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Community Leadership / Diverse Term Paper

… Leaders who are not willing to compromise will not get far when it comes to doing things for their community, because they will not be flexible enough to know when they are getting the best deal they are going to get (Barry, 2002). Something is often better than nothing, and some improvements are better than no improvements at all. That is valuable information for leaders to keep in mind, even when they have good persuasive skills (Barry, 2002). They are not going to win every battle or get everything they ask for, but if they know how to collaborate well they will still provide much for their community.


Anderson L., O'Loughlin P., & Salt A. (2001). Community leadership programs in New South Wales, UTS…. [read more]

College Admission and Financial Aid for Illegal Term Paper

… College Admission and Financial Aid for Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigration is one of the most controversial topics in modern society. Some people advocate severely punishing illegal immigrants, increased border patrols, and greater restrictions on legal immigration. On the other hand, some people believe that America should open up its borders, allow larger numbers of legal immigrants per year, and extend the rights of American citizenship to immigrants, without regard to their legal status. Regardless of one's position on the issue, the fact remains that an increasing number of illegal immigrants have been graduating from American high schools each year. In fact, approximately 65,000 illegal immigrants graduate each year. (Barbassa, 2006). Not surprisingly, this has resulted in an increasing number of illegal immigrants applying to American…. [read more]

Homelessness Among the Veteran Community Literature Review Chapter

… Furthermore, the physical and psychological injuries from the war reduce a veterans' employability. They end up being lacking employment hence financial instability. Veterans also face a number of barriers like lack of stable employment, being unable to budget and make ends meet, limited knowledge when it comes to finances, poor judgment when it comes to making decisions that involve finances and lack of material security. These mental factors exist independently away from mental health diagnosis.

Programs available to the veteran homeless community compared to regular homeless community

There are many programs available for the homeless population all over America, indeed programs that are available for veteran homeless community are more compared to those of the regular homeless community. According to Tsai, Mares & Rosenheck (2013a),…. [read more]

Community Nursing Community Health Essay

… Summary

The issue chosen as a distinct health problem in this area is substance abuse and that is further specified to mean heroin abuse. The primary population at risk for drug abuse in Baltimore is the same that it is in any area of the country, those who are at or below the poverty level. Since Baltimore has three times the number of people in this category that the rest of the state of Maryland has, it is easy to see why drug abuse is such a large healthcare problem. Poverty is one of the major risk factor, but so is education level. Although the city is approximately average in number of people who have a Bachelor's degree, they are far below average in students…. [read more]

Community Assessment Demographic Data Research Paper

… II. Analysis of Data

Health problems perceived by the nurse include poor nutrition, diabetes, obesity, cancer, tuberculosis and heart disease. The local residents often do not recognize the extent and severity of the health problems, especially tuberculosis, heart disease, poor nutrition, and obesity. Community leaders and leading health professionals do recognize the severity of the problems affecting the residents of Georgetown, Delaware.

Poverty in the community prevents adequate access to health care services in Georgetown. Especially among non-whites in Georgetown, poverty impacts when the individual seeks care. This means that many health problems develop further than they would if preventative measures were taken. Therefore, health prevention is the most important feature of a proactive community health program in Sussex County.

Currently, there are some actions…. [read more]

Community Health Nursing Lansdowne, Phila-Delaware Case Study

… They have put in place workable mechanisms aimed at dealing with various communicable and contagious diseases.

The genogram for the Community's Social Relationships

Creating a Community genogram to present the data collected in the Assessment

Provide a short interpretation of the genogram, including the health indicators for this community

The color-coded lines in the genogram show the different kinds of relationships that exist among families and households in the borough of Lansdowne. It also shows ho family ties affect the health status of individuals in the community.

Formulating a community diagnosis of Lansdowne

Community diagnosis is the process or situational analysis that public health practitioners undertake as a way of identifying and analyzing the factors that affect health in a given community. The public health…. [read more]

Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Essay

… Not necessarily everyone needs to come up with big plans and funds to prepare for emergencies. What is needed is that every person should have the basic tools that can help him face emergency (Pfau, 2013). Small things like needles, umbrella for rain, flat shoes for snow, torch for dark and mask for avoiding dust can help individuals take personal preparedness measures. Also one step ahead, people can guide their peers to do that too. They can motivate other people to be prepared for emergencies. However, it is often very uncommon in some regions to have emergencies. Even in those areas, the people can prepare. Although in such areas people will not be preparing too early but they can at least guess where the events…. [read more]

America's Cuban Conundrum the Helms-Burton Essay

… The Costs of Embargo

Analyzing the costs of such an extended embargo is a formidable challenge. However, it is reasonable to suspect that all parties involved share in the costs. For example, American interests are not able to conduct trade with Cuba and as a result are denied access to some valuable goods; everything from fruit to cigars. The Cubans are also denied any opportunities to tap into the vast economic resources found in the United States. Additionally, there is more lost than just monetary matters. For example, what price could you put on Cuban culture and their rich heritage? The Cuban culture has a wealth of artistic and creative assets including music, art, and dance.

