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Comparative Book Review Stephanie Mckenzie the Black Book Review

… Comparative Book Review
Stephanie Mckenzie
The Black Experience
November 22,2009

The Black Experience
The issue of race in the United States is a deeply complex morass of
political, economic, psychological and cultural impressions all tangled
together by a history of deep hatred and oppression. Thus, the fact that
an African American man was elected to the presidency in 2008 is a
critically important moment in American history and one that appears as a
sudden departure from centuries of inequality. However it is more accurate
to contend that this moment came about neither suddenly nor with the
totality of impact suggested. Instead, the texts of Gwen Ifill (2009) and
Alex Haley (1964) both proceed from the perspective that the struggle for
racial equality in the…. [read more]

Book of Revelation Term Paper

… Book of Revelation: Looking Beyond Revelation is could easily be considered the most controversial book in the New Testament; if not the entire Bible itself. Many have tried in vain to understand what the book is trying to tell us. There are essentially two different schools of thought regarding revelation. The first is that the book is historical in nature that it symbolically tells about the events that were happening around Rome at the time. The other view is that it is prophetic and reveals things yet to come. This review will examine the book of Revelation and what is known about its author and literary style that can give us clues as to its meaning.

This analysis will support the thesis that both the…. [read more]

Alexander the Great Books Book Review

… Alexander the Great

Books on Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great lived before the Common Era but he remains to be one of the most important historical figures in history. He is studied in the school textbooks of perhaps all countries in the world. Many look up to him as a hero, a military genius, and almost a divine-like superman, whereas others see him as a brutal tyrant who conquered many places for his own pleasure. In other words, he is one of the greatest figures in history but is also one of the most controversial ones. There are many reasons why he is controversial. People have different perspectives. But part of the reason is also that sources about the life of Alexander the Great…. [read more]

Woman? The Book, 'Aren Book Review

… The thing that did not work for me was the space in the book that discussed on the status of the women after the reconstruction of the south. Little space in the book was set aside to discuss about the positive experiences that women enjoyed after the reconstruction of the south. In my opinion, the author should have given equal space in this section just the one used in explaining the bad experience that black women faced in the Antebellum America (White 33).

4.0 Conclusion

In conclusion, this book would interest many people interested in the gender studies and women's rights. The book will provide guidance and key information on the historical abuses of women have faced in history. In addition, this book will interest…. [read more]

Comparison in Comparative Politics Term Paper

… Comparison in Comparative Politics

Comparative politics seek to find the similarities and differences
between different countries in order to help explain the cause and effects
of political actions. In this way, even studies of comparisons covering
vastly different topics can have much in common. Peter Uvin, in his 1999
article "Ethnicity and Power in Burundi and Rwanda: Different Paths to Mass
Violence" seeks an explanation to ethnic violence in Burundi and Rwanda and
how Burundi and Rwanda reached their level of violence resulting from
politics. On an entirely different subject, in 2005, Michael McFaul in
"Transitions from Postcommunism," looks for the common factors that will
lead to a transition from authoritarianism to democracy. In comparing the
post communist regimes, he uses Serbia, Ukraine, and Georgia…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Book Management Book Review

… ¶ … Organizational Behavior

Book review of a management topic of your choice

The book chosen for review in this paper is 'Organizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations' published in 2011 and written by Ricky W. Griffin, Gregory Moorhead. A number of definitions have been given for the term organizational behavior. The most important definition argues that organizational behavior deals with the effects and impacts that the groups and individuals within the organizations have on overall behaviors within an organization. Thereby, it can be argued here that organizational behavior is a multifactorial dimension of a workplace. The book deals with important aspects of organizational behavior, how overall environment of an organization affects behaviors in an organization and how interpersonal relationships affect the behaviors within the…. [read more]

Hezbollah Augustus Richard Norton's Book Book Report

… This is not discussed by the authors reviewed here, however, though the resistance to Israel generally as a source of tension in the region and with Hezbollah specifically is certainly exploited by the organization, and truly creating a fear or "terror" of the Jewish state is a definite part of Hezbollah's ultimate goals in certain of its actions and policies.

