response to help access and retrieve information of interest from these resources. Although query languages differ in terms of their functionality and applicability, they share certain commonalties and provide a useful framework in which to examine current trends and project future developments. To this end, this study provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature, as well as reliable online resources, to develop a background and overview and specifics concerning query languages and query optimization. An analysis of current trends and projections of these trends into the future is followed by a summary of the research in the conclusion.

Query Languages and Query Optimization


In the Age of Information, making sense of…. [read more]

Project Management the Project Selected Term Paper

… Second phase -- Part I


After selecting the location and the site for the restaurant, the next stage is the restructuring of the area for the restaurant needs. Plans for restructuring will need to be drawn up by engineers and architects and submitted to the network and Mr. Oliver for approval. These plans then have to be submitted to the city/government building agencies in NYC. In addition, compliance as per FDA and EPA guideline will also have to be ensured during this stage.

At this stage, making the necessary arrangements with the distributors for the restaurant needs will also have to be established. Items such as fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, cheese and other items will have to be supplied to the "real" kitchen…. [read more]

Dirt Bikes Analytics Software Collaboration Essay

… Dirt Bikes Case Study

Analytics software

Collaboration Software including e-Mail

e-Commerce and Online Ordering

Web-based Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Administration and Information Technologies (IT)

Pervasive use of analytics and key performance indicators to measure IT system performance and level of mfg. efficiency

(Hopkins, 2011).

Intensive use of Intranet portals for posting HR policies; support bulletins posted for all employees; intensive use of e-mail for collaboration & communication (Kolbus, 1992).

Use for indirect procurement materials and supplies the company needs to support ongoing operations (acting as a buyer for materials).

Managing costing and pricing structures in addition to defining the long-term goals for supply chain mgmt. And ERP system performance over time

Customer Service

Using analytics to troubleshoot customer service and…. [read more]

Hypervisors Analysis of Virtualization Term Paper

… Hypervisors

Analysis of Virtualization Hypervisors

Enterprises are seeking to gain greater control over their information technologies (IT) costs and long-term risks, often alleviating how dependent many of them have become with hardware-based systems and platforms. Coupled with the need for getting greater operational efficiency from their existing enterprise system investments and time-to-market advantages of cloud computing, virtualization continues to experience significant market growth. Estimates by research and advisory firm Gartner state that virtualization adoption driven by cost reduction, greater consolidation of IT infrastructure, and the speed and cost of advantages of cloud computing are catalysts making virtualization software sales grow at 35% a year through 2017 (Zhang, Chen, 2013).

The cost and time-to-market benefits of virtualization are accentuated by how quickly the applications and software…. [read more]

New Generation Technology Research Proposal

… New Generation Technology

CRM at Dell:

Driving Greater Accuracy of Build-to-Order

Selling Strategies with Better Customer Relationships

Your class #ID

Dell Inc. is today a $61B manufacturer of PCs, servers, laptops and tablet PCs, in addition to servers and network storage systems. The company operates in over 50 countries and has distributed its sales forces across the government, enterprise, small & medium business, and state and local government markets. Dell has succeeded in growing profitably and consistently across the last decade due to their highly efficient and unique supply chain that fuels their build-to-order production system and selling strategies globally (Gunasekaran, Ngai, 2009). Dell also has successfully been able to create highly collaborative workflows throughout its supply chains and have successfully transformed knowledge into a…. [read more]

Lewis, James P. Project Planning, Scheduling Book Report

… Lewis, James P. Project Planning, Scheduling & Control. McGraw-Hill 1995.

Project Planning, Scheduling & Control by James P. Lewis is a how-to guide for project managers. Lewis points out the mistakes commonly made in the planning and execution of business projects. Lewis uses a large number of abbreviations and catchy phrases to overcomplicate what are essentially common-sense ideas, such as the idea that project managers should be able to relate to members of their teams, and that complex projects require planning. While Lewis does provide an overview of concepts from statistics and psychology as they relate to project management, he fails to add any meaningful insight of his own. There is a reasonable amount of meaningful content in the book, however, very little of it…. [read more]

Nokia N95 Cell Phone Marketing Plan Term Paper

… Nokia N95 Cell Phone Marketing Plan

This is a marketing plan for the introduction of the Nokia N95 Cell Phone. A serious entry into the burgeoning field of PDA's, or Personal Digital Assistants, the N95 includes all of the tools which are necessary to be competitive with the leaders in this segment of the market, including sync with PC's, GPS for localization and direction finding, and a series of other features which are necessary to the business user.

The N95 is meant to compete with PDA and messaging manufacturers, such as BlackBerry, Palm Treo Series, HP, Samsung and a series of other manufacturers who have been producing PDA's and adding phone characteristics. New entrants to this market segment include heavyweights Apple and Microsoft. Apple's direction…. [read more]

Stickley Furniture Operations MRP and ERP Term Paper

… ¶ … processing that is used in this scenario.

To first understand and assess which type of production processing is used in the business - job shop, batch, repetitive, continuous -- it is necessary to first understand the distinctions inherent in each of these categories.

Job shop -a variety of custom-made products is produced in batch numbers but relatively few in diversity. Most of the products made require an exact sequencing and set up of processing steps. Similar tasks and equipment are grouped together such as grinding presses in one are and drill machines in another. And general-purpose equipment is generally used rather than specially designed equipment.

In factory-like fashion, jobs pass through the various areas to be completed with some areas being skipped over…. [read more]

Transportation IT Modernization Effects Research Paper

… Modernization of Internet Technology and Its Effects on the Transportation Industry

SITA a dominating leader in the sphere of IT consultancy and 'air transport communication' concluded lately a 5-year period of agreement involving services of applications that assist in addition of new competence a well as value to the prevailing product line of SITA. SITA provides and maintains business remedies for airport, airline, international systems of delivery, government and other forms of clients over a widened network which plays the backdrop of the communications with regard to the international transport industry. SITA is the devoted partner for information technology being established and owned by the community of air transport. (HP News release, 2010) Information Technology -- IT industry has entered into the…. [read more]

Network Support Technologies Case Case Study

… However, when comparing the features of Moodle and Blackboard, there isn't anything too significant and is deemed worth the expense of paying for Blackboard when Moodle is free of charge.

Moodle is known as a Course Management System (CMS) that offers modules for most aspects of classroom communication. For example, after logging into Moodle a student can have to full access to grades, files, announcements, and class collaboration tools. Although Moodle doesn't contain all of the capabilities that Blackboard does, it contains the most significant modules. Therefore, for this software application the open source software is recommended.

As far as the other required software is concerned, open source is recommended as well. There are many choices for open source software that specializes in photo or…. [read more]

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