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concise Analysis of Road Not Taken By Robert Frost Essay

… Frost defends his choice and claims "I will be saying this with a sigh" is supportive of this (Ankit Tyagi, 2015).

6. What major literary devices and figures of speech does the poet use to communicate the theme(s)?

Literary Devices (R.B. Edi Pramono, 2013)

i. Most poets use sound devices to express and support the experience and meaning of poetry using sound.

ii. Meter is in most cases significant in poems written in English, with regard to the readers' auditory sense. English literature, particularly poetry, use meter as the stressed/ unstressed or accented/ unaccented syllables of a certain word.

Figure of Speech

The entire poem is metaphorical. Metaphors are used by applying a certain phrase or word to an object, concept or person to which/…. [read more]

Public Policy Research Quantitative Inquiry A-Level Coursework

… Public Policy Research Quantitative Inquiry

Summary Problem Set #3

the Urban Institute's National Neighbourhoods Indicators Partnership

The two partners of the National Neighbourhoods Indicators Partnership chosen for the assessment here are: Atlanta Regional Commission and Neighbourhood Nexus. Both of these are situated in Atlanta and work towards building better and more cooperative communities.

After visiting the web domains of both these partners, there are some clear similarities and dissimilarities that one can see. Before we detail these aspects, it is important to note here that both these organizations seem to have taken a different approach to represent them in the online world. We will use the overall viewpoints presented by Tufte (2001) and Miller (2008) to analyze the representation of data and the organization that…. [read more]

Discourse Analysis Politics Research Proposal

… Linguistic Politics and the Reinforcement of Social Power Hierarchies

Discussion of language and how it functions socially. This section is meant to stimulate the readers interest and will raise the critical questions which my paper addresses.

Language has the potential to be a deeply powerful instrument when wielded to political, social or hierarchical interests. Distinct power structures are implicated in the nuances of linguistic communication, from the selection of words to the semantics of context; from the seemingly simple colloquialisms which reflect cultural in-groups and out-groups to the complex interactions between differing linguistic traditions; from the imposition of a set of normative cultural terminologies to the construction of meanings centered on certain inherencies within a culture. Indeed, must is as stake in the way our…. [read more]

Good Man Is Hard Term Paper

… It is clear O'Connor understood her characters completely, and knew exactly what she wanted them to accomplish as she wrote. Critics have called her work some of the finest fiction the South has to offer and this story clearly shows why. The characters, even "The Misfit" make the reader care about them, and the story pulls the reader along with the family as they follow the road to its' inevitable conclusion. The reader cares when "The Misfit" shoots the family, and really wants to believe there is enough good in him to spare the Grandmother. Of course, he does not, and that is the ultimate message of this story. The Grandmother may have touched this violent and evil man, but not enough to really make…. [read more]

Forgiveness on Human Health Term Paper

… Factual forgiveness can be observed as a multifaceted, as well as, protracted evolutionary procedure divided from, however, also intertwined with righteousness, confession, genuineness, and settlement. Its ratification belongs completely to the victim and is a brave and commanding face of absolute recognition and love that can be observed as an effort to discontinue the relocation of abhorrence from one generation to the subsequent.

An authentic cooperative and individual readiness to endeavor to discharge the harms of the past, escorted by expectation and strength of mind to start one more, can be quarreled to be a beginning point in this procedure. However, what is the emotional family tree of forgiveness, is it the foundation of feeling that makes it achievable? Latest progress of a psychological "procedure…. [read more]

History of Economic Thought Mercantilist School Term Paper

… History Of Economic Thought

Mercantilist School a) the mercantilist trend was focused on a simple thought: the wealth and status of a nation depends directly on the accumulation of bullion (gold, silver and other precious metals). This led to the formation of a protectionist policy where exports were increased as much as possible and imports were reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, investments were reduced and all revenues went into savings. The mercantilists offered significant power to the government and state authorities, which became increasingly active in the commercial and trade operations.

A b) the ideas promoted by the mercantilist school can be linked to the history of the era. The geographical discoveries and the development of the European countries meant more trade opportunities. They represented…. [read more]

Disaster Emergency Management Term Paper

… Disaster Management

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and volcanic activity cause extensive loss to life and property. They can impact the economy and the prosperity of the region tremendously. In recent times, the extent of damage from a natural disaster was evident when Hurricane Wilma, Katherine and Emily hit the U.S. In 2005.

The Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. 5121 et seq.) makes provisions for federal funds to be provided on a high priority basis to help mitigate hazards at local levels. In addition, the act also calls for identification and assessment of natural disasters that can disrupt the normal functioning of governments and communities, and adversely affect individuals and families with great severity. The act defines…. [read more]

Interventionism From the Perspective Case Study

… These studies serve as the foundation for this present analysis.

