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Climate Change Too Hot Essay

… They see the effect of issue at hand; hence, the reason they take the stand to fight against climate change and factors contributing to the climate change in the country.

The issue in terms of the common good and the principles that promote human flourishing

In view of the economic and social problems that the world is facing, the people have a dilemma in choosing what they accept as modest sacrifice for the common good of the society. While the second choice is to continue with the contentious society, in which people selfishly protect their own interest. In addressing the common good of the society and promoting establishments and practices that foster human flourishing, there is more to do than just having a week of…. [read more]

Climate Change Executive Essay

… The first is that it must have caps, wherein the government sets emissions limits, penalties for violating those limits, and enforcement mechanisms to ensure that the penalties are imposed. The second is that the government would then need to set up a trading system for carbon credits, wherein polluters would be able to sell those credits to those who choose to go over their limits.

From a practical point-of-view, the government would also need to determine what polluters would be subject to this system. This is where it gets interesting for hydrocarbon emissions. While acid rain pollutants were almost always emitted at the industrial level, all levels of American society are affected by hydrocarbon pollution. Individual Americans waste hydrocarbons driving, for example. Indeed, our cities…. [read more]

Climate Change in Australia's Alpine Essay

… This could also arise based on adjustments in the services of ecosystems in the area including great priority being placed on water harvesting in the area (Visconti, 2009).

MacCarthy (2010) argues that if snow cover is reduced and temperatures increased, the richness of species is likely to change in the Alpine regions of Australia. The richness of animal and plant species is associated with altitudes in the regions of the mountains across the world. In the mountainous areas, a great decline trend is exotic and native diversity of plants and increased endemic biota proportions due to increased altitudes. For instance, in the Alps of Australia, the distribution of varied plant and animal species is strongly influenced by the cover of snow. It is evident that…. [read more]

Causes of Climate Change? Research Paper

… Zhouting & Crystal Krause executed a research/case study in the context of Xinjiang China. The main objective of the case study was examination of climate change and human activities. According to the findings of the research, there is a relationship or correlation among population, climate, land cover, land use, and greenhouse gas emissions. This relationship or correlation is vital in the mitigation and adaptation of the global change. Another perspective of the study notes faster population growth in the context of North Xinjiang. In the same region, there is also more extensive change in relation to land cover, higher rates of greenhouse gas emissions, faster rate of global warming, and greater environmental obstacles or challenges in comparison to the southern part of Xinjiang. It is…. [read more]

Climate Change Global Climate Change: Separating Science Essay

… Climate Change

Global Climate Change: Separating Science from Conjecture

The issue of climate change -- of human caused global warming, to be exact -- has been the subject of much debate among politicians and scientists alike. There is a growing consensus in the scientific community that the world is experiencing a warming trend that has lasted slightly longer than a century. The fact that this nearly coincides with the Industrial Revolution and the use of fossil fuels, which greatly increased the carbon content of the atmosphere, does not necessarily mean there is a causal link between industrialization and the current global warming trend. It is this fact that remains a great matter of debate amongst scientists, policy makers, and the public at large.

Knowing that…. [read more]

Climate Change a Review Essay

… Moreover, this article presents evidence that "20-30% of plant and animal species assessed so far… are likely to be at increasingly high risk of extinction" as temperatures rise to 2 or 3 degrees Centigrade above "pre-industrial levels" (Gosling, et al., 2011, p. 448). As far as safe, clean water availability, the data shows that "around 59% of the world's population" could be exposed to irrigation water shortages, which could be devastating for farmers and those dependent on crops for food. The research also points to the possibility of 100,000 "extra deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa" from malaria and dengue (Gosling, 454).

