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Classroom Management Class Room Essay

… Two other very important points that I realized while reading this chapter where that highlighting your student strengths and communicating your believe I them. The other important thing that I learned was giving alternative or choices to your students. By giving choices, I am sure that I will be able to guide my students more effectively.

Differences and important characteristics of standards, rules and procedures

Standards, rules and procedures are the terms that are used interchangeably. However, these terms are quite distinct in nature. In teaching, these three terms hold extreme importance.

Standards are a benchmark that a teacher sets for her student to achieve. Rules are mandatory. They are the code of conduct which the students have to abide. Procedures are a method through…. [read more]

Classroom Assessment and Grading to Assure Mastery Essay

… Classroom Assessment

Being a teacher, or educational philosophy, if it is to remain vibrant and robust, must evolve with contemporary culture. The classroom of today is clearly different than the classroom of the 1960s or even the 1980s, and we are well beyond the "duck and cover" model of viewing the outside world. The three most critical issues in contemporary education are literacy, relevance, and structure. Within each of these issues, however, is a dramatic change in the demographic and psychographic make-up of contemporary society? As a teacher, one must be not only sensitive, but also an expert at dealing with gender issues, race and cultural issues, the changing family unit, parenting challenges, budgets, and individual community issues. It does little good to teach concepts…. [read more]

Welcome to Your New Classroom Essay

… The recording is age appropriate and also talks about the way that racism and other discrimination is still a problem. At the close of the article the teacher will ask for a show of hands. "Please raise your hand if you have ever been made to feel bad because you were different in some way. It could be because you are different looking or because you do something different than others or anything you can think of where someone made you feel bad about yourself because of a difference." After hands are raised the teacher will call on two or three students to begin a discussion about the circumstances and the feelings they had because of the experience. The teacher will close with a discussion…. [read more]

Kindergarten Classroom Management Essay

… In fact, the role of teacher organization and communication of behavioral expectations cannot be minimized. In the classroom in which teachers show higher levels of instructional support, students have more task-focused behavior, which in turn contributes proactively to their performance in mathematics and their readiness for higher grades and more complex math concepts (Pakarinen, Kiuru, Lerkkanen, Ahonen, & Nurmi, 2011).

Similarly, when behavior management is coupled with literacy instruction, there is a clear relationship between appropriate levels of behavior and the mastery of basic skills like letters and sounds, meaning-focused retelling of stories, elementary prediction, and cognitive memory. Children are far more likely to become off task, remain off task, and exhibit behavioral issues when there is a lessening of teacher managed classroom and organizational…. [read more]

Classroom Behavior Management Policies Research Paper

… Classroom Behavior Management Policies

Title suggestions:

Bridging the Gap Between Systems Theory and Elementary Classroom Management

An Evolution: Systems Theory and Classroom Management


Systems Theory by the Three B's

Robert Freed Bales


Living systems theory

Social entropy theory

Entropy management in organizations


Ludwig von Bertalanffy

The concept of the whole

GST and integrative studies

Science and society

The importance of the individual

A Comparison of the Three B's




Theoretical similarities


Annotated Bibliography

Classroom management definition and challenges

Strategies and methods

Techniques and training

Self-efficacy and beliefs

Culturally responsive classrooms

Evidence-based strategies

Theory -- and model-based strategies

Comparison to Bertalaffny

Top recommended classroom management strategy





Sociology and the study of social systems has taken many…. [read more]

How Have Ethical Responsibilities Changed in the Classroom Term Paper

… Ethical Changes in the Classroom Over the Past 50 Years

The ethical responsibilities of teachers have undergone dramatic changes over the past fifty years, reflecting the changes in our culture today. As contemporary society becomes increasingly diverse and complex, so does the process of preparing young people for life as independent thinkers, productive citizens, and future leaders. The changing nature of students, the collegiate experience, learning, teaching, and outcome assessment all have substantive implications for altering educational practice. Trends such as appearance, actions and language have set the pace that there are no absolutes, no common values, and no core set of moral ideas. Ethical relativism has become the norm due to our current society's vast historical events that have led to distinct changes in…. [read more]