Other studies have shown that foreign military intervention can easily be conducted even if they are in violation of the United Nations charter and lack authorization of the Security Council (Cassese 1999). This shows that countries can and do act on their own in engaging in interventionism. The motives for doing so are what this study plans to investigate.

A number of Western countries support humanitarian interventionism but they have not yet intervened in Syria. The reality behind humanitarian interventionism is that there are clear political, geopolitical, and economical consequences to every foreign intervention. Intervention is not merely a humanitarian crusade but rather a highly explosive affair that can cripple countries' infrastructures and have global…. [read more]

Inflation Unemployment and Phillips Curve in China Dissertation

… Inflation, Unemployment and Phillips Curve in China

Research particularities

Inflation, unemployment and their definitions

The problem of inflation

The definition of inflation

Measures of inflation

How inflation is measured

Global values of inflation

Types of inflation

Issues raised by inflation

The problem of unemployment

The definition of unemployment

Measures of unemployment

How unemployment is measured

Global values of inflation

Issues of unemployment

The Phillips curve

Defining the Phillips curve

The original Phillips curve

Mathematics behind the original Phillips curve

The modified Phillips curve

Mathematics behind the modified Phillips curve

Two Phillips curves

The Phillips curve in China

General information about China

People's Republic of China interest rates

Phillips curves in China

Relationship between inflation and unemployment in short-term and long-term

The real estate bubble in…. [read more]

Economic and Constitutional Issues Surrounding Health Insurance Mandate for All American Citizens Term Paper

… Economic and Constitutional Issues Surrounding Health Insurance Mandate for All American Citizens

The situation

One of the great commitments of the Obama administration was that of restructuring the health care system so that it generated more social benefits for the population and in such a manner that the population was presented with an increased access to healthcare services. A solution found suitable in the accomplishment of this desiderate was identified in the health insurance mandate, in order words, the legalization of mandatory health insurance. Instead of attaining the pre-established goals, this political measure generates a series of disadvantages for the already socially and economically disadvantaged, who were in fact perceived as the target population in need of assistance. Given this situation, it becomes imperative that…. [read more]

Theatre Nurses Equipped Term Paper

… Communicate approximate length of operation, any requirement and essential resources to the waiting list office, bed management, operating theatre department and/.or theatre scheduler.

Contact all patients failing to attend pre-operative assessment to identify the reason. Act on the reason, following local protocols for the management of DNAs in pre-operative assessment." (NHS, 2005)

Role of Nursing Team in Pre-operative Assessment

Further needed in comprehension is the role of the nursing team. The nursing team performs clinical examination and emergency assessments of all patients in the ER before surgery takes place for the purpose of ensuring that the fitness of patients is provided for to the greatest possible extent. Strategies include, "redistributing cases from emergency to elective theatre schedules, day case emergency surgery, and booking parts of…. [read more]

Environmental Hazards as a Consequence Term Paper

… Data gathering and Analysis

Overview of the issues of environmental protection

In recent times, the need to protect and save the environment is growing. Most scientists and climatologists working with data related to the climate and the weather believe that the earth's temperature is rising. This is often attributed to the depletion of the ozone layer and the increase in the greenhouse gases. Temperature-rises have resulted in rising sea levels. Many islands in the Pacific Ocean are in danger of being submerged. These changes will influence the lives of the average citizen. More money will have to be spent on healthcare and preventive medicine. Health Services will be burdened due to rising pollution levels, depletion of the ozone layer and contamination of fresh water, the…. [read more]

Intelligence Failure at Pearl Research Paper

… Intelligence Failure at Pearl Harbour

Intelligence failure at Pearl Harbor

It was the dawn of December 7th 1941 when six Japanese fleet carriers arrived 270 miles north of the Hawaiian Islands, and launched more than 200 attacking planes in the American fleet on the Pearl Harbor. This was the first attack after which the second attack with 170 planes was launched. These were the surprise attacks that greatly destroyed most of the American defense at the Pearl Harbor. Severe damage was suffered by the American army. This attack killed more than 2500 American marines and more than 1700 men were wounded. Why did America fail to prevent the Japanese attack? And was the attack unavoidable? This paper will aim to examine the main reasons of…. [read more]

Shaolin Buddhism Term Paper

… Training and Religious Practices of a Shaolin Buddhist Monk

The story of the Shaolin monks began when the Chinese emperor invited a group of them to protect his palace from an invading force. The emperor was impressed by their skill and bravery; however, the monks refused to serve him permanently since they wanted to return to their religious practices and training. The Chinese emperor became fearful of the Shaolin's increasing prowess and influence and became determined to destroy them, and almost did. The surviving monks, known as the Five Ancestors, dedicated themselves to spreading the word of Zen Buddhism and the art of Shaolin kung fu (Hoh 2002). This paper provides a critical analysis of the training and religious practices of the Shaolin monks to…. [read more]

