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Internet and Global Finance Research Paper

… From the statistics presented by the Internet World Stats, 2.4 billion people around the world were using internet in 2012, which represented 34.3% of the world population. Between 2000 and 2012, there was a tremendous growth of 566.4% of internet users. Despite the growth in the internet users globally, the internet penetration rates varies across the globe. The North American region recorded the 78.6% in the internet penetration rates followed by Australia 67.6% and Europe 63.2%. The overall world internet usage is presented in Table 2 and Fig 1.

Table 2: World Internet Usage Statistics


June 30, 2012

World Regions


( 2012 Estimation )

Internet Users

Dec. 31, 2000

Internet Users

Latest Data

Internet Penetration Rate



Users %

of…. [read more]

Computer Addiction Research Paper

… Computer Addiction: Causes and Potential Cures

The determinants and predictors of computer addiction cannot be isolated only to a specific series of demographic, psychographic or socioeconomic variables, it is an equal opportunity disease. Empirical studies indicate that computer addiction is contrary to popular opinion, not just reserved for male teenagers who have been known to spend 48 hours straight playing games on their computers or engaging in online chat sessions (Soule, 65, 66). The determinants of computer addiction are more based on lineless and isolation, and the reliance on the computer as a means to find autonomy, mastery and purpose in life (Quinn, 175, 176). The symptoms of computer addiction include significant swings in a person's mood when they are online or off, whether they…. [read more]

Internet Makes Children Smarter Integration Thesis

… (VandeCreek; Jackson, 71). Haugland in the year 2000 has evaluated a study revealing that children of the age of three to four years who make use of computers with other activities that strengthen the educational goals have more developmental advantages and that the kindergarten and primary students reveal developed motor skills, increased mathematical thinking, enhanced creativity, increased scores for problem solving & critical thinking tests, and higher scores on consistent language evaluations. (Wright, 44)

A study by Linda Jackson, a psychologist of the Michigan State University shows that internet usage enhanced test scores in standardized reading. Other analysts have shown that availability of internet at home leads children to be more self dependent learners. Jackson stated that even though the same advocacy was advanced in…. [read more]

Computer Surveillance Term Paper

… Computer Surveillance: Qualitative Attempt to Conceptualize Crime in the 21st Century

Purpose/Objectives/Theoretical Framework

Summary of Remaining Chapters

Computer Crime in a Digital Age

The Impact of the Net on Computer Surveillance

Networked Surveillance

Electronic Surveillance in the Workplace

Deterring Crime

Deterrance and Encryption Technology

Survey Population/Description of the Subject

Hypothesis Evaluation

The primary focus of this study is a qualitative exploration of the changing nature of crime related to computer surveillance. Specifically the aim of the study is to examine how advances in technology have facilitated computer crimes affecting both consumers and corporations. The extent to which computer surveillance crimes are becoming more insidious is explored, as well as any methods currently in use for deterring crime.

The author explores the nature of computer crime…. [read more]

Computer Network for Bistro Bookstore Essay

… Of these areas the most critical is providing a high level of access security and secure networking, both of which need to be designed dot not limit the performance of the network yet also provide enough security to protect users from hacking attempts and internal systems from intrusion (Lehr, McKnight, 2003). Communications security is also essential for the entire store's network to not be hacked or diverted via IP authentication attacks over the Web (Potter, 2006). The maintenance plan for the store's network needs to take these factors into account, with plans along each of the security dimensions mentioned, complete with project plans and a continual series of audits to ensure the systems stay secure. There is also the need to create an ongoing dashboard…. [read more]

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Web Essay

… " (Cohen-Almago, 2011) The result is that freedom of expression "in the American tradition occupies an especially protected normative position." (Cohen-Almago, 2011) The general view is that "expression is perceived as doing less injury to other social goals than action. Only when expression might immediately translate to harmful action, when one is able to prove a clear link between the harmful speech and the resulting action, is it possible to justify restrictions on freedom of expression." (Cohen-Almago, 2011)

