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Building a Computer Research Paper

… Building a Computer

Minimum Configuration for Essential Requirements


Minimum Configuration

The minimal configuration that is needed for creating presentations, preparing documents, playing multimedia games, listening to music and viewing movies, storing movies online and chatting with friends is described in this module. This configuration will also support Internet browsing both through dial-up and also through a broadband connection as well. With these goals in mind, the following desktop computer configuration is recommended.

The basis of this configuration is an Intel small form factor motherboard specifically designed to support the Intel Core i3-550 3.2GHxz microprocessor. This motherboard, designed and sold by Intel, is also capable of supporting dual-core processing, has been verified as being 64-bit compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, and has…. [read more]

Computers and Culture Research Paper

… This is not to say that the computer is a blight on the symbolic landscape; only that, like medical technology, it has usurped powers and enforced mind-sets that a fully attentive culture might have wished to deny it (Postman 107).

Thus, the computer has created great changes and advances in our lives, but ultimately it has also greatly changed our culture. As one historian notes, "This is obvious if we think about the building blocks of a culture: language, custom, ritual, myth, religion, law, art, and so on" (Shapiro 117). Many of these building blocks are slowly eroding as computers edge their way further and further into our culture. Postman notes, "A new technology does not add or subtract something. It changes everything. In the…. [read more]

Computer IBM, Entered the Computer Field Term Paper


IBM, entered the computer field during the 1960's, into a market where Apple Computer Inc. And Tandy Corporation's Radio Shack Division had been dominating until then with one of its initial attempts to make a 'mini super computer'. The IBM machine came to be known for its technological impressiveness, and this impressiveness stemmed not from any one single breakthrough, but from a good combination of its excellent features. Also until the time of the launch of the personal computer, IBM had been selling its computers at the rate of $10,000 for a desktop model to several small businesses, and to doctors and to other small companies for the purpose of book keeping and accounting and for billing. This particular model costing considerably less was…. [read more]

Computers for the Organization Essay

… Software

While in other areas, these computers are relatively similar, there is a major difference in terms of operating systems and software. Apple uses a proprietary operating system and software. There are benefits to this and drawbacks. The Apple O/S is usually considered superior to that of Windows, both in terms of security and stability, although Windows has made significant improvements on both fronts in recent years. The Samsung comes with Windows Home Premium while the equivalent Toshiba comes with Windows Professional, a superior product. The quality of basic MS Office software on Apple computers is much better today than it has been in the past. All computers come with the option of purchasing full use MS Office products. With respect to other software, Windows…. [read more]

Network Research Encountering -- and Countering Research Paper

… Network Research

Encountering -- and Countering -- Unstructured Attacks: Current Issues in Network Security Monitoring

As technology and information networks continue to grow in complexity and in sheer size, and as they become more prevalent and important to industries and organizations of all sorts, the problems encountered in network security and network security monitoring are themselves growing in number and complexity. Hardware changes, software developments, and an ever-adapting range of purposeful and accidental security threats through unauthorized activity have led to the rapid evolution of network security monitoring in many ways, while at the same time certain basic elements and frameworks for understanding issues remain the same. This juxtaposition of the old and the new in the world of network security monitoring means that basic…. [read more]

Computers Social Behavioral Sciences Essay

… Additionally, computers are useful to the field of social and behavioral sciences because they allow for researchers to readily store and access their work (Lee, 1973, p. 243). Lastly, computers are effective for working in this field because they provide access to a bevy of research materials and papers from external sources that researchers can examine, enabling faster calculations (Ward, 1955, p. 826). Disadvantages of the usage of computers in this field include the fact that some researchers may prefer such secondary research to primary research gathered in the field. The quality of research conducted via computers may be suspect, due to websites with ulterior motives. Finally, the usage of computers is part of the culture of instant gratification which may foster a degree of…. [read more]

Computer Hacker Term Paper

… Computer Hacker

Nefarious Notions

III Prevention

Cost to Companies

Concluding Considerations


Nefarious Notions

"The Hacker Ethic: Access to computers and anything which might teach you something about the way the world works - should be unlimited and total.

