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Cognitive and Emotional Intelligence Essay

… Actually, there is an assumption that emotional intelligence is one of the main factors to a peaceful work environment since people work to simultaneously meet individual and group production goals. The peaceful work environment originates from positive work relationships and a generally higher work satisfaction ("Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Article," n.d.).

The other strength of emotional intelligence in relation to modern organizations is that it enhances job performance based on the impact of regulating emotions on the quality of social relationships. As compared to employees who display fake emotions, employees who develop and demonstrate genuine emotions elicit more favorable reactions. Therefore, employees with genuine concerns regarding the problems of coworkers should develop stronger relationships than those with relatively less genuine concerns. A worker who…. [read more]

Cognitive Processes God Has Created Research Paper

… Extraverted Intuition

Unlike sensation, intuition is the way of processing information by means of impressions, possibilities and interpretations. People with this function in dominance, look towards different possibilities in any picture and draw deep interpretations. ENTP and ENFP are the main personality types of this function.

ENTP are known for being the "Originator." They are inventive, logical and curious. They are capable of understanding difficult topics as they go into their depths by looking in the possibilities. People with this kind of trait usually get into the arguments so as to show up their skills.

ENFP are the "Advocate." They are thoughtful, social, values oriented and very expressive. They love to share views about their beliefs and thoughts so that to promote them what they…. [read more]

Cognitive Effects of Brain Injury Essay

… The type of information processed by these declarative memory networks is relatively lateralized, with verbal information mediated by the dominant hemisphere and visuospatial information mediated by the non-dominant hemisphere (Cozzarelli, 2010). Remembering (retrieval of) declarative information requires the activation of the selected neural networks that originally encoded it. Volitional recall is initiated by prefrontal structures; for a relatively limited period of time after initial presentation, such recall also requires the participation of the hippocampal portion of these representational networks. After memories are encoded and consolidated, however, retrieval becomes less hippocampally-dependent (and, eventually, independent of the hippocampus) and instead is frontallydependent .

In addition to their amenability to volitional recall, declarative memories are highly associative and their recall can be triggered by activation (via external or…. [read more]

Cognitive Therapy Provides a Structured Essay

… This is a much deeper insight than is required for successful CBT. Unconscious processes are at the heart of this therapy. The main assumption is that these processes are the result of past dysfunctional relationship. Hence the focus on unearthing the client's past in order to inform the therapeutic process. What this means is that unresolved conflicts created by these past relationships result in current problematic manifestations such as substance abuse or other psychological disorders.

According to Haggerty (2006), psychodynamic therapy is also the oldest of the therapies used by psychiatrists today. It is therefore a relatively complex system that is based upon complex theories that have developed over time. As such, four major schools of psychoanalytic theory have developed over time since Freud developed…. [read more]

Cognitive Ability Testing Research Paper

… As being revealed in the Table 3, the standard deviation of the test scores is between 14.58 and 15.54 across the three test batteries.

Table 3: Test Scores



Instrument Scores



Standard Deviation





CogAT Standard Age Scores

Verbal SAS







Quantitative SAS







Nonverbal SAS







Composite SAS







Bermingham et al. (2013) also use CogAT assessment tool to assess the ability of sample population to recall everyday numeric information such as prices. The authors use 100 sample population for the experiments and the participants are required to memorize 12 prices that vary from 1 to 6 digits.…. [read more]

Cognitive Therapy Research Paper

… Cognitive Therapy is a form of psychological therapy that is based on the premise that (cognitive) thinking processes affect and are affected by our emotions. Emotions like depression and/or anxiety are particularly affective of cognition and the therapist in a cognitive therapy application attempts to aid the client by seeking to link cognitive processes to emotions that are both more productive and affect thoughts in a more positive manner and vice versa. (Sanders & Wills, 2005, p. 3) the commonly recognized progenitor of cognitive therapy in its original form is Aaron T. Beck, working in the 1970s, who developed the idea that our thoughts (cognitions) and emotions and behaviors were integrally linked and that if any aspect of that linked chain were altered (in a…. [read more]

