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Concise Analysis of Integration of Music and Reading Research Proposal

… This can then lead to improvements in fluency, and literacy. Although the researchers searched for evidence from randomized controlled trials to see if musical training had a positive impact on the reading ability of students with dyslexia, they could not find any evidence suggesting the possibility. The article brings to attention a gap in research showing there is a dearth of enough information to infer definitively about any direct connections between musical training and literacy improvement in children with learning disabilities.

Not many studies focus on the benefits of musical training on reading. One study endeavored to examine benefits musical training has on language skills through discussion of five subskills that underlie reading acquisition. They are: "phonological awareness, speech-in-noise perception, rhythm perception, auditory working memory,…. [read more]

Concise Analysis of the history of jazz Research Paper

… Means' 1968 work references Monroe Berger, a scholar who asserts that the jazz industry gave rise to white-black interaction, with black artists being wholeheartedly accepted as equals or even superior without any contempt (Means, 1998, p. 17).

An additional social impact central to jazz was: social stigma linked to jazz music, by both African-Americans and whites. This stigma gave rise to an atmosphere conducive to African-American exploitation, owing to the fact that jazz music was perceived as African-American folk music. It included a contemptuous white belief that the black musical tradition wasn't art at all. Rather, it was artistically valueless, inconsequential and was simply endured by whites, owing to its profitability in the music market (Levine, 1989).


Jazz music created negative as well as…. [read more]

Music Composition Using Technology in Middle Schools Research Proposal

… Musical Theory and Education for Mainstream and Marginalized Students:
Literature Review Chapter:
The research conducted here pursues a direct focus on music as a media
channel through which to pursue a more holistic educational orientation for
both mainstream and marginalized students. As The Partnership for 21st
Century Skills remarks, "The framework presents a holistic view of 21st
century teaching and learning that combines a discrete focus on 21st
century student outcomes (a blending of specific skills, content knowledge,
expertise and literacies) with innovative support systems to help students
master the multi-dimensional abilities required of them in the 21st
century." (Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 1) The literature assessed
here attempts to offer a sweeping consideration of music as one such
innovative dimension for the promotion…. [read more]

Concise Analysis of the Significance of Harlem Renaissance Research Paper

… A second significant aspect of the Harlem Renaissance was its effective capturing of African-Americans' true voice instead of a white representation of them as a subjugated community. African-Americans argued for their right to be recognized and respected as individuals and, specifically, unique artists. This was a concern the renaissance supported passionately, as they believed cultural harmony was the boulevard to real equality of blacks (Bodenner, 2006).

The superior artwork that emerged from Harlem led to its being touted as the global "Negro capital". Nightlife and Jazz music became their most famous art forms. With an increase in the number of individuals populating Harlem, its artistic talent and fame increased, leading to a successive growth in African-Americans' hope for their future. In spite of their remarkable…. [read more]

Harrison Company Executive Summary Capstone Project

… This will also require aggressive and focused marketing leadership, as well as some additional sophisticated strategic planning.

Part 5- Leadership and Group Dynamics- It is clear from the information presented that the company is in trouble. It has rested on its laurels and older way of managing for decades, and must now either reinvent itself or die. The trends downward are indicative of a need for drastic measures, and while change management is difficult, it is clear that the following steps need to be taken immediately:

1. Analysis of profitability by store factoring in increased costs of gas, shipping, wages, etc. This may mean closure of outlying stores, reducing in hours, or simply opening up some of the medium and long-range stores during the Plus…. [read more]

Opportunities to Succeed as an Independent Hotel in Competition With Chain Hotels Term Paper

… Opportunities to Succeed as an Independent Hotel in Competition With Chain Hotels

Hotel Augustin, Bergen Norway

Overview of Hotel Augustin

The Augustin Hotel located in Bergen Norway is the oldest family-run hotel in Bergen. The Augustin "...combine[s] old world charm with modern sophistication." ( Hotel Augustin was built in 1909 in what is referred to as "Jugend style." The present family running the hotel came into ownership during 1919 and is presently under operation by the fourth generation. (Scantours, 2007) During the 17th century, the Altona Tavern was a local haunt for Bergen artists and concertmasters and has since then been "creatively incorporated into the hotel." (Ibid; paraphrased) the Altona was host to the concertmaster Ole Rodder as well as other luminaries of the 1700's…. [read more]

Funding or Defunding in the Arts Term Paper

… Funding or Defunding the Arts

Recommendations on a Proposal to Defund the Arts

This report considers the recent proposal in the House of Representatives to eradicate federal funding for the arts. This proposal cannot be taken lightly, considering that such a move would drastically alter the face of art as we know it in America today. With this in mind, I have presented in this report a thorough consideration of all sides of the issue, including academic theory about the nature and consequences of public art, its functions in the capitalist marketplace and its role in the lives of its creators and its consumers. I also examine recent public opinion about the arts, the role of government in national culture, and the value of public…. [read more]