Always yield to the Hands-on Imperative!

All information should be free.

Mistrust authority -- promote decentralization.

Hackers should be judged by their hacking, not bogus criteria such as degrees, age, race, or position.

You can create art and beauty on a computer.

Computers can change your life for the better." (Levy, (1984 (1996).

"You pay the guy . . . Or we burn your store down." According to Paulson (2006), today's ransom attacks by computer hackers reflect the old protection rackets in Chicago back in…. [read more]

Apple Computers, Inc. Business Analysis Research Paper

… Apple Computers, Inc.

Business Analysis

What have you learned about the company by reviewing each statement?

By reviewing Apple's balance sheets, I learned that the company has an impressive financial standing. Apple's balance sheets continue to be impressive, with a fourth quarter net income of " U.S.$546m for the three months ended September 30th, an increase of 27% as compared to the fourth quarter of 2009, and ahead of expectations" (Economist Intelligence, 2010, para 24).. For the full year Apple shipped "1.6m Macintosh computers and 8.7 million iPods during the quarter, representing 30% growth in Macs and 35% growth in iPods over the year-ago quarter. In the U.S., Apple zoomed past Toshiba to place fourth in the PC vendor rankings for the third quarter of…. [read more]

Photo Realism of Humans in Computer Animation Term Paper

… Computers

Photo-Realism of Humans in Computer Animation

A seamless incorporation between virtual objects and real environment in real time is one of the desired goals of computer animation. This goal is to have synthetic objects that are perfectly blended with real image background. The user perceives computer generated imagery that is indistinguishable from real ones as well as a part of surrounding real scenery. As well as matching geometric characteristics of virtual objects with real camera parameters, one important factor to achieve seamless blending is when virtual objects appear with a high level of photorealism as if they are formed by a mean of photography (Augusanto, 2004).

Having a common illumination for virtual objects and the real surrounding objects is the first necessary step if…. [read more]

Video Games and Students' Learning Research Paper

… Educators should endeavor to explore the prospects of selecting in the intrinsic motivational aspect of video games in support of the content learning within the formal learning environments. Recent studies have conducted several investigations on the implementation of both commercial and educational video games into junior, middle and secondary schools (Bourgonjon et. al., 2013). These studies report to a significant percentage the positive impacts of the video game learning strategy among students. Academics and educators should thereby consider video games as operative translations of various contemporary theories of learning. In clear terms, for academics and educators, the incorporation of the video games into educational curricula should be viewed as a strategy for fostering learning opportunities.


Anderson, J.L. & Barnett, M. (2013).Learning physics with digital…. [read more]

Optimal Decision Making Measures Using Game Theory Research Paper

… Game Theory

The earliest conceptualization of game theory is by Cournot in 1838 where the analysis sought to clarify choices and actions taken in a duopolistic market[footnoteRef:1]. Over the years, exploration of the game theory incorporates market equilibrium entailing economic social and political decisions. As a concept, Game theory lays down the structure that through analysis, facilitates an understanding of the strategic choices agents adopt[footnoteRef:2]. Game theory is a concept that entails formal study of cooperation, conflict and actions taken up by several interdependent agents[footnoteRef:3]. [1: Rasmusen, and Eric. Games and Information: An Introduction to Game Theory, 3rd Ed. . Oxford: Blackwell, 2001] [2: Gibbons, and Robert. Game Theory for Applied Economists. Princeton, NJ.: Princeton University Press, 1992. Gibbons, and Robert. Game Theory for Applied…. [read more]

