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Western Civilization From Prehistory Term Paper

… The British, French, and other empires spread across the globe. And although neither country was in the strict sense "ruled by a monarch," the idea behind the concept remained the same. Territorial expansion was a means toward achieving glory and immortality.

Of course, things have changed in the more than two thousand years since Alexander's time. In recent centuries, the way of the warrior has lost something of its old luster, and would-be conquerors have found it increasingly essential to justify their ambitions by other means. So, in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries we have the concept of the White Man's burden, and the idea of the Western Powers bringing enlightenment and civilization to the benighted races of the Earth. Still more recently, however, even…. [read more]

Economy After 9-11 Term Paper

… American Economy After September 11, 2001

This paper will explore the issue of the American economy after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Essentially, these attacks on American soil shattered an innocence that existed within the American population that we were untouchable. The attacks shattered the notion nothing could touch us in our own country and set into a motion a series of events that would directly affect the health of the American economy. Many will argue that the American economy was already suffering through a recession. Many will argue that the September 11, 2001 attacks on America did not hurt the economy but in a sense, rescued it from further damage. This paper's…. [read more]

Abigail Adams Lynne Withey Prefaces Term Paper

… A lawyer by education, John Adams became irate, as many colonialists did in his time, toward British policies toward its colonies (26). Once the notorious Stamp Act was passed, John Adams delved head-first into political life. His new career eventually forced him to move to Boston, and the Adams' life became increasingly wrapped up in the political fervor of the times. Before long, anti-British sentiments intensified and the revolutionary movement began. Abigail Adams, though not at the helm of the movement, could not avoid to become caught up in it. When, in 1774 John Adams was elected to be one of the members of the Constitutional Congress in Philadelphia, their lives would accelerate even more and a few years later the war broke out.

In…. [read more]

Mass Culture and Popular Term Paper

… He was made to sleep in a cold garage on an old army cot after being beaten severely. Through the eyes of the child, we learn about the battles David had to fight to be accepted by a society, which could not comprehend his misery. In the end. We see the same David grow into a struggling young adult with past memories of misery attached to him. However, he overcomes his sorrow, and joins the forces to make something of himself.

While the books written in the 1980's were on politics and economic matters, the books in the 1990's delved more deeply on sociology matters such as child abuse or harmful issues for mankind.

People read pop fiction and especially the ones that become best…. [read more]

Ludwig Visconti Research Paper

… Luchino Visconti is a well-known director who creates neo-realist movies. In his 1972 masterpiece, Ludwig of Twilight of the Gods, the film centers on the life of Ludwig, King of Bavaria. It is the final part of a three part trilogy which included films: Damned in 1969 and Death in Venice in 1971. The movie deals with the sad and disastrous portrait of King Ludwig II, who at the tender age of 19, became King of Bavaria. His chance meeting with Wagner the same year he was made king, altered the lives of both men with the king providing the composer a powerful and wealthy patron and the composer providing King Ludwig the admiration and friendship he needed.

Many political events influence the actions of…. [read more]

Domestic and International Terrorists Term Paper

… Domestic and International Terrorists

This paper presents a discussion about domestic terrorism. The writer explores similarities to international terrorist groups, how the Internet serves their purpose and other elements of their existence.

The events of 9-11 brought home the reality of what terrorist groups are capable of. With an hour long reign of terror and violence in New York City, Americans learned how cold and calculating the plans of terrorist groups can be. In the aftermath of 9-11 Americans clung together in their belief that only an international group would consider committing acts of terror, however, if one examines the current events of recent history one will find that terrorist groups have been a part of American society for many years.

There are many domestic…. [read more]

Mythology Folklore and Nationalism in Creating Irish Identity Research Proposal

… Mythology, Folklore

Irish myths and legends and the movement for Irish independence 'All the great English writers were Irish.' Even before the Irish independence movement of the 19th century, Anglo-Irish writers such as Oliver Goldsmith, George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde were famous for using the language of the oppressive English and improving upon it to create great works of literature. "I would argue that per capita there is no other nation that has a higher per capita number of Nobel Prize winners for literature [than the Irish]. Add to this the plethora of outstanding Irish writers who did not win the prize, Jonathan Swift, Brendan Behan, J.M. Synge, Sean O'Casey, Bram Stoker, James Joyce, and more recently Martin McDonagh, Conor McPherson, Marina Carr, Colm…. [read more]

Art Film Essay

… Art Cinema and Contempt

Le Mepris (Contempt) is a 1963 by Jean-Luc Godard based on the novel Il Disprezzo by Italian writer Alberto Moravia. The film, like the book, focuses on the deterioration of a couple's relationship, which eerily paralleled Godard's real life. Le Mepris embraces concepts of French New Wave cinema, builds upon theories of art film, and provides a commentary on the Hollywood cinema system. Le Mepris embraces and exemplifies New Wave optimism while simultaneously addressing negative concerns through its narrative structure, realistic approach and parallels, and authorship.