Cognitive Testing Sage Research Paper

… , 2014). There was extensive research conducted by Dr. Scharre at Ohio State, but also elsewhere in different research labs. According to the research, "to validate the exam's findings and accuracy, Scharre and other researchers at Ohio State evaluated study participants using SAGE, and then evaluated the same subjects with a battery of other established and well-documented assessment tools" (Alzheimer's & Dementia Weekly, 2014). Study participants first took the SAGE test at their own leisure in the setting of their own homes. These tests were then scored by their physicians. The same individuals then took more clinical cognitive scales meant to detect early signs of Alzheimer's and dementia. The results found that "SAGE scores compared favorably with the mini-mental state examination (MMSE), a brief questionnaire…. [read more]

Cognitive Neuroscience Term Paper

… Cognitive Neuroscience

Developmental Differences in Cognitive Diatheses for Childhood Depression (Turner & Cole 2002, 15-27) is an empirical research study addressing the issue of the developmental stage of a child and its influence on depression causation. The study attempts to address the problem with the blanket association of adult depression causation to that of children, that often if not always excludes developmental stage from the factors of the work. The study attempts to take developmental level into consideration with regards to factorial causation of depression.

Within the work three research question stands out as the most crucial. 1. Does a child's developmental level (here grade level) effect the interaction of events and cognitive style to elicit or prevent depression in children? 2. Does the emergence…. [read more]

Perception Cognitive Psychology Term Paper

… This discovery helps explain human searching behavior, which can assist us in finding keys on a cluttered desk or recognizing a child's face on a playground" (The truth behind 'Where's Waldo,' 2009, ScienceDaily). However, beyond the perceptual abilities of these eye movements, working memory is also necessary to find Waldo in a complex picture so the viewer can remember where Waldo 'is not.'

Q3. Explain how we use the different types of perception to determine cognitive functioning? Is it possible for a person to function cognitively solely on one type of perception? Why or why not?

"Perception has three levels of complexity: (1) detection, (2) recognition, and (3) discrimination. Detection refers to whether people can sense that they are being stimulated by some form of…. [read more]

Cognitive Psychology Research Paper

… Cognitive psychology is stated to be "concerned with the advances in the study of memory, language processing, perception, problem solving and thinking" according to editor of the Journal of Cognitive Psychology, G.D. Logan. (2009) Logan states that areas of research in cognitive psychology include the areas relating to: (1) artificial intelligence; (2) developmental psychology; (3) linguistics; (4) neurophysiology; and (5) social psychology. (Logan, 2009) This work will identify four key milestones in the development of cognitive psychology as a discipline and will discuss the importance of behavioral observation in cognitive psychology.


Introspection was first stated by Wilhelm Wundt in a 1907 paper that criticized the Wurzburg psychologists' thought experiments. Wundt stated four rules for the introspective practice as follows: (1) the introspective observer must…. [read more]

Teaching on the Cognitive Learning of Adult Term Paper

… ¶ … Teaching on the Cognitive Learning of Adult Kidney Transplant Recipients

The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of individual and group teaching on the cognitive learning of adult kidney transplant recipients on an inpatient transplant unit.

Kidney transplant recipients have an abundance of learning needs after receiving their transplants. Patient education is a crucial aspect of the transplant nurse's role. Transplant recipients must learn follow-up instructions, signs of rejection and infection, medications and their side effects, urine testing procedures, and dietary and lifestyle modifications in order to ensure transplant viability and increased quality of life. It is important that the most effective method is used to teach this critical information. Patient education is widely documented in the literature, however little…. [read more]

Cognitive Changes Developmental Cognitive Occur Essay

… The second stage is the achieving stage where one's task during early adulthood is to apply his or her intelligence so as to attain career and family goals.

The third stage is the responsible stage that's between early adulthood and middle adulthood where one's task is safeguarding family and career.

The fourth stage is the executive stage where one's task is to shift focus to the community level, this occurs later in the middle adulthood but it's said to be a common trait in all adults.

The fifth stage is the reiterative stage one's task at this stage will be applying intelligence to issues of great personal concern during late adulthood (Schaie, 2000, p 257- 266).