Smartphones and Tablets Research Paper

… Smartphone and Tablets

Smartphones and Tablets

History of Technology


Desktop PC

Cell phones


Smartphone and Tablets

Advantages of Smartphone and Tablets in Private and Government Organizations

Communication Options

Web Everywhere

Device Merger

Endless Applications

Disadvantages of Smartphone and Tablets in Private and Government Organizations





Improved Capability and Mobility

The technological advancements have caused the launch of different technologies namely laptops, smart phones, and tablets. The technologies are being used by everyone and in the organizations as well. Every field has taken advantage of technologies and its advancements to extract most of the benefits (Basole, 2008; Cerra, Easterwood, & Power, 2012). Therefore, the paper is providing a brief overview of technology to understand the advantages and disadvantages of recent technologies…. [read more]

Artificial Intelligence Is the Ability Research Paper

… (Russell)

A machine must also be socially intelligent just like the human. The machine should be able to read the emotions of humans and then accordingly adapt its behaviour which is suitable to them. Apart from being socially intelligent the machine must also be creative.

When all the above aspects are merged into a single machine, researchers of artificial intelligence hoped that they will someday be able to make a machine that had general intelligence, one with skills that exceed human abilities at most or all of them.

In the quest to build artificial intelligence machines, the field has split up into different approaches which are based upon methods and theories which are thought to be the most promising. Several theorists emerged, the basic ones…. [read more]

Global Ethical and Professional Issues in Computer Science Research Paper

… Global, Ethical, And Professional Issues in Computer Science

The field of Computer Science is in a nascent stage of development. As such, a number of critical ethical and professional issues with global repercussions currently plague the discipline. These issues have created a snowball effect by hindering the processes that the field computer science enables. The information that a country possesses and how it is electronically protected and secured from hacking attempts is of concern along with financial and medical institutions and its' client information. Specifically, the major issues with global effect in the field of computer science are web security and cyber security challenges, ethical issues concerning robotic rights, issues of privacy and ethical practices regarding electronic commerce, and cloud computing security.

Collectively, these issues…. [read more]

Computer-Based Applications in Aviation Education Research Paper

… Aviation Education

Computer Based Applications in Aviation Education

Emerging models of human information processing are, in any case, likely to find increasing application in the selection, classification, and training of aviation personnel. The dynamic nature of these models requires similarly dynamic measurement capabilities. These capabilities are now coming inexpensively and readily available through the use of computer-based assessment which can measure aspects of human cognitive processes that heretofore were inaccessible given the military's need for inexpensive, standard, procedures to assess hundreds of people in a single day by a single examiner. Development of these capabilities may represent as important a milestone in selection and classification as did the work of the Vineland Committee to produce the Army Alpha Test. These are currently being pursued by…. [read more]

Technology and Society All Print Research Paper

… In fact, employers have the right to monitor email and phone calls in their location or using their own telephones and computers, and also to monitor the activities of employees with hidden cameras and other spy devices, so workplace privacy can hardly be said to exist at all.

Corporate Marketing, Public Relations and the New Social Media

All of the new social media on the Internet like Facebook, You Tube and Twitter are providing businesses with new and useful information every day, as well as marketing tools that they could not obtain anywhere else. At the same time, they can also damage the brands, images and reputations of companies almost overnight and on a global scale. If marketing campaigns can rapidly go 'viral' then so…. [read more]

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Term Paper

… Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The word entrepreneurship has its origins in the French verb entreprendre, meaning "to undertake." In one sense, every business idea starts with a core philosophy of entrepreneurialism, usually expressing itself through innovation and a willingness to risk in order to turn these ideas into economic gain. This is usually expressed either in ideas, small businesses, or in a mind-set. Entrepreneurship is an attitude more than anything else; it is the difference between leading and managing, between quitting if there are barriers and persevering. Entrepreneurial culture is part of the core of Western expansion into the new world, and requires distinguishing between motivation and opportunity. The very nature of economic growth opportunities depend on national institutions in conjunction with economic conditions, while motivations…. [read more]

Game Design Thesis

… Game Design

Computer or video games have been around for about six decades, and during the time they had experienced a constant evolution. It all started in 1952 with a.S. Douglas writing a PhD Degree at the University of Cambridge in which he created the first graphical computer game. With time, computer and video games have continuously improved and more and more people grew fond of playing. In the present there are millions of people worldwide passionate in playing and the most renowned computer games are online RPG's.