Australian Classroom the Effect of Learners' Past Discussion Chapter

… Australian Classroom

The effect of learners' past experiences on L2 communication

Lack of opportunities for practice and use L2 at home

A transition from English teachings in Iraq to Australia

Peer interaction and learner-centred method

The choice of using educational learning resources and technology

Comprehensive input

Strategies used by learners in coping with language communication difficulties

Point of noticing in second language acquisition SLA

Self-learning, access and support

Interpersonal relationship- peer interaction opportunities for input and output

Using authentic and relevant resources- access to the media

The necessity of cultural exposure and input

Body language

Facial expressions and eye movements



This chapter presents and reports significant findings from the individual and group interviews with six Iraqi new arrival students attending the secondary school…. [read more]

Classrooms of the Past, There Was Little Research Paper

… ¶ … classrooms of the past, there was little direct instruction of writing. Writing tasks were assigned and corrected. Students were expected to learn from their mistakes but given little guidance until the writing process was complete. Writing is an important component in every content area and is assessed on high-stakes standardized tests. In most of today's classrooms, writing is taught directly. It is difficult for teachers to assess writing, so it is suggested that they teach and assess one element at a time, particularly in the primary grades. Rubrics provide objective frameworks with which writing can be assessed. A self-reporting scaled survey enables students to communicate to the teacher how they feel about writing and what struggles they face. The survey can provide as…. [read more]

Cultural Diversity in the Classroom Essay

… It's important to do everything possible to treat all the children equally. If they are singled out, it should be for something that is not related to their diversity. In other words, it's understandable to say that Sally received the highest grade on the test, but not acceptable to say it must have been because she was Asian. One thing I would try to do in my curriculum and teaching methods, as well as any student or parent interactions, would be to break through the stereotypes that so many people have and teach more about how people are all alike, as opposed to how they are all different. It's more important to see the commonalities that belong to society instead of the ways in which…. [read more]

How Watching TV Outside the Classroom Affects Children's Education Development Brain Behavior Thesis

… Television's Effects Outside The Classroom On Children's Education And Development

In a world where children have access to hundreds of channels of television, 24-hours per day, there has been a concern raised that all of this commercialized media is rotting a generation of brains. Children's television has evolved from a handful of educational programs on PBS and a few hours of Saturday morning cartoons, to a constant stream of multiple channels dedicated solely to children's programming. In America, the average youth spends 900 hours per year in school, and 1,500 hours per year in front of the television (Herr, n.d.). The Kaiser Family Foundation notes that two-thirds of infants and toddlers watch 2 hours of television each day. Kids between the ages of 8 and…. [read more]

Achievement Outside of the Classroom Term Paper

… By having a broad-based education in business, I will be better prepared to meet the changing demands of the business world than those of my colleagues that did not receive a broad-based education. In addition, the business world is becoming increasingly more global. Even if a particular skill is not necessary in my work for my employer, I may find it invaluable as I deal with customers and consumers from companies in various stages of development. Furthermore, a core curriculum that emphasis things such as communication, ethics, and the role of management, will help me relate to people outside of the business world, thereby making me a more responsive and effective businessperson.