Museum Methods Term Paper

… Although I agree with the basic structure of this definition, I would prefer more emphasis on the level of required professional standards necessary to designate an institution as a museum. Many non-profit institutions are established to enrich our society including, schools, libraries and community social and cultural organizations. Many of these institutions are essential in the preservation of values and identity and education of our citizens. The term museum should not be generally applied to these entities simply because they offer public enrichment under a non-profit designation. Museums should also be very clear in determining the scope of the institution; their role should be defined with clarity and selectivity, and with a recognition of wider social and cultural purpose. Attracting individuals with comparable interests to…. [read more]

Corporations Send Out Messages Dissertation

… Corporations send out messages constantly -- through ads, commercials, websites, quarterly and annual reports, job postings on, memos tacked up on lunchroom bulletin boards. The audiences for these different messages are different from each other, which is one of the major reasons that traditionally companies have not worried about whether they are presenting a consistent message on all of these fronts. If the memos about how to file an expense report sent out to employees don't sound anything like the annual report filed with the SEC, well there was no reason that they should.

However, in the last few years companies have been moving more and more toward what is known as an integrated corporate communication system so that all of the messages coming…. [read more]

Management Information System Essay

… Management Information Systems

How Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

Are Being Redefined by Social Networking

Taken together the effects of social networking sites including Facebook, Friendfeed, MySpace, Twitter, and many others has the potential to redefine Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and the strategies it supports. The intention of this analysis is to evaluate how social networking is changing how CRM applications are designed, used and optimized so that ultimately trust can be created and sustained with customers. Selling products on price and availability generates sales quickly yet to gain profitable growth as a company, there must be consistent relationships in place with customers. Social networking is acting as a catalyst of making companies more transparent and trustworthy to their customers, while at the same…. [read more]

Financial E-Commerce Research Proposal

… e-Commerce

The Impact of e-Commerce on Mass Customization and Revenue Growth

The progression of e-commerce continues to result in more innovative concepts, frameworks, and models of process integration and improvement being developed. One of the most fascinating is the ability to use e-commerce as the basis for fulfilling unique, one-of-a-kind customer requirements for products through mass customization while at the same time attaining profitability across an entire organization. For e-commerce to make significant contributions to interprocess efficiencies there needs to be integration at the system and process levels. The success of e-commerce systems and their accompanying strategies also rely directly on the extent of knowledge management integration as well (Helms, Ahmadi, Jih, Ettkin, 351). As e-commerce strategies that include mass customization and product configurators increase…. [read more]

Consider How National Identity and Culture Is Constructed Through Fashion in China and Japan Term Paper

… ¶ … national identity and culture is constructed through fashion in China and Japan

Fashion and Cultural Identity on China and Japan

Fashion, as it relates to culture, has initiated a relatively new and complex area of research into society and societal history. The concept of fashion has come to mean more than merely the history of dress and style for its own sake. Consequently, the study of fashion has developed into a multidisciplinary field that includes cultural, historical and sociological analyses of the role of fashion in societies.

The emerging field of fashion studies, sometimes known as the "new" fashion history, differs significantly from traditional dress history, which tended to focus on the stylistic analysis of elite fashions. By contrast, contemporary fashion studies asks…. [read more]

Marketing SLP Target Market Brand Case Study

… Strengths

Strong Brand


Heavily Capitalized

Customer Loyalty


Environmental Supply Chain Issues

Human Rights Issues in the Supply Chain

Internal Management Issues


Grow Market Share

Find New Product Niches

Continue to Diversify Current Product Mix


Competitive Industry Pressures

Negative Publicity


V. Competitor Analysis

Apple faces fierce competition in all of the various markets in which it operates. For example, in the PC market and accessories, many companies offer similar products. In this market Apple must compete with major market players such as IBM, Dell, HP and Toshiba. There is also a big opportunity in the online media market as a media provider, Apple's iTunes and iPod face pressure from Netflix and other streaming services that are now gaining in popularity. In…. [read more]

Martin Luther King Jr Creative Writing

… It is filled with a sense of hope and positivity.

The song is an exhibition of Lennon's anti-religion beliefs.

It is mainly about peace and getting people to realize that religious, political, regional differences don't hide the fact that we all are humans and that we have the same needs and wants and desires.

He targets evils like discrimination, selfishness, greed and calls for their extermination.

A very unhealthy perspective is his idea that religion is the cause of most unrest in the world. The youth should not be exposed to such ideas.


The song is simple, and very soothing.

Its mood is serene and slow, so much that it can calm people down.