Hate speech is more regulated in most European countries due to their experiences with the consequences of hate speech include the horrors of the Nazi's against the 'inferior races' during World War II in the form of mass murders and in the Netherlands, Section 137 of the…. [read more]

Internet Censorship Essay

… Many countries like the United States treat people participating in such activities with an entirely different rule book and set of standards and practices than people who commit perceived lesser crimes. Freedom of association is generally held to be a positive but when people are conversing with the outwardly stated purpose of overthrowing government and/or committing mass murder in all ways possible, the normal perceptions about freedom of expression and speech are generally thrown out the window.

A final con to freedom of expression is lack of accountability. Whether a person uses his or her actual name or not, a lot can be said and done on the internet that is very destructive. Posting compromising private pictures and revealing sensitive information are just some of…. [read more]

Internet Technologies and the Workplace Research Proposal

… Internet Technology and the Workplace

The exponential growth and adoption of Internet technologies in organizations continues to revolutionize how workgroups, teams, departments and divisions work with each other. The speed and agility of communicating however has also been problematic in terms of defining ethical guidelines (Trembly, 34, especially in managing the emerging set of social networking technologies, collectively known of as Web 2.0 (Klein, This collection of Web 2.0 technologies include blogs (Patten, Moss, 24), Wikis (Condon, 54) and micro-blogging, a form of Instant Messaging (Sostek, which is responsible for the use of Twitter in many organizations. At the center of the problems of which technologies to use in an organization, and once selected, setting their use guidelines, is the need for defining…. [read more]

Computers on Traditional Writing Term Paper

… Literacy is also affected, because grammar and literary "rules" are often ignored in the rush to communicate, and so, the printed word online often results in incoherent gibberish that is accepted as the norm. As the author notes, "The experience becomes fragmentary and malleable, or oral, rather than unified and stable, or literate, and information retains a fluidity in computer-mediated communication that it lacks in traditional literacy" (Ferris). Therefore, communication on the computer becomes more "oral" rather than written, and this has changed the way we communicate all through our culture. Ideas flow more fluidly and quickly, and brainstorming is easier to do with partners throughout the world.

Clearly, the written word online has altered our culture in many ways, some not always for the…. [read more]

Internet and K-12 Schools Research Paper

… There are interesting articles that focused on elementary school students (Hirsch, 1999; Davidson-Shivers, Shorter, & Jordan, 1999; Madden, Ford, Miller, & Levy, 2006; Tancock & Segedy, 2004)


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National Telecommunications and Information Administration [NTIA]. (2008). Households using the Internet in and outside the home, by selected characteristics: Total, urban,…. [read more]

Computer / How Soon Till IT's Outdated Term Paper

… ¶ … computer / How soon till it's outdated

The study informs that selecting a computer system to buy is an individual choice, which will differ from person to person. Due to the high rate of technological obsolescence, the value of the computer bought today goes down remarkably in a very limited duration of time period. Therefore the purchase of the Computer must be influenced by the requirement analysis of the usage that the computer will be put to. Therefore, it is wise to buy a computer system which fulfils the present requirement and permits one to upgrade to a better system in future. Prior to going for an upgrade, it is first of all needed to self-question what the benefit from upgrading a particular…. [read more]

Internet Privacy for High School Term Paper

… This approach also erected on the special qualities of the Internet. The global attribute of the Internet and its decentralized nature confine the effectiveness of conventional government control. And the capability of interactivity of Internet permits the consumers to empanel their ideas instantly and precisely, radically enhancing the likelihood that the marketplace will search the optimal balance between data safeguard and freedom of information values. (Wellbery; Wolfe, 1998)

Secured Internet Access specifically in schools and public libraries continues to be of much concern. Many of the schools and districts are interested in placing the student information online to foster the community relations and make easier the internal communications. A district may like to apply its Web site to demonstrate its effectiveness with the community. The…. [read more]

Internet Globalization Good or Bad Research Paper

… Internet

The globalization of the Internet has spawned a rash of cyberattacks on the U.S. Department of Defense and a number of its contractors. One such example was the Poison Ivy attack on Booz Allen Hamilton, which was designed to pull sensitive data out of the company's computer network via an email attachment (Grow, Epstein & Tschang, 2008). Poison Ivy, along with other trojans and viruses, represents a new class of e-espionage, one that threatens the security of the United States. The Internet cat cannot be put back into the bag -- it has gone global and we are past the point of debating the merits of that. The real issue is how the United States can deal with these threats.

