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Role of Research Problem Research Paper

… Another benefit of quantitative research is that it eliminates bias and favoritism from the responses. The respondents are given specific choices to choose their answers from. Thus, they are bound to answer within the set boundaries or dimensions (Sandelowski & Barroso, 2007).

b. Challenges:

Researchers face a number of challenges when they conduct quantitative research. First of all, they cannot use quantitative research in social science, human psychology, and natural sciences because these fields require more subjective responses rather than simple 'Yes' or 'No' (Rubin & Babbie, 2011). Secondly, facts and figures used in quantitative research cannot be generalized with confidence as compared to qualitative research (Cooper & Schindler, 2013).

2. Role of the Research Problem in Choosing an Appropriate Methodology

The research problem for…. [read more]

Emirates Airlines Research Paper

… According to an independent poll conducted by the website Skyscanner, Emirates Airlines ranked number one airline for the best in-flight dining experience in 2011 (Skyscanner, 2011). The survey population consisted of 1,200 travelers that were asked to rate the in-flight food served from a staggering list of 35 airlines. The travelers were to rate on the basis of taste as well as presentation keeping in mind the food served in all the cabins of the airline being provided to each traveler that was a part of the survey. As travelers themselves accolade Emirates on their in-flight dining service, there is no greater authority than that to justify them as one of the airlines on top of their game.

Emirates Airlines swooped the Airline of the…. [read more]

Immigration Contributes to U.S. Economy Research Paper

… Based on 40-year data up till 2000, article says that the rate of immigration is slowing down while the rate of out-migration is increasing. The native workforce, says the article, is not growing rather it is decreasing.

While many blame that the immigrants are responsible for the decline in jobs for the natives, the actual reason for the reduction in the jobs for natives is economic depression and the fact that these people are now as competitive as the immigrants are because the number of educated immigrants is decreasing. The impact of immigration on wages of local market is 40% to 60%. Thus the labor market is becoming more populated with the immigrants. This tells that the U.S. born nationals are less interested in manual…. [read more]

Benefit Analysis Memorandum Cost Essay

… S. Army Corps of Engineers for the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1902, and then with the Federal Navigation Act of 1936. Both were engineering-oriented laws, which, interestingly fits with the professional orientation of one of the authors of the article, whose academic affiliation is with the Center for Infrastructure Performance and Reliability at the University of Newcastle.

Cost-benefit analysis is seen as a way to diminish and, hopefully, resolve collective action problems and conflicts. Commonly, conflicts "arise when individuals or groups pursing narrow self-interest without coordination arrive at outcomes inferior to those that could be achieved by coordination" (Porter, 1995). In the context of those early days, cost-benefit analysis was considered to be a "coordinating decision rule…that could solve collective action problems and lead…. [read more]

Role of Research in Social Essay

… 8. Were the conclusions consistent with the findings? Are the findings generalizable beyond the study? Why or why not?

The conclusion of the research study is consistent with the findings of the experiment as illustrated by the author. In the conclusion of the experiment, the researcher notes on the explicable variation of the forces affecting the growth and development of the children in the context of gay and lesbian marriages. Some of the factors in line with the findings of the experiment include lack of social support, stress exposure thus persistent stigma, and absence of the legal security for the parental and relationship statuses. These are representative of the findings of the research. It is also essential to note on the concept of generalization of…. [read more]

Buprenorphine Induction in Primary Care Research Paper

… The uncertainty of the feasibility and safety of the home based induction as a method of managing opioid dependence. The study problem in the research is significant to the nursing and other health care professions. The study begins by providing the mechanisms of action of buprenorphine as a drug of choice for managing opioid dependence. It gives detailed information on the management of a patient planned for the office based and home induction management of opioid dependence. For example, some of the management principles applicable to the nursing field include the need for patients to refrain from the use of opioids and enter into a state of withdrawal before initiating the treatment. It also provides other information necessary for the nursing profession, such as proper…. [read more]

