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Comparing and Contrasting GM With Toyota Assessment

… ¶ … GM and Toyota

General Motors (GM) and Toyota are not only two of the car companies that dominated the American automotive market for generations, but also two of the largest car companies in the world. As a result, they are oftentimes considered two of the major players in the global automotive market. However, both companies have faced significant challenges in the last several years. By examining their working capital management, income statements, balance sheets, and statements of funds, this essay hopes to compare and contrast the financial health of the two companies.

Working Capital Management

Working capital is "a measure of both a company's efficiency and its short-term financial health" (Investopedia, Working capital, 2013). Determining the working capital is a mathematically simple process,…. [read more]

Marketing Comparison of Distribution Strategies Essay

… In the summer there may be a greater demand for lighter more refreshing soups, such as carrot and coriander or gazpacho. The attribution strategy we need to accommodate the seasonal variations, which may be forecast based on previous sales and marketing research. The seasonal impact is likely to influence the distribution strategy greater the soup compared to cars, however the automobile market may not be totally immune, as one may speculate that soft top sports cars and cabriolets may be more demand in the summer months compared to winter.

Therefore, the distribution strategies of automobiles and soup is very different, one is an infrequent purchase it is highly considered, and may take time, with a need to consider the way stock is held due to…. [read more]

External Environment Facing Toyota Essay

… Toyota is bolstering production in globally, including a plant in Texas that begins production this year. Executives have also outlined plans to boost production at existing plants in Canada, Thailand and Mexico. We recommend that they continue this strategy as well.


1. Toyota seeks 15% of global car market: Japanese automaker targeting Russia, India, China and Brazil,, November 13, 2006

2. Global Economic Research: Global Auto Report: Strengthening Car Sales Drive Global Vehicle Output To Record High -- Production increase will support global economic activity, Feb. 25, 2011, Scotiabank Group

3. Toyota Motor Corporation Global Web site, / (Accessed on March 10, 2011)

4. European car makers and their suppliers: changes at the interface, RT McIvor, PK Humphreys… - European Business &…. [read more]

Bias Critique Thackery, John. "Hybrid Term Paper

… The intended audience of this article, however, is clearly more interested in the car's purported power than environmental impact. Although the article does quote a director of alternative power technologies at J.D. Power & Associates, Westlake Village, who notes "the total HEV industry could be as large as one-half-million units by 2007," instead the author is more keen to emphasizes that forward-thinking car makers are "building a new breed of HEVs with smaller sticker premiums and more modest emission-reduction and mileage-enhancement targets." Thackery gently mocks the Toyota Prius, for example, stating that the car "sells on its appeal as a statement of the driver's environmental piety," but the more revved up HEVs, of the future, which are incidentally are more likely to be made by…. [read more]

Business - Management Theory: Toyota Term Paper

… Business - Management Theory: Toyota Case Study

Toyota Case Study

In an increasingly globalized marketplace, many companies have been forced to reduce costs and staff, improve supply chain management techniques and generally become leaner competitors just to survive. Some companies, though, have managed to prosper in the face of these challenges to assume leadership roles in their respective industries and one such company today is Toyota Motor Corporation. According to Warner, "Toyota Motor Corporation is the largest of eleven car manufacturers in Japan, being responsible for about 40 per cent of car sales in the Japanese market. It is also now undoubtedly one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world." To help identify how Toyota achieved this success where others have failed, this study…. [read more]

Strategic Management Report Essay

… Strategic Management Report

Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan. It is one of the world's largest automakers on the basis of revenues, scale of operations, and vehicle production capacity. The major products of the company are automobiles, commercial vehicles, power engines, and motorcycles. It manufactures personal, luxury, and heavy transport vehicles under its own brand name and deals in fuel, hybrid, and electric vehicles. Toyota Motor Corporation is the largest subsidiary of the Toyota Group which also owns a number of well-known automobile brands like Daihatsu, Lexus, Scion, Hino Motors, etc. Toyota manufactured its 200-millionth vehicle in July 2012. It was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. The mission of Toyota Motors Company…. [read more]