The Reviews Are In

Understanding the true legitimacy of Norton's claims is difficult for the novice student in the area, and a reliance on other critical views of Hezbollah: A Short History does much to question a work that otherwise comes across as quit definitive. Many others express a great deal of approval for the book, though even those with generally positive comments tend to…. [read more]

Crime and Intelligence Analysis Term Paper

… Whereas the crime analyst went well with the policing department, the intelligence analyst goes well with the homeland security ideas. This is because a crime analyst usually serves in a more local capacity, whereas the intelligence analyst, as seen from the definitions above, is most likely to serve in a national and international capacity. For this reason, this role will be analyzed further below.

There are varying opinions on what makes up the analytic or intelligence community today, especially at high governmental levels. The reason for this is that this community is built upon many strata of more inferior positions, but all of which supply the individual with valuable information in order to carry out the task of gathering intelligence and utilizing it for the…. [read more]

Africa Comparative Review Book Review

… Africa Comparative Review

Comparative Book Review: Africa

Fanon's aim in Black Skin, White Masks is to elaborate the features of psychic alienation experienced within the African man in the context of European colonialism, along with the mechanisms by which such alienation occurs. He states, "What we are striving for is to liberate the black man from the arsenal of complexes that germinated in a colonial situation."

He wants to liberate him (or her) so that he (or she) can "choose action (or passivity) with respect to the real source of the conflict, i.e., the social structure."

A pragmatic and social function is implied. He hopes that his book is "a mirror with a progressive infrastructure where the black man can find the path to disalienation."…. [read more]

Literary Analysis for Edith Wharton's "Ethan Frome Essay

… However, the numerous ideas suggested by the way that these three characters influence each-other actually make the text attractive from another perspective -- one involving unique features present in a stereotypical environment. It is because of how these people think that readers are probable to feel intrigued upon becoming familiar with them.

Frome's character puts across the feeling that life can actually be unrewarding for some people. He seems to be a hopeless person, taking into account how he lives in accordance with rules and does not hesitate to follow the path he is provided with. Concepts like joy or naturalness seem to be impossible for individuals like Frome. He respects his duties and blindly follows legislations, only for his thinking to be significantly affected…. [read more]

Financial Analysis Research Paper

… Price/EBITDA per Share

Price/EBITDA per Share is the method to calculate the company stock price to its share "Earning before Interest, Taxes and Depreciation and Amortization."

The data from the company income statements are used to calculate the Price/EBITDA per share.

Sun Trust Bank



Interest Expenses= 492,000

Amortization= 0

EBITDA= 1,231,000+ 492,000+0

EBITDA = $1,723,000.


Price/EBITDA per Share= 27.2 / (1,723,000 / 535,000,001)

Price/EBITDA per Share=27.2/0.0032

Price/EBITDA per Share =8500

Bancorp Bank

EBIT= 8,305,000

Interest Expenses= 1,676,000

EBITDA= 8,305,000+ 1,676,000+0

EBITDA= 10,081,000

Price/EBITDA per Share

Price/EBITDA per Share =34.03 / (10,081,000 / 1.86 Billion)

Price/EBITDA per Share =34.03/0.0054

Price/EBITDA per Share =6301

Current Market Value of Sun Trust Bank and Bancorp Bank

The next step is to provide the breakdown of the…. [read more]

Homeric Epics and Mark Dennis Book Report

… They had invited the king to a feast and "then cut me down as a man cuts down some ox" (McDonald, p. 79). In Chapter 10, Mark's tales of the two feasts for thousands may have been based on popular legends, miracle stories, the miraculous feeding of the Israelites in the desert or the miracles of Elisha, but McDonald also finds parallels in the great feasts of King Nestor at Pylos and King Menelaus at Sparta, which Homer also wrote as a doublet. Mark also intended this to be a contrast with "boorish greed" of Penelope's suitors (McDonald, p. 85).

