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Instructional Design Models, Including Elements Essay

… Certain criteria must be implemented. CRI methods, like ISD methods have these elements: First and foremost, they are "competency-based (job-related)" skills (Clark 2010). This means that "learners are required to master a Knowledge, Skill, or Attitude (KSA). The training focuses on the job by having the learners achieve the criteria or standards necessary for proper task performance," in this case drawing blood (Clark 2010). CRI methods are best deployed with sequential methods of learning, which also means that learning 'process'-type activities like drawing blood are well-suited to CRI.

Criterion Referenced Instruction (CRI) is a particularly useful approach, because it is essential for learners to satisfy certain criteria for the learning to be effective. Grading students on a curve, relative to the performance of other students…. [read more]

Classrooms Are Diverse Environments Essay

… Students that most need supports to help them include students with language issues (English as a second language), students experiencing difficulties with motivation or behavior, and students with limited learning strategies, pre-requisite skills, or background knowledge (Lawrence-Brown, 2004). Learning standards and expectations must be maintained for these students in order to attain learning success, and the availability of specially designed supports enable these students to have access to the general course content and to appropriately express information learned and processed (Lawrence-Brown, 2004). Support availability is advantageous for all students, not only those that may be struggling, and there are 2 categories of supports as outlined by Lawrence-Brown (2004). The two categories include supports to aid students with diverse needs in accessing general education curriculum, and…. [read more]

Classroom-Based Instructional Planning or Instructional Delivery Term Paper

… ¶ … Technology

The introduction of new technologies over the past two decades, especially the computer and the Internet, offers teachers an effectual and informative way to enhance educational instruction and variety for their students. However, studies show that the most effective incorporation of technology into classroom curricula varies considerably based on a number of factors, such as the teacher's comfort level, the amount of training and the availability of the technology. In order to meet their students' needs, teachers must be knowledgeable about the technology and understand its most beneficial classroom applications, develop new curricula that reasonably integrate the electronic methodology, and determine how all students can have accessibility to the technology and assess the results. Teachers cannot escape the fact that today's classrooms…. [read more]

Moore and Kearsley Strategic Planning Thesis

… Moore & Kearsley

Strategic planning involves defining an organization's vision and a mission, goals, and objectives and perhaps most importantly of all, how to achieve those goals. For a distance learning course, the organizational leadership in its strategic planning needs to be explicit about who the organization is attempting to serve, with what means, how, and why, particularly given the recent proliferation of online venues to take classes. Like with any product, there must be a niche of demand for the specific educational product provided by the institution, and it must differentiate itself in terms of customer segmentation, cost, or the method of delivery. In terms of the last element, when creating the venue, 'the means of production' must be clearly defined, namely the method…. [read more]

Instructional Design as it Pertains to Classroom Term Paper

… ¶ … instructional design as it pertains to classroom settings. The writer reflects on instructional design addressing systematic use of the theory. The writer discusses how and why it is used, what the research says about it and how it provides positive support for the writer's teaching. There were six sources used to complete this paper.

Reflection paper on instructional design

Instructional design is a concept that is used in many areas of life but in the field of education it can make a significant impact. I use instructional design in my teaching so that I can offer a consistent level of teaching to my students. Instructional design helps me stay organized as well as allows me to integrate many different elements into my classroom.…. [read more]

Brain-Based Learning Theory Term Paper

… For instance, a student's brain extracts important information by observing various things at a time. For instance, the mentor's attitude, facial expressions, body language, classroom environment, color of the textbooks, animations. Moreover, we as learners learn a great deal by constant processing of our brain while we smell, taste, move and see simultaneously. Therefore instructional design must be formulated keeping in mind the fact that though "every brain is unique" (Brain-based learning, 1998-2001) there are "six cognitive domains of learning" (Leigh) as proposed by Bloom's taxonomy and nine instructional events put forth by Robert Gagne (Leigh). Bloom's self-explanatory cognitive domains included knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation (Saettler, 1990). Moreover, the comprehensive categorized taxonomy of Gagne in 1962 as published in "Military Training and…. [read more]

Differentiated Instruction Research Proposal

… Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

Students in the classroom have varied abilities and learn at varying rates which makes differentiation of instruction a practice that supports the learning of all students. This work explores what differentiation of instruction is and what it is not with a particular focus on differentiated instruction in the science classroom.