Weapons of Mass Destruction Research Paper

… Chemical weapons comprised liquids as well as gases that suffocate the victims, upset the central nervous system, blister the skin, and poison the blood. Biological weapons include infectious agents such as fungi, viruses and bacteria. Bursting the biological weapons over a populated area might eventually result in the outbreak of deadly diseases such as plague, anthrax, or smallpox. A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense indicates a strong correlation between the country's participation on international relations and terrorist assault on it

The assessment might involve a range of states including states with stakes as well as those without interests. Even though countries would work toward realizing peace and stability of their neighbors, it is important for every nation to come on board during…. [read more]

Statistics in Research and Analysis the Experiments Research Paper

… ¶ … Statistics in Research and Analysis

The experiments, analysis and statistics-5

Uses of statistics in experiments and research-5

Tools of Analysis-7

Experimental Design-9

Common uses in every day life-12


This paper concerns itself with the use of statistics as a means and the important tool in research and analysis -- both in the scientific and social sphere. Statistics can be defined as a study of variability and enumeration. It tries to quantify and enumerate uncertain things in a scientific manner. That is because there is an element of uncertainty in all affairs of research and information processing. For example measurements made by scientists and other people are mostly uncertain in some way. One example cited by Kault…. [read more]

Vmware Pros and Cons Research Paper

… ("Standard and Poor's," 2013)

This information, is illustrating the long-term effects of running applications which are compatible with the Linux, OS and Windows-based operating systems. This means that customers are able to create solutions which will meet their needs and can work with a variety of devices in the process. It is at this point, when they will have greater amounts of flexibility. That enables them to adjust with the various challenges they are facing. This helps clients to evolve with shifting demands inside their sector and the business itself. ("Standard and Poor's," 2013)

Furthermore, Sherwood (2013) determined that VMware has the experience in becoming the first company to offer cloud solutions to cliental. At the same time, they are creating new application utilizing a…. [read more]

Leadership and Human Resource Management Research Proposal

… The sector, from the leadership and authority section, the government influences directly the decisions of the various sectors, hence the theory Y The government of the United States is democratic (Billsberry, Salaman & Storey, 2005). However, this does not reflect in the ground as the leadership exhibits aspects of being autocratic in managing the various sectors. The public sector does not have the liberty of working as a team, as managers and the leadership only issue directives to the workers and expect that employees comply without question. This is a significant challenge in the motivation of the workers to achieve. Additionally, in some situations, the leadership does not have actual feel of the reality on the ground, and; therefore, they issue directives and instructions that…. [read more]

Organization Behavior the Economic Implication Research Proposal

… Reason being, the oil, petroleum, and mining industry will have to boost up their operations in order to match the supply and demand requirements in their own country as well as in the international community. Therefore, they will create more jobs for both skillful and unskilled labor from Takoradi community, Ghana, and the whole African region (Vision Africa Gold Inter-nation Communication Limited 2011).

3. Capital and Investment:

The oil discovery will also help the Ghanaian Government to attract potential investors from all over the world. The oil sector will create attractive investment opportunities in Takoradi and the whole Ghana region for a wide range of businesses that are directly or indirectly related to energy sector (United States Non-Governmental Delegation Report 1999). For example, there are…. [read more]

Online Consumerism Internet Usage Research Paper

… The students were divided into three categories from the ages of 15-44. The first group was between the ages of 15-44, second group was 25-34 and the last group was between ages 35-44. The latter group ranked first in internet usage followed by the second group and lastly the younger group. The sample population included 200 students who were surveyed in person and 300 students who filled the email survey but 406 responded while the remaining did not participate. Data analysis used quantitative approach. Reliability analysis was formulated and used to test the obtained data. Howard (2004) argues that, "Canonical analysis was also used to help understand the data and build a framework around online consumer behavior" (p. 55).