Le Mepris is a film about film that focuses on the deterioration of the relationship between Paul, a screenwriter hired by the American producer Jeremy Prokosch to rewrite the script for a new film based…. [read more]

Sherman Alexie's Book, the Lone Essay

… "

"The Trial of Thomas Builds-the-Fire"

In this story, Thomas Builds-the-Fire is on trial. A man in a BIA suit explains Thomas's "history," which is described as "a storytelling fetish accompanied by an extreme need to tell the truth. Dangerous" (93). However, we soon learn, this storytelling fetish has been silenced for two decades. Apparently, the strength of these stories is so powerful their mere existence is enough to cause worry. Thomas Builds-the-Fire may have been silent, but the stories remained alive within him.

His recent rumblings have begun to cause alarm, however, for "recently Thomas had begun to make small noises, form syllables that contained more emotion and meaning than entire sentences constructed by the BIA" (94). A single syllable spoken by Thomas Builds-the-Fire…. [read more]

Hurricane Katrina How it Affected Both Community and Individuals Families Research Paper

… Hurricane Katrina, one of the most devastating storms to hit the U.S. coast, overwhelmed the city of New Orleans, leaving it underwater with nearly two thousand of its citizens dead. The storm resulted in a failure of the levees, which had major design flaws and lacked appropriate maintenance. According to an investigation by the National Science Foundation, those who were in charge on the conception, design, construction and maintenance of the region's flood control system failed to pay adequate attention to public safety

Nationally, concern still arises when remembering back to Hurricane Katrina. President Bush endured major political damage as a result of his slow response to Hurricane Katrina, emphasized by his notorious adulation of FEMA director, Michael Brown, "You're doing a heck of a…. [read more]

Effects of Slavophilic Russian Ideas vs. The Modern World Globalization Research Paper

… ¶ … Slavophilic Russian Ideas vs. The Modern World/Globalization

The effects of Slavophilic Russian Ideas vs. The Modern World/Globalizatio

An Overview of Russia


According to Russia Travel Guide, Russia is the largest country in the world by far; spanning nine time zones, its territory covers nearly twice as much of the earth as that of the next largest country, Canada. Besides, the U.S. Department of State claims that the official name of Russia is the Russia Federation. It has an area of 17 million sq. km. (6.5 million sq. mi.); about 1.8 times the size of the United States. Its capital city Moscow has a population of approximately10.4 million people while other cities like St. Petersburg has 4.6 million, Novosibirsk has 1.4 million, and…. [read more]

Freudian Theories Essay

… Culture

Freudian Theories

Sigmund Freud was a physiologist, medical doctor, psychologist and became known as the father of psychoanalysis. He was a very influential thinker of the twentieth century. He initially worked very closing with Joseph Breuer, but later elaborated the theory that the mind is a complex energy-system on his own. He expressed and refined the concepts of the unconscious, of infantile sexuality, of repression, and proposed a tripartite account of the mind's structure. All of this was part of a radically new conceptual and therapeutic frame of reference for the understanding of human psychological development and the treatment of abnormal mental conditions. Freud's most important and frequently re-iterated claim, that with psychoanalysis he had invented a new science of the mind, remains the…. [read more]

Dream Content as Therapy: Ego vs. Repression Dissertation

… For example: a parent has repeating nightmares, and the child "dreams his dreams " because the child is in a psychic resonance with the parent. The child's dreams end when the parent's does. Four, it might be a repetition of a past traumatic event in current lifetime. For example: a person might dream of a recent rape, a childhood assault or a wartime battle. This type of nightmare is so deeply etched in the psyche that it can require heavy use of behavioral dream-work techniques to modify the content and emotional intensity.

A fifth factor could be that the dream is a depiction of a past or probable life. For example: a client might dream the last events prior to a violent…. [read more]

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