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Communicable Disease/Community Nursing 2003 SARS Term Paper

… Individuals suffering from respiratory and cardiovascular disease should avoid spending time outdoors on days when pollutant concentrations reach levels that have caused health problems in the past.

Urban pollution levels in the United States and Canada can be monitored using the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI), which can be accessed through the appropriate government agency, online, and through news channels (reviewed by Abelsohn and Stieb, 2011). Patients with respiratory and cardiovascular disease should monitor the severity of their symptoms in relation to the AQHI, thereby allowing them to use the AQHI to predict periods when spending time outdoors or certain activities would exacerbate their symptoms. Monitoring the AQHI will reveal that some patients react adversely to even low levels of air pollution, depending on what…. [read more]

Communicable Disease: Measles Term Paper

… , 2011). Based on its high degree of contagiousness, vaccine coverage levels in the range of 95% to 98% are needed in order to prevent the continuing spread of the disease (Naseri & Salimi, 2011). According to epidemiological studies by Diekmann, Heesterbeek and Britton (2013), "Weather conditions may influence the probability of transmission [and] age structure may necessitate the use of a more complex model, including seasonal effects of the school system" (p. 78). In sum, measles is largely under control in the Americas, especially the United States, but lapses in ongoing vaccination regimens can eventually disrupt this protection (Diekmann et al., 2013).

Part B:

Appropriate protocol for reporting a possible outbreak.

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control are the primary clearinghouse…. [read more]

Measles, Sars, Air Quality Global Research Paper

… References

CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). (2004). Supplement B: SARS Surveillance. V. Reporting of cases of SARS-CoV disease. Retrieved 8 Feb. 2013 from

Dardis, Melissa R. (2012). A review of measles. Journal of School Nursing, 28(1), 9-12.

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Gans, Hayley A., Yasukawa, Linda L., Sung, Phillip, Sullivan, Barbara, DeHovitz, Ross, Audet, Susette et al. (2013). Measles humoral and cell-mediated immunity in children aged 5-10 years after primary measles immunization administered at 6 or 9 months of age. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 207, 574-582.

Huoi, C., Casalegno, J.S., Benet, T., Neuraz, A., Billaud,…. [read more]

Environmental and Global Health Case Study

… These include travel to areas where widespread SARS outbreaks have been known to have occurred, such as mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan or contact with a person who has traveled to that area; employment in occupations (such as healthcare) where exposure to persons who have contracted SARS may be likely, and people who are "part of a cluster of cases of atypical pneumonia without an alternative diagnosis" (Reporting of cases of SARS-CoV disease, 2012, CDC).

Any positive SARS test should be immediately reported "by telephone to the state or local health department for confirmation and implementation of urgent and appropriate isolation precautions, contact tracing, and follow-up" (Reporting of cases of SARS-CoV disease, 2012, CDC). The patient should be questioned to determine the paths of…. [read more]

Healthy Individual Is Infected Essay

… The mechanism of the antimuscarinic drug is that it decreases the urgency to increase bladder capacity. The role of the nurse educator is to assist the health specialists in carrying out the treatments. Moreover, the nurse educator roles are to educate patients on the appropriate method to take medication.


Pellati Mylonakis, Bertoloni, et al., (2008) reveal that infertility is a disease that affects reproductive system, which impairs ability to perform essential function of reproduction. Typically, obstruction of male or female genital tract can cause infertility. The alteration of genital tract occurs when there is a partial or total blocking of free flow of seminal fluid. Some of the abnormalities may be present at birth or due to unrogenital tract. Other factor leading the defective…. [read more]

Smallpox Medical - Epidemiology: Smallpox Description Term Paper

… Smallpox

Medical - Epidemiology: Smallpox

Description of Disease/History

Many believe variola, the virus responsible for smallpox, originated during the times of Ramses V of Egypt, around 1157 BC, "as evidenced by his scarred mummified remains" (Mackelprang, Mackelprang and Thirkill 119). The disease is permanently scarring to those infected, and very difficult to recover from. There are entire populations that were eradicated due to smallpox infestation during early history, and it was only until the mid 1900s when the last reported case was documented in the United States; Worldwide the last case was reported in 1977 (Mackelprang, Mackelprang and Thirkill 119).

Smallpox originates from a microscopic organism known as variola, which some describe as a "despised enemy of civilizations around the world" (Koplow 1). Smallpox was…. [read more]

Department of Health and Human Services Thesis

… Department of Health and Human Services: A department of controversy

Ideally, medical science and health policy should be objective disciplines. They should attempt, in the words of the mission statement articulated on the website of the Department of Health and Human Services to improve the health, safety, and well-being of Americans everywhere. However, health policy has been rife with controversy, as it touches upon some of the most intimate aspects of human life, from diet, to drug use, to sexuality. But as the HHS department functions as a cabinet-level office with a secretary chosen by the sitting U.S. President, HHS has often found itself embroiled in controversy. The history of this bureaucratic department highlights how politics and health can never be severed. Although theoretically less…. [read more]

Parental Authority Choice on Childhood Vaccinations Research Paper

… Parental Authority Choice on Childhood Vaccinations

Should parents be permitted to opt out of required vaccinations for their children?

Childhood immunization has over the years grown to attract numerous attentions both as a necessary measure and an appalling means to safeguard spread of diseases. With the growing need to make the world a disease free zone, the number of immunization shots to children has increased in double figures since 1980 (Madlon-Kay and Harper 611). Today by the time a child goes to kindergarten they will take in between 20 to 28 immunization shots that protect between 10 to 15 possible ailments. The safety and effectiveness attributable to the majority of these immunization shots is questioned and criticized by parents, physicians, and religious leaders. The queries…. [read more]

Ethics and Public Health Policies Essay

… This theory has little impact on whether people should be compelled to give their children vaccinations. It does, however, impact whether people who cannot afford vaccinations are given access to free or reduced-cost vaccinations. Current vaccination policy provides access to reduced-cost or free vaccinations for impoverished or low-income children. However, whether this is due to distributive justice or because the failure to do so would weaken the effectiveness of overall vaccination policy is not clear.


Paternalism refers to the "obligation to secure the best interests of others, even if against their wishes" (Anonymous, 2011). While the paternalistic perspective is very controversial in areas where the behavior in question only impacts the person engaging in the behavior, such as in the area of sin taxes,…. [read more]

American Urban History Term Paper

… American Urban History-Public Health

Public Health System Examination

An in-depth look at American urban history as it pertains to public health concerns between the Civil War and World War II

Flow of Information

The Past

New York City




America boasts a relatively healthy society. Its medical advances and abilities are second to none and people come from all over the world to see American specialists and surgeons that can save their lives or cure their medical problems.

Through recent advances in medical technology Americans live longer today than ever before and with that longer life comes a high standard of living.

Though the nation is relatively young when compared to many of its world wide peers, it has an excellent public health…. [read more]

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