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Conflict Resolution Essay

… Getting people involved helps to spark creative energy and build commitment for turning ideas into action! Be sure to discuss any additional resources or support that might be needed in order to follow through on each suggested solution.

(4) Agree. At this point, the group will decide on a plan of action, including the ways in which they'll support those who must take action. You'll also want to agree on what follow-up actions are necessary, whether it's another meeting or a series of monthly reports to track progress.

(5) Close. Summarize the plan for resolution and check that everyone is clear on what needs to be done! (American Sentinel University, 2011, p.1)

The work of Heimer (2011) reports that research has stated conclusions that "styles…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution to Strike Essay

… Conclusion

Successful conflict resolution is dependent upon one's ability to control one's stress and emotions

As mentioned earlier, conflict resolution is highly influenced by an individual's ability to control his emotions. Conflicts give birth to feelings of resentment, hatred and disappointment. If conflict remains unresolved, the intensity of feelings will increase with every passing day. If not dealt with appropriately, conflict can break the relationship into irreparable pieces, but if resolved it will make the relationship an unbreakable bond (Childre and Rozman, 2005).

If a person is so engrossed in hatred for the other person and cannot determine what he really wants, that person will not be able to convey his message clearly. For example, the couple chosen in this case did not prefer to…. [read more]

Conflict Resolutions at General Hospital Research Paper

… Conflict Resolution at General Hospital

Over the last ten years, a variety of businesses have been facing a number of issues as far as leadership is concerned. Where, the lack of leadership at a variety of organizations has been having a negative impact on: on earnings, productivity and costs. This is despite the fact that many executives / administrators believe that they are addressing the different issues. Where, many organizations will often claim that the staff / employees are their greatest assets. Yet, when it comes to addressing employee concerns, most business will place less importance on this aspect. Evidence of this can be seen by a study that was conducted of different business executives, with found that 73% of companies rate employees as their…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution Term Paper

… Symbolically, this raises difficulties in bridging the emotional barriers between the parties, and it raises practical difficulties because people are naturally suspicious if they feel they have not had sufficient input into a given plan. When the urge is to withdraw, the best strategy is to reach out (Kimberley Strom-Gottfried, 1998)."

Many conflict resolution theorists and practitioners have undermined the process of understanding the interests of the concerned parties. They believe that the process and strategies mediation and arbitration can be successfully implemented without the correct understanding of the interests of the concerned parties. It should be made clear that no conflict can be resolved without proper understanding of the interests of all the concerned parties. Kimberley Strom-Gottfried, (1998) reveals not only the importance of…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution Management Message Strategies Research Paper

… Conflict Resolution and Management Strategies



Conflict can be defined as a disagreement between two or more persons or groups on any particular issue/issues. It is a situation in which one person or group perceives that its interests are opposed by other person or group. Conflict can be defined differently in different situation; it can be a war, an opportunity or a journey (Buchnan & Huczynski, 1997).

Conflicts are also very common in organizations in the form of clashes that occur when the behaviour of one group frustrates or blocks the goals of another group of the organization (Buchnan & Huczynski, 1997). The conflicts in an organization can be between management-management, management-employees or employees-employees. Organizational conflicts must be resolved in order to grow, survive…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution in the Middle Term Paper

… The pro-Israel camp has its own lobbies, organizations, think tanks, magazines, support groups, Internet user groups, etc. that strives hard to establish that the Arabs are wrong and they are right. The Israelis pose to be more outstanding in morality than the Arabs. Similarly the lobbies, organizations, think tanks, magazines, support groups, Internet user groups, etc. existing in the side of pro-Arab camps strives hard to establish that the Israelis are wrong and they are right. They also announce in similar fashion that they are morally more upstanding in comparison to the Israelis. Both of the groups are accusing each other labeling allegation that the other is morally deficient, the other is not acting nicely and because of the other that they are not arriving…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution the Profession Term Paper

… Likewise, while peer debriefing provides opportunities for self-reflection, nurses may be sensitive about discussing their clinical 'secrets' with peers for fear of being judged. However, when clinical experiences and challenges (including secrets) are discussed with an empathic listener within the safe realm of clinical supervision, nurses are able to use self-reflection and introspection to mature and develop within their professional caregiving roles (Cindy A. Peternelj-Taylor, Olive Yonge, 2003)."


Lastly, all the nurses should be taught the concept of working and treatment boundaries. It is alarming that the academia has overlooked this profound subject and the scholarly researchers have taken this issue so lightly. Cindy A. Peternelj-Taylor, Olive Yonge (2003) write, "Issues surrounding the creation and maintenance of boundaries and the prevention of exploitation must…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Research Paper

… Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Conflict is an inevitable component of human interrelationships in general as well as in the workplace in particular. In many respects, conflict is necessary and it can be beneficial to the establishment of mutual understandings and relationships within the workplace environment. However, conflicts also represent the distinct potential to undermine work relationships and organizational efficiency where they are not addressed and resolved appropriately.

