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Business Plan for the Farmery Business Plan

… Business Plan

Product Description

Market Analysis


Regulatory Environment


Marketing Plan

Market Penetration Strategy

Advertising Media

Management Plan

Company Organization

Company Philosophy

Personnel Policies


Record Keeping

Manufacturing Plan

Financial Pro-Formas

Risk Analysis

The Farmery is a startup venture in Raleigh, NC. It combines a small greenhouse and mushroom production operation with a retail outlet. The company is focused on the medium- to high-end of the highly competitive and fragmented retail market in the area. The company's main competitive advantage is its unique production and distribution set up, which is not only attractive for its uniqueness, but helps it to deliver fresh product to consumers, and do it at a much lower cost than other companies are able to deliver. The company believes that…. [read more]

Business Plan for an Imaginary Software Company Business Plan

… ¶ … business plan for an imaginary software company, Techno soft which aims to enter South Asian market as a part of its international business expansion strategy. The paper is divided into different sections. The first section presents an ample introduction to the company; its location, products, mission, vision, and strategy, the source of competitive advantage, and the nature of business opportunity which it wishes to avail in the new market. The second section presents environmental and industry analysis of the firm using different tools; like PEST Analysis, Five Forces of Competition, CAGE Model, and future outlook. The third section is dedicated for the marketing plan of the company which describes the company's target market and marketing mix strategies.

The fourth section presents an organizational…. [read more]

Communication Chapter 3 Maximum Performance Essay

… In this setting, it has externalized all operations which are not directly linked to the application.

Specifically, accounting, marketing and cleaning services are all offered by tertiary companies, based on collaboration contracts which are honored by hourly payments. Andalina's manager has decided that the firm does not need to pay a full time accountant, a full time marketing specialist nor a full time cleaning employee, so it contracted the services of tertiary parties to complete these operations.

Cost savings are also made at the level of the employees, whose wages are slightly higher than those in the industry, but which are not coupled with additional benefits, such as medical coverage or deduction of several expenses. The employees are as such motivated by the higher salary,…. [read more]

Business Plan for Freelancer Website Business Plan

… Before starting up a freelancer website, the owners will have to conduct a full-fledged environmental scan of the freelance business industry in order to operate the website in an effective and profitable fashion (Allen, 2012). The major environmental forces that can affect the business operations and profitability of freelancer website include political and legal forces; economic forces; social and demographical forces; technological forces; and the most importantly, Globalization and international competition (Ilasco & Cho, 2010).

Political and Legal Infrastructure:

Being an international freelancing services provider, the freelancer website will have to adhere to the local and international laws and regulations that govern freelancing industry. For example, it will have to pay taxes on its sales, technical services, software acquisitions, etc. (Entrepreneur magazine, 2012). It will…. [read more]

Business Proposal in Ghana Business Proposal

… Business Proposal in Ghana

Giam's Clothing:

Business Proposal in Ghana

Company Description

Giam's Clothing is an apparel manufacturer which produces clothing articles for the American middle class. The company was founded in 1990 by current chief executive officer John Whitehouse. The middle size company has little over one hundred employees and an annual turnover of 1.5 billion dollars. The firm operates through a single location within the United States. This location is composed of two facilities: one for production purposes and one for administrative purposes, containing the offices of the CEO, the CFO and other business departments, including the Finance and Accounting or the Human Resource Department. Twenty people work in the administrative facility and one hundred in the production facility.

The product line includes…. [read more]

Business Skills and Tactics Thesis

… Business Skills and Tactics

In order to be successful in the business world one must have a broad range of up-to-date business skills. Project management, marketing and sales training are all traditional areas of skill development. Business writing, conflict management, negotiation and stress management are some of the many important soft skills or non-traditional skills that a person needs to be successful in today's marketplace (Online Business Courses, 2009). As more businesses become internationalized and cultural diversity becomes the norm, it will be imperative for businesses to make sure leaders, managers and employees are skilled in both traditional and nontraditional business skills in order to have a competitive advantage. This paper will review some of the literature that has been written surrounding this topic.