Two Company Term Paper

… ¶ … Companies

Ford vs. Toyota

Issues between the two companies as competitors

Both Ford and Toyota are large automotive manufacturing companies that specialize in producing vehicles for the average consumer, as opposed to luxury vehicles. During the 1990s, as SUVs grew more popular, Ford enjoyed some market success with its large suburban off-road vehicles. However, Toyota remained a strong force in the automotive market with its Camry, and other, smaller, more gas-efficient vehicles. With the escalating price of fuel, Toyota's hybrid Prius grabbed headlines while Ford garnered negative publicity because of its financial problems and issues with the pensions and benefits it owed to retired and current workers. Ford has had great difficulty in negotiating with the United Auto Workers Union (UAW). The Japanese…. [read more]

Org Structure A. The Organization Thesis

… Org Structure a. The organization I have chosen is FedEx. The shipping and logistics conglomerate operates a bureaucratic structure based along several different service lines (Reuters, 2008). Within each service line, there are different geographical units. So the flagship FedEx Express company operates FedEx Express Canada, FedEx Express China, etc. Each of these national units is then broken down by function (FedEx, 2008). The different functions get some operational guidance from the company headquarters, but they do not receive guidance from the conglomerate level.

Exhibit a: FedEx Org Chart

Exhibit B: FedEx Express Org Chart

Within the different functional units, the functions themselves are broken down into their constituent parts. For example, Ground Operations breaks down different functions that are run by different managers.

Exhibit…. [read more]

B2B Marketing When it Comes Term Paper

… B2B Marketing

When it comes to marketing, the action of selling something becomes more of an art. That is, it is up to the salesperson to persuade the buyer to purchase a certain object or service. How the seller does it? Well, through good oral skills, persuading techniques and interpersonal relations. Therefore, it is obviously that if the seller empathizes with the buyer, the whole process of selling something becomes suddenly easier. And this is a theory that applies both to business to consumer marketing and business to business marketing. Basically, both strategies are based on interpersonal relationships, and this is a general truth. The most important aspect in everything you do is the way you relate to the person next to you. If it…. [read more]

Impact of the Higher Gas Prices in the Automobile Industry Term Paper

… ¶ … High Gas Prices on the Automobile Industry

The heart and soul of this study, the primary research question, purports: What impact(s) do higher gas prices exert on the automobile industry (GM; Ford; Toyota; BMW; other manufacturers)? Subsequent questions include: How has the price of gas progressed through history? What do higher gas prices impact?

The study presents pertinent information/data which will prove useful to other researchers, as well as, to individuals impacted by higher gas prices, particularly those connected to the automobile industry. These individuals will especially benefit as this study aims to complement one's current understanding regarding this critical, contemporary concern.

This qualitative study utilizes the literature search methodology and obtains information from a variety of scholarly, news, general and governmental publications.…. [read more]

American Automotive Industry and Porter's Five Forces Model Research Paper

… American Automotive Industry and Porter's Theory

American Automotive Industry in the light of Porter's Five Forces Model

automotive industry contributes a great deal in global economy. It is huge and a truly global industry; has gone through major wave of recession and is now in recent years showing gradual improvement. It has severely faced challenges of globalization, decreasing oil reserves resulting in high fuel costs, changes in buyer's demand and diminishing buying potential along with threats from direct competitions especially from Asian manufacturers who are enjoying low production cost.