Like most anybody else, I hate the feeling that I am…. [read more]

Obesity: Past and Current Issues Funding Term Paper

… Obesity: Past and Current Issues

Funding for obesity-related initiatives is largely focused on the prevention and correction of childhood obesity, as these results have been shown to have the biggest long-term impact in reducing obesity and related health issues both in absolute terms and in terms of cost-effectiveness (AAP 2010). Many private non-profit groups have donated research funds or oversee their own laboratories and/or research programs for the development of such preventative initiatives, and many of these grant programs are supplemented by federal or, as is more often the case, state government funding (AAP 2010). in-school educational and nutritional programs are funded entirely through public funds from the local, state, and federal governments, but the majority of research initiatives and programs are funded and facilitated…. [read more]

Classroom Observation Essay

… ¶ … Teacher Profile

Sarah Cormier is a first-year teacher. She teaches first grade at Helen Mae Sauter (HMS) Elementary School in Gardner, Massachusetts. It is the school she herself attended, so she is quite excited to be at her old school in a new role. The school currently has 260 students in grades one through three.

Gardner is a community of approximately 20,000 people. It is largely a working-class community, located about fifty miles west of Boston. Known as "Chair City," Gardner was once home to a number of furniture factories, now closed. The largest employers in the town are the hospital and the community college. Approximately forty percent of the students received free or reduced lunch. Most students, like Ms. Cormier herself, are…. [read more]

Addressing Essay

… ¶ … Classroom Situation

Dynamics of the Situation

The principal in this classroom scenario has twice visited Ms. Paulson's classroom (during a class session) and found that her classroom discipline was inadequate. Meanwhile a parent is upset (and has written a letter to the superintendent) because her daughter apparently viewed several disturbing pornographic images in the Computer Technology Class. As an introduction to this essay, it should be noted that though the principal did notice gaps in Ms. Paulson's ability to manage and control her classroom, he did not mention his concern to her in subsequent meetings (nor did he have a follow-up meeting with her, it is assumed).

Was this problem in Ms. Paulson's classroom the result of an inadequate evaluation by the principal?…. [read more]

Past Present and Future of Middle Schools Term Paper

… Middle School Reform

When addressing the concept of middle school reform, the first question arises is -- what is a middle school and what was the original purpose of creating such an institution? At the beginning of the 20th century, schoolchildren in the United States attended two types of schools, elementary and secondary schools. Educators developed the specific concept of special schooling for students in grades 7-8, or junior high schools as a method of preparing students for high school mid-century. American middle schools today usually encompass grades 6-8. Middle schools were created to meet the unique needs of young people who neither young children nor sexually mature adolescents. Thus, a middle school is not merely a school designed to house certain grades. It is…. [read more]

Effectiveness of Academic Achievement Through the Use of Block Scheduling in High School Classrooms Thesis

… Academic Achievement Through Block Scheduling

Education and Block Scheduling

Introduction- The educational climate in contemporary America is not the same as it was in the late 20th century. There is a long tradition surrounding the manner in which the American educational system should be structured, dating back to the Founding Fathers. When we review a brief history of the American educational system up through No Child Left Behind, in fact, we find a series of pendelum swings that tend to result in a rather haphazard approach to certain academic sides of educational leadership. It is not the purpose of this study to debate the efficacy of constructivism, neo-constructivsm, Vygotsky, et al., Rather, it is to understand how educational research is not only necessary, but critical…. [read more]

Teacher Beliefs in Contemporary Science Case Study

… Perhaps this was not an unusual finding, or perhaps it has been explained before. This could have provided an explanation for the current findings in conjunction with a follow-up of the participants. There was one other pair that was close to the cutoff of .15 and the researchers explain this result straightforward fashion. All other 12 pair comparisons indicated a solid conviction of contemporary goals compared to past goals by the teachers in those areas.