It also invites or rather invokes reflection in the listener.…. [read more]

Influence of Branding on Consumer Purchasing Behavior Research Proposal

… Branding Strategies

Assessing the Influence of branding on consumer purchase behavior is begins with an analysis of how the accumulated effects of marketing strategies contribute to the permanency of branding and their accumulative effects on consumers. The impact of Web 2.0 technologies (Bernoff, Li, is re-ordering the dynamics of branding on a global scale based on social networking. Broader still is the cultural assimilation of branding on a global scale. Learning and cultural assimilation is actually becoming more pervasive as a result of more effective branding strategies that are being implemented. This cultural assimilation and focus isn't at the expense of cultural richness and identity at a local level however. Research completed in this dissertation shows that branding and messaging is interpreted and synthesized…. [read more]

Effect of Beauty and Body Image in Advertising Research Paper

… ¶ … Beauty and body image in advertising

It is common knowledge among the advertising world that publicity sells. In order to achieve a high degree of profit in the globalized world, the most interesting and eye catching advertisements usually impact the targeted public and achieve their goals in promotion and selling. However, more and more people are becoming reluctant to certain products precisely because of the sometimes aggressive and even offending publicity. From this point-of-view the present paper argues that the perception of women's body and their comparison to HAMs (highly attractive models) have a negative influence on the advertising efforts for particular products.

The structure of the paper takes into account precisely the impact HAMs and the meaning of the concept have on…. [read more]

Marketing Mix and Strategy Essay

… Marketing Strategies - breakfast cereal Australia

Marketing Mix And Strategy

Healthy Co. Pty Ltd. is a food processing organisation located in Queensland, Australia. 'Nutri Mix' breakfast cereal is the product developed by the company for this market and it's focused on nutrition and healthy life choices. The initial research was focused on six local macro-environment factors that could potentially impact the product. The factors in favour of marketing such a product on the Australian market reside in an aging population as proportion of total population, forcing the government to focus on nutrition as a means to slow down health care expenses (IGR, 2004); the local market being a stable and developed one; the country's technological development enabling advanced marketing and logistics techniques; and an increased…. [read more]

Traditional Chinese Thoughts Essay

… Traditional Chinese Thoughts

Human nature has been the subject of debate amongst various classical Chinese philosophers. The philosophers expressed their different understanding of the human nature. The paper will focus on two Chinese philosophers Confucius and Mozi. Both philosophers came up with a different interpretation of human nature. It will look at the differences and similarities between the understandings of human nature by these two philosophers. It will also link these two philosophies with other Chinese philosophers such as Mencius, Xun Zi (Hsun Tzu), Lao Zi (Lao Tsu) and Zhuang Zi and expose how they relate.

What Confucianism and Moism entail

Confucianism and Moism were among the most influential schools of thought during the states period of war. Confucianism is philosophical and ethical system of…. [read more]

Alternative Technologies Influencing the Telecommunication Market Term Paper

… Alternative Technologies Influencing the Telecommunication Market

Several facets of public access to broadband networks are evident presently those are prone to continuing policy interactions. The question hovers around pricing, the terms of interconnection, vertical integration and infrastructure sharing in the interest of pubic. Presently it is evident that local telephone companies resort to the method of compensation to each other for the completion of the call that originates on the network of another carrier. Such system acknowledges the complex interconnected nature of the telephone network. The local carriers of the varied magnitudes spread over the varied regions. The local calls are defended by such inter-carrier payments irrespective of the fact that the caller customer is billed by the originating carrier. With the passage of time…. [read more]

Smartboard Affects Social Studies Core Content Understanding Literature Review

… Smartboard Affects Social Studies Core Content Understanding

One textbook cannot meet the needs of students in my fifth grade social studies class, who read at a wide range of levels. My goal is to reach all students and enable them to engage meaningfully with the content. The textbook alone is inadequate as a tool with which to do this. My plan is to use interactive whiteboard technology (a "Smart Board") to enhance the understanding of social studies material. My hypothesis states that there is a positive relationship between Smart Board use and greater engagement and understanding of social studies core content. Students who actively participate in lessons with which Smart Board technology is used will demonstrate greater knowledge of social studies content and achieve higher…. [read more]

Public School vs. Home Schooling Term Paper

… With recent advances in distance learning technology, more and more families are choosing to learn at home." (Internet Home School Website, 2003)

Internet offerings are vast, with everything from social societies that provide outreach and opinions with regards to home school concerns and solution to companies that provide whole home school curriculums that meet the standards in the state of origin or require little alteration to do so. (Home School World Website 2001) The internet site: a leading magazine, Home School World production that can assist individuals in achieving home school goals and also help answer some of the lingering questions and fears associated with home schooling children. The available information for home school advocates clearly increases the odds that any home school decision…. [read more]