The survey displayed that the survey…. [read more]

Apple: Ratio and SWOT Analysis Research Paper

… It can be noted that while Apple's return on equity is not impressive, its EPS surpasses the industry average. The unimpressive ROE could be as a result of several things including but not limited to a drop in a number of components like asset turnover and the equity multiplier.

Decision 2

Similarly, just like in the first scenario above, I would not invest $500, 000 in Apple's debt (bonds). My assertion in this case is founded on the liquidity of the company. It can be noted that though the company does not raise red flags in regard to its liquidity i.e. based on its current ratio which is above 1; it still lags behind the industry average. Hence in my opinion, I would consider investing…. [read more]

Abundant Research Conducted on Humans and Animals Research Paper

… Abundant research conducted on humans and animals indicates selective attention as being helpful in reducing pain. Wall and Melzack's (1965) gate control theory implicates cognitive ability in controlling nocicieption. Since Melzack maintained that "specialized systems are involved in the sensory-discriminative, motivational-affective, and evaluative dimensions of pain" (Melzack, 1993, p. 21), Hackett and Horan (1980) attempted to isolate each of these three psychological dimensions: the sensory discriminative (SD), the motivational affective (MA), and the cognitive evaluative (CE) in an experiment conducted on eighy-one undergraduate females. They discovered that the sensory discriminative (SD) as well as the motivational affective (MA) were the most effective, whilst cognitive evaluative showed negligible results. Replicating parts of this experiment on twelve female adolescents using a hot tub, this study showed opposite…. [read more]

Psychology Research and the Scientific Essay

… " On the other hand, secondary data as the authors further point out is "data derived from what others have collected, so it is second hand, such as percentages from a national census" (Brain and Mukherji, 2005). In that regard, while primary data includes all the data a researcher or investigator collects for the first time, secondary data is all that data already in existence. In seeking to further understand the two sources of information, it would be prudent to highlight the differences as well as similarities that exist between them. In regard to the main differences between the two, it can be noted that while primary data can be regarded original as it is collected by the researcher for the first time, secondary data…. [read more]

Ethical Standards in Research Research Paper

… Ethical Standards in Research

Research has become a part of the modern educational system. In all fields of study, research data and papers are used to test a pupil's knowledge and assess their skills to deal and grip a specific scenario that is presented to them. These scenarios can be in various forms, one such being case studies and research-based papers. For the purpose of completing their research papers, students are allowed to access information from various other resources which can be in the forms of books, journal papers, news articles, etc. All the external data that has been selected to complete a research paper cannot be deemed to be the work of the student writing the research paper. All the authors and owners of…. [read more]

Franklin Delaney Roosevelt's Attitude Research Paper

… This letter does not explain why Roosevelt did not bomb the tracks but it may indicate his reason for not doing so. The larger goals were to destroy the Nazi machine. Anything else would be diversionary and perhaps counter-productive.

There are also letters such as the following that tell us that:

Throughout the 1930s, President Roosevelt was kept informed of the growing refugee crisis in Europe by political leaders with ties to the American Jewish community, including New York Governor Herbert Lehman. Through these contacts, Roosevelt also learned that the strict immigration quotas in place at the time were not being fully or fairly administered by his own State Department. In this November 13, 1935 letter, the President advises Lehman of the results of his…. [read more]

Representative System of Government Research Proposal

… Arrest Rates. In 1990, more than 10 million criminal counts were logged. Although only comprising 12% of the general population, arrest rates for blacks were disproportionate for every offense except drunken driving. Blacks, for instance, accounted for 61.2% of all robbery arrests, 54.7% of the suspects arrested for murder and manslaughter, and 43.2% in cases of rape. (Interestingly enough, the annual victimization survey conducted by the Census Bureau found that only 33.2% of the women who said they had been raped identified their attackers as black. Because the race of the rapist does not seem to affect whether a report will be forthcoming, this disparity suggests that attacks by whites are less apt to lead to arrests) (Ayres & Steven, 2008).

The racial disparity in…. [read more]

Nursing Research and Evp Research Paper

… (Bauer, 2010, p.3) Steps of the Iowa model are reported to be the formulation of a question.