The Department of Defense…. [read more]

Computer Security Briefly Support Your Own Opinion Term Paper

… Computer Security

Briefly support your own opinion about the ethical principles of the Lamers group before formation of the SecureThink Company. Briefly support your opinion about the ethics of the hiring of SecureThink by the MoneyBags record company.

The Lamers group initially gets formed out of a curiosity and sense of challenge the members have about how to crate robotic software code that can replicate itself, communicate and erase its digital trail. Groups like Lamers illustrate however how widely multidimensional security threats are, as it is impossible to manage the intentions of each member of this group (Landau, 2008). The ethics of the group therefore has to be questioned as their design objective, collectively, is to impact the SoftMicro operating system. Attacking or targeting a…. [read more]

Computer Fluency Impact on a Career Term Paper

… Computer Fluency Impact on a Career

Computer Fluency's Impact on Finding a Career

Attaining and maintaining a level of competency in the use of computers, software, the Internet's many research sites and business tools all contribute to a person's value over the span of their careers. Computer fluency or the knowledge of how computer systems operate and how to use their applications, including the Internet via web browsers are essential for getting started in a career. Studies have shown that computer literacy can increase a persons' salary by 5.3% to 6% per year when measured by the Computing Skills index. When 75% or more of the workers in a given business have a high level of computer fluency there is also empirical evidence that men…. [read more]

Computer Technology Essay

… Computer Technology and Daily Life

One of the hallmarks of the Computer Age and computer technology -- and truly of all technology -- is the increased ease and speed of communication and trade. Basically, every technological innovation from the wheel to the airplane, and the telegraph to the Internet, has allowed human beings to connect with other individuals for both social and economic benefit. Computers and their accompanying technologies are no exception to this generalization, but are rather simply the latest and arguably the most efficient manifestations of humanities inherent sociability. The Internet is, of course, the most clear example of this technological trend when it comes to computers. Using the Internet and the multitude of specific software programs and websites that have been developed…. [read more]

Computers and Nursing Term Paper

… Computers in Nursing

The next ten years of nursing are going to be revolutionized by the use of wireless technologies that will streamline every process nurses, physicians and administrators rely on to serve patients. The use of real-time wireless sensing technologies as part of broader computer networks in hospitals, clinics and treatment centers will give nurses the most critical information they need to take care of patients faster and with greater accuracy than manual approaches today. Further, these real-time sensor technologies including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) are already making it possible to monitor, manage and complete treatment plans for patients much more efficiently than has been possible in the past. Stankovic (2006) proposes a redefinition of database topologies and resulting approaches to redefining treatment processes.…. [read more]

Is the Internet Changing the Way We Think? Research Paper

… ¶ … Internet Changing the Way We Think?

Today, the internet has become a conduit of sorts for the exchange of information from all corners of the world. In a big way, the internet continues to ease access to information from a variety of sources. This is largely desirable. However, there are those who are convinced that such convenience has come at a price. With that in mind, questions are being raised on how the internet is impacting on our capacity for both contemplation and concentration.

In a way, the internet is increasingly becoming addictive for most people. According to Tun and Lachman, "...surveys show that adults of all ages have embraced the computer and the internet…" (560). Further, as GreenBlatt notes, were individuals to…. [read more]

Internet on Life Essay

… The Internet has also brought together more people for greater levels of communication and collaboration then ever before, creating an exceptional level of advertising, e-commerce and services performance. All of these factors are together showing the world that it is much more connected and interdependent than many may have ever considered before. With this recognition comes the responsibility to provide an exceptionally high level of performance in business, education and the arts on a consistent base to add value to the global communities of interest.