The research paper is an overview of the automotive industry in America which is further followed by an analysis of the industry's structural characteristics, its profile and its impact on U.S. economy with the behavior it…. [read more]

Fiat's Fall From Grace Can Fiat Turn Thesis

… Fiat Case Study

Fiat, once a global leader in auto manufacturing, is more challenged than the majority of other global manufacturers by the ongoing recession due to several macro and micro environmental factors. Despite their many strategic challenges as discussed in the case, the company has prospects globally due to their expertise with small car manufacturing. The intent of this analysis is to examine the extent of how macro and micro environmental factors influence Fiat's current condition. A SWOT analysis and a summary of the best potential options available for the auto maker is presented at the end of this analysis based on the research completed. The company's many macro-environmental factors are exacerbated by the current status of the global auto industry and the bail-out…. [read more]

Sirius and Xm Satellite Radio Term Paper

… It has 20 presets and a built-in wireless FM transmitter for use on all 100 FM frequencies. A home system that integrates with existing audio equipment is also available, with prices ranging from $250 up to $2,000. A head unit can also be placed in a car, and Sirius has over 15 headunits to choose from in prices ranging from under $200 to over $1,000. Some of the more reasonably priced units come with CD players and removable fronts.

Sirius has two Loral FS-1300 satellites in orbit, which cover the entire United States, with each satellite designed to have a useful life of about 15 years from time of launch. Its system uses terrestrial repeaters to maintain signal quality in areas with high concentrations of…. [read more]

Development of Intercultural Issues of the Hyundai Motor Company Thesis

… Intercultural Issues at Hyundai

Inter-Cultural Issues at Hyundai

Hyundai faces issues with intercultural concerns for two major reasons. First, they operate a carmaker that operates on a global scale and second because they actually have many of their cars manufactured in countries other than their country of origin including the United States. Indeed, Hyundai operates both Hyundai itself and Kia within the United States. This can be a challenge on a number of levels. Issues like nationalism, inter-cultural interactions, inter-cultural turf wars, prior wars between the home country of the company with that of one or more countries they operate in and other related concerns can all be issues for companies like Hyundai that originate from one country or part of the world and operate…. [read more]

Daimler Divestiture of Chrysler Term Paper

… Daimler-Chrysler Financial Debacle

In The Merger And Dissolution Of Daimler-Benz And Chrysler

History of the Participants: Differences and Similarities


Chrysler History

Prior to the Merger Discussions

Daimler-Benz becoming a global conglomerate

Chrysler's growth and success in the 1990s

First error: from-the-top decisions

The early merger announcements: opportunities missed

Chrysler: What Eaton could have done better

Shortcomings on Daimler-Benz's side



If you travel to Stuttgart, you'll find the three-pointed star everywhere, from the main train station to the engine works in Unterturkheim on the Neckar River. Long the largest employer in the Stuttgart region, Daimler-Benz was started by two brothers in 1886 to produce independent, gasoline-engined vehicles in small numbers. From the very beginning, the Daimler brothers…. [read more]

Demand for Suvs, Hybrids Research Paper

… For drivers who need large utility vehicles like trucks for works, hybrid technology has proved to be disappointing. Overall, the "the hybrid has a greatly-reduced towing capacity and payload, which is most likely due to the addition of the electric motor and batteries" ("Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid trucks," Cars Direct, 2009). Given the higher initial purchase cost with reduced power, this has caused many to go with the non-hybrid option if they use their vehicles commercially and must rely on the vehicle in all weathers to do heavy-duty activities.

In terms of overall customer satisfaction, statistics indicate that it is relatively low for hybrids. "Only 35% of hybrid car owners bought a hybrid again when they purchased a new vehicle in 2011" (Kim 2012).…. [read more]

Master Project Business Proposal

… Business Problem Proposal

Proposed Company: The Ford Motor Company

Business Related Problem

The automobile industry and in particular, the Ford must devise methods to remain competitive and increase market share. Current market analyses indicate competition is not just other automobile industry companies, but the global market for automobiles experienced an unhealthy growth over the past five years. Looking forward, while the pace of market expansion is anticipated to slow, annual growth will become more stable.

The Ford Company will maintain or improve its current industry dominance with research. By applying linear regression, the company can correlate market and financial statements, utilize multiple regression to interpret the output, and leverage the use of time series analysis and forecasting to make business decisions. Will annual revenue continue…. [read more]

Intercultural Issues in Offshoring of Hyundai to the U.S Literature Review

… ¶ … SHORING of HYUNDAI to the U.S.

