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Personality and Communication Affect on Supervision Term Paper


Imagine that you are sitting in a room with three other people: a convicted serial killer, an eccentric scientist, and a four-year-old child. If you had to choose one, which one would you pick? Which qualities would you automatically associate with each individual? Which one do you think you most closely identify with? If this same situation were applied within a group of people sharing the same characteristics, the answers to each question would still vary. The reason for the difficulty in getting a clear answer is that there are so many differences among members of the human race. Human beings not only come in many shapes and sizes but also behave in very complex ways. Of the more…. [read more]

Communication Program for Aids Term Paper

… Innovation Study

HIV / AIDS Behavior Change Communication (BCC) for adolescents in developing nations

Statistics (UNFPA, 2003) indicate that 70% of over a million children ranging between 10-19 years live in developing nations. Increase in the need for formal education, computer technology and knowledge of the internet, media exposure to new ideas, different employment opportunities and telecommunication mark the major differences between the modern children and their parents. There is also a remarkable change in the environment in which young people make decisions related to sexual and reproductive health. The initial age that the young people learn about sex during adolescence is also on the rise as many learn more at younger ages (Ali & Cleland, 2005; Gupta & Mahy, 2003), with the concept of…. [read more]

Augmentive Communication Many Times Essay

… For those people that have some disability associated with their ability to communicate, there are augmentive communication devices which will assist them in their need to communicate. The ASLHA (2011) says that;

"Aided communication methods can range from paper and pencil to communication books or boards to devices that produce voice output (speech generating devices or SGD's) and/or written output. Electronic communication aids allow the user to use picture symbols, letters, and/or words and phrases to create messages."

Many times the assistive device that a student needs is as simple as some type of augmented text book, but often it is much more complicated than that. Most students need more than one method of enhanced communication device. This approach to augmented communication is called multi-modal…. [read more]

Program Evaluation Home and Community-Based Waiver Services Essay

… Program Evaluation

Home And Community-Based Waiver Services (HCBS) program is an assistance that allows reimbursement for certain chronically ill, disable and elderly people who are not otherwise covered by the Medical aid program. The debate over the rising costs of the institutional healthcare has led to the passage of Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) of 1981. (Miller, 1992). Under the HCBS program, people remain in their homes and communities, and the waivers allow people to receive services that are not covered under the traditional Medicaid program. Since 1981, states have used the autonomy of Section 1915(c) under Social Security Act to establish home and community-based waiver programs. Under this program, the states provide wide range of services to the participants, and the legislation allow states…. [read more]

HIV / AIDS on African-American Essay

… It also means aligning with schools in the neighborhood to ensure that kids and teenagers are caught young. It's important that youths understand very early on that the disease is nothing to be trifled with and that they're at an aggravated risk for it. Community-based efforts like these need to target individuals who are particularly vulnerable within the African-American community, such as with transgender teens (Gelaude et al., 2013). The community nurse can partner with majors organizations like the CDC and other community leaders to implement outreach efforts to education safe-sex practices with these at-risk youths (Gelaude et al., 2013).

Yet another study promotes the importance of reaching out to faith-based leaders in the African-American community, since faith-based institutions are so important for this community…. [read more]

Oral Communication Courage Is Resistance to Fear Term Paper

… Oral Communication

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear -- not absence of fear.

Except a creature be part coward it is not a compliment to say it is brave; it is merely a loose application of the word.

Consider the flea! -- incomparably the bravest of all the creatures of God, if ignorance of fear were courage. (Twain, 1996)

What I Did

Not that I was scared," I can easily joke and say now, when I recount about how I felt the first time I had to stand in front of a group of more than 40 individuals and give a presentation, "I wasn't the least bit scared - I was terrified."

What if I mess up during the middle of my presentation?…. [read more]

New Expatriate Orientation Program Design Essay

… Moreover, conveyance facility is also made available for them. Records also unveil that the expat and his family members are assisted in becoming a part of social and community clubs in order to make their social life better in a new environment (Rao, 2007).