III. Steps Used for Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Steps used for research and evidence-based practice under the Iowa Model include the following steps:

(1) Step One - Bauer (2010) states that the question asked in a PICO format is more effective for use rather than searching the literature. The PICO format uses the method as follows in framing the question:

P = Population of Interest

I= Intervention

C= Comparison of what you will do

O= Outcome (Bauer, 2010, p.3)

(2) Step Two -- "Determination of the relevance of the question to organizational priorities." (Bauer, 2010, p.3) This involves the discovery if "improved recovery or decreased hospital time post…. [read more]

Marketing Research 6855 Essay

… Conduct a thorough primary research to indentify the taste and preferences of Australian customers towards coffee drinks

ii. Identify the major factors that dominate, or at least affect the purchase decision of Australian customers while choosing a brewed coffee brand.

iii. Find the ways in which Starbucks brewed coffee can be improved to make the Australian customers like it.

Research Design/Methodology:

In order to achieve the aforementioned research objectives, Starbucks will have to conduct a customer survey in the Australian market. The proposed sample size for this survey is 1050 respondents from the urban areas of the major cities of Australia like Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Wollongong, and Logan City.

Sampling Plan:

The sampling plan for this customer survey can be…. [read more]

School Systems Use Data to Implement Strategies Research Paper

… ¶ … School Systems use Data to Implement Strategies and Drive Instruction for Elementary Students?

In any setting, there is a best way to do something, and elementary school systems are no exception. In the Digital Age, though, trying to make sense of the enormous amounts of information available is often like trying to take a sip from a fire hose and many educators might be at a loss concerning how to use the available data to its best effect. Therefore, identifying ways that other educational school systems have used data to help them implement strategies and drive instruction represents a timely and valuable enterprise.

In an era of dwindling state budgets for education and increasing calls for accountability on the part of teachers and…. [read more]

Travel Agents Analysis Term Paper

… Travel Agents Analysis

The following pages will focus on providing an outlook on the situation of the U.K. tourism in general, and of travel agents in particular. The main aspects brought under discussion by this research paper regard the differences between traditional travel agents, on the one hand, and of e-tourism, on the other hand. Also, future trends in the field are presented, together with recommendations designed for improving travel agents' activity.

The introduction presents the importance of the problem and its implications. Also, the introduction provides a brief presentation of the research methodology used in this paper.

The following section focuses on establishing the hypotheses and the objectives of the research, as the starting point of any research. This is a very important section…. [read more]

Impact of Globalization and Import Competition on Technical Change Term Paper

… Globalization and Technological Change

Globalization and Trade Competition Spurs Technological Innovation

This paper investigates the connection between high trade competition in an increasingly globalized marketplace with the presence of increased levels of innovation within technology. The primary research question asks whether or not there is a strong enough relationship between the two factors in order to be able to use them as a way to better structure business strategies in a globalized environment. The investigation confirmed that there is a relation, with high competition from exporters like China and India, nations have to increase their innovative qualities in order to stay competitive.


It is clear that "globalization brings opportunities and pressures for domestic firms in emerging markets to innovate and improve their competitive position"…. [read more]

Network Research Encountering -- and Countering Research Paper

… Network Research

Encountering -- and Countering -- Unstructured Attacks: Current Issues in Network Security Monitoring

As technology and information networks continue to grow in complexity and in sheer size, and as they become more prevalent and important to industries and organizations of all sorts, the problems encountered in network security and network security monitoring are themselves growing in number and complexity. Hardware changes, software developments, and an ever-adapting range of purposeful and accidental security threats through unauthorized activity have led to the rapid evolution of network security monitoring in many ways, while at the same time certain basic elements and frameworks for understanding issues remain the same. This juxtaposition of the old and the new in the world of network security monitoring means that basic…. [read more]

