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Art Along With Georges Braque Essay

… Both Leger and Picasso are concerned with the role geometric forms play in a composition. Arcs and curves, for example, feature prominently in both Picasso's Femme a la mandolin and in Leger's Le modele nu dans l'atelier. The term "cubism" is not an absolute designation that precludes the artist from including curvilinear elements. Rather, the "cube" implies three-dimensionality, and that three-dimensionality can be readily and successfully achieved by depicting rounded objects, spheres, and the natural curves of the human body as well as straight lines. In fact, the more curvilinear elements an abstract work contains, the more organic the overall impression will be due to the fact that the natural universe contains no true straight lines.

Picasso does include a few straight lines in Femme…. [read more]

Art Essay

… The Romantic era was essentially one in which the norms, values and ideals of the past were interrogated and questioned. A central characteristic of the Romantic era was the emphasis on emotions and feelings rather than on reason and logic. These new values are clearly reflected in many early Romantic paintings as well as in Delacroix's The Sea of Galilee.

The Romantic Movement in all the art forms was essentially a reaction to the rational and mechanical view of reality that had become a dominant feature of Western civilization (Introduction to the Romantic Era in English Poetry). The Romantics turned away from order through science and the structured, mechanical view of life and were more concerned with the dynamic and spontaneous energies of nature. Nature…. [read more]

Art (History Art Ages) Discussion Essay

… Whereas David appears to merely be in the process of loading and firing a stone at Goliath, the subject of Myron's work is definitely contorted and twisted in a way that is most advantageous for tossing a discus long-range. As such, this sculpture depicts potential energy in the process of transforming to kinetic energy -- which is quite an accomplishment in a work of still art.

However, it appears as though Bernini observed this concept and attempted to replicate it on some level. Moreover, the fact that he chose to do so with a version of the classic Biblical figure David directly contrasts the previously existing sculptures of Davie by Michelangelo, Verrochio and Donatello, which are merely standing around. The overall effect of the difference…. [read more]

Art History the Transition Thesis

… The church's influence changes the effect of a scene that would otherwise appear explicitly and obviously erotic.

Fragonard's The Swing, however, celebrates the central figure's sexuality by taking an opposite tack. Rather than couch the woman's sexuality in religious imagery, the painting explores in a positively secular fashion by portraying the adulterous couple in a positive light. The woman's lover is granted a view up her dress while her cuckolded husband stands in the shadows, demonstrating a complete ideological reversal in regards to sexuality, and particularly women's sexuality. Where before Teresa's sexuality had to be couched in the language of a miraculous appearance, the sexuality of the figure in The Swing is shown to have a worldly, naturalistic character that values the blessing of Cupid…. [read more]

Art Analysis: ART21 After Reviewing Essay

… The title of this work states: this is no time for dreaming. For whatever feelings or opportunities dreaming provides us, this is no time for that now. This logic begs the question, if it is not time for dreaming, what is it time for then? Tossing papers about in an empty room might be the perfect time for dreaming because the reality of the situation is not fun.

Forever is a series of installations where the primary source material is bicycles. Weiwei used approximately 1,200 bicycles to construct his exhibit. Weiwei is an artist that often expresses messages that are aware of the 21st century Chinese reality, condition and culture. His work is very connected and heavily themed around the diversity of meaning of the…. [read more]

Art Culture: Public Space Term Paper

… This is because the 20th century public sphere constitutes organized individuals that exert their influence over public debate and sphere institutionally. This public cannot appreciate the placement of public art in the public sphere, unlike the 18th century public. According to Habermaes, public art gained popularity in the 18th century, since the public was subject to political decisions and interests. In that era, the public sphere was marked by a close link between church, state, public, and private sectors, under a feudal system. In this system, the power relations and levels of power saw political authority hold the highest levels of power (Habermaes 52). At this high level of power, politicians and rulers represented their ideals and state inform of symbols in the public sphere,…. [read more]

Art Movements Cubism vs. Futurism Essay

… Target Audience: the Futurists work is targeted their art and skills to mass audience since their subjects have been social issues and political movements. Cubism had contracted their market to elite art educated audience and art lovers who understands the real meaning of artistic design.