It is believed by many experts that it is essential to make the employee and his family settled in the new location because the breadwinner of the family can only work appropriately and with focus when his mind is at peace. This implies that if the employee's family and house is settled properly, then he/she can work without worrying about the household issues; therefore, he/she can give maximum input to his assignment to produce beneficial results (Rao, 2007).

Furthermore, according to…. [read more]

HIV and STD Behavior Interventional Strategies for Adolescents and Youths Term Paper

… HIV and STD Behavior Interventional Strategies for Adolescents and Youths

Teenage sex has been viewed as a social problem for some time, but the spread of HIV / AIDS in society has increased fears of what can happen if young people have unprotected sex. The prevalence of HIV among young people has been increasing, with some populations seen as more vulnerable than others, such as homeless youth and black and Hispanic youth. Programs have been developed to educate these young people, and studies of how effective such programs can be have been undertaken to see if they do work and to improve them if they do not.

Many researchers focus on family influences on adolescent sexual behavior, and communication between parents and their children about…. [read more]

HIV and AIDS in Kenya Term Paper

… People with money are also at risk through the use prostitution and unprotected casual sex. The information from the World Health Organization shows that although initially HIV / AIDS was proportional for rich and poor in Kenya, today it is mainly concentrated in poorer neighborhoods in Kenya. The media portrays that individuals who are homosexuals as more at risk for HIV / AIDS, however the research have found that anyone with multiple sexual partners and casual sexual relationships are at risk for HIV / AIDS (Wang, Duke & Schmid, 2009). Educated individuals are capable of making intellectual decisions and have safe sex to protect them from this epidemic.

Temporal Variation

HIV / AIDS is a serious epidemic that has infected Kenya and other parts of…. [read more]

HIV Risk Prevention: Educating Minority Term Paper

… In conclusion, it would be advantageous to use the TRA for this project since studies have shown successful outcomes with this theory in past HIV / AIDS prevention programs. By providing appropriate knowledge or information, eventually the performance of a given behavior will be influenced. This HIV / AIDS prevention program will be education for seventh to eighth grade students in HIV / AIDS with the intent to change belief leading to a change in behavior. The TRA can provide a workable theoretical framework that has been used successfully in the past with HIV / AIDS education.


This study will attempt to answer the following questions:

Can an interactive school-based HIV / AIDS prevention/education program for multiethnic urban seventh and eighth graders increase…. [read more]

AIDS in Urban, Black America Term Paper

… However, these individuals are not the only blacks who are getting the virus. It is not easy to explain is why AIDS is so widespread in the black community and it is even more difficult to categorize particular individuals. There is not one particular type of person or one specific place that is seen as the most important issue to look at where AIDS is considered. In Alameda County California, for example, 60% of the AIDS cases that are reported belong to black individuals (Whitaker, 2001). Officials in that County have actually declared a state of emergency so that they can address the issue and try to determine what it is that they need to do. These individuals, as well as doctors in the area,…. [read more]

HIV Vaccine Essay

… The latter, being for-profit corporations, are motivated by the potential for profit, although one should not therefore presume that they are not also interested in the humanitarian aspects of a vaccine.

Governments along with NGOs and non-profits are responsible for building the public health system that can distribute any new vaccine (Letvin, 2002). Such a distribution system includes everything from maintaining roads to staffing clinics to supporting law enforcement efforts to keep the vaccine from being stolen and resold and the substitution of fake vaccines for real ones. Governments must also take on the cost of educating the public so that they will participate in any vaccination program (Kim, Elizaga & Duerr, 2007). Government officials can be helped in such efforts by large non-profits such…. [read more]

AIDS on South African Development Research Paper

… Mobility per se can encourage or make people vulnerable to high-risk sexual behaviour;

2. Mobility makes people more difficult to reach, whether for prevention education, condom provision, HIV testing, or post-infection treatment and care;

3. Migrants' multi-local social networks create opportunities for sexual networking; and,

4. There is a higher rate of HIV infection in "communities of the mobile," which often include socially, economically and politically marginalized people (Boe and Crush 22).