Works Cited

Bassamboo, Achal, Sunil Kumar, and Ramandeep S. Randhawa. "Dynamics of New Product Introduction in Closed Rental Systems." Operations research 57.6 (2009): 1347,1359,1532-1534.

Bernoff, Josh, and Charlene Li. "Harnessing the Power of the Oh-so-Social Web." MIT Sloan Management Review…. [read more]

Internet and the Future of Computers in Society Term Paper

… Internet and Its Impact on Society

The adoption of the Internet as a means for communicating, collaborating and enabling commerce is leading to significant developments in the area of Web application development technologies and their use. Specifically focusing on how Web-based application development is leading to the development of more efficient and streamlined development languages including AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) (MacVittie, 2007) and their collective use to create Web Services (Juric, Sasa, Brumen, Rozman, 2009) is the focus of this analysis. Each of these technologies is briefly defined, their implications for businesses, and for society then discussed. Throughout this analysis the role of Web 2.0 technologies (O'Reilly, 2006) are analyzed as is the impact of social networking (Bernoff, Li, 2008). For a map of…. [read more]

Internet Staffing and Recruitment Term Paper

… Internet Staffing

The advent of the internet has changed the way in which people interact with one another. Nowhere is this interaction more evident than in Internet staffing and recruitment. The purpose of this discussion is to investigate internet staffing and recruiting and discuss the impact of these hiring practices. The discussion will also focus on the whether internet recruitment is good or bad for businesses.

Internet Staffing and Recruitment

An article entitled "Firm Size and Internet Recruiting in Canada: A Preliminary Investigation" explains that internet recruitment is utilized fin both small and large firms. The article defines internet recruitment as "the use of the Internet as a channel through which jobs are posted and information is provided with respect to the application process. Internet…. [read more]

Internet in Basic Terms Thesis

… Internet

In basic terms the Internet refers simply to a large network of computers. The ordinary Internet or Interent1 however does not supply the necessary speed, security and other assets that can be found in a more closed and controlled networking environment. Therefore, Interent2 was created about ten years ago to cater for a more selective range of internet users. This network began with a specialized and internal internet between various universities in the United States.

Internet2 is similar in many respects to Internet1 or the commercial internet. "Like the commodity Internet, Internet2 comprises servers, routers, switches, and computers that are all connected together. Routers decide which way to send information, and servers handle Web site requests and store information for retrieval." (Russo)

One of…. [read more]

Computer Monopoly Term Paper

… Computers/Internet

What is particularly interesting about the Microsoft Monopoly trial is the fact that much was said about Microsoft's alleged attempt to completely monopolize a market that should be open to competitors as well. However, Microsoft's supporters hold that the trial has been unfair to the company's right to compete to the best of its ability. It is precisely this ability to compete that brought the company to the witness chair to defend its position. Another interesting aspect of the trial is to examine the statements of the various stakeholders. When examined closely, these statements are often revealing with regard to the views that computer business moguls hold regarding the roles and definitions of computer applications, as opposed to those held by the general public.…. [read more]

Internet Trust Certificates Term Paper

… Internet Trust Certificates

In every Internet-based transaction the online security is considered as a matter of great concern. The susceptibility of the internet auctions sites to high proportions of deceptive activities has increased its significance. (The effect of IT-based security on feedback mechanisms and trust building in online auction settings) The emergence of Internet trust certificates and signatures will extensively increase the security of Internet electronic commerce and legal deals. (Whom Do You Trust? - legislation for creating national digital certificates - Government Activity - Column)

The Information and communication technology professionals at two prominent British Universities assert that the public reliance upon the electronic media of communication, like the internet, mobile and wireless communications is at its minimum point since the last decade. The…. [read more]