For the final research question the data analysis consisted of focused observations, interviews, and taxonomic analysis of field notes, reflexive journals, and video tapes with participants. This process produced 81 codes for classroom practice, a very large number of variables. The researchers paired this down by pairing a code with…. [read more]

No Child Left Behind Act and Its Effect on English Language Learners Term Paper

… No Child Left Behind Act and Its Effect on English Language Learners

No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and Its Effect on English Language Learners

The United States is no longer a "melting pot, but has rather emerged in the 21st century as a "salad bowl" where many minorities may not readily become as assimilated into mainstream American society as in years past. The implications of these trends for the public school system in the U.S. has been profound, particularly in view of the recent mandates established by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (hereinafter "NCLB," or alternatively, "the Act"). According to Arce, Luna, Borjian and Conrad, "Proponents of the No Child Left Behind Act claim that its mission is to close…. [read more]

Effect on Positive Peer Interaction When Mainstreaming Students Who Are in a Self-Contained Classroom Literature Review

… Inclusion


The literature in this work examines the effect of positive peer interactions when mainstreaming students who are in a self-contained classroom. This work conducts a review of peer-reviewed academic and professional literature in this area of study.

Instructional Time Comparison

The work of Katz and Mirenda (2002) entitled: "Including Students with Developmental Disabilities in General Education Classrooms: Educational Benefits" reports that a study which compared instructional time for students with developmental disabilities and special education classrooms states findings that "the percentage of non-instructional time was significantly different in the two settings, with 58% in the segregated classrooms and only 35% in inclusive classrooms." It is stated that even when deleting…. [read more]

Perfect Classroom Website Various Experts Term Paper

… One of the most important aspects to consider is text and the way that text should be displayed and written for the Web. It is Important in this regard to understand that writing and presenting text on the Web is very different for writing for other media. The Internet requires a certain understanding of the medium in terms of the way that users read text. This is an aspect which will be discussed later in this section.

The first aspect to consider is what type of text to use. This refers to the type of font that is best displayed online. An important consideration when designing Web sites is that there are different computers with different operating systems and different Web browsers which will access…. [read more]

Approaches to Second Language Classroom Interaction Term Paper

… SLA Second Language Aquisition

As the world has become increasingly more global, interests in second language acquisition has also increased. More specifically second language acquisition as it pertains to the second language classroom has become a focal point. The following research will examine three methods that are utilized in Second Language research including conversation analysis, stimulated recall and the Think Aloud Method. For the purposes of this discussion, we will explore the relationship of each approach to theory and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each system. Illustrate your argument through the use of transcribed extracts from second language classroom interaction. Let us begin the discussion with some background information about second language acquisition and second language classrooms.

Second language acquisition and second language classrooms…. [read more]

Differentiated Instruction Research Proposal

… Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

Students in the classroom have varied abilities and learn at varying rates which makes differentiation of instruction a practice that supports the learning of all students. This work explores what differentiation of instruction is and what it is not with a particular focus on differentiated instruction in the science classroom.

Most teachers currently use the direct instruction approach and not all students are on the same level so achievement is not up to standards for all students.

The use of direct instruction in science classes doesn't allow adequate learning for all students.

The purpose of this project is to....determine the relationship between measures of student achievements in science classes in grades 9-12 and implementation of differentiated instruction over a period…. [read more]

Methods Used to Train Faculty to Use Computers in Classroom Thesis

… ¶ … Train Faculty to Use Computers in the Classroom

The objective of this work is to examine the methods used to train faculty to use computers in the classroom. This work will develop and analyze these training and development programs and will evaluate training models for relevance and purpose.

The work of Robert Mills Gagne (1987) entitled: "Instructional Technology: Foundations" states that teacher training in the productive use of computer technology began with two models however, as the computer-literacy movement gained momentum teachers began to access computers for their classrooms and this "made it painfully obvious that new roles and new skills were required of the teachers." (Gagne, 1987) Gagne states that the idea of using computers was "itself a frightening challenge to many…. [read more]

Technology Assessment Application Term Paper

… Technology Assessment in Nursing

Changes in healthcare management are really requiring that nurses to become a little more technically knowledgeable and capable to rapidly familiarize themselves to by means of tools that are technical in their exercises. Educators that are nurse are acclimatizing to this obligatory capability by presenting technology into nurse education core curriculum as their finances will support and their technical services will allow. The instruments to support nurse education quickly change with new ones continually developing on the horizon, just as is arranged in nursing practice. So we have a double authorization: to bring ourselves up to speed with these technical skills as well as maintain our awareness of what technical potentials are obtainable to accelerate quality and constancy in the release…. [read more]

Personal Health Plan Essay

… Stay Committed

Targets which get reached have been the ones that have been strong, well-defined, and in which the person has been genuinely and totally dedicated. Devoid of that dedication, attempting to attain objectives has been like catching Jell-O -- you think that perhaps you have it, there is however truly absolutely nothing to hold on to.