How I will use the information: The more I know about climate change's expected impacts, the more conscientious I am in avoiding leaving carbon footprints…. [read more]

Climate Change According to Johnson Essay

… I therefore believe that climate change and global warming are indeed issues that we as human beings should take seriously. We should do something about it now, before it is too late. We should stop wasting time debating the issue and start using these same minds to find solutions for an ever-increasing environmental crisis. Generally, there are two types of regulations that might be implemented to help control greenhouse gases and other polluting emissions and actions; command-and-control regulations and incentive-based regulations. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Command-and-control regulations means that officials implement rules and regulations that carry penalties if they are not obeyed. It is a type of hierarchical structure, where those who are under the law have not choice regarding either the law or…. [read more]

Climate Change Before the Industrial Term Paper

… Such high levels of methane would not be released naturally. The same is true for other greenhouse gases like nitrous oxide. However, by far the most notorious greenhouse gas that might be causing the earth to become consistently warmer over time is carbon dioxide, which is released into the atmosphere by factories as well as automobiles. The combination of these human factors with the natural factors mentioned above, including variations in the Earth's orbit, could be causing more rapid and more severe climate change. Evidence for human-induced climate change includes El Nino and other new and odd weather patterns as well as the melting of the polar ice stores, and changes to certain ecosystems and lifestyles of animal and plant life around the planet. Human…. [read more]

Climate Change -- Cause Research Paper

… NASA research shows "certain facts" that are not in dispute because with available science data, the current warming trends show the "big picture": a) "…scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal"; and b) the "heat-trapping nature of carbon dioxide…" and increased levels of "…greenhouse gases must cause the Earth to warm in response"; c) sea levels are rising (and have risen 6.7 inches in the last century); d) the ten warmest years on record have occurred "…in the past 12 years"; e) the ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctic are losing mass (Greenland lost up to 60 cubic miles of ice between 2002 and 2005); f) glaciers "…are retreating almost everywhere around the world," in Africa, the Himalayas, Alaska, the Andes, the…. [read more]

Climate Changes Are Occurring Thesis

… A more technologically advanced approach would be to consider how animal genetic make-up could be altered to reduce emissions ("Farming," 2010).

Changing agriculture methods can make a difference on carbon emissions. These measures include enriching soil carbon by reducing tilling, using less fertilizer and adding ingredients like biochar to increase the soils carbon-storage capacity; farming with perennials; adopting a more climate-friendly approach to livestock production, including a reduction in numbers and rotational grazing; and restoring degraded watersheds and rangelands (Rees, 2009).

Similar to the problem of deforestation, agriculture is an activity that countries need to do to support growing populations. Conservation of farmlands and better land use techniques may be too expensive for developing nations to put in place and are outweighed by the need…. [read more]

Risks of Climate Change Research Paper

… Increases in bushfire frequency and intensity have the potential to increase rates of damage to buildings and structures, especially those in non-urban areas.

Drier conditions may lead to increased ground movement and changes in groundwater. Higher temperatures and more solar radiation could amplify degradation of materials.


Key impacts stated for case studies conducted in England list sea flooding of saltwater into aquifers may be a problem in some areas. Stated specifically is: "The expected rise in sea level as a result of climate change will increase the risk of the sea overtopping current defenses or encroaching on undefended land leading to flooding. Coastal flooding is also likely to increase in frequency due to predicted increases in storm…. [read more]

Global Climate Change Term Paper

… Global climate change is one of the most important environmental challenges facing the world today. The steady yearly average temperature increases measured by scientists worldwide serve to destroy ozone which in turn pokes significant holes in the earth's ozone layer. Although most of the evidence points to only negative effects of this climate change, some effects are positive too. Regardless, more research must be done and a clear policy must be in place in the forthcoming years for industrialized nations to stymie the spread of poor environmental measures that result in the global warming situation.

The worldwide scientific community has come to an overwhelmingly powerful agreement with regard to the fundamental of Planet Earth's climate change.

The world is - without any question at all…. [read more]

Air Pollution, Climate Change Essay

… As a result, most of them end up using a limited amount of resources in this conflict and experience little to no results (Van Kooten 1).