Most teachers currently use the direct instruction approach and not all students are on the same level so achievement is not up to standards for all students.

The use of direct instruction in science classes doesn't allow adequate learning for all students.

The purpose of this project is to....determine the relationship between measures of student achievements in science classes in grades 9-12 and implementation of differentiated instruction over a period…. [read more]

Peter Dirr Thesis

… Peter Dirr

How can the quality of distance education be measured reliably and validly?

According to Dirr, the quality issues in distance education are addressed in a variety of ways. Some of these issues relate to the differences between online and classroom education. Such issues then for example relate to the "quality of instruction and the amount of interaction between the instructor and student.

In order to reliably and validly measure the quality of distance education, it is best to consider the outcomes of the instruction. Students can for example be tested against a control group of classroom students for the same material. A favorable result would then be one in which students obtain similar results.

According to Dirr, there is indeed a body of…. [read more]

Differentiation in Elementary Classrooms Term Paper

… ¶ … Elementary Classrooms

As children are mainstreamed into modern classes regardless of differing abilities, today's teachers can draw on lessons provided from teachers of yesteryear to manage the situation. Teachers from one-room school houses have contributed more of a legacy than once thought as they displayed the incredible skill of teaching primary and secondary children not just in the same day but in the same room. But the skills used in those rustic settings have not been lost to time. Instead, they have been preserved and improved upon to meet a new need and to serve a new purpose. Today, "differently-abled" children are all taught in the same classroom and while they are similar in age, the techniques used by current teachers to assure…. [read more]

ICT in Education Term Paper

… Professional development must be continual;

Experiences must be continual; and Teacher-educators must feel empowered as change agents.

Finally stated by Gonzales & Thompson, 1998 is that:

"In order to tap the increased access to information made possible by technology, a shift in pedagogy from the model of 'teacher as technology' a shift in pedagogy from the model of 'teacher as information provider to that of the "teacher as facilitators ....faculty members who become more comfortable with technology are more likely to integrate technology into their curriculum." (Gonzales & Thompson, 1998)

A research fellowship conducted from the National Institute for Literacy and written by Rosen (1996) states that through use of a questionnaire with respondents at varying levels of intellect as well as varying levels of…. [read more]

Distance Learning Term Paper

… Both the lecture sessions and the course laboratory require substantial individual study, concentration, and practice to demonstrate mastery of related concepts. Likewise, ME 172 has enduring linkages to industrial practices.

The Distant Education component offered a fifty-minute connection made three times a week for fifteen weeks during each semester. Collaborating students from both University locations were required to complete nineteen laboratory exercises (ten tutored lessons, and nine production drawings -- including final assembly drawings), using the Pro/E software to model and define each mechanical component or assembly. The Pro/E software was resident only at Brigham Young University's CAD Laboratory. Before the professors assigned each lab project, a live lab session was conducted, similar to the lecture periods. The only difference being that instead of PowerPoint…. [read more]

Educational Technologies and Online Learning, Instructional Design Term Paper

… ¶ … educational technologies and online learning, instructional design methods are being revised, thus evolving into new models. Two particular methods are the Dick & Carey Method and the Jerrold Kemp Model. This paper will explain these two methods and compare and contrast them.