Taken together, it is clear that the high degree of mobility of South African mining workers combined with a modern transportation infrastructure combine to create a number of obstacles to combating the spread of this disease. Indeed, Boe and Crush emphasize that, "The current geography of the HIV epidemic is also the clue…. [read more]

Developing a Public Relations Plan Essay

… We are launching the new products so as to increase our product lines and increase our customer base.

Explain in detail how the content, style, and essentials of your news release will help you persuade the public to your point-of-view.

Olive tree has always provided its customers with unique clothes and looks forward to continue with this also aims at increasing its customer base through diversifying the products.

Content, style and essentials for the news release

This news release for a public relations campaign contains contact information for the individual who is in charge of the release .the contact information is provided in case there is any follow up that needs to be done. The contact person given is the one who a reporter…. [read more]

Communications Innovation at L3 Research Paper

… The information in which an individual receives about the organization's culture generally comes from informal sources through their peers or other associations. While some larger organizations may have formal onboarding training that attempts to have some control over the culture, individuals will still seek informal cues by themselves to help them develop their individual perceptions of the organizational culture. Therefore the organizational culture can be hard to control.

The challenge for today's organizations is to create a learning culture. Since the skills required by employees" to maintain a completive advantage have become more dynamic in nature then embedding a culture of learning represents the ideal position for achieving competitiveness (Alipour, et al., 2011). An organization that has developed a culture of learning is often well…. [read more]

Communications Effective Communications Between Doctors Research Paper

… The Care360 system is a system that provides unsurpassed assistance to medical professionals in completing daily tasks that are essential for hospices and their personnel. It allows for quick communications and a documentation system that provides electronic tracking on medical treatments.

The three systems are all initially expensive, but as part of a medical community, the hospice can usually share the cost with the connected hospital, clinics, and outpatient offices. Sharing the expenses also provides a certainty that all the facilities also share in the usage of the system. Information that is entered in to the system by hospice personnel can be integrated with primary care physicians, surgeons, and nurses who have all had contact with the patient. Communicating between all interested personnel becomes easier,…. [read more]

Communication and Technology Since the Advent Research Proposal

… Communication & Technology

Since the advent of the Internet in the early 90's, it has played a significant role in the way people communicate and transmit information. With the convenience and variation it offers, it quickly assimilated itself in the lives of modern individuals.

The Internet has shaped and re-defined traditional forms of communication and information dissemination. Books are being digitized through Project Gutenberg. Newspapers such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have online counterparts. Radio has in its place podcasting, and TV is made digital with YouTube. The Internet has provided both access and platform for groups and individuals to share and consume information right off the top of their desks.

But a long-standing debate ensues. With this new technology…. [read more]

Program Evaluation of Public Agency Research Proposal

… Program Evaluation

Evaluation #1'

Operation and Performance of Virginia's Social Services System

Which agency is being audited?

The Virginia Social Services System provides a variety of services for the general public. The evaluation involved site visits of the 120 local departments of Virginia's Social Services. In addition, phone interviews were conducted with 27 local departments (JLARC, 2005). In addition to these procedures, the JLARC also performed an analysis of the department's financial records, human resources, caseload, and internal performance data (JLARC, 2005). Social Services in the state of Virginia are structured so that they are administered locally, with oversight on the state level (JLARC, 2005). This allows the agency to meet the needs of its local population and tailor its services to meet those…. [read more]

Team Communication an Interdisciplinary Research Paper

… (Wacker, 2010) Ineffective communication within team can lead to an in appropriate treatment and management of an individual causing harm both to the patient and the community.