The gaming industry has already surpassed the movie industry when concerning the sales that each of them has had in the last few years. There are numerous game types which differ through several ways, from the manner…. [read more]

Video Games and Violence in Children Research Paper

… Video Games and Violence in Children

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines a video game as an electronic game that is played on a video screen and often emphasizes fast action ("Video games"). Computer games are also referred to as video games and according to the encyclopedia Britannica, it is any game which is interactive that is operated by computer circuitry. The machines on which electric games are played include general purpose shared and personal computers, arcade consoles, video consoles that are connected to television sets and handheld game machines. Video game as a term represents the totality of these formats or more specifically those games played on devices that have video displays like television or arcade consoles.

Video game culture

Video game culture is a…. [read more]

Personal Computer Is a Small Computational Device Essay

… Personal computer is a small computational device that relies in a microprocessor to manage the coordination of system software, inputs, outputs, application software and increasingly, integration to the Internet. Personal computers have progressed from large, desktop systems to increasingly thin and light laptop computers which can connect to the Internet through WiFi connections through 802.11 3G support (Malykhina 45). Forrester Research, a consultancy that specializes in tracking laptop purchasing trends, predicts that there will be a 30% increase in ultralight laptop demand. The basic components of the personal computer have been augmented to support the increased mobility and security of users as the Internet has become pervasive (Mossberg 1).

What Does a Personal Computer Do?

A personal computer runs software application programs that enable them…. [read more]

Internet on Life Essay

… The Internet has also brought together more people for greater levels of communication and collaboration then ever before, creating an exceptional level of advertising, e-commerce and services performance. All of these factors are together showing the world that it is much more connected and interdependent than many may have ever considered before. With this recognition comes the responsibility to provide an exceptionally high level of performance in business, education and the arts on a consistent base to add value to the global communities of interest.

Works Cited

Bassamboo, Achal, Sunil Kumar, and Ramandeep S. Randhawa. "Dynamics of New Product Introduction in Closed Rental Systems." Operations research 57.6 (2009): 1347,1359,1532-1534.

Bernoff, Josh, and Charlene Li. "Harnessing the Power of the Oh-so-Social Web." MIT Sloan Management Review…. [read more]

Business and Society: The Microsoft Research Paper

… It is the violation of their right of freedom to participate and enjoy market share according to their abilities (Economides, 7).

Despite ignoring all these laws and rules, Microsoft acquired largest market share by its anticompetitive behvaiour, which can be defined as a behaviour consisting of a range of decisions which are made to actually or potentially harm the competitors by using the power of monopoly (Hill & Jones, 367). This way the firm becomes secure and enhances its long run prospect.

This act of Microsoft had a very bad impact on the society; indeed it harmed the society by creating many problems for the people belonging to different divisions of life. First, competitors were left behind, as they were not able to sell their…. [read more]

Mobile Computing and Social Networks Term Paper

… Screen size and resolution are important when designing a mobile app. The designer should ensure that the resolution and screen size supports the application. The images on the application should load effectively and quickly. All the content that the designer intends to show the user should be on the app. The screen is one of the hardware that the designer should base his design. The designer can provide various versions of the product to be compatible with the mobile devices in the market. The app market is on the increase with designers designing more apps to cater for the increasing demand.

Describe the methods that can be used to decide which platform to support i.e., iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, or Android.

All these platforms are…. [read more]

Experimental Research Methods in Business Literature Review

… 123). The research approaches to which the authors refer in their definition include, for example, data collection and analysis, inference techniques, qualitative perspectives, and quantitative perspectives. When placing a mixed methods approach in the research -- as a type of research -- the authors suggest research employing mixed methods "would involve mixing within a single study; a mixed method program would involve mixing within a program of research and the mixing might occur across a closely related set of studies" (Johnson, 2007, p. 123).