One…. [read more]

Communication Skills Self-Assessment Interpersonal Essay

… , 2002). Ideally, organizational communication would manifest the fluidity and flexibility that enables message sharing which moves across organizational boundaries, such as operational silos, business units, and formal authority structures (Spillan, et al., 2002). Communication that is primarily vertical in nature tends to generate a top-heavy workload for management, functional silo isolation, and less effective listening as one moves up the organizational hierarchy (Spillan, et al., 2002). Workers tend to be less empowered in organizations that rely on vertical communication (Spillan, et al., 2002). Thus, output tends to be suboptimal, and heavily dependent on direction and clarification from upper-level management (Spillan, et al., 2002).

(b) Lateral communication. Lateral communication entails the flow of information across the organization between peers who are positioned similarly in the…. [read more]

Business Skills -- Personal Evaluation Capstone Project

… Typically, lay audiences require more extensive introductory sections than expert audiences.

• The objective evidence available to support these conclusions includes my successful completion of Tab C-1, English 101 Essay and of Tab C-2, U.S. Army Contracting Recommendation Slides.

Outcome 2 -- Demonstrate introductory college-level proficiency in one or more of the subject areas in mathematics and/or natural sciences.

• I have learned how to use the scientific method to engage in problem-solving in a process that can deduce logical answers to questions about the natural world. For example, in the scientific disciplines, I have learned how to apply the scientific method to formulate testable hypotheses consisting of multiple variables in a systematic problem-solving process. That includes understanding the difference between independent and dependent variables.…. [read more]

Communication Management: Communication in the Workplace Essay

… Communication

Management: Communication in the Workplace

When people in an organization conduct a meeting, share stories in the cafeteria, or deliver presentations, they are making efforts to communicate. To understand why communication efforts sometimes break down and find ways to improve your communication skills, it helps to identify the elements of the communication process. Communication is the transmission of information and meaning from one party to another via shared symbols (Communication, 2010). Hence, each individual is different and has unique ways of communicating his or her thoughts. In the present competitive era, only the best of the organizations can survive. Individuals make the organizations, and hence the effective use of communication by the employees eventually leads to organizational success by active listening, managing conflict, and…. [read more]

Business Communication the Business Environment Is Analyzed Literature Review

… Business Communication

The business environment is analyzed by numerous research studies that intend to understand the rules that determine business behavior, its factors of influence, and some of the most important effects of these factors. Communication is one of the elements that are intensely addressed by the literature in the field. The importance of communication in the business environment relies on its effects on companies, business owners, and their employees.

Communication within companies is used in planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. Communication and informational flows are different in each company, in accordance with its size, activity, and objectives. Therefore, it is important to study theoretical aspects of business communication before designing the communications model that needs to be implemented within companies.

When studying business…. [read more]

Business School Admission Appeal Term Paper

… Business School Admissions -- Appeal would like the business school to be aware of several compelling factors regarding my candidacy for the school that were not present in my original application and several factors regarding my personal history that were not, I believe, adequately emphasized in my initial appeal to be admitted to the business school.

I believe that as a candidate for the business school, I have a tremendous amount of intercultural and ethical knowledge to bring to any prospective business class I may become a part of during the rest of my time as a student. As a girl, I saw my father unjustly stand accused of corrupt business practices. Through his example and my own observations, I learned a great deal about…. [read more]

Business and Society Social Performance KG Term Paper

… Business and Society: Social Performance

Primary stakeholders refer to a group or people that engage in economic transactions, with a business firm as it carries out its daily business activities of providing the society with goods or services. These primary stakeholders engage in a unique relationship with the firm, or a two-way exchange. These people comprise the customers, employees, suppliers, creditors, stockholders, and retailers (Lowenstein & Rabinowitz, 2013). Every group of primary stakeholders has an essential role to the firm, directly. Without these people, the firm would not perform well because its primary work would not be accomplished (Lowenstein & Rabinowitz, 2013).