Perception of Objects in Infants Grant Proposal

… In addition, numerous differences in the way infants perform have something to do with differences in the processing speed, or the capacity to remember and compare information. The most popular explanation is central to the speed of processing information and perceiving things. However, why the speed of processing, which is the core during the perceiving of objects or social cognition, should have a relation to adolescent IQ remains an open question (Colombo and Mitchell, 1990). Some recent studies have revealed that infancy measures have a correlation with "speed of perceiving objects" at later ages even when there was controlled IQ (Rose and Feldman, 1995). Research also suggests that owing to the information-processing approach, the correlations with adulthood intelligence happen because the infant tasks are tapping…. [read more]

Concise Analysis of Research Questions Variables and Types of Data Essay

… Fundamentally, a correlational question assumes that a relationship exists between variables. This is one of the major strengths of correlational research questions -- they not only describe variables, but also establish relationships between variables (Bryman, 2008). In this case, for instance, some 10th grade students may score poorly in Mathematics due to their socioeconomic background -- due to poverty, their home environments may not have sufficient physical, psychological, and academic resources to support their learning. Nonetheless, it is important to note that association may not necessarily mean causation (Bryman, 2008). This is one of the major limitations of correlational research questions -- they do not necessarily explain causality. In this case, for instance, even if correlation between academic scores and socioeconomic background may be found,…. [read more]

Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Essay

… The data collected in routine care is aimed at ensuring the patient receives the highest standard of care. Therefore, principles such as anonymity are not ensured because the data is only meant to be for provision of care. Forms used in routine care often have the patient's name or number and can be easily traced to a particular patient. Secondly, in routine care, interviewer bias is not a concern because the interviewer rarely has an angle since they are only collecting data aimed at ensuring the patient gets the appropriate care. The principle of supplementary data is common in both the routine data collection and in research because the nurse has to be observant about the patient's surrounding. Principles that are new include those of…. [read more]

Intelligence Failure at Pearl Research Paper

… Intelligence Failure at Pearl Harbour

Intelligence failure at Pearl Harbor

It was the dawn of December 7th 1941 when six Japanese fleet carriers arrived 270 miles north of the Hawaiian Islands, and launched more than 200 attacking planes in the American fleet on the Pearl Harbor. This was the first attack after which the second attack with 170 planes was launched. These were the surprise attacks that greatly destroyed most of the American defense at the Pearl Harbor. Severe damage was suffered by the American army. This attack killed more than 2500 American marines and more than 1700 men were wounded. Why did America fail to prevent the Japanese attack? And was the attack unavoidable? This paper will aim to examine the main reasons of…. [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Dissertation

… Therefore, those who are provided with more assets have responsibility of sharing them with the deprived ones in the society. Hence, the owners of the assets are actually trustees in nature who are expected to serve the society, take from their assets as per their needs and use their property to the best interest of society. It is important to note that Gandhi was a supporter of neither capitalism nor socialism. However, communism was an unacceptable theoretical model for him. He believed in giving everyone equal rights of continuing their lives; therefore, use of non-violence and unjustified means was not expectable for him at all.

Due to his compliance to socialism and capitalism, he presented an idea of economy which was capable of using its…. [read more]

Demographic Perception Survey of Patients Research Proposal

… " (Isaac, 2000) Issac (2005) additionally states that women with "an intermediate-probability profile, who are able to exercise and how have a normal resting ECG, should undergo ECG testing with Duke Treadmill Score (DTS)." (Isaac, 2005)

Isaac stress imaging studies should be performed "in the case of non-diagnostic ECG stress testing or in the presence of baseline ECG abnormalities." (2000) In addition it is reported that "pharmacologic stress using nuclear or echocardiographic techniques can be performed where the patient cannot exercise adequately." (Isaac, 2000) Finally, Isaac (2000) reports that women with a high probability of CAD should "undergo stress testing with DTS or coronary angiography, depending on the severity and stability of symptoms." (Isaac, 2000)

Features of Atypical Chest Pain include those as follows:

(1)…. [read more]

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