Geology of California Term Paper

… Geology-Wines

Particularly over the past quarter century, California wines have grown in prestige to become among the world's most celebrated, even challenging more historically established wines from the Bordeaux region of France (Marcus). California's Napa Valley region is considered a bit of a geographic wonder in the wine-making industry for its ability to produce a wide variety of high-quality red wines in a fairly limited space - just 40,000 acres of cultivated, planted land (Livingston). The wines from this California region, about 50 miles north of San Francisco (See Map 1), owe their quality and diversity to some unique geological features of the area. Throughout its rich geological history, Napa Valley has been affected by a wide variety of natural occurrences ranging from volcanic eruptions…. [read more]

Reasoning Assessment of Issues in Ethiopia and Their Effect on U.S. Interests Research Paper

… S. Interests

It is evident that Ethiopia has been able to have strong influences on the United States. Research shows that for more than a century, Ethiopia and the United States have really enjoyed the warm government-to-government and person -to-person relationship. It is clear that those ties have been able to transcend the way of time, and the strong pledges of business and friendship have been able to go on and on over the years, unimpeded by personal changes in government.

However, the United States-Ethiopian relationship was something that was at one time established in December 1903 succeeding nine days of conferences in Ethiopia among Emperor Menelik and the administration of Ethiopia and Robert P. Skinner, a representative of President Theodore Roosevelt (Stuart Munro-Hay, 2009).…. [read more]

Health Care Costs Ways A2 Coursework

… In order to address the ongoing wellness of its employees, Kaiser: engages in a Labor Management Partnership with employee unions to promote and provide healthy lifestyle resources, such as a "Total Health Assessment" questionnaire so an employee can determine the correct wellness plan for himself/herself and a series of 10 online "Healthy Lifestyle Programs" to address insomnia, stress, smoking cessation and weight loss (Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, 2012); Kaiser also maintains a Healthy Workforce Gateway that provides "good health resources and tools" to employees according to the regions in which they work (Kaiser Permanente, 2008). Finally, Kaiser proactively addresses possible patient infections in hospitals by developing "clear and concise protocols" based on the ideal of "unrelenting focus" and "patient-focused standardization of practice" for a…. [read more]

Traditional Southeast Asian Bamboo Flutes Studies on Origins and History Research Proposal

… Traditional Se Asian Bamboo Flutes: Studies on Origins and History

The study investigates the bamboo flutes found in Southeast Asia, as well as their history and origin. The earliest known extant bamboo flute, a chi, or ancient Chinese flute, from the Zhou Dynasty, discovered in the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng, dates from 433 BC. Southeast Asian bamboo flutes, diverse in shape and size, vary in the way musicians play them. During the ethnography, a qualitative study, the researcher utilizes an extensive literature review to explore the development of bamboo flutes in SEA and examines the link between these instruments and music, as well as traditions from and beyond Asia.

As the study focuses on the flutes from three main areas: Mainland SEA, Maritime…. [read more]

Political Framework of EU Thesis

… As a result, European nations looked forward to developing nations such as Asia, Africa and South America for the purchase of these necessities. For developing nations this was an opportunity to become known as suppliers of grist, therefore, they were willing to enter into this trade agreement. However, what European Leaders wanted was more than a simple trade agreement; their aim was to enforce their rules on these nations, making them colonies of the infinite European empire. Therefore, they entered into the agreement after setting out a lot of rules for the dependent nations to follow. As time passed by, these rules made the European leaders indirectly administer the nation, thus the nations became a part of European empire. History reveals that the imperialism is…. [read more]

NAFTA Historical Beginning Term Paper

… 3. A panel of experts was utilized to handle disputes.

The creation of CUSTA sparked interest from Mexico. The free trading area or FTA spanned greater than 360 million people, and $6 trillion in annual output. NAFTA may also be considered a link to two of the largest trading partners to the U.S.: namely Mexico and Canada.

History Bibliography:

Mariama W. Williams, A Brief History of GATT and NAFTA; Women's Alternative Economic Network

Gary C. Hufbauer, Reginald Jones Senior Fellow and Diana Orejas, NAFTA AND THE ENVIRONMENT: LESSONS FOR TRADE POLICY, Institute for International Economics (2001)

Daryll E. Ray, Director, Agricultural Policy Analysis Center Melissa B. Cooney, NAFTA and the Small Mexican Farmer, Graduate Research Assistant University of Tennessee

US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.

