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Claude Bernard and Experimental Medicine Essay

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Bernard makes the case that statistics are useful to the physician because they lead to the indeterminate, but that cannot be a stopping point.[footnoteRef:7] The solution is to find these indeterminate issues and, through experimentation to make them determinate. He based his entire book "Principles of Experimental Medicine" on the principle of "experimental determinism" instead of on "statistical conjecture." [footnoteRef:8] His belief in the superiority of his system comes from the belief that it is the only way to yield "absolute law" in medicine.[footnoteRef:9] He said that once someone sees a law as determined by experimentation that they can no longer go back to conjecture. The individual has to view it as a certainty then. It seems that his concern is for the patient…. [read more]

Renaissance the Trend in Medicine Term Paper

… ¶ … Renaissance

The trend in medicine varies accordingly on the each era. Its development was in leaps and bounds as the ruling way of thinking in a specific time period dictates the approach of healers and physicians to diseases and illnesses. The approach in healing a certain disease or condition varies from one epoch to another and mirrors the tradition, culture, mores and belief of a certain point in time. Science played an important role in the evolution of medicine. As advancements occur in the filed of science, so did they in the field of medicine. Medicine and science did not remain stagnant. They evolved, grew, and made great changes to the society and to our history.

The advancements in science and medicine did…. [read more]

Nineteenth Century Physiologist Claude Bernard Term Paper

… " The experiments involved cruel and heartbreaking methods to obtain results. Experiments like these are fundamentally wrong. It can be equated to the Nazi's during the Second World War conducting experiments on humans to improve the life of other humans. (Newton & Lyons, 2001) These experiments are sadistic and they should be stopped as quickly as possible.

There are better ways for finding the effect of lifestyle even on animals. Better records can be kept of veterinary visits or medical treatments that are conducted for the benefit of animals. This data can be then synthesized to obtain any trends and observations in the data collected.

The John Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing was set up 20 years ago in the U.S. It is…. [read more]

Scientific Revolution and Management of Western Civilization Literature Review

… ¶ … Scientific Method, Scientific Revolution and Scientific Management of Western Civilization

The quest for knowledge for knowledge's sake is an inherent part of mankind, and with this knowledge we are able to progress as a race through scientific advancements, in the form of medicine and technology to name but two. One of the most famous figures who pushed knowledge for knowledge's sake was Galileo, who discovered, to the horror of the Church, that the Earth is not the centre of the universe. So important was Galileo that he has been called the "father of modern observational astronomy" (Singer 217). The Scientific Revolution itself was a major turning point in human understanding of the world, but rather than being confined to a single area or…. [read more]

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