Art movement: In the initial period of movement, Futurists worked in performances and have written many manifestos in exaggerated languages. Cubist has confined itself in intellectual writing and making wise contribution by linking their work to the French classical art and recent scientific ideas. Cubism art movement was defined in terms of gallery and art exhibitions making active contribution in the field of art through work of Picasso, Braque and setting exhibitions for the Salon Cubists. However Futurism movement has…. [read more]

Art Currently on Loan Term Paper

… He is leaving town on some unknown journey. Given that the subject of the painting is likely to be "one of these prosperous bankers or merchants who were eager to have their likenesses immortalized by Memling," the man might be off to make a business deal in a neighboring town. Regardless of where he is actually headed, it does not appear to be a hard journey or even one that has not been undertaken before. The man looks peaceful, calm, and slightly contemplative, and barely concerned. He has a strong sense of presence and confidence. This is not a poor peasant in feudal medieval Europe. After all, this is wealthy Bruges.

The foreground and focal point is consumed by the man's visage. The eye is…. [read more]

Art La Berceuse (Woman Rocking Term Paper

… This alteration captivates the viewer and gives the objects in the picture more form. Like Van Gogh, Cezanne created a scene where form was given priority and yet, while Van Goghs form was less definite and had few angles, the model and the frames within the picture by Cezanne are more symmetrical and suggest the initial entry of cubism into art forms. The incremental nature of Cezanne's approach was eloquently discussed by the critic Roger Fry (1989, 3): For him, as I understand his work, the ultimate synthesis of a design was never revealed in a flash; rather he approached it with infinite precautions..."

And thus emerged two artists of equal genius and yet, such different temperaments.



Art as Political Statement Term Paper

… As such, Marc's animals appeared in non-naturalistic colors, which has symbolist qualities such as blue for masculinity, while red and yellow stood for femininity.

To depict yellow as a joyous color, Marc created The Yellow Cow in order to show the happiness and the female depicted by the cow leaping through the air (Pioch).

As the political situation however worsened with the advent of the First World War, Marc's paintings reflected his fears. His animals became smaller and spread out, losing their qualities of calm and contemplation. In this way Marc makes the statement that even the artist as expressionist is not completely immune from the outside influence of fear and doubt (Pioch).


Fauvism was a mostly Parisian movement that did not last long,…. [read more]

Art History - High Renaissance Term Paper

… The various influences that played an important role in the development of Raphael's artistic ability are evident. The round format is indicative of Florence, yet the picture within is different from Raphael's own Florentine Madonnas. The Virgin Mother's pose resembles a work of classic sculpture, with the robes of ancient Rome, and the landscape itself is seen as an idealized view of the Roman campagna. There is grandeur to The Alba Madonna, lending it a seriousness, the need for which could be interpreted as emanating from the focus on a slender reed cross that defines the work's intended meaning. Church doctrine holds that from birth Christ had an understanding of his fate. In The Alba Madonna, the Christ Child is shown accepting the cross of…. [read more]

Art Compare and Contrast (Giuliano Bugiardini Essay

… Art

Compare and Contrast (Giuliano Bugiardini, Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist, 1510) and (Roger van der Wyden, Deposition, c. 1435-1438)

Renaissance Art

Compare and Contrast Giuliano Bugiardini, Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist, and Roger van der Wyden, Deposition

There are many artistic contrasting elements and differences between Giuliano Bugiardini's Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist, and Roger van der Wyden's Deposition. Even an initial cursory glance at the two paintings reveals differences in style and composition, with the intimacy and experimentation of a more humanistic approach on the one hand and a more mannerist and classical approach on the other.