Saying No

An additional reason lots of people do not reach their set goals has been that they cannot say no -- to everybody else. Agreeing or saying yes has been a routine we aren't even conscious of. I must begin Thinking about saying 'no' before I think 'yes' (not vice versa). With the addition of the term 'no' to my own vocabulary, I open vistas of time,…. [read more]

Incidence in the Classroom Critical Essay

… From that session on, I felt rewarded with the knowledge of how to better work with Paolo and to help him get the most out of learning his vowels and consonants. My teacher allowed me to move his seat to the back of the classroom so that he could still view and hear what was going on yet still take some license to demonstrate his newfound ardor for his studies. I was able to aid him in this respect since I paid attention to the 'games' he was playing with the voices and sounds that he used to correctly pronounce his consonants and syllables with during the session in which his father had difficulty getting him to participate in class. I was able to use…. [read more]

Education Describe Your Most Important Accomplishment Application Essay

… Education

Describe your most important accomplishment in the classroom or with a specific student(s)? What key strategies contributed to your success? How did you track your progress to ensure that you were successful?

Marcella was an Algerian-French student. She spoke good English, but not fluent enough to be a confident participator in classroom discussions. Because she was shy, she did not have many apparent friends. I could tell that Marcella had trouble in group lessons, collaborative learning environments, and any situation involving peer interaction. She also participated very little in class. Her assignments were usually good, and she tested well. Marcella was not the best student in class, but she was far from being the worst. However, it seemed that she was not reaching her…. [read more]

Chemistry and Biology on Christian Essay

… [footnoteRef:12] [12: Forsyth, Robert. "Then a miracle occurs': the blessing and limitations of science A bishop looks at science from the viewpoint of the Christian faith." (accessed March 20, 2013). ]

Science is a field that provides as knowledge about the simplest things but it also tells us secrets about the depths, structure and composition of the universe. It reveals the complex of human organs. Through the advancements in medical field science has been the savior of many of the lives. Previously, precious human life was being wasted due to petty diseases but now due the advancements in the field of medicine people can now fight dangerous diseases such as cancer and can get back to their life. Science gave rise to various phenomena…. [read more]

Fire Safety in Schools Past and Present Term Paper

… Fire Safety in Schools, Past and Present

The purpose of this paper is to show the importance of strategic planning in any business, but most importantly in the prevention of fires in schools. The paper begins by discussing the values that are important to a school when it comes to fire safety, and then moves into why planning is so critical and can help save lives and property. Not only are standards and mandates discussed, but also the process of developing a mission and a vision for the business and creating a philosophy under which said business will operate.

The paper then moves into community threats and strategic issues and discusses how to create the ideal plans to protect children both now and in the…. [read more]

Prostitution and Human Rights Issues Articles Essay

… Prostitution and Human Rights Issues Articles

Prostitution and Issues of Human Rights Violations

The day in the life of any sex worker most often includes some violation of his or her human rights in some degree or another. Prostitution is an industry which degrades sex workers into mere objects, thus effectively stripping them of their humanity and the legal rights that are entailed to that position around the world. In Prostitution: Violating the Human Rights of Poor Women, Day explores the specific demographic of sex workers in abject poverty and opens up the question of how decriminalization would benefit sex workers, but ultimately decides that decriminalization would only leave the poorest demographics of sex workers open to abuses of their human rights. Willis and Levy…. [read more]

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