An effective communication between the nurse and the patient and its family is particularly important. It not only the patients who are affected by terminal illness but this leave a great impact on the family as well. The patient and his family should be involved in decision making for end of life care, education should be provided about the disease and its outcome, assist family of the dying patient to make decision and update patient regarding the current situation. Accurate information should be delivered. In order to gain patients trust and assurance the interdisciplinary health care team should…. [read more]

Deaf Culture and Communities Research Paper

… Deaf Cultures and Communities

Many people are unaware of how deaf culture can be complex. There are a number of things that make deaf culture what it is. Deaf culture is a culture that is unique to the deaf or people who are hard of hearing. They produce plays, books, artwork, magazines and movies that are targeted at the deaf or hard of hearing audience. The deaf community also takes part in social and political activities that are exclusive to the deaf community. The Deaf culture comprises people who consider their own deafness as making them different as opposed to being a disability. There are new activities that are developed that contribute to the growth of the American deaf culture and the output of intellectual…. [read more]

Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) Essay

… The research carried out shows that, those people who usually use this form of communication are often multitasking while they converse with their friends online. The use of IM such as, Facebook chat, MSN has contributed to unique structures of different languages communication in CMC. Today, many people spend too much of their time chatting with friends, and this behavior has brought a great significant impact in the way they tend to communicate with other people through face-to-face interaction.

Instant messaging has had a great effect on communication. This type of communication is the same just like when one uses e-mail; however, this seems to be more faster as well as, convenient way of passing information as one does not need to sit back waiting…. [read more]

Deaf Marlee Matlin Research Proposal

… Deaf

Marlee Matlin is one of the most recognizable faces in the deaf community. An Oscar-winning actress, Matlin has also appeared on numerous television shows including the West Wing and Dancing with the Stars. Matlin has become a remarkable emblem for the deaf community: living proof that deaf stars can shine every bit as brightly as their hearing counterparts. However, Matlin's childhood was relatively uneventful. Her supportive parents enabled Matlin to feel comfortable in the mainstream world and in a variety of social situations. Matlin went to a mainstream summer camp and did not attend a deaf-only school. Her education was integrated and so was her social world, illustrating the importance of inclusion. Acording to Putz (2005), "Marlee's childhood world was unlimited." Marlee Matlin's family…. [read more]

Look Into Christina Saralegui's Life as a Hispanic Journalist Thesis

… Communication-Journalism

Cristina Saralegui

Cristina Saralegui is a 30-year veteran journalist who is recognized as one of the most influential role models for today's Hispanic woman. She is determined, successful, savvy and committed to making a difference (Know Cristina, 2008). Cristina was born on January 29, 1948, in Havana, Cuba. She is the granddaughter of Don Francisco Saralegui, a Cuban magazine publisher. She came to the United States with her family in 1960, and arrived in Miami at the age of 12. She later attended the University of Miami and learned about the publishing business while working at Vanidades magazine. She eventually joined the staff of Cosmopolitan en Espanol in 1973 and became its editor in chief in 1979 (Cristina Saralegui Biography, 2006).

Since holding the…. [read more]

HIV / AIDS in South Africa Term Paper

… HIV / AIDS in South Africa

The purpose of the present paper is to discuss the issue of HIV / AIDS in Africa. While people generally acknowledge the fact that this has become one of the most overwhelming diseases of the present century, it is safe to assert that the general public is not aware of the extent to which its consequences impact certain societies, such as the African one. "About 2,1 million people died of AIDS in the sub-Saharan Africa in 2006. Another 25 million are living with HIV. In South Africa, where I was born and bred, nearly 6 million in a population of 46 million are HIV-positive: more than one in eight people. Some eight hundred South Africans die of AIDS on…. [read more]

Communication Through Various Advertising Techniques Term Paper

… Blinded since birth, Scheur states (Enews, 1999),

For me, the Internet has been a personal odyssey of discovery as it has allowed me access to information and communication with my clients and my associates. The use of the Internet has made it possible for me to manage SMG as well as to build and turn around complex healthcare organizations, nationally and internationally.