The stockholders mainly relate with the firm through investments. They invest in the firm, and in return, they receive their potential dividends and…. [read more]

Components of Business Communication Essay

… It is essential to note the role of the leader in communicating effectively and efficiently with the aim of enhancing performance of an organization (Shrivastava p. 58).

Work cited

Shrivastava, Sanjay. "Identifying The Major Components Of Business Communication And

Their Relevance: A Conceptual Framework." IUP Journal of Soft Skills 6.4 (2012):


Hynes, Geraldine E. "Improving Employees' Interpersonal Communication Competencies: A

Qualitative Study." Business Communication Quarterly 75.4 (2012): 466-475.

DeKay, Sam H. "Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace: A Largely Unexplored

Region." Business Communication Quarterly 75.4 (2012): 449-452.


I. Introduction

a) Communication is one of the essential components to the professionals and organizations in the context of business management.

b) This is because of the critical role of the communication skills in enhancing success and…. [read more]

Communications Skills to Solve Problems Term Paper

… LO 5: "Apply the principles embodied in the ACS codes of ethics and professional practice to understand the ethical behaviors and social responsibility required of IT professionals."

ACS (Australian Computer Society) is the code of ethics designed to embody ethical decision-making. Within the IT environment, ACS codes of ethics are designed to guide IT professionals in the ethical decision-making. The ACS also requires all members to act in accordance with the code. Typically, ACS code articulates that IT professionals must uphold professional integrity at all time. (Wheeler, 2003).

Reflective Practice

I have the experience to implement the ACS Code of practice when my company sent me to Australia to complete an IT project. The project was to assist a company in Australia to install computers…. [read more]

Communication Skills Are Critical in Any Business Essay

… Communication skills are critical in any business or profession. However, the type of communication skills necessary will depend on the organizational culture, the job description and roles, and other contextual factors. Some jobs will require greater written communication skills than others; and some jobs demand astute oral or verbal communications skills. When analyzing my own communications skills, it may be helpful to review both the Baack (2012) text as well as scholarly resources. Without scholarly resources, I may not be able to assess my communication skills effectively enough. This paper will describe the assessment methods that I used to analyze my own communication skills. Then, I will discuss the observed or measured gaps in communication skills and identify training that can be used to address…. [read more]

Castle Restaurants Business Plan Business Plan

… Because the HRIS and the HRMS software is complex -- and the training can be demanding -- a new company may be slow to become fully functional. A host vendor system must be the primary data source for the major functional divisions of the company. For example, all human resources data should be available on an HRMS system. Although the software is complex, the criteria for selecting vendors are simple: Ease of use, facilitates communication and collaboration, accurate reporting, and quick set up time. In addition, use of the HRIS and HRMS systems translates into the elimination of errors and duplicate data entry, less paperwork due to shared databases, consolidated reporting.

Technical Specifications of Sage Abra HRMS

Delphia Consulting is the creator and publisher of…. [read more]

Communication in Organizations Analysis of Knowledge-Sharing Networks Essay

… Communication in Organizations

Analysis of Knowledge-Sharing Networks and the Contributing Roles of Technologies

Trust and transparency have emerged as more critical than ever for organizational and personal communication to flourish. This is paradoxical given the hype and heavy promotion of social networks today, as their success is predicated on trust being earned. Communication networks throughout organizations, their ability to share knowledge and support organizational direction and goal attainment emanate from the use of technology between individuals and teams. These two factors of communication networks and channels within organization being the primary catalyst of their profitable growth, and the positive impact of technologies on personal communication are the foundations of this analysis. A key finding from this analysis, which is consistent with an extensive study of…. [read more]

Communications Innovation at L3 Research Paper

… The information in which an individual receives about the organization's culture generally comes from informal sources through their peers or other associations. While some larger organizations may have formal onboarding training that attempts to have some control over the culture, individuals will still seek informal cues by themselves to help them develop their individual perceptions of the organizational culture. Therefore the organizational culture can be hard to control.