The Dick & Carey Method

The Dick & Carey Method of Instructional Design uses a systems approach for designing instruction. One of the best known models, its approach to designing instruction is similar that of software engineering. The design model describes all the phases of an iterative process that starts by identifying instructional goals and ends with summative evaluation. This model prescribes a methodology for designing instruction based on a reductionist model of breaking instruction down into smaller components. Instruction is…. [read more]

Pre-Course Program for Entry-Level Online Term Paper

… " (University of Phoenix Online, 2003)

The software and hardware needed for University of Phoenix online includes:

266 MHz or greater (Intel Pentium or Celeron, or AMD Athlon processors)

Windows 98®, ME®, or 2000®

Microsoft Office 97®, 98®, or 2000®

Microsoft Word®

Microsoft PowerPoint®

Microsoft Excel® (for selected courses)

Microsoft Access® (for selected courses)

Microsoft Project 98 ® or 2000® (for selected courses)

Microsoft Visio 5.0 ® or later (for selected courses) current anti-virus application

64 MB RAM or greater

GB hard drive or larger

56.6 kps modem, DSL or cable modem

1024x768 or greater monitor and video card

Sound card with speakers


Inkjet or laser printer

Internet service provider (ISP) account

Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.0 or later For an entry-level PC…. [read more]

Discipline With Dignity Cardsmax Essay

… This classification includes students that do not follow teacher's directions; they are disruptive, and antisocial. These traits are significant in students that have been documented to have poor long-term negative behavior patterns. The researchers discussed the utilization of Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA), which are used to aid in the creation of Behavioral Intervention Plans (BIP) these tools are used to impede negative behavior. Research continues to provide documentation of the importance and durability of function-based intervention. Studies have been conducted with students and adults of all ages, with individuals with various disabilities and with no disabilities, in various settings, and with a variety of problematic behaviors.

(Killu, 2008, p. 140) FBA is required prior to the development of a BIP for students with disabilities who…. [read more]

Leadership Skills Impact International Education Term Paper

… However, many people do not understand what leadership is and how it applies to the school environment. In their 1997 study of visionary companies, James Collins and Jerry Porras define leaders as people who "displayed high levels of persistence, overcame significant obstacles, attracted dedicated people, influenced groups of people toward the achievement of goals, and played key roles in guiding their companies through crucial episodes in their history."

This definition is very much in line with the definitions currently used for school leaders, although this definition has changed in recent years (Education Week, 2004). Until recent years, most research assumed that leadership did not have to come from the school principal (Riordan, 2003). The realization that improving instruction requires shifts in the behavior of school…. [read more]

Faculty Student Interaction in Online Learning Environment Literature Review

… Student engagement is important when teaching any class. It is especially significant when faculty teach in the online learning environment where students are not only isolated from their instructor but from fellow students. Advances in online technologies are creating exciting opportunities for learning in the virtual space. Benefits of online learning are well-known, but online learning also has its disadvantages including high attrition rates due to diminished student engagement, inadequate training and support for teachers tasked with implementing and administering online courses, and the relative newness of the technologies themselves.

Introduction to the Three Streams

Online relationships with faculty and students. The first stream considered is the types of online relationships that exist between faculty and students. The fundamental differences that exist between online relationships…. [read more]

Methods Used to Train Faculty to Use Computers in Classroom Thesis

… ¶ … Train Faculty to Use Computers in the Classroom

The objective of this work is to examine the methods used to train faculty to use computers in the classroom. This work will develop and analyze these training and development programs and will evaluate training models for relevance and purpose.

The work of Robert Mills Gagne (1987) entitled: "Instructional Technology: Foundations" states that teacher training in the productive use of computer technology began with two models however, as the computer-literacy movement gained momentum teachers began to access computers for their classrooms and this "made it painfully obvious that new roles and new skills were required of the teachers." (Gagne, 1987) Gagne states that the idea of using computers was "itself a frightening challenge to many…. [read more]

Orderly-Restrictive Learning Environments Fairmont Academy Term Paper

… Orderly-Restrictive Learning Environments

Fairmont Academy is a school whose learning environment is noted to be fairly differentiated. The 10th grade classroom environment where has often been described to lack autonomy to the learners with a general lack of support for student development as independent thinkers. The classroom environment has often been described by student and teachers to elicit a feeling of a constant struggle for control; the power struggle brings an uneasy feeling among the participants in the classroom environment .This in the end makes academic work extremely difficult. Tomlinson, Brimijoin and Narvaez (2008,p.15) noted that in an Orderly-restrictive learning environments, there is a high structure which supports the smooth learning of the classroom but with very little flexibility and extremely narrow range of classroom…. [read more]