The human life and body goes through various…. [read more]

Intelligence Testing Essay

… However, the very fact that the author used culture as a means of reinforcing the notion that g is the ultimate determinant of a person's intelligence alludes to the importance that culture plays within the field of intelligence assessment. However, in many respects, culture (particularly when represented by socio-economic influences) can play a pivotal role in the education of a person -- which is not only a product of intelligence, but also can help to increase or buttress one's intelligence. The following quotation makes this point abundantly clear.

Access to resources and educational opportunities are likely to provide an advantageous environment for the developing child. Vygotsky (1932) established that guided interaction with a more knowledgeable partner should advance the intellectual development of the child. Middle-class…. [read more]

Psychological Testing Movement Term Paper

… ¶ … Psychological Testing Movement: History and Controversies

Science and technology have had a profound effect on the world, and will likely continue to do so for many years to come. With the current and recent past being focused upon scientific discoveries and scientific categorization of both biological and psychological scientific classifications there has been a great deal of emphasis on naming and categorizing phenomena, even when the phenomena is in-concrete and difficult to name or categorize. The emphasis on science has proliferated every field of research and psychology is no exception to that rule. Over the last fifty or so years there has been countless attempts to scientifically categorize intelligence. Intelligence is intangible but outward expressions of it seem to be capable of categorization…. [read more]

Animal Testing Negatives Research Paper

… Abusing animals in testing laboratories is unavoidable even if the researchers take utmost care to prevent them. Numerous studies by scientists and ethicists have shown that animal testing leads to pain, emotional distress, and post-traumatic stress syndrome due to invasive procedures, deprivation of basic physiological and environmental needs, disease, and social isolation. The loss of ability to fulfill natural needs also puts animals in stressful and painful conditions. But while medical research operates on a principle that human needs to be protected even for the detriment of scientific progress, when it comes to animal research questions, they are guided by the principle that puts scientific question ahead of animal interests (Fewdowsian and Beck 2). In a recent controversial study published by the journal Nature Methods,…. [read more]

Testing Debate: Should We Teach Term Paper


The debate surrounding standardized testing is one in which nearly all stakeholders have a definite and emphatic opinion. This is discussion in which everyone has strong feelings either in support of or against this type of 'teaching to the test' and one in which all of the varied responses are all of a strong nature. This work reports the conduction of a literature review study of the various reasons given in support of those who are both for and those against standardized state testing even though the writer of this work does have an opinion to voice in the ongoing debate regarding standardized testing.


The No Child Left Behind Act and the…. [read more]

Psychological Testing and Assessment Term Paper

… The body of the clinical interview attempts to address the concerns of the client through these activities. Finally, the closing phase consists of a systematic shift from assessment to that of conclusion. Usually this phase consists of diagnosis and assessment of the client. In some instances however, especially with mental disorders, more information will be needed to make a better informed decision.

What is a mental status exam?

A mental status exam is the assessment of the patient's cognitive ability, emotional mood, and speech. Much like the clinical interview, the mental status exam is key component in diagnosis. The examiner in this exam is looking to assess the individual's attitude and his or her ability to answer questions in a dynamic and cogent manner. Through…. [read more]

Cognitive Therapy: New Developments Research Paper

… Psychopharmacological research includes the consideration of complex factors like neurotransmitter functions. For instance, different levels of transmitters are found across various regions of the brain. This suggests a complex interplay between drug administration and baseline levels. However, although some cognitive functions improve with the administration of drugs, they may worsen in others because they depend on the levels of neurotransmitters in play. In order to increase one's brain chemistry, methods like animal models and imaging techniques, drug dosage, individual differences and the complex roles played by the pre-existing baseline levels are becoming apparent (Sahakian & Morein-Zamir, 2011).

The interest in Cognitive enhancement

It is increasingly becoming a mode of treatment for methylphenidate especially in the western countries. Perhaps, the use increases concentration, help one study,…. [read more]

Psychological Testing Psychological Tests Essay

… The other personality test is Rorschach which comprises of several inkblot cards. One is supposed to describe the images and feelings experienced when one looks at the blots. Personality tests can either be objective or projective. Objective tests contain specific questions that are answered by selecting a set of alternatives either true or false. On the other hand projective tests use a stimulus that is ambiguous into which tests take presumably the meaning of projects (Dority, 2011).