The challenge for today's organizations is to create a learning culture. Since the skills required by employees" to maintain a completive advantage have become more dynamic in nature then embedding a culture of learning represents the ideal position for achieving competitiveness (Alipour, et al., 2011). An organization that has developed a culture of learning is often well…. [read more]

Impact of Big Data on Business Strategy Term Paper

… ¶ … Big Data on Business Strategy

Business Strategies

The competitive nature of today's business environment is driving companies to use technology driven business strategies (Berman & Hagan, 2006, p.28). Big Data and technology are undoubtedly impacting on business strategy progression. The research indicates that Big Data offers real-time application, which allows businesses to move information to analytics tools from various systems and sources. The ability for a business to analyze the behavior of a consumer based on experiences depends on the ability of their Database system to load, transform, analyze, and present data. Technology is finding wide application in organizations, creating opportunities for strategy formulation, implementation, assessment, and evaluation. This research finds it necessary to identify key technological advances that are affecting business strategies…. [read more]

Communication in Organizations Research Paper

… Every organization has a culture. Culture is defined by the way people act together, how information is shared and how decisions are made. Culture is something that is created by the leadership of the organization and can become very entrenched into the core fabric of the way business is done on a daily basis. Positive cultures can influence productivity and a healthy work environment; however a culture that is less than positive can have the opposite affect and can in fact stifle productivity and in the end the bottom line. A key element of culture is communication and how information is shared and exchanged within the company. Good communication is what keeps internal processes running efficiently and helps to create good relations with people both…. [read more]

Business Management Major Was Developed Term Paper

… They are required once in the workplace to demonstrate the ability to engage in meaningful activity and utilize ethical and sound judgment when making decisions (UMUC, 2003).


Many aspects of the coursework related to the business major are useful. Business Managers are often involved in many types of work. They may be responsible for providing financial insight, budgeting, interacting with internal and external customers, negotiating problems, developing teams, establishing goals, enforcing policies and budgeting or financing (Davis, 1992). Some of the aspects of the coursework that are beneficial in accomplishing these tasks include courses in statistics, accounting, business strategy and communications.

Financial acumen is important in today's workforce. Coursework in statistics and accounting is essential for establishing a students potential for success…. [read more]

Mcdonald's Corporation Business Analysis SWOT

… Thus, in 2007 McDonald's changed to coffee supplies that have certification from Rainforest Alliance as a way of supporting environment principles. McDonald's has also gotten Repak membership, and it is presently a leading company in waste management. The company has vehicles that patrol and collect litter in areas it operates.

The company also operates its business in an ethical manner. The company believes that sound ethical practices create good business. Accordingly, the company carries out its business in fairness, honesty and integrity, and upholds high standards. This has allowed the company to attract and keep competent employees.

McDonald's tries to assist the local community by getting involved in corporate social responsibility. To this end, the company has a strong principle of giving back to the…. [read more]

Critical Thinking Action Project Essay

… , 2002). And so first of all, a handbook should be published that fully prepares an American employee as to what to expect when living in Japan. It doesn't need to be an exhaustive cultural analysis, but it should present pertinent Japanese customs, such as how to behave in Japan, and common phrases that are helpful when interacting in Japan. In addition, the handbook should clearly present what is appropriate when interacting with Japanese people in a business context.