Other miracles of Jesus described in Chapters 11 and 12 have their parallels in the Odyssey, as does the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem in…. [read more]

Investment Report and Analysis Harley-Davidson, Inc Term Paper

… Investment Report and Analysis

harley-davidson, inc.


Harley-Davidson, Inc. is the parent company to a group of companies doing business as Harley-Davidson Motor Company including Buell Motorcycle Company and Harley-Davidson Financial Services. Harley-Davidson Motor Company is a manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles along with a complete line of motorcycle parts, apparel, accessories and other general merchandise. Harley-Davidson manufactures five lines of motorcycles. The corporate headquarters of Harley-Davidson are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Harley-Davidson employs approximately 9,000 individuals.

2004-2006 Annual Balance Sheet

Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Annual Balance Sheet

Currency in Millions of U.S. Dollars as of: Dec

Restated Dec



Assets Cash and Equivalents

Short-Term Investments


Accounts Receivable



Prepaid Expenses

Finance Division Loans and Leases, Current

Deferred Tax…. [read more]

Peru in Comparison to Uganda Term Paper

… Businesses and communities in the heart of Cali have been destroyed by coca dollars, and again through their withdrawal from the local economy.

In terms of deforestation, this is a problem common to all developing countries, as people without access to our (developed world) privileges clear land to feed their families. Deforestation in Peru stands at 290,000 hectares per year; in Colombia, this figure is estimated to be higher than this, at 310,000 hectares per year (but no-one can say for sure, as most forested areas in Colombia are under the control of guerrilla groups, such as FARC, and so it is impossible to obtain real figures for this). It has been said that "at the (current rate of deforestation in Colombia), Colombia's woodlands will…. [read more]

Historical Novel in Victorian Literature Term Paper

… ¶ … Tale of Two Cities is long-lasting evidence to the best, and an intense analysis of the worst of human nature. Charles Dickens set out to make the French Revolution live in the minds and hearts of the reader. Human suffering is not the only problem that faced the French people in the 18th Century. With all the injustices and poverty highlighted, A Tale of two Cities is a journeying of situations that will go on just as long as inequity and violence continue to flourish. However, while the novel is a social critique, it is also an examination of the restraints of human injustice where innocent people are killed and imprisoned. In this regard, this paper highlights social upheaval and restoration of social…. [read more]

Business Analysis Part Two Essay

… Financial Analysis

McDonald's like many other companies was affected by the recent global financial crisis, and its revenue and profitability was affected. However, presently, the company has recovered in the last two years. This is very clear when you examine McDonald's from 2007 to 2011. The net income of McDonald's has steadily risen from 2007 to 2011. As shown in its financial report, (see 2011 annual report), in 2007, its net income was $2,395 millions. The following year, its net income increased to $4,313 million, this was followed by a net income of $4,551 in 2009, and then $4,946 million in 2010. In 2011, McDonald's was again on a positive trend posting a net income of $5,503 million. This steady increase in net income shows…. [read more]

Backward and We: A Comparison Essay

… In Bellamy's novel freedom, autonomy, achievement and uniqueness have been compromised for equitability and the elimination of greed, desire and crime. While some might say that this is a just exchange, this is not a society that's going to be able to foster the bright minds and daring genius that will help to advance it. In Zamyatin's novel, the narrator proclaims, "all human history, as far back as we know it, is the history of moving from nomadic life to a more settled way of life. So, doesn't it follow that the most settled form of life (ours) is by the same token the most perfect form of life (ours)?" (Zamyatin 12). However, the price has been paid: in order to achieve this advancement, individual…. [read more]

Book for Academic Audiences Has Several Challenges Essay

… ¶ … book for academic audiences has several challenges. The most significant of these is the challenge of offering information that contributes to the existing knowledge base within a particular subject choice. I believe Donna M. Goldstein, author of Laughter Out of Place: Race, Class, Violence, and Sexuality in a Rio Shantytown, did an admirable job of this in her work by focusing at least some attention on how laughter plays a role in the often harsh environment she describes. She also does more than merely focus on the academic description of this environment. By creating a leitmotif narrative with Gloria as her main character, the author also finds an entertaining, if often tragic, way to bring her facts to life. In this way, the…. [read more]