Neuropsychological tests are aimed at measuring any deficiencies that exist in cognitive functioning. This includes an individual's ability to think, speak reason and so on which might result from brain damage, brain injury or stroke.

Reliability and validity

There are various important properties of psychological test which are…. [read more]

Intelligence Testing Few Concepts Research Paper

… S. soldiers during World War I). Tests such as the earliest versions of the Stanford-Binet "measured only two domains: linguistic/verbal and spatial/mathematical reasoning, revealing the bias that human intelligence resides only in these two areas. Gardner wryly maintains that this narrow concept of intelligence befits the attributes of a 'law professor' and not much else" (Helding 2009). The general factor of intelligence theory does not account for the social need for individuals with a wide range of abilities in a society. It devalues the gifts of many intelligent individuals whose strengths do not lie in the domains prioritized in intelligence tests.

Critics of Gardner's theory state that it is too broad, and virtually anything can be designated as 'an intelligence' under his rubric, including "emotional…. [read more]

Cognitive Consequences of Forced Compliance, by Leon Term Paper

… ¶ … Cognitive Consequences of Forced Compliance, by Leon Festinger and James M. Carlsmith (1957), (Lesko, pgs. 115-123). Write a brief review of the study, and be sure to answer the following questions: What was the hypothesis in the Festinger/Carlsmith experiment? Describe the experimental procedure in your own words. Compare and contrast the experimental procedure with the control group procedure.

What was the independent variable?

What was the dependent variable?

Was the hypothesis supported by the findings?

The experiment conducted by Festinger and Carlsmith to test cognitive dissonance, or the experience of stating an opinion that is contradictory to private beliefs is fascinating, and relatively inclusive. The work describes the manner of persuasion, that can be used to get the individual to change his internal…. [read more]

History and Current Trends in Testing and Assessment Term Paper

… ¶ … Testing and Assessment


There have been a number of recent studies that have been done on testing and assessment, and they have focused on various populations. Many of them have been focused on populations of various individuals in schools, since schools seem to be the largest area where a great deal of testing and assessment takes place. For this reason, this particular paper will focus on school testing and assessment, but will also look at the disability population in schools, since this is somewhat more significant than the school population in general.

Where schools are concerned, especially when it comes to testing and assessment of those that have a disability, care must be taken to ensure that issues and…. [read more]

Cognitive Assessment Thesis

… ¶ … bias of cognitive assessments which can skew test results, "should companies be required to assess entry level employees with pertinent aptitudinal tests (dependent on the job requirements) as well as testing for cognitive abilities?"

Companies should not be required to assess entry-level employees with pertinent aptitudinal tests or test for employee cognitive ability. If they choose to use aptitudinal or cognitive tests as part of the overall review process for prospective employees, they may do so without giving undue weight to such instruments. Many assessment measures are biased toward individuals with certain learning styles and cognitive styles: differences in style in no way influence the ability of an employee to perform and become a productive member of any team.

Entry-level employees especially do…. [read more]

Testing and Measurement According to Colom Literature Review

… Testing and Measurement

According to Colom, Jung and Haier (2006, p. 1359), human intelligence incorporates more than sixty individual cognitive abilities. Yet, regardless of which particular ability is being tested, there is one common factor that incorporates all of them in a general factor of intelligence (g). This is based upon the discovery that all cognitive tests tend towards a positive correlation with one another, regardless of which cognitive domain is being tested. The authors particularly note the fact that g is significantly related to a number of psychological, social, biological, and genetic factors, which implies that it is not only related to the physiological structure of the brain itself, but also to the ways in which the organ is allowed to develop and relate…. [read more]