The embargo undoubtedly subverts the intended outcome of the…. [read more]

America's Interests and Involvement in Cuba Term Paper

… Americas interests & Involvement in Cuba




Sources of the revolution

Nationalism, economic, social, political.


The view from the United States

The Revolution and the American intervention

Reactions in Cuba

Reactions around the world

The Cuban Revolution can be considered to be one of the most important events that took place in Latin America during the Cold War. Although the scale of the actions that led to the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista's regime was somewhat reduced to the Cuban region, the impact it had, particularly in the economy of the Cold War's balance of power and confrontation between the capitalist and the communist structures was indeed an important factor for the way in which events would later develop. Probably the most relevant…. [read more]

Community Assessment of Kent County Essay

… Initial Impressions Regarding Kent County:

As a registered nurse, my initial impression regarding Kent County is that the area contains a fairly poor health care system and ever-growing health related problems. The impressions were not informed by personal bias but by information I have heard about the area and its geographical location.

Issues that May Affect Kent County's Health:

The below par access to health food, violent crime, and recreational facilities as required by national benchmarks.

Lack of health insurance to a huge portion of the population and dissatisfaction with life.

The existing disparities in access to health care services and barriers to health care access.

The poor environmental conditions related to health.

The problem of flooding, which poses significant risks to some well water…. [read more]

Community Colleges in a Perfect Storm Details Term Paper

… Community Colleges in a Perfect Storm details the pressures community colleges face today. These pressures include high student enrollment, state budget cuts, limited facilities, high faculty turnover and retirements, steep technology costs, and many students needing remedial work. Leaders of community colleges are having difficulty meeting increased demands with waning resources. These challenges are still proving difficult to face even though political leaders such as President Bush, former President Clinton, and Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan have recognized and supported the role community colleges play in educating America's workforce.

Not Your Father's Community College" details the changes that community colleges have made in recent years. New programs such as dual-credit programs have improved the public's perception of community colleges. These recent changes have made…. [read more]

Health - Nursing Community Term Paper

… Tell people the negative effects of over eating.

Brief about the diseases that are more prevalent in fat people nursing actions to improve Obesity

Nurses can play a vital role I guiding their patients who to reduce weight and to control their BMI. The nurses are trained and they have close interaction with patients and societies hence they can adopt several techniques to guide people how to have healthy life. The Minnesota Nursing Wheel helps to guide nursing activities for a program.

The nurses can teach the patients and the attendants to have power and control over themselves. An individual can be taught to have power and control by using reminders. The patient can be given threats about the unhealthy lifestyle and its consequences. The…. [read more]

Community Policing in the Modern Society Term Paper

… Watch groups are established to lessen crime and enhance the quality of life by working together and in conjunction with the police. Watch groups have not only acted as platforms for citizens to provide their concerns and suggestions regarding security in the community but also help in promoting a greater sense of responsibility, security, and personal control. In essence, the watch groups help the police by becoming the additional eyes and ears of police officers and lessen the burden of these officers ("Neighborhood Watch Manual," n.d.). Notably, the watch groups reduce officers' burden by providing volunteer support to law enforcement agencies throughout the year. These volunteers play a crucial role in helping these organizations and preparing for law enforcement initiatives in the community. Since their…. [read more]

Community Nursing Term Paper

… Though Staten Island is larger than most of the other states of America the response and the measures taken to combat the trash and dumping problem in the state are that of a smaller town in nature. The Staten Island Advance, the sole newspaper that is printed in the state, conducts, every summer, a camp wherein 'trashbusters', a voluntary group of concerned citizens are engaged in picking up or gathering trash and dumping it in its proper place. At the same time, the citizens of Staten Island do exhibit a Puritanical streak; whereby politicians and small property holders are actually shamed into being responsible for keeping the area clean, under a publication entitled 'Staten Island Source' that is distributed free of cost to ferry workers.…. [read more]

Women and Development in Central America Term Paper

… Women in Central America

Social Analysis

Central America is that region between North America and South America, notably the nations linking Mexico and South America. These countries are given the most attention by the American public when there is a perceived threat to peace, as during the era when Nicaragua was a war zone, when Noriega was ruling Panama and then was removed by force, when there are actions by rebel groups, and so on. The business community takes more notice of Central America as one part of the world to be tapped both for resources and as a market for goods. However, this is also a troubled region of the world, a region marked for some time by poverty, unemployment, political turmoil, and certain…. [read more]

America and Diversity Impacts Essay

… It is one's reaction to the diversity. Pluralism takes place the groups residing in a small locality maintain their original and unique cultural identities and these groups are well-accepted by major dominant groups of the society.