Media the Two Media News Outlets Research Paper

… Media

The two media news outlets that I am going to evaluate are the Onion News Network, which a cable television program based on the Onion website, and WikiLeaks. The Onion is a satire-based program, so the stories covered are fictional, but serve the purpose of shedding light on issues in American city. WikiLeaks is a website that serves as an outlet for leaked documents. The site's content consists of information that was not intended for the general public audience, and in releasing this information the website is providing information for the public about what occurs among power brokers in politics and business behind closed doors.

Postman and Powers (2008) argue that news media must be viewed critically. The point out that the mainstream media…. [read more]

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth: Critique Book Review

… ¶ … Bible

Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart's How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth aims to be a guide to Biblical hermeneutics and exegesis designed for the layperson. Their emphasis however, is on heremeneutics, described in their introductory chapter as "the great urgency that gave birth to this book,"[footnoteRef:0] Yet the chief difficulty with this book is, perhaps, the way in which the authors define the layperson. This is a book informed by a specific doctrinal bias and therefore cannot claim to be a mere guide to Biblical hermeneutics, when the authors pause occasionally to point out why Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses are engaged in heretical reading of scripture -- it is worth recalling that no less distinguished a Protestant exegete than…. [read more]

Compare and Contract Two Family Relationships and Their Consequences Essay

… ¶ … Family Relationships and Their Consequences

There are a number of distinct similarities between the story related to Jacob and Esau found within the Book of Genesis in the Bible and the story of Myrrha and Cinyras which is part of Greek mythology. Aside from detailing relationships between family members, there is a great deal of incest involved within each of the respective tales. Perhaps more importantly, there is also a substantial amount of incest that takes place in each story as well. Women also play roles in each tale that help to divide the families; it is significant that within both narratives that a woman is the root cause of the sundering of the families. Despite all of these similarities (which also include…. [read more]

Backlash 9-11 Book Review

… ¶ … history of the United States is the 9/11 terror attacks that will forever be remembered by millions of Americans who witnessed the collapse of the Twin Towers on the media. 9/11 also remains as a significant sad and shocking day for Middle Eastern and Muslim Americans since it marked the beginning of a new era in which they became backlash victims. During the period when the United States was attempting to absorb the shock of these attacks, Muslim Americans were subjected in an unprecedented wave of backlash violence. The main reason attributed to the increased wave of backlash against Middle East and Muslim Americans is the increased misrepresentation and misunderstanding of the Islamic religion. This widespread misunderstanding of this religion persisted regardless of…. [read more]

Elliot Sclar's Influential Book, You Book Review

… Elliot Sclar's influential book, You Don't Always Get What You Pay For: The Economics of Privatization examines the process of privatization. In a struggling economy it has become fashionable for communities to consider the privatization of what have been historically public services in an effort to economize and streamline governmental operations

Sclar in his book examines the advantages and disadvantages and does so through the use of some strongly supported data but his conclusions, in the end, may be flawed.

In his book, Sclar essentially comes to two conclusions. First, he argues that the result of privatization is not greater and more efficient production. On occasion, it might be successful but, on the whole, there is little benefit to the process. Second, Sclar takes issue…. [read more]

Sociology Book Review Postman Neil Amusing War Book Review

… Sociology book review Postman Neil "Amusing

War, murder, terrorism, random and premeditated violence, religion and in the more modern, as one small example of the evolution, even dangerous high speed police chases have become the stuff of entertainment. Our culture has effectively desensitized ourselves to the element of humanity in all these issues and more frequently see them as a way to sell the modern human condition to itself. Seeking a way to engage viewers the media as well as the entertainers themselves have marketed the world condition, with all its poignant dramatic moments and made it more closely resemble fiction. Postman's work is a classic, along the lines of Futureshock and though it was first published in 1985 the parts that are dated can…. [read more]