Testing Assessment Thesis

… sychologicalTesting_AfricanAmericans

For hundreds of years, there has been a common idea that race and intelligence are statistically correlated. Even contemporary debate into this paradigm focuses on the differences in test scores when tabulated using different ethnic data. Central to this question remains the idea of nature vs. nurture -- is it the flaw of the test that changes the rubric of the results; the flaw in a balanced education of facts, experiences and opportunities available in some neighborhoods and not in others, or is there another socio-economic or cultural factor contributing to these perceived differences? (Rushton, and Jensen, 2005). Central to this argument is the nature of eugenics, a practice or belief in the improvement of the human species by discouraging reproduction from those who…. [read more]

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Effective in Treating Addiction? Research Paper

… Counselors were trained and sessions with their clients were observed: high compliance, according to the study was achieved, based upon observations and there was 80% retention of the 113 clients for all sessions. For the clinicians "the average adherence rate was 94% across all coded sessions (N=80), suggesting high adherence to the treatment" (Hepner et al. 2011). This suggests that conjoining depression and addiction counseling using the principles of CBT is feasible even with training programs of relatively short duration.

WestraDavid, H.A. (2006). Preparing clients for cognitive behavioral therapy: A randomized pilot study of motivational interviewing for anxiety. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 30(4), 481-498. doi:

As well as depression, many other psychological disorders are associated with addiction, including anxiety. However, treatment compliance for both addicts…. [read more]

Is Standardized Testing a Valid Tool of Measuring Students Academic Success? Term Paper

… ¶ … Standardized Testing a Valid Tool of Measuring Students' Academic Success?

Definition and examples of standardized tests.

Standardized testing is an examination conducted with a set of clearly drafted questions that are highly researched for quality. The outcome of standardized tests can be relied upon to judge the quality of knowledge acquired by a student. Questions in a standardized test comprises of just the sheet of question and with a set of answers for each question. Students can choose and mark the correct answer from the given set of answers. Other forms of questions include the choice to judge whether a statement is correct or wrong, question to match the correct answer and statements with space to be filled with the most suitable answer.…. [read more]

Psychology Testing: Psychometric Emotional Intelligence (Eq) Durrenmatt Term Paper

… Psychology Testing: Psychometric Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Durrenmatt (1996) may have had it right when he said, "Emotions have no place in business, unless you do business with them." Or perhaps, he was wrong. Only the test of time, however, will tell. At this time, nevertheless, this researcher proposes to invest time to:

Define EQ and expand on its role in today's global world.

Compare questions asked in EQ tests with questions asked in IQ Tests.

Identify current tests and/or theories are available for assessing EQ.

Assess accuracy of EQ's assumptions for individuals.

Examine numerous studies testing the reliability of EQ.

This research is expected to gather and assess relevant data from literature related to EQ to determine its scope of accuracy, acceptability and availability. Determinations…. [read more]

Multimedia Learning: Testing and Assessment Term Paper

… 3-4) For example, one potential alternative but common non-multimedia strategy, found in a lesson plan on a teacher website, suggests teaching the students "their eight basic colors by calling out a color" as "they go around the room and find that color," after the color has been read by the teacher. But this displaces the heard word before the color reinforcement and also, besides the chaos and cognitive dissonance generated by the 'running around the room' could cause students to grab objects and see objects not identified with the color. (Teaching Ideas for PK and Kindergarten Classes, Tulso Primary School, 2001) By comparing this strategy with multimedia strategies, by determining student's color recognition in different contexts the multimedia advantage could be assessed.

Another cognitive theory…. [read more]

Psychology Testing Essay

… Although initially, many attempted to subdivide the evaluation of validity, the modern notion of this concept is that validity is a single construct (Popham, 2008). Validity establishes the contextual framework that defines the parameters and scope of proposed interpretation. The framework provided also gives a rational justification that links the test question to the interpretation (Messick, 1995). According to the APA, there are particular categories of evidence to question or support the validity of an interpretation. Evidence based on:

Test content

Response processes

Relations to other variables

Internal structure

Consequences of testing

Reliability in statistics and psychological testing is the measurement of the consistency of the set of measurements or of that measuring instrument (Meeker & Escobar, 1998). In general, there are several categories of…. [read more]

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