Fostering a climate which can encourage celebration of cultural differences can play a major role in developing an environment of acceptance and tolerance for each other. Where Americans are required to tolerate these differences, this attitude may not act as a strong base. They need to understand the cultural richness other nations brought in and the benefits of them. Americans need to develop room for real commitments where enthusiasm is required to be shown for developing a civil society comprising of individuals from different cultures. Pluralism requires the nurturing…. [read more]

Are Community Colleges in North Carolina Fulfilling Their Mission? Term Paper

… Community Colleges in North Carolina

In the United States of America, and in Canada, there are 'Community Colleges', at times also known as 'Junior Colleges', which are educational institutions that would provide post secondary education, or in other words, the continuing education that is pursued after attending either high school, or a secondary school. The community college would also provide lower level 'tertiary education' which is, in other words, the third stage education that is pursued after finishing higher secondary education. After the completion of the required courses from a Community College, certificates, diplomas, and associates degrees would be offered to the students. Most of the students who generally attend a Community College are from the local community, and the colleges are supported by the…. [read more]

College Worth It?' Weighs on Local Students Research Paper

… ¶ … college worth it?' weighs on local students.

The Press Democrat. Jeremy Hay, May 18, 2013.

Ever since the post-Second World War era, a college education has been the traditional path of those focused on professional success in the United States, and elsewhere in the industrial world. As a result, there is a general expectation that pursuing a college degree is, necessarily, more consistent with long-term success in professional life and life in general. Typically, high school graduates are encouraged to continue on to college, whether or not they have any specific idea of what course of study or professional field to pursue. However, the increasing cost of a college education combined with reduction in demand for labor in a less optimistic national economy…. [read more]

Community Organizing for Health Research Paper

… Oral Health: A Community Health Problem

Oral remains a serious public health issue in the U.S., since it has significant effect on the overall health and well-being of people (Kaylor, Polivka, Chaudry, Salsberry, & Wee, 2011). Oral health has been a public health and government concern since the 1970s, with efforts geared towards the increment of the proportion of persons who use oral health systems. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in (2000) strove to reduce the proportion of American families experiencing difficulties and delays in receiving health care and those that do not receive healthcare. This paper explores the challenges and problems of oral health in the U.S. community health sector. This is supported by evidence from a review of literature on…. [read more]

Policing Community- and Problem-Oriented Essay

… As problem oriented policing is based on the analysis of the situation and discovering the solution, it can be beneficial for the community for the reduction of the crime rate in future as well. The results of this policing model are transparent and based on the detailed analysis of the crime/situation. POP enables the police officers to work with more authority and power. Contrary to that, in some cases improper use of authority can also be faced. However, police officers are also held responsible for any misuse of power ("The Key Elements of Problem-Oriented Policing").


The example of money snatching incidents can be taken to understand problem-oriented policing. A police officer can visit a neighborhood and detect any suspicious characters. This approach will never…. [read more]

Condition of America Term Paper

… ¶ … America

The changing economic conditions all across the globe has also affected America and its people due to which several issues are emerging in the country. The people of America are facing issues in the context of health, finance, and spirituality causing the development of psychological distress. The incident of Benghazi has also caused the disturbance in the psychological conditions of people in America (Arnett 603). The paper is discussing the recent conditions of America in these aspects so as to understand every possible way of understanding the issues and the implications for solving the issues.

Financial Conditions in America

It can be said that the financial conditions of a large majority of Americans is distressing as their incomes are not at all…. [read more]

America Was a Wonderful Experiment Term Paper

… This process is the natural progression of those in power. There is no force available in the public sector regarding the exercise of power that can keep individuals from building their own towers of Babel to their own aggrandizement other than a shared right of every man to pursue the same progress. The want of power is hardly ever kept under restraint by anything but someone else's want of power. Mills writes that since this power is growing it will continue to grow and pose a threat to our principles of liberty, a people must erect a barrier to stop it. Mill believed that this barrier could be of moral conviction, the founding fathers were more pragmatic in their belief that only by being accountable…. [read more]

Community Health Shortage of Family Case Study

… The communities seek to make health care services accessible to all without having to go to the ER or having to ask somebody to write it off (Mast, 2010). As the health care reforms are rolled out there is a likelihood that the number of the people visiting health facilities will double as evidenced in the case of Community Health Center of Central Wyoming (Mast, 2010). With the community health center grants there will be more outpatient procedures.