3. The Ozone layer has experienced a constant decline in total volume during the recent years. Also, the layer typically experiences a significant springtime decrease over the polar areas. The ozone layer reflects some of the Sun's dangerous ultraviolet rays and it thus plays an essential role in protecting the planet and its inhabitants. "Increased radiation could result in an increase in skin cancers, suppression of the human immune system, and decreased productivity of terrestrial and aquatic organisms, including some commercially important crops" (Parker & Morrisey 1). Considering this, is it only safe to assume that the ozone layer…. [read more]

Global Warming Climate Change Essay

… 2011). The key element in the strategy to improve the environmental performance of the energy sector is by introducing applications of a cleaner fuel that will be used in conservation.

There should be market implementation of clean coal technology; this will in turn raise the usage of coal. Since the demand of coal is most likely to rise sharply the impact of oil gases will depreciate. This fact explains coal can become cheaper than other gas prices, this has increase of demand of coal which is a cheaper gas compared to other gas. This will have an impact on the future since the attention will shifted to coal, and so there is a great need to secure its availability in the future.

So there has…. [read more]

Climate Change and General Crises in the Little ICE Age a Geographic Perspective Term Paper

… Climate change and general crisis in the Little Ice Age: a geographic perspective

The Little Ice Age (LIA) is considered by some researchers to extend over several generations of time. Estimates show that the period began around the 13th and 14th centuries; another period in consideration is between the mid-16th and the mid-19th century (Grove, 1988). The significance of doing additional research into the background of The LIA is in hopes of gaining a better understanding as to the time, what the causes were, and where it has occurred. It is a hope that this research will give some clarity too the timeframe of the LIA and what had such an impact as to cause its occurrence; in addition to understanding the impact that LIA…. [read more]

Climate Change Everything Changes in This Era Thesis

… Climate Change

Everything changes in this era of rapid technological developments. More and better machineries are being developed to ease our everyday chores, but also to make our leisure time more pleasurable. Then, with globalization and market liberalization, organizations based their growth on the benefits of several countries' comparative advantage, most commonly cheaper resources. Customers now have a wide palette of products and services from which to choose those that best suit their needs. This advancement in all domains has not however been without side effects. The most important negative impact has been felt by our natural environment.

Some examples of the toll excessive industrialization has had upon the environment include: large corporations dump their waste in inadequate conditions and pollute the surrounding waters and…. [read more]

Changing Behavior to Reduce Global Warming Essay

… Behavioral Changes: Reducing the Effects of Global Climate Change

What is Global Warming?

The world's climate has been changing since the late 19th century and it has been changing dramatically for the past fifty years, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Temperatures are rising, glaciers are melting around the world, the ice cap in the Arctic is melting, ocean temperatures are slowly rising, sea levels are rising around the world, and there are dramatic changes being witnessed in the way the world's plants and animals are responding to the rise in temperatures.

The EPA explains that the greenhouse effect is at the heart of the global warming issue. It is perfectly natural for the sun to heat the earth, and a good share of…. [read more]

Climate Change and Global Warming Attitudes Research Paper

… Data Presentation

10. Conclusions and Significance of Study

Literature Review

Climate change, which is at least partly due to human activities, poses a threat to the future of all species on this planet. Rapidly growing and exponential increases in greenhouse gas emissions since the pre-industrial era have led to a carbon dioxide concentration of roughly 400 parts per million in the atmosphere (CO2 Now, 2014). The current CO2 concentration is really scary considering many scientists believe that the earth's highest level of a safe CO2 level is somewhere around 350 parts per million. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which is another major scientific authority, believes that at 450 parts per million there is roughly a fifty two percent chance that catastrophic climate change…. [read more]

Climate and Economy in Two Term Paper

… "

In 1998, El Nino had a profound effect on the tropical rainforest in South America. During this time, "a high-pressure dome dominated weather patterns over the region, causing high temperatures and extensive drought. Tropical forests received less than 10% of normal rainfall amounts, and the typically humid forest fuels became tinder-dry (Cochrane, 2001)." This produced a number of fires, and the effect on the economy of the area was in the billions.