NAFTA Objectives…. [read more]

Incorporating Restorative and Community Justice Into American Sentencing and Corrections Article Critique

… Restorative Justice




In criminal justice, new interventions targeting crime control and reduction are constantly being developed and implemented. The recent intervention that is notable is Restorative Justice. This paper will thus critique this particular emerging intervention and focus on answering questions like: What is Restorative Justice? What is Community Justice? Should Restorative and Community Justice Be incorporated into the Criminal Justice System?

In criminal justice, new interventions targeting crime control and reduction are constantly being developed and implemented. The recent intervention that is notable is Restorative Justice. Regardless of the enhanced attention provided recently to the concept of restorative justice, the principle still stays rather bothersome to specify as many feedbacks to criminal habits could fall under the supposed corrective umbrella. The…. [read more]

Balance Scorecard Applications in Healthcare Essay

… The whole mechanism is used as a strategic planning and management system which is used globally many businesses and all kind of industries as well as public and sectors. Implementation of this tool enables the organizations to redefine their business vision and strategy to achieve their objectives by improving their external and internal communication. Furthermore, this system allows them to monitor organizational performance in relation with their strategic goals. The tool was presented by Dr. Robert Kaplan and David Norton in early 1990s. As an extension to their original research in organizational performance management, they presented this new model after thoroughly evaluating the current performance management practices. Where it is argued that similar objective can be achieved by conventional financial statements and reports, it is…. [read more]

Worked Tirelessly Essay

… Through the analysis of these poems, I was able to understand how a subject told from a similar perspective -- that of an immigrant -- can be interpreted differently. I was surprised at how culture influences the perception of America and how culture shaped each poet. Unlike Keats and Frost who explore their individual relationships in contrast to nature, Mora and Lim present their narratives from a social and cultural perspective

I was able to translate my literary analytical skills into the explication of DH Lawrence's "The Horse Dealer's Daughter." Because of the complexity of the story, I did not only have to take into account what Lawrence was attempting to comment on, but I also had to look beyond the author's personal perspective and…. [read more]

Violent Video Games Is Having. Indeed Research Paper

… ¶ … violent video games is having. Indeed there are numerous effects of watching violent video games. Above all its effects, it causes violence due to its effect on thought, cognition and human behavior. Several experimental studies have shown that playing video games that are violent are resulting into higher hostile cognition levels, aggressive affect, and provocation physiologically and also aggressive behavior in the short-term more than the video games that are not aggressive.

It is very true that Video games have turned into one of the preferred activities of the American children. As stated above, increasing bodies of research connects aggressive video game play to hostile cognitions, approaches, and also behaviors. Six hundred and seven 8th- and 9th-grade learners coming from four schools took…. [read more]

Secular Humanism Research Proposal

… Secular Humanism

The rise and influence of Secular Humanism in the 20th century


Brief Overview of the Antecedents of Secular Humanism

The Enlightenment and Renaissance

Political and Economic Factors

The Modern Era

Historical aspects; The Formalism of Secular Humanism

The Role of Science

Secularization in the West

Influential Thinkers

Secular Humanism in the Twentieth Century and its Crisis

The Influence of Secular Humanism

The phenomenon of secular humanism is a central facet of the constitution and character of contemporary Western culture and society. The modern development of this ideology or worldview has progressed from the humanism of the Enlightenment to the particle style of secular humanism that we find in the twentieth century. This cultural phenomenon became a dominant social and cultural force during…. [read more]

Networking and TCP/IP and Internetworking Term Paper

… But this also presents another problem wherein person C. could, after accessing the messages being sent between A and B. can alter, without the persons being aware of it, the content or the sequence of these messages. This makes Internet users realize that security should encompass the authenticity and the integrity of the messages sent by the users of the Internet. A proper authenticity service should provide such security to its users. (Conceptual Overview of Network Security)

All over the world individuals, businesses and governments seem to be communicating with each other with absolutely no hindrances, but the actual reality behind the whole system can be revealed only when noticed closely. A lot of issue that were not given importance earlier is now being looked…. [read more]

Solving Environmental Problems Through Social Action Term Paper

… ¶ … post-industrialization era in Japan has radically transformed its political landscape, along with its societal elites and non-profit social organizations. Furthermore, a new mode of relationship has been discovered between the individual members of the society and nature. This is being thoroughly nurtured by non-profit social groups and organizations through collective social action (John et al., 1987). It is important to note here that social action ought to be backed by political influence. However, political influence varies from one part of the country to another (Yasumasa, 2001). For instance, social actions taken in Tokyo may have more political influence than social action taken in a remote city of Japan. Furthermore, the postindustrial society has brought with it heightened concerns of environmental degradation through various…. [read more]

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