I would consider a career in managing community health centers because proper management of such facilities would ensure that such centers improve the quality of life of people who go to such facilities to access health care services. Such facilities play an integral role in improving lives…. [read more]

Communicable Disease/Community Nursing 2003 SARS Term Paper

… Individuals suffering from respiratory and cardiovascular disease should avoid spending time outdoors on days when pollutant concentrations reach levels that have caused health problems in the past.

Urban pollution levels in the United States and Canada can be monitored using the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI), which can be accessed through the appropriate government agency, online, and through news channels (reviewed by Abelsohn and Stieb, 2011). Patients with respiratory and cardiovascular disease should monitor the severity of their symptoms in relation to the AQHI, thereby allowing them to use the AQHI to predict periods when spending time outdoors or certain activities would exacerbate their symptoms. Monitoring the AQHI will reveal that some patients react adversely to even low levels of air pollution, depending on what…. [read more]

Community Policing Essay

… Their organization is also asked to assist with emergency and disaster services, emergency medical situations, and to assist citizens in need. The duties of a police officer vary so dramatically, that the safety and internal culture of a police force differs from organization to organization (e.g. A Police Office in a large metropolitan area like New York will have different duties and dangers than a County Sheriff in a rural Oklahoma area) (Barlow 2000).

POP, or "Problem-Oriented Policing," is a theory in which small pieces of police work (e.g. similar incidents, etc.) are examined in detail so that resources and preventative measures can be used more effectively (Goldstein, 2001). This seems to be the wave of the future; much as it is in medicine and…. [read more]

America John Debrizzi's Book, America, Tells Term Paper

… America

John Debrizzi's book, America, tells the story of America Huerta, the daughter of Mexican immigrants and her influence upon Moses Shabalala, the first African-American President of the United States. In America, color and class is examined and the reader is left thinking about how the color of a person's skin and their work is almost always related. The issue of immigration today is inextricably woven into the picture Debrizzi creates in his novel.

Whiteness is something that gives those of that skin color a sort of advantage in society when it comes to their work. It is, in a sense, a cultural currency. We are left thinking about the fact that workers serve as part of a capitalist labor system because they provide labor…. [read more]

Community Policing Essay

… The continued use of them would deny the police a chance to understand what the community wanted. The needs and requirements of the citizens are mostly unclear hence often needs the engagement of the same society to come to understand their needs, this could only be done through community policing.

The police, there before were randomly changed from one route to another with the aim of reducing corruption and reducing police involvement in drug ring running and cover-ups and making the police force more community focused. This habit denied the community the chance to trust the police enough to share secrets of crime (Jeffery Peterson, 2012), hence the only solution was community policing where the police drew closer to the community and after a long…. [read more]

America in Moral Decline Term Paper

… America in Moral Decline?

Morality, like any other social issue, ebbs and flows through time like natural seasonal cycles. The degree of importance placed upon, volunteerism, philanthropic giving, child nurturing, and vices like alcohol consumption, illicit drug use and fornication in its truest definition, coitus outside of wedlock, are all dependant upon the morals and standards being taught to youth at home, in schools and in the community. In the past 20 years there has been a constant outcry regarding the potential moral decline of the culture of the U.S., with many sighting outrageous and exceptional extremism in actions by a few. Some examples are the Enron accounting scandal, the Clinton sex scandal, rampant drug use, gang activities, unintended and out of wedlock births and…. [read more]

Community Leadership Is Very Important Essay

… Grants are not given out as easily as they used to be, and there are fewer of them handed out based on poignant stories and "hard luck" information (Browning, 2009). In other words, any grant has to have an actual point and purpose, not just be a sob story about a failing community center or people who do not have anywhere to live. That does not mean those things do not matter, but only that it is much more difficult to get grants than it used to be. There has to be a clear direction and purpose, objectives that the grant will meet, a method that will be followed, and a design that can be verified and checked up on by the granting organization in…. [read more]

Community College Success Programs Term Paper

… Community College Success Programs

Social and cultural diversity is clearly one of the United States' most promising cultural circumstances, as such cultural diversity affords the nation opportunities for growth and development beyond the status quo and if embraced opportunity for a broader world view in the modern global environment. Valuing such cultural diversity is a talking point in any discussion regarding civic social responsibility and national development and yet such discussion has not currently led to major strides in development and growth of the individuals who comprise such diversity and this is particularly true of the Latino population. In general the population struggles with many social and cultural barriers that create obstacles for overall success in immigration, be it permanent or temporary. Latino students often…. [read more]

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