Intercultural issues in offshoring of Hyundai to the U.S.

Off-shoring is a business practice that has taken root with the light of technological innovations and globalization of the world's economies. Globalization of the economy has seen leading multinational corporations stem and establish themselves as conquering empires in the economic sector. Several inbuilt and small organized corporations have been able to expand and venture into new worlds, which they would, otherwise have not managed in the previous times (Matthews & Thakkar, 2012). The companies and business establishments that used to operate within the local markets has been able to engage in the vast world economies; by expanding their operations to other physical locations of the world. Most off…. [read more]

Who Does the Government Bailout? Research Proposal

… Bailouts

The issue of bailouts has incited no shortage of controversy in recent months. The first major bailout was the federal government takeover of insurance group AIG in September at a cost of $85 billion (Karnitschnig et al., 2008). The CEO was replaced and a new head brought in to rid the company of its toxic assets and turn the firm around. No sooner had Barack Obama been elected when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was on NPR calling for a bailout of the U.S. auto industry (Langfitt, 2008). Yet, there are significant differences between these two, their role in the economy and the tactics that the government has used in the course of their respective bailouts. Public sentiment turned on AIG when the company used…. [read more]

Managing All Stakeholders Term Paper

… "The absorption of one company by another," Black's adds, "[with] the former losing its legal identity, and latter retaining its own name and identity and acquiring assets, liabilities, franchises, and powers of former, and absorbed company ceasing to exist as separate business entity" (p. 988).

In other cases, mergers and takeovers have appeared to be the result of opportunists looking for the quick profit; however, the consolidation of the highly complementary assets and resources of both of these giants will create some clear advantages for everyone concerned. Nevertheless, just as bigger may not mean better, merger may not mean advantage. In his chapter, "Technology Strategy: Collaborative Mode, V.K. Narayanan says that from a strategic viewpoint, collaborative mode is undertaken by firms when the economics of…. [read more]

First vs. Late Movers Strategic Research Paper

… Later-movers can also build upon the available technology and integrate it into their business model in a way that first movers cannot, securing an advantage and using the knowledge of first movers against them: was not the first mega-chain bookstore, but it was the first to do away with the brick-and-mortar model its competitor Barnes & Noble still embraced, which enabled Amazon to cut costs. First movers may also grow complacent, and not shift with enough alacrity to the needs of the times, as can be seen with GM and other American car manufacturers, which eventually ceded their predominance to newer Japanese and other foreign automakers like Toyota.

One great advantage for late movers is that they capitalize upon the cost savings generated by…. [read more]

U.S. Automotive Industry Chosen Essay

… S. And Japanese cars. This gap remained because U.S. automakers tried applying JIT techniques without a full understanding of the whole Japanese manufacturing system, while Japanese automakers had decades to develop, refine and master their JIT approach.

Another significant paradigm of the 1980s was the global nature of vehicle manufacturing. Automakers started assembling vehicles around the world. This trend was accelerated in the 1990s with the construction of overseas facilities and mergers between multinational automakers. This global expansion gave automakers a greater capacity to infiltrate new markets quickly and at lower costs. The increased product offerings in many markets led to consumers having a greater variety of vehicles from which to choose. To this new vehicle buffet was coupled the explosion of the internet, which…. [read more]

General Motors: A Perfect Storm of Delaying Term Paper

… General Motors: a perfect storm of delaying much-Needed factory shutdowns, ignoring a changing auto industry structure, and high x-inefficiency

Once upon a time, it was said that, as GM goes, so goes the nation -- in other words, that the automotive manufacturing behemoth was such an integral part of the national economy, that its prosperity and America's prosperity were inexorably intertwined. Now, however, GM struggles to stay afloat in a newly competitive world car market, where Toyota has come to dominate the traditional American automotive brands. "GM has seen its slice of U.S. vehicle sales slide steadily over the last 30 years, taking its share of the U.S. market down to 26.2% in the first 10 months of this year, compared with 43.8% in 1980.…. [read more]