As we have said, research methods can be described as fitting within any one of three research paradigms: The qualitative research paradigm, the quantitative research paradigm, or the mixed methods research paradigm. Greene (2006) further parsed research methodologies into four domains:…. [read more]

How Social Norms Transforms as a Result of Information Age Research Paper

… Sociology -- How Social Norms Transform as a Result of the Information Age

How Social Norms Transform as a Result of the Information Age

Social media is a double-edged sword that has transformed social norms by allowing instantaneous global communications with multiple facets, tools and consequences that can improve, harm or even destroy people's lives, depending on how it is used. Comparison of online and offline interactions show distinct differences in the way they are conducted and the results of their use. Facebook is a striking example of the Information Age's social revolution, commencing in 2004 and constantly tweaking communications and expanding its influence up to its current membership of 1 billion. Certain social conventions are still followed on social media such as Facebook, enhancing…. [read more]

Wimax Efficiency Research Proposal

… WiMAX Efficiency

Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) Efficiency

This research proposal provides an overview of the study envisioned herein, as well as relevant background information on Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, or WiMAX.

One of the harsh realities of the Age of Information is the limited amount of bandwidth available to service the growing demand for wireless services and the fundamental constraints involved in delivering wireless services in geographically challenging areas. In this regard, Vucetic and Yuan (2003) report that, "Demands for capacity in wireless communications, driven by cellular mobile, Internet and multimedia services have been rapidly increasing worldwide. On the other hand, the available radio spectrum is limited and the communication capacity needs cannot be met without a significant increase in communication spectral…. [read more]

Internet and K-12 Schools Research Paper

… There are interesting articles that focused on elementary school students (Hirsch, 1999; Davidson-Shivers, Shorter, & Jordan, 1999; Madden, Ford, Miller, & Levy, 2006; Tancock & Segedy, 2004)


Chapman, C. (2009). The history of the Internet in a nutshell. Retrieved from

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National Telecommunications and Information Administration [NTIA]. (2008). Households using the Internet in and outside the home, by selected characteristics: Total, urban,…. [read more]

Computer Games Research Term Paper

… This development among others means that public safety has declined precipitously and that no one has complete immunity from the possibility of physical victimization by violent acts.

However, not all researchers have found a positive relationship between video game playing and violence. For example, Goldstein states that studies do not necessarily demonstrate the actual effects. "Some social psychologists argue that playing violent video games causes aggressive behavior, among other things (desensitization to violence, disinhibition of violence, belief in a 'scary world,' acquisition of cognitive schemas supportive of aggression). Three types of evidence are said to converge in support of this conclusion: correlational studies, field studies (which are typically correlational in nature), and laboratory experiments." Correlational research, he adds, can relate nothing about whether violent video…. [read more]

Exciting About Video Games Thesis

… Meta-analysis however has its limitations which include factors such as the researchers selecting their included studies (therefore incorporating bias to a certain degree), excluding others that they may not be aware of and/or that come from sources that they do not necessarily recognize that may be just as authoritative such as dissertations), and including faulty studies. To that point, Ferguson et al. (2008) did not seem too particular regarding the studies that they chose. They also only included a relatively small amount of studies as well as focused on sub-analysis which does not obtain a good chance for results. Most importantly, meta-analytic studies may just show association. They certainly cannot conclude that there is a casualty.

Some observers (e.g. (Ferguson, 2007, Ferguson & Kilburn, 2009)…. [read more]

Telecommuting Technology Has Reached Research Paper

… In instant messaging, the parties engage in a conversation similar to what one might have on the telephone but the individual comments are typed onto the computer screen and received immediately by the receiving party.

In the area of entertainment the internet has become like a portable television providing hours of entertainment for its user. Web sites have become the primary source of game playing from card playing to highly complicated adventure games. Replacing radios and portable CD players, specialized internet sites have developed such as Rhapsody or Pandora that allow one to listen to a full spectrum of music while surfing the web. It has also allowed for non-traditional musicians to gain exposure and for the publication of music that major studios have ignored.…. [read more]

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