The central thesis that will be explored in this paper is a follows; that the two paintings…. [read more]

Art the Renaissance Heralded in an Entirely Term Paper

… Art

The Renaissance heralded in an entirely new tradition of art form during the 14th and 15th centuries, with a wide variety of painters, poets, writers and architects that literally and figuratively saw the world in a different light from the dark and dismal Middle Ages. Humanism developed in Italy in the field of literature, once again honoring the Greek and Latin classics for their scholarship and moral ethics. The humanists emphasized an enormous confidence in the power of reason as a source to understand human nature and its place in the world's order (Art: A World History, 215). The Reformation, a religious revolution with an emphasis on individual faith, was promoted by individuals or "protestors" such as Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin and…. [read more]

Art the Lady or the Angel Rembrandt Term Paper

… Art

The Lady or the Angel

Rembrandt's portrait, Woman with a Pink, is a dark, yet very warm portrait of a woman holding a pink carnation. The background is very dark, though we can see a hint of wainscoting on the wall. The woman seems to be lost in thought and thinking deeply on something, quietly contemplating, almost sad. Her large eyes look down and not at the "camera," as if she is quite alone. She is richly dressed, especially for the austere Dutch culture in which she must have lived, so we assume she is an important personage. Her jewelry, clothing embroidery and headdress appear to be gold, but we cannot really even guess at the material of her gown, as it fades into…. [read more]

Art the French Impressionists Rendered Modern Bourgeois Essay

… Art

The French Impressionists rendered modern bourgeois life, often by focusing on gardens and leisure activities. Both Berthe Morisot and Gustave Caillebotte use garden scenery as a background for conveying themes related to modern life in France in the late nineteenth century. Morisot's "The Basket Chair" was painted in 1885, and depicts a mother and her young child in a private, fenced-off garden. Caillebotte's 1878 "The Orange Trees" conveys a scene in a public park, most likely a public park in Paris. The impressionistic gardens are at once a vehicle and the central subject matter. As vehicle, the gardens allow the painters to explore new artistic techniques such as the means by which to render light; the use of a delicate and nuanced palette; and…. [read more]

Art of Classical Antiquity Essay

… The story of the trial and death of Socrates as it is told in Plato's Republic, brought to life on canvas by David, had direct historical reference. Socrates was put on trial by those who would not listen to reason: the jury of Athenians was too beholden to the ancient social structure. David drew much from this historical reference and is making a political statement in the painting. In ancient Greece, the art was not making as much of a political statement as it was an expression of pride in the pinnacle of Hellenic culture. Other Neoclassical works, including those by David, do not address the themes of classical Greece. They are, such as "Napoleon Crossing the Alps," more squarely rooted in contemporary imagery. However,…. [read more]

Art Complete Identifications Period/Date- Renaissance Essay

… The Baroque period is often identified with grandiose sculptures and paintings. In many instances, these forms of art were used to showcase an elite status of wealth. Much of the style portrays a sense motion, drama and intensity. During the baroque era, the Roman Catholic Church was undergoing dramatic internal reform. As part of this reform, leaders within the church wanted to appeal to a wider array of individuals with particular emphasis on those who were illiterate. In an attempt to do so, the church mandated that paints not only express a story, but also appeal to the sense of those viewing the painting or sculpture. As such extensive use of intense emotions and sensationalism were incorporated into many of the Baroque era paintings. Caravaggio's…. [read more]

African and Asian Influences on Western European Art Essay

… She is standing on a Chinese carpet and wearing a Japanese kimono. However, Asian influence was just one out of several styles that affected European art. African art had a profound effect.

African art influenced 20th century styles of European art which is evident in cubism. Looking at the Bakota reliquary guardian figure from Gabon, Mbulu-Ngulu, we see an intermediary between the living and the dead. It is formalized into geometric shapes, the base taking the shape of a diamond, the solid contrasting the empty space (Soltes). The head depicts the connection to the soul and the realm of the dead. Another geometric piece of art is the Fang mask from Gabon, with geometric reduction and geometric emphasis on light and shadow. The Kifwebe mask…. [read more]

Art Impressionism in Art Developed Essay

… Beside her, to the right of the painting sits a man staring to the right. Ellen Andree, an actress is the woman in the painting, while the man is Marcellin Desboutin, an artist as well as bohemian character. In the later half of 19th century, absinthe became popular in France and was held responsible for alcoholism, social instability and degradation. L'Absinthe has often by viewed by English critics as a lesson against absinthe. The painting also gives a glimpse of the social segregation in Paris during its years of rapid development.