Trade Relationship That Exists Research Paper

… The Japanese auto makers had sold a total of 2.4 million vehicles in the United States; all of these vehicles were imported. By 1978, the Japanese market share of the U.S. domestic market was 11%, and had jumped to 22% in 1980. The Big Three auto makers (GM, Toyota, and Chrysler) demanded that there be limitations placed upon the Japanese auto makers because of the large trade deficit. In response to the pressure applied by the auto makers, the government signed the Yasukaw-Askew agreement in May of 1980. This agreement basically committed the Japanese government to encourage greater economically viable investment opportunities in the U.S. By Japanese automobile manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers. It is clear that this agreement has been for the most part…. [read more]

Globalization: Selling Cars in China Term Paper

… Globalization: Selling Cars in China

Despite the widespread nature of the global credit crisis of 2008, not all regions of the world remain mired in recession. Asia has shown signs of healthy growth. China is positively booming, compared to the rest of the world: "The Chinese media reported that retail sales in May, scheduled to be announced Friday morning, are likely to show an increase of 15.2%. That would represent a modest acceleration from April, when the increase from a year earlier was 14.8% and a robust gain when adjusted for the gradual decline in overall prices in China" (Bradsher 2009).

One of the biggest areas of growth retail sales in China has been in the automotive market, "with car sales rising briskly as the…. [read more]

Social Media Retailing Applications: Opportunities Dissertation

… For instance, social media sites Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others are wrongly regarded by marketing executives as being mere "chat rooms" for adolescent socializing and nothing more (Keifer 2010). In reality, though, business is booming on social media networks. Indeed, since 2003, the number of social media site users has nearly doubled, and the time spent visiting and navigating these sites has grown by a staggering 883%! (Kunz & Hackworth 2011). According to Kunz and Hackworth (2011, p. 2), "In 2008 alone, the amount of time spent on social networking sites increased 73%. A large percentage (85%) of social media networking users want companies to interact with them using social media applications."

Today, sixty times a minute, every hour, 24 hours a day, social media…. [read more]

Study to Determine Four Major Methods to Improve Employee Motivation Dissertation

… ¶ … Improve Employee Motivation

Over the last several years, the issue of employee motivation has been increasingly brought to forefront. Part of the reason for this, is because wide variety of organizations have been reporting that the majority of workers are going through long periods of decline in morale. What happens is they will start working for a particular company with tremendous amounts of enthusiasm. However, as time goes by and they work for them longer, is when most people will often become use to their surroundings from interacting with their coworkers. At which point, this will influence their views of who they are working for and how they are seen by various staff members. Once this takes place, is when an individual will…. [read more]

European Innovation Crisis Term Paper

… European Innovation Crisis

Is there a European innovation crisis and, if so, what are its causes? How can innovation be fostered in Europe? And if innovation is fostered, can it be productive in increasing wealth, income, education level and consumer benefits?

The theses of this short paper are as follows: there is an innovation crisis across Europe as compared to North America and Asia. This innovation crisis is due to two factors: (1) "old" European countries do not want innovation, and (2) these countries seek policies, particularly related to taxation of capital gains, which discourage innovation. The final thesis is that innovation is unlikely to come to Europe and offer the same benefits as it has to the U.S. Or East Asia.

The U.S. versus…. [read more]

Transforming a Contractual Recall Obligation Into a Profit Center Research Paper

… Transforming a Contractual Recall Obligation Into a Profit Center

The field of operations management is primarily focused on transforming various types of inputs into outputs through the use of physical resources in order to produce the desired outcomes for purchase by customers while still satisfying the other organizational objectives of enterprises such as efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility (Kumar and Suresh 14). The purpose of this paper was to identify and apply OM (Operations Management) concepts and tools that were used to solve a real-world operational problem and improve operational performance for the country's largest automotive retailer, AutoNation. The problem of interest was the level of recalled vehicles being experienced at AutoNation which exacted a heavy toll on service departments from customers who want recall work…. [read more]

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