Traditional Southeast Asian Bamboo Flutes Studies on Origins and History Research Proposal

… Traditional Se Asian Bamboo Flutes: Studies on Origins and History

The study investigates the bamboo flutes found in Southeast Asia, as well as their history and origin. The earliest known extant bamboo flute, a chi, or ancient Chinese flute, from the Zhou Dynasty, discovered in the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng, dates from 433 BC. Southeast Asian bamboo flutes, diverse in shape and size, vary in the way musicians play them. During the ethnography, a qualitative study, the researcher utilizes an extensive literature review to explore the development of bamboo flutes in SEA and examines the link between these instruments and music, as well as traditions from and beyond Asia.

As the study focuses on the flutes from three main areas: Mainland SEA, Maritime…. [read more]

Managerial Impact on Small Businesses Context Term Paper

… Managerial Impact on Small Businesses

Context of the Problem

Today, all businesses are made up of two kinds of constituents: the physical and the non-physical (virtual). The physical constituents are objects such as machinery, building, along with people; the non-physical (virtual) constituents are objects such as information in relation to clients, intelligence in relation to how to get the optimum from a mechanized process and the privileges to make use of a specific development.

The information development offers, both large and small, corporations with an unmatched prospect to move constituents of their businesses from the physical sphere to the virtual sphere. The development of new products and services does not have to be carried out on paper, selling to customers does not have to take…. [read more]

Market Orientation of Medical Diagnostic Term Paper

… Services at the HHS, MDU's are not planning to be eliminated, but to be more efficient through improved discharge planning, more efficient ways to canalize patient, increase training and skills and more effective clinical and technological test taking of patients. The MDU used as a sample for this research project has an acceptance of approximately 3588 patients a year in the Echocardiography laboratory, 37856 patient for Electrocardiography, 1633 for Holter Monitoring, 2839 for Stress Test, and a 16,102 per year for diversity of cardiac and related non-cardiac diagnostic technologic tests. Having a total of 62018 tests at this particular Unit.

The four units at the corporation have approximately 167,489 invasive and non- invasive cardiovascular tests (including a small number of neurology test) done a year.…. [read more]

Apple Products Case Study

… One of the major challenges that the company is still faced with is justifying its higher price tag. The company charges over twice of what their competitors charge and they still manage not to price themselves out of the market. The company has a clear justification for doing so: their products are beautiful and their fanbase of consumers is absolutely devoted to them. The company is also able to justify their price with features and benefits of the product that can't be matched elsewhere. As one fan explains, "No software is more intuitive, no product more valuable than the Apple product. Any other smartphone looks like it was developed by rookies when compared to an iPhone 4. You simply cannot compare the two. Critics will…. [read more]

Gardner's Seven Intelligences - Implications Term Paper

… By the end of the lesson, students need to understand the concept of the subject. Teacher chooses content variations based on learners' learning profile and gives activities ranging from the simple instruction (for students that take longer time to understand instruction) to complex one (for students that understand instruction quickly, as challenging matter.

Process: Students will acquire knowledge and skills from teacher's presentation through building self-recognition and building their own pattern for learning. Teacher can help the process by giving the medium to practice their skills such as using group work, observation, reading, etc. Students have many different media to access the same information.

Product: After stimulating their mind with various input and analysis, students should be able to demonstrate their ability or understanding about…. [read more]

Improve Reading Skills Case Study

… ¶ … Improving Reading Skills

Reading and ESL Students

Multiculturalism in the Curriculum


Writing Assessment

Fry Graph

Instructional Implications

Lesson Plans

Scholarly Justifications

Reading and ESL Students - the way humans communicate and share ideas and concepts in society is quite complex. How are ideas conceptualized -- how are they explained -- how does discourse relate- and how do humans understand messages -- what is true about language- what is not? These are just some of the issues surrounding theories of language acquisition and development. By the time students arrive in school, unless intervention has occurred at a lower primary age, they have not only been subjected to numerous types of language acquisition, but because of the preponderance of global media and social networking,…. [read more]

Current Recession Thesis

… Recession and African-Americans in the Metropolitan Area



"Researchers use the scholarly literature in a study to present results of similar studies, to relate the present study to an ongoing dialogue in the literature and to provide a framework for comparing results of a study with other studies"

John W. Creswell (2008, p. 45).

Even though the "literature" the researcher utilizes in literature review constitutes any collection of materials relating to a topic; not automatically the world's great literary texts, as Literature Reviews (2007) asserts, for this study's literature review, the researcher, as John W. Creswell (2008) notes in his book, In Research Design, primarily utilizes the scholarly literature for this segment's framework.

Along with serving as the…. [read more]

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