A Bar at the Folies Bergere by Edouard Manet is a scene from the Folies Bergere club in Paris. The painting is filled with features specific the restaurant. Focused at the centre of the…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast Two or More Art Works Term Paper

… ¶ … Artworks

A Comparison of Picasso and Van Gogh

Pablo Picasso best represents the Modernism of the 20th century: fractured, novel, and abstract, many of Picasso's works are a striking departure from the kind or representational or realistic artwork that preceded it. Best known for Cubism, Picasso distorted his subjects in an attempt to reflect an inner distortion in the soul. His Les Demoiselles d'Avignon may be said to be a forerunner of Cubism. It reveals Cubist tendencies in the heads of the primitively painted women. On the other hand, Vincent Van Gogh's Imperial Fritillaries in a Copper Vase (1886) represents both the colorful reality of nature and a soul alive with the joy of nature. This paper will compare and contrast the Picasso's…. [read more]

Art Period's Styles Represent Research Paper

… The statue of David largely contrasts the Artemision Bronze, as the former demonstrates that individuals were no longer inclined to value physical strength during the Renaissance. Instead, they focused on promoting the importance of intellectual power and Donatello thus used the feminine aspect of David with the purpose of showing that people had to focus on more complex matters in their struggle to achieve greatness.

Although it would be difficult to determine the exact effect that the Artemision Bronze has had on individuals at the time when it was created, conditions are different in the case of Donatello's David. The Italian artist performed a daring move by deciding to create the sculpture, considering that it is the first significant nude statue performed during the Renaissance.…. [read more]

Art Compare and Contrast Thesis

… Art Compare/Contrast

Le pin de Bonaventura a Saint-Tropez" is one of Paul Signac's most famous paintings, and at the same time, a very good example of Neo-impression whereas Vincent Van Gogh's "The Rocks" represents post-impressionism at its peak. The term 'Neo-impressionism' was coined at the end of the nineteenth century in order to describe the art movement led by French painters Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. The term expressed the roots of the new movement i.e. Impressionism, but also the new approach to the use of color and line exhibited by Neo-impressionists. Post-impressionism was a term coined at the beginining of the twentieth century to characterize the course of French art since Manet who was the leading apostle of Impressionism. Post-impressionist artists continued the tradition…. [read more]

Renaissance Art Term Paper

… Whereas Donatello shows David post-battle, Michelangelo shows David pre-battle. The deliberate distinction serves a formal purpose in the works of these two Renaissance artists. For Donatello, it was more important to capture the satisfaction and victory in the body and form of David. For Michelangelo, showing the uncertainty and realistic tension in the body and mind of David was more important.

As Baskins (1993) points out, the Biblical hero of David "moves from king to lover to penitent," but most artists need to show "selected moments of the narrative," (p. 113). This means that artists like Donatello and Michelangelo choose what face, form, and figure to show in their sculptural work. Donatello chose to show David as the victorious and androgynous universal victor. Michelangelo opted…. [read more]

Academic Level: Senior University Class Essay

… The background is a mournful mix of grey, a dark sky which reflects the general turmoil. Expressive hands and faces, thickened limbs, rich textures, masterful use of color and contrast, all come together to enforce a palpable, almost overwhelming impression of depth and grandeur in Ruben's painting. (Labedzki, A.)

Considering the two paintings together, certain areas of focus are to be taken into account. These include historical and social placement, the artists' relationship to religion and their personal styles.