As the healthcare industry faces increasing scrutiny, financial and regulatory challenges, it is incumbent upon us to convert our knowledge base and skills into easy access and functional use for our colleagues worldwide. We are excited about our strategic phase development of our online presence to a full-service eCommerce business (Enews, 1999)."

Consumer goods manufacturers want to own their customer relationships -- build…. [read more]

African-American Woman Living With AIDS Term Paper

… African-American Women Living With AIDS

The year 1981 marked many historic events in the world but none as tragic as the discovery of 'Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). AIDS was first recognized as a disease when clinics in the larger cities in the United States such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco first saw young men who were homosexuals with Pnemocystis carinii pneumonia and Kaposi's sarcoma which was quite unusual for young adults who were not know to be immunosuppressed. The first report appeared in June 1981. This disease was first believed to be a homosexually transmitted disease but soon it was recognized that this disease was being transmitted among drug users as well. It wasn't long however, until it was understood that this…. [read more]

Public Health- Program Plan Research Proposal

… Public Health- Program Plan

Public Health -- Program Plan

Influenza A H1N1 was first detected in the United States in April 2009. Its first sensationalized case came from Mexico and Canada and it has gotten into the other parts of the world mainly by cross-country travelers.

From these travelers thousands more got sick and hundreds died in a few weeks. The Center for Disease Control advised the public that Influenza A H1N1 is contagious and it is spreading from human to human. Currently, Health Agencies around the world are addressing its prevention and control. However, the fact remains that a new threat to health is existing and steps are necessary to address it.

Influenza A H1N1, although by far the most known type of flu,…. [read more]

Prevent AIDS in the Gay Term Paper

… In New York City, Syphilis rates in men increased from 2.8% in 2000 to 6.9% per 100,000 people in 2001. Gay men were amongst the more number of cases. The number of Syphilis cases rose from 22 in 1999 to 116 in 2001 in San Francisco. But the primary investigation reveals that the figures may even rise higher in 2002 (Altman, A7).

A multi-faceted selection of factors at interpersonal, personal and at the society levels add up to the high sexual thrill seeking of adolescent men. Most of the young gay men think that AIDS is the disease for the older people and feel it is safe to have unshielded sex with other young men as the statistics says that the bulk of AIDS cases…. [read more]

Benetton's AIDS Awareness Campaign Research Paper

… Level 2: Redefining the Scope of Marketing Communication

This level is supposed to look in more detail and use the recipient's perspectives. It means better understanding what the recipients think about age. From what was previously described in the paper, most of them are either ignorant or prejudiced. For them, AIDS is a disease that exists only in marginal communities, such as the gay community. So, the idea for this level is to have a better perception about recipient behavior, as a first step to turn this around in a future and use consumer knowledge to support the campaign.

Level 3: Application of Information Technology

The use of information technology today is essential for any integrated marketing communication, primarily because this technology allows the message…. [read more]

African-Americans and AIDS Risk Term Paper

… " Ethnicity & Disease 12.2 (Spring 2002): 174-6.

Duncan C., Miller, D.M., Borskey, E.J., Fomby, B., Dawson, P., Davis, L. "Barriers to Safer Sex Practices Among African-American College Students." Journal of the National Medical Association 94.11 (Nov. 2002): 944-51.

Essien, E.J., Meshack, A.F., Ross, M.W. "Misperceptions about HIV Transmission Among Heterosexual African-American and Latino Men and Women." Journal of the National Medical Association 94.5 (May 2002): 304-12.

Funnye, A.S., Akhtar, A.J., Biamby, G. "Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome in Older African-Americans." Journal of the National Medical Association 94.4 (April 2002): 209-14.

Hodge, C.E. "HIV / AIDS: Impact on African-American Community." The Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentristry 22.3 (2001): 52-56.

Kennamer, J.D., Honnold, J., Bradford, J., Hendricks, M. "Differences in Disclosure of Sexuality Among African-American and White…. [read more]

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