Higher ED Faculty Adoption of Technology in the Classroom Term Paper

… Higher Ed Faculty Adoption Of Technology in the Classroom

The Principal Proposition

In 1989, 38 CEOs came together and founded the 'Cable Alliance for Education', which as a non-profit foundation created to provide support to excellence in education. This consortium was an alliance among cable operators and networks that had as their aim "serving teachers and students...across the country, and based on the premise that powerful technology and rich content can make learning happen." (Marshall, 2002) the educational philosophy that served as a guide was that each student and teacher has a right to five elements that are essential to a good education in the 21st century. Those five are stated to be as follows:

Visionary and sensible use of technology to extend learning;

Engagement…. [read more]

Teaching High School Science Term Paper

… ¶ … Earth-Science

Inquiry-Based Education in Earth Science Instruction

Creative Essay

The objective of this work is to discuss the experiences of a teacher presenting Earth Science coursework in the secondary school setting. Covered will be that which defines inquiry-based instruction; the development and demonstration of inquiry-based learning activities for teaching science; National Science Education Standards at the appropriate grade level; Classroom dynamics for teaching science in the secondary school setting; Assessment in Earth Science Teaching and Design of Curriculum; an example of an original high-school earth-science activity; an example of an original middle-school earth-science activity; Teacher presentation, lesson and activity objectives; Grading for science; National norm referenced testing for science.


Earth Science is particularly complicated in relation to instruction in the contemporary classroom.…. [read more]

Students With Disabilities Who Did Not Complete Dissertation

… ¶ … Students With Disabilities Who Did Not Complete High School

Richard Wieringo

This case study explores the experiences of students with disabilities who have dropped out of high school, so as to identify related factors that led to their decisions. Participants will include both males and females who were designated as students with disabilities at Ridgeville High School (pseudonym for a Virginia high school) and who dropped out between their third and fourth years of high school, during the 2009 to 2012 academic school years. All participants will be between the ages of 18 and 21. The proposed research design is a phenomenological study to be conducted through the use of semi-structured interviews, journaling, and observation of the sample population, with the aim of…. [read more]

Andragogy Malcolm Knowles' Theory Term Paper

… Because of the experiential format of clinical coursework, where students primarily learn from their mistakes, the student will only get as much out of the course as she puts in. That is, a student who is poorly prepared for clinical coursework will commit mistakes at the basic level, out of which she will derive only basic lessons in the practice of nursing. Such a student will receive what amounts to remedial education from the clinical component of the course. A student who is prepared to the minimum level expected by the coursework, however, will commit mistakes at the relatively advanced level, and will derive more advanced lessons from her participation in the clinical component.

The Necessary Climate for Clinical Teaching or Learning

Clinical coursework is…. [read more]

Integrated Curriculum Planning Concept Research Proposal

… Integrated Curriculum Planning: Concept-Based Curriculum

The objective of this work is to examine integrated curriculum planning and the concept-based curriculum and to report studies and information published from the year 2000 to the present relating to planning the integrated and concept-based curriculum.


Integration of the curriculum, according to Nolan and Harwood at the Institute for Professional Development and Educational Research at Massey University is "the process of experiencing and understanding connections, and, because of this, seeing things whole." (2001) Integration occurs experientially as well as socially. Experiential integration results in "new experience...[becoming]... part of our existing knowledge and ways of seeing things. We use past experiences to help us understand and solve new problems. Experience whether "primary" as in gathering data or doing…. [read more]

HRD Reflection Human Resources Term Paper

… If nothing else, just being able to identify the different components of learning is an invaluable resource. For example, the learner may have different characteristics that suit different delivery methods or the content of the things to be learned might be suited to a certain method of learning. Knowing this takes a lot of the frustration out of trying to train someone. I realized that if one approach doesn't work then there might be another one that would be better suited.

It was also really enlightening to learn how HRD can help an organization's competitiveness. If HR and HRD is properly considered during planning, this can benefit an organization significantly; especially when comes to strategic planning. It seems as if some of the best managed…. [read more]

Explore Process of School and Instructional Change Term Paper

… ¶ … education [...] evolution and the process of how schools are changing to meet the needs of all students, using the Professional Learning Community model promoted by Richard and Rebecca DuFour and many other educators. Professional learning communities build teamwork, provide a better learning environment, and empower communities to become more involved in the educational process.