These fires can have a lasting impact on the environment and economy of the area, since they also "increase global carbon dioxide levels and threaten the health of those exposed to the resulting particulates, as well as causing extensive and long-lasting damage to the affected forests (Cochrane, 2001)."

Ocean Effects

The climate…. [read more]

Political Economy of Climate Change Essay

… This means that flexibility must be applied as to how and when these kinds of guidelines are enforced. Once this happens, there will be an initial foundation of agreement in place for implementing these guidelines. (Anzar, 2005)

As a result, both developing and developed countries will benefit from increased CO2 regulations. In the case of developing nations, this will be realized from increased revenues associated with selling credits to wealthier countries. However, any kind of standards must hold them accountable for their pollution. This is because they are growing rapidly and utilizing an increasing amount of fossil fuels. Once this takes place, is when more CO2 will be released into the atmosphere. This is the point that these nations could become worse polluters than many…. [read more]

Eco-Friendly Hotel Industry Trends Climate Change Essay

… Eco-Friendly Hotel Industry Trends

Climate change is no longer a theory to be debated on talk radio and cable TV -- it is a fact of life. Many venues in the hotel industry are using whatever tools and technologies they can to reduce their use of energy, water, and otherwise present a green experience for the traveler. The brightest and most visionary of hotels are making adjustments and being very alert to the need to reduce their carbon footprints. And they are not just doing it to attract eco-minded guests and make a positive impression; they are turning to green concepts and technologies because it is the right thing to do to help reduce the greenhouse gases that are a main source of the problem.…. [read more]

Climate Change Impact on Nigerian Food Security Research Paper

… The chapter further highlighted examples from other countries.CONCEPTUAL CLARIFICATION OF CLIMATE CHANGE20. Climate change is basically the range of changes in weather and climatic conditions that shift average conditions and result in more frequent and severe extreme weather conditions or happenings. Researcher Ozor (2012) came up with a simpler definition by referring to climate change as an overtime shift in regional or the global climate. Ozor also referred to climate change as the shift in the average weather conditions that takes place within a decade or within millions of years. Though true, Ozor’s definitions tend not to mention that adverse results of climate change that should also surely be part and parcel of its definition. 21. Patrick’s (2015) definition of climate change is more aptly…. [read more]

Global Climate Change Doubters Stir Controversy Essay

… Limbaugh went on to assert that those who accept global climate change are looking "…to find a way to permeate the minds of these young people who have been propagandized and who want to believe that there's disaster and imminent danger at every turn" (Limbaugh). However, while Inhofe and Limbaugh's attacks on the science of this issue have helped to create doubt in the minds of the public -- and have produced a seeming ideological divide in the U.S. -- the AAAS reports that "…97% of climate scientists agree that humans are causing climate change." That is a consensus comparable to the science "linking smoking to heart and lung disease" (Barboza). When observing the dramatic juxtaposition between those discounting climate change and those scientists reporting…. [read more]

Improving Carbon Management to Mitigate Climate Change Research Proposal

… Improving Carbon Management to Mitigate Climate Change

Introduction of global climate change situation

The aim of this green paper is to improve carbon management, helping the transition towards a low- carbon economy in the UK. Although this green paper represents a tentative government report of a proposal without any commitment to action, it is the first step in changing the law to improve carbon management to mitigate climate change. The growing body of evidence concerning the reality of global climate change demands action today (Lindsay 2005; Lynas 2004). The implications of global climate change, even in the relative near-term, are profound. In this regard, Jenkins emphasizes that, "Many people are intensely interested in predicting the likely consequences of global climate change during the next 50…. [read more]

Global Warming Evidence for Global Climate Change Thesis

… Global Warming

Evidence for Global Climate Change

In our lifetime, we have experienced a period of relative stability in the earth's climate. At least it is stable when compared to the past. The earth's climate has been in a constant state of flux long before the dawn of life. The earth has experienced periods of relative warm and periods where great ice sheets covered the earth. Recently, there have been signs appearing that indicate that once again that Earth is in the beginning of a period of change. The arguments surrounding these changes are numerous and cover a wide range of topics. The following research will outline the key issues regarding climate change and the possible solutions to it.