Cheyenne Again Analyze Multicultural Children Book Review

… Cheyenne Again

Analyze Multicultural Children's Picture Books

Eve Bunting's Cheyenne Again

One of the struggles many teachers have regarding the legacy of Anglo-Indian relations is to present the topic in a fair manner that does not whitewash history yet also not traumatizes young students. Eve Bunting's Cheyenne Again tells the story of young Indian children who were forced, either by economic circumstances or political pressures, to attend a white-run school that attempted to anglicize them and acculturate them to white society. The book humanizes and teaches history by focusing on the plight of one Indian boy named Young Bull. The book ends on a positive note, as the child learns to be 'Cheyenne Again' inside even though the outer world is pressuring him to forget…. [read more]

Factory Girls as Chang ) Book Report

… Chinese business, like most aspects of Chinese culture, is complex. Chang (2009) also urges a long-term view of China vis-a-vis the factory workers, because this particular stage in the evolution of business entities in China will change eventually. Just as American factory workers now enjoy entitlements and rights, future Chinese workers might be able to depend on the same. Those changes will take a long time, not least because they are expensive changes to make. Yet it is not just the cost of doing business that might hinder a more rapid shift from current working conditions to improved conditions. Businesses in China are structured on an organizational model that has become largely outmoded in the West -- a model that has deep and immovable hierarchies.…. [read more]

Sin in the Second City Studying Book Review

… Sin in the Second City

Studying the history of a big, fascinating and historic city like Chicago is a worthy pursuit for a student no matter what the topic might be simply because Chicago is American through and its flaws and foibles reflect America's past. The subject might be Al Capone and his grip on the criminal genre in Chicago, it might be baseball and the Black Sox scandal that kept Shoeless Joe Jackson out of the big leagues -- or it might be the Chicago of Mayor Richard Daley that hosted the 1968 Democratic National Convention during which there was a police riot against antiwar demonstrators. Studying the life and times of Chicago at the turn of the century when the Everleigh sisters opened…. [read more]

Animal Farm an Analysis Book Review

… Thus, the pig leaders of Animal Farm become like the very real humans they initially appeared to despise.

Napoleon's character is different from Snowball's in that it is more of an authoritarian than a visionary. Snowball's plans for guiding Animal Farm are utopian, Napoleon's militaristic. Napoleon trains the dogs to be attack dogs that they might shield him. He enlists Squealer to be his public relations man, to trick the dumber animals into submitting to his authority. If Napoleon has any virtues at all, it might be his overall tenacity: he does not allow anyone else to reign alongside him and will do anything to keep power all to himself. His flaws, however, are his willingness to deceive and even rewrite history in order to…. [read more]

Gender and Islam Books Book Review

… Thus for Ahmed, the regression of women's rights under Islam could be traced back to over 2,000 years.

Ahmed's work also differs in another important area.

While the essays in Islam, Gender, and Social Change focused on individual countries and case studies, Ahmed takes a more macrosociological and macrohistorical approach. This could prove a limitation, since there are significant differences between various strains of Islam. In history, for example, Ahmed herself states that the Abbasid Empire was composed of Sufi, Shii and Qarmatian Muslims who may have held positive attitudes towards women. Furthermore, in the present day, there are also significant differences between various strains of extremist and more modern forms of Islam.

However, Ahmed presents a useful picture of Islam as a whole. Similarly,…. [read more]

Company Analysis: Products and Brands Case Study

… In addition, the company could not fit singularly into any existing category such as business process management or workflow management (B2B Marketing, 2012). MatsSoft's personality brand revolves on a story that would echo with its intended audience via bold graphics. The brand personality can be described as 'Happiness made easy', which highlights the possibility of the platform to make life easier for stakeholders, customers, and staff.

Similarities between their brands

Both company's brand personality compare with the sense that they are great and project their company's corporate culture. Additionally, both companies' brand strategies are customer-oriented. As such, they emphasize on their customer's requirements. For instance, MatsSoft focuses on the CEOs, employees, and marketing team needs while Apple targets rich people.

Differences between their branding efforts…. [read more]

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