Employees are the face of the organization, and they are the drivers that put the company in motion and create profit. But are all individuals -- whether in the technical, marketing, research, sales, or executive departments -- culturally competent to be sent overseas to work in…. [read more]

New E-Business Venture Term Paper

… ¶ … business plan for Ivy Discover Software Limited. The company is a new business organization dedicated to develop and market software product for businesses, households and government use. The company will be operating under software publishing industry. The industry is one of the most innovative industries in the United States because firms within the industry always engage in R&D to produce high quality product. The company will differentiate itself within the industry by offering high quality products at fair price which will be below the industry price. To reach large percentage of potential customers, the company will employ e-business strategy and will develop an attractive website to launch its e-business, and the company market strategy is by developing high innovative and quality products to…. [read more]

Business Writing in the Importance Term Paper

… By comparison, today, computers let us write quickly and send the information halfway around the world within seconds. Powell believes that this ability to write quickly has resulted in sloppy writing that may lack some humanity. Fabian (2001) notes the trend, stating that he often gets email from people who don't even bother to use spell check. Such people give him the impression that they are careless, do not attend to details and do not take their work seriously. He also notes that when he receives critical comments they often are not well thought out or supported well (Fabian, 2001).

This brings us back to the first point, that people perceive who we are through our written word as well as how we speak and…. [read more]

Business Proposal Mission Statement Vision Business Proposal

… IT professionals will have the capacity and authority to determine what aspects of the system need improvement, therefore there will be constant improvements to the system.

Through their expertise IT professionals will also have the ability to assist mangers in making information systems decisions that are conducive to creating the optimal management environment for the company while also increasing revenues.

2. Hardware resources- the hardware necessary to ensure that Eagle flight runs efficiently will be inclusive of desktop computers which will be used to store customer and school databases, maintain inventories and record daily sales. IT professionals will also be given laptops to ensure that they can gain access to the company's network even when they are absent from the actual facility. The network will…. [read more]

Non-Verbal Communication Since Time Immemorial Research Paper

… Non-Verbal Communication

Communication since time immemorial has remained one of the most substantial and crucial process on a constant basis that refers to transferring of the information from one person to another. Indeed, people communicate with each other so that they can understand the meaning and information that the other person is trying to commune (Shepherd & Rothenbuhler 2000).

Since communication is a widespread phenomenon, thus, it is divided into several forms and means through which people can easily converse with each other. However, with the advancements and innovations that the world and its entire populace have experienced, has changed and modified the modes and means of communications through the years (Shepherd & Rothenbuhler 2000).

In this regard, Merriam-Webster defines the phenomenon of communication as…. [read more]

Business Ethics Focus on Merrill Essay

… Ford's senior management calculated the cost per life lost on the basis of the National Traffic Safety Administration's data and stated that recall for correcting the problem with the Pinto would cost $121 million as compared to only $50 million for injuries and deaths caused by the problem.

The decision-making process in this case was flawed in that the Ford Motor Company attempted to place value on the life of a human being. How could it possibly be that lives lost totaled less than the cost of a recall and modification to the company's vehicles? This happened because of the failure of the Ford Motor Company and its employee to assign intrinsic value to the life of human beings which would mean that the company…. [read more]

Business Development and Marketing Strategies Marketing Plan

… Business Development Strategies as a Financial Advisor for Bernstein Global Wealth Management

One of the key assets that any individual can bring to almost any organization in the increasingly interpersonal and interconnected business world today is an ability to create and maintain extensive networks of social and business relationships. The line between such business and social relationships, in fact, has always been somewhat indistinct, and it has become increasingly blurred in our modern era of near-instant communication capabilities, the increasing ease and affordability of national and international travel, and other technological advances that have greatly extended the reach and importance of social networks in business interactions. Charisma, personality, and the ability to simply bring people together and get them "on board" with new projects, new…. [read more]

Creating a Company Business Plan

… Business Plan -- Solar Panel

Connecticut Solar Energy (CSE) is located at 331 New London Turnpike in Glastonbury. The company is engaged in the business of solar panel installation. The operation will be a two-person partnership consisting of a certified solar panel installer and a business graduate.

The financing requirement to start Connecticut Solar Energy is approximately $50,000. The partners are putting up $20,000 of their own money to start the business, so the remaining financing that will be required is $40,000, given the expected losses until the company becomes profitable. The objective of this business plan is to secure the remaining financing necessary to start Connecticut Solar Energy.

The information contained in this business plan is strictly confidential. It is supplied in this report…. [read more]

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