In Barnaba da Modena's time, the plague years of 1347/48 had had repercussions on the general attitude towards life, making people more aware of their frailty, thus determining them to enjoy life to the fullest. Similarly, Peter Paul Rubens's Baroque period was intertwined with the Dutch…. [read more]

Art Variety and Harmony Are Inherent Term Paper

… Art

Variety and harmony are inherent in both Louise Nevelson's 1960 wood sculpture Royal Tide I and in Jan de Heem's 1650 oil painting Still Life with Lobster. Nevelson's composition consists of eighteen distinct units stacked together as a whole: a rectangle divided into eighteen cells. In spite of their individuality, the boxes relate to each other as a harmonious whole. Similarly, de Heem's still life portrays a plethora of disparate items that are unified through color, shape, and theme. Nevelson achieves visual harmony amid diversity via the uniform gold paint that covers the entire composition, uniting disparate elements of the composition. The cells are also neatly stacked and although they suggest hierarchy the units at the bottom are no different with regard to shape,…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast 2 Paintings Term Paper

… ¶ … Orpheus Charming the Animals vs. The Temptation of St. Anthony

The theme of Orpheus charming the animals was a common one in medieval and Italian Renaissance painting. It adopts a common trope of the Orpheus myth, namely that Orpheus was such a skillful player he was able to soothe all of the beasts of the forests. In this version of Orpheus Charming the Animals, rather than the immediate focus being upon Orpheus, the foreground features two fierce cheetahs. The presence of the cheetahs underlines the great singer's power. Their fierce gaze suggests that Orpheus can charm even the wildest beasts, and their foreground positioning suggests that the artist wished to emphasize this fact. The background focus is not upon animals but a wide,…. [read more]

Gender Borders in Art: Visible and Invisible Essay

… This painting, one of the first Impressionist works, caused public scandal because of its depiction of naked women matter-of-factly eating and bathing with a group of clothed males outdoors. In contrast to late Impressionists, such as Monet, Manet used a more realistic style. The sharply-defined bodies of female nudes and clothed males are in stark contrast to the hazier depiction of water and grass.

Like Kruger, Manet enjoyed taking aspects of existing art -- in Manet's case, high art -- and making new meaning from them. The female nude has historically been a typical subject of art and used to 'represent' sexuality but the realistic (as opposed to classical) setting and its cheeky provocation caused many art critics of the day to see Manet's work…. [read more]

Art History of the Western Term Paper

… This is very much unlike Raphael's Madonna pieces which put the Virgin and her child in beautiful, open, idealized meadow settings with bright colors and open skies. Unlike other Madonnas which have been created in a throne-like setting, however, these two pieces do have a lot in common. They are both showing the Virgin and the Christ child in a natural outdoor setting. Again, there is a pyramid structure to the figures -- the Virgin Mary, the Christ child, and St. John the Baptist. In Leonardo's piece, however, a fourth figure is added, a guardian angel. Like the foreshadowing that Rapahel used, there is also the cross in this painting. In Da Vinci's work we can also see how very much he influenced Raphael, such…. [read more]

Art, Picasso, Matisse, Diego Rivera Term Paper

… These paintings contain certain principles of Picasso regarding heroic ambition and importance and are among the best paintings of Matisse in the cubist style. At the same time, Picasso continued on his pet theme of harlequin and ended up with Man Leaning on a Table in 1915. The use of the prostitute or harem girl was quite often used by Matisse and even Picasso used similar girls. This was probably a part of their styles. They were personal friends and this also contributed to their similarities. At the end of the War, Picasso and Matisse met in the south of France. Both artists were now wealthy and kept meeting regularly, and this was the period when their relationship became the closest.

Matisse's painting Large Red…. [read more]

Art History of the Western Term Paper

… In contrasting the Mona Lisa to the High Renaissance portrait of Raphael's Baldassare Castiglione, a number of obvious differences become apparent. First, the portrait by Raphael is against a plan cloth-drop background. The Mona Lisa has a complex dreamlike landscape behind the figure of the Mona Lisa. The lines are more harsh throughout the portrait, though it still shows many of the wonderful aspects of portraits in Renaissance art, such as the move towards real flesh-tones and anatomically correct figures. The Castilgione, of course, is well documented as the subject of his portrait, while the Mona Lisa is still arguably another woman, or more than one person morphed together, it is unknown. The choice by Raphael to paint Castiglion is significant; this subject is one…. [read more]

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