Professional learning communities involve teachers working in groups to brainstorm, study teaching methods, and come up with ideas to improve delivery and practice, study these ideas, implement them, and analyze the results. Using groups helps break down the tasks and create a team environment to problem solve and analyze methods. Studies indicate when these practices are implemented in schools; student learning improves (Joyce, 2004, p. 76). There is…. [read more]

Technology Use to Increase Student Achievement Dissertation

… students in grades 6-8 in the local school are not achieving in their music classes.

The proposed area of study is to determine the effects of integrating Audience Response systems (ARs) into music classrooms, with a goal to increase student achievement in secondary music programs. Generally, present-day music classrooms are not well equipped with 21st century technology; yet simultaneously, students have become more reliant and dependent on technology to provide them with information, learning tools, and social communication. The lack of classroom computer resources continues to affect how the students are performing on their music assessment tests; this also affects their testing in Science, Reading, and Math subjects (Milner, 2012).

Audio response system technology has many new products, such as the Apple iPad and the…. [read more]

E-Learning Master's Degree Program in Teaching Literature Review

… ¶ … E-learning master's degree program in teaching at a University and the important Characteristics of a successful e-learning master's in education degree program.

E-learning is gaining great popularity worldwide for its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and speed of knowledge transfer.The number of students enrolled in e-learning classes has more than doubled in the past three years, from 670 students during the 2005-2006 to1350 students during the 2007-2008 academic year.This growth has meant more -and different - classes are being offered through e-Learning This is a great opportunity for students who are juggling work and family obligations. Some who have started their degree on campus are finding the online option a great way to finish - rather than postpone - their academic goals ( Mclaren 2010).Carnevale (2005)…. [read more]

Learning Style Preferences and Perceived Effectiveness of Internet Courses Term Paper

… ¶ … rise of the Internet has greatly impacted all areas of society, particularly higher education. Colleges and universities are finding that to stay relevant to their traditional students they have to create online and distance learning programs quickly and effectively to stay up with their learning needs. Eighty-seven percent of four-year colleges offered distance-learning courses in 2004, up from 62% in 1998. According to International Data Corporation, 25% more colleges and universities added distance learning programs between 1998 and 2004. In 2004, 2.2 million degree-seeking students were enrolled in distributed courses. By early 2008, one out of 10 college students will be enrolled in an online degree program, Boston-based market research firm Eduventures estimated last year.

This radical change in education has presented these…. [read more]

Roanoke County School System Faculty Term Paper

… The school system should see increased school district wide participation. However, the current PTD participation continues to suffer from severe lack of interest.

Roanoke county is not the only county experiencing challenges in the area of PTD involvement. For the last thirteen years the Collaborative Teacher Education Program at Indiana University (CTEP) has been offering continuing education courses by distance education to teachers in rural communities. The program is comprehensive in that it enables inservice teachers to obtain teaching licenses and master's degrees without coming to campus. The primary mode of course delivery is videoconferencing, but Web-based conferencing and instruction has also been integrated into the program to help promote ownership and collegiality among the teachers. They have also added a completely Web-based course to…. [read more]

Principals Role in an Effective Dual Immersion Program Literature Review

… Curriculum

The Principals Role in an Effective Dual Immersion Program

This introductory literature review will provide a preliminary overview of relevant literature as it pertains to the challenges that affect the principal's role in student success, effective teaching practices and accountability. The literature review will provide information on (a) promoting collaborative problem solving and open communication, (b) collecting, analyzing and using data to identify school needs, (c) using data to identify and plan or needed changes in the instructional program, (d) implementing and monitoring the school improvement plan, and (e) using systems thinking to establish a clear focus on student achievement goals.

Schools across the country are struggling with severe issues ranging from indiscriminate eruptions of violence and collapsing facilities to staff deficits and never…. [read more]

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