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Combating AQAP s Security Threat Research Paper

… Through terror attacks, the group believes it will successfully establish its political and cultural ideologies while seizing crucial governmental operations in its targets, particularly Israel and Western nations. On the hand, mobilizing civil terrorist acts will make it impossible for any counter-terrorism measures adopted by governments across the globe.

Propaganda Released by AQAP

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula utilizes propaganda and other statements as part of its strategies towards realizing its goals and objectives. These statements and propaganda are usually released through its English language magazine known as Inspire. Since it's first-ever release in July 2010, the magazine has been used as a platform for spreading propaganda and other messages. There are two major propagandas released and spread by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula i.e.…. [read more]

Drone Strikes Target Drone Legality Research Paper

… The use of drone attacks for target killings is weakening the rule of law and can also be manipulating the international law in their own favor. Killings can be a lawful act in an armed conflict (a place like Afghanistan) but many of the target killings are taken in places where people are unarmed and cannot be recognized as an armed conflict.

In some of the cases there have been secondary drone strikes which have killed or injured the rescuers who were helping the killed or injured people from the primary drone strikes, if that is true then the further attacks were a war crime and are punishable according to the international laws. All the drone attacks have been justified by the U.S. As a…. [read more]

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