Computer Hardware -- Feature Comparison and Definitions Essay

… Computer Hardware -- Feature Comparison and Definitions

Critical Features and Capabilities of My Netbook

As a student, I value certain specific capabilities in a laptop computer that differ substantially from my requirements of a desktop computer or a full-feature laptop suitable for general business applications. Specifically, my current needs place a premium on portability, lightness, and battery life, because I rely on my computer in several successive classes and during break in-between classes during a typical day. That makes battery life one of the most important considerations for me. A Netbook such as the Inspiron Mini 10 (1018) Netbook (

is ideal for my current needs because if its lightness and prolonged (7-hour-plus) battery power. However, I have sacrificed various other capabilities in favor of…. [read more]

Computer Viruses: A Quantitative Analysis of User Term Paper

… Computer Viruses: A Quantitative Analysis of User Profiles and Risk Factors for Contracting Computer Viruses

The purpose of this study is a quantitative descriptive analysis of computer viruses. Specifically the researcher plans to identify what key factors identify users at risk for contracting computer viruses and what methods or techniques are best suited for combating increasingly insidious computer viruses in the future. The researcher proposes a pilot study that will facilitate further studies in this field much larger and much more comprehensives that will potentially have global implications for preventing computer virus damage to private and corporate users in the future.

In today's society, research suggests that computer viruses are perhaps one of the most prevalent security threats facing individuals, corporations and network computer users.…. [read more]

Computer Hacker Culture and Subcultures the Explosion Term Paper

… Computer Hacker Culture and Subcultures

The explosion of global computer networking, and the increased reliance on computer technology, has made the study of computer hacker culture and subculture an increasingly important topic. According to Holt (2007), computer hackers are often viewed as being pathological individuals, rather than community members. However, the reality is that hackers have established social groups. These groups provide support, training, expertise, journals, and conferences for there members. As such, this paper explores hacker culture and subcultures. To this end, an overview of hackers and the quantity of hacks will be presented. This will be followed by the different aspects of hacker culture will be explored. Lastly, a general assessment of Forecast 4 will be presented.

Computer Hacker Culture and Subcultures

Introduction:…. [read more]

Computer Hard Drives the Globalization Term Paper

… Three of them competing with IBM and Seagate are Maxtor, Western Digital, and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. The production of improved and advanced hard drives continues today. As PC World writes,

Smaller hard drives, faster drives, and the opening up of the market for hard drives in consumer electronics devices will be among the key industry milestones in 2003, according to the International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association."

Various types of hard drives are now available in the market, from internal hard drives, external, and portable ones. Each type are available from a variety of manufacturers catering to diverse hard drive features such as speed, capacity, size, and materials used.


As computers are becoming indispensable device of acquiring information access and gathering vast…. [read more]

Computer Contracting Opportunities Essay

… Image Processing

Another trend in current contracts being offered by the Department of Education and the Department of Commerce in regards to computer components is for the fulfillment of certain image processing needs. As media capabilities increase, there is a greater need to be able to quickly and accurately process images in order to remain as efficient as possible in a variety of operations, and thus the several varying requests for image processing equipment -- both hardware and software -- by these two departments ( 2011). Image processing can assist both in uploading information to database and analytical software systems, can reduce the dependence on hardcopy distribution of information and thus reduce waste, improve efficiency, and increase the speed at which disparate project and team…. [read more]

Internet Ethics Refers to Responsible Term Paper

… Underage users are most vulnerable to negative effects of pornography. One report on cyber porn (2003) writes: "The Internet's wide range of information search and retrieval technologies, which make it possible to quickly find a vast array of information, also make it easy to access, disseminate, and trade pornographic images and videos, including child pornography." Apart from pornography, there is intellectual property infringement, which is a cause of major concern especially in the music industry. Theft of intellectual property is a serious punishable offence and Internet has only made it easier. With music piracy for example, not only do the artists not get paid for the music they have composed because of the reproduction of the music, the music companies also end up losing as…. [read more]

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