Natural Sources of Climate Change

Climate…. [read more]

Wrong With This Picture? Essay

… 2b. Whether carbon emissions are resulting in global warming and climate change?

Despite claims to the contrary, global warming is perhaps the most complicated and serious issue facing the world today. The scientific community has almost universally proclaimed that the evidence points to the rising dangers from the ongoing buildup of greenhouse gases due to human related activity (Adger, 2001). As economies throughout the world continue to grow the burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of the world's forests continues which contribute the rising dangers. Global emissions continue to climb while the nations of the world continue to debate whether a problem exists and, if the problem exists, how best to confront it. The United Nations has attempted to organize discussion initiatives to discuss…. [read more]

European Union's Emission Trading Term Paper

… What are two other options for achieving the stated purpose behind the EU ETS?

The Climate Marketplaces and Investment Association (CMIA) declares that it would want to view marketplace involvement by European Union policy makers to deal with the discrepancy within the auction time report. Particularly the CMIA want to experience a decrease in availability of 1.23 billion EUAs within the initial two years of Phase III, along with a restriction of 3 years towards the build up of excess emission permits (CMIA, 2012).

CMIA thinks that current EU ETS legislation alongside a background of unparalleled financial and also economic crisis has established an ill-balanced supply structure involving emission permits, which will continue within Phase III underscoring the ETS's capability to restrict emissions. If the…. [read more]

Scientific Method and Climate Change Term Paper

… Global warming has effects on polar ice melt, weather patterns, agriculture, and sea levels.

Question / Hypothesis

In combination with the Earth's natural geologic functions, does globalization change the earth's environment, causing global warming?

We could further refine this by date range, specific type of environmental change, and/or the notion of overall climate patterns.

Design Experiment

Due to expertise and monetary resources, our experiment would be more of a comprehensive literature review of scientific studies.

Focus would be on peer-reviewed journals and books with scholarly bias.

Data Collection Stage

Using appropriate databases, find representative samples of current research on climate change.

Try to find arguments from both sides; also consider history of pollution, climate studies, etc.

Tabulate Data

Use appropriate data tables and measurements to…. [read more]

Copenhagen COP15 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference Essay

… Geography

Copenhagen - COP15-15th United Nations Climate Change Conference

From December 7-18, more than 15,000 people including Government officials and advisers from 192 nations, civil society and the media from nearly every country in the world, came together in the Danish capital, Copenhagen in one of the most significant gatherings in history. It is being referred to as the most complex and vital agreement the world has ever seen. Copenhagen or COP 15 which is the 15th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) -- negotiated future plan agreements for countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as their current commitments under the Kyoto Protocol expire in 2012. The main parties at Copenhagen included the African Group, the Alliance of…. [read more]

Global Warming Climate and Weather Essay

… Natural and Anthropogenic Climate Change

Richard Hilderman (2011) asserts that though some believe the current global warming trend is part of the natural cycle and there is nothing to worry about scientific data does not support this hypothesis. It is true that over geological time the Earth has experienced higher temperatures than currently see however there are two important differences between natural past cycles and the current global warming trend. Previous global warming trends evolved over thousands of years, a significant amount of time. The current trend is evolving much faster. Secondly, humans were not a contributing factor in earlier natural cycles.

The natural cycle is a result of orbital variations of the sun. This initial warming triggers the release of the greenhouse gasses carbon…. [read more]

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