Successful conflict resolution requires a basic understanding of the potential sources of conflict, the importance of effective communication, and specific awareness of concepts such as validation, negotiation, the role of mediation, and the concept of constructive resolution. In principle, what separates organizations and working groups that manage conflict well from those that do not is not necessarily…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution the Desired Outcomes of Disputants Case Study

… Conflict Resolution

The desired outcomes of disputants in conflicts include (but are not limited to): fairness, efficiency, effectiveness, and participant satisfaction.

Conflict resolution strategies are highly dependent on the leadership and conflict arbitration styles of managers and leaders (Jameson, 1999). Modeling and taxonomies of conflict resolution continue to evolve in an effort to explain conflict characteristics, disputant characteristics, and characteristics of conflict settings (Kirca, 2006). The majority of these models take into account the optimization of fairness, efficiency, effectiveness and participant satisfaction (Jameson, 1999). Managers move towards or away from conflict, often correlating to their transformational vs. transactional leadership skill sets, Emotional Intelligence (EI) including their use of coordinating vs. controlling leadership strategies (Kirca, 2006). All of these factors are taken into account when the…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution History of the Dispute Term Paper

… Conflict Resolution

History of the Dispute Resolution Movement

Reasons to Employ Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Types of Conflict



New Trends in Conflict Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Future of Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is, in its simplest form an attempt by two or more parties to reach and agreement that meets the needs of all parties, without excluding the voice of either and within the range of the ability of both parties to compromise in the face of any given conflict.

The trend toward settling disputes on every level is moving in the clear direction of conflict resolution as a first and/or even last resort, as a result of the desire of many individuals and entities to clearly outline the nature of the…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution in it Management Term Paper

… One situation that comes to mind involved a collaborative process involving different teams where each team insisted on procedures that complicated the work of the other team.

In principle, our supervisors believed that avoidance as a means of conflict resolution should be avoided, except in the context of teaching employees to avoid conflicts that are entirely unnecessary and therefore, avoidable. Otherwise, avoidance is not an effective approach because it is an organizational analog to psychological repression in individuals and, as in the case of psychological repression, will undoubtedly result in magnifying the original problem and/or allowing it to manifest in other ways. Likewise, they believed that Accommodation would only delay resolution of similar problems and require piecemeal resolution on subsequent projects. Management made clear to…. [read more]

Conflict, Decision-Making, Organizational Design Essay

… Within Publix Company, decision-making process should assume a clear understanding of the facts beneath every gathered information and data that are to be used while making the decisions at hand.


This is a stage or period where the organizational managers or an individual takes time to think about any possibility associated with the decision and information at hand. Brainstorming involves elicitation of any possible solutions and options, which are going to be considered while making the decision. In many cases, it is important to note the options and fully integrate them into action through the thoughts before embarking on making the thoughts come into actions.

Comparing the pros and cons

This is another stage involved with decision making in Publix Company. Pros are the…. [read more]

Conflict Management and Resolution Research Paper

… Conflict management and conflict resolution are important factors that must be considered in any organization. Conflict management and resolution can be particularly difficult in the context of schools. This difficulty exists because of the complex nature of the school setting which is designed to educate students. Conflicts often arise is such a setting because there are so many members of the organization and they are trying to achieve an important goal. People who work in a school setting often have differing opinions about the manner in students should be taught and as such conflict occurs and there is a need for conflict management and resolution. The purpose of this discussion is to explore different areas of Conflict Management and Resolution in schools.

From the perspective…. [read more]

Conflict Management an Examination of Definitions Term Paper

… Conflict Management

An Examination of Definitions and Case Studies

The topic of conflict management is of the utmost importance to businesses today. In a time where most global players are expanding due to technological advances and where small businesses are popping up due to the very same reason, it is important for workplaces, no matter what the size, to function smoothly. It is only if work is respectfully conducted in conflict-free situations that a business will achieve its goals, whether they be social or financial.

The importance of not only examining conflict free work environments and the conflict management frameworks that set them in place is evident at many universities across the world. The boom in this discipline also shows how important it is that…. [read more]

Team Leadership Conflict Resolution Term Paper

… ¶ … Team Building and Conflict Resolution

Teamwork and teambuilding are touted in all management, business and organizational newspaper articles, magazines and books, yet numerous companies either pay lip service to this tool or do not use it at all in their structure. Yet, it is an essential tool for internal and external effectiveness. In order for an organization to have high-quality products and services and be globally competitive, it needs people who are supportive and work together toward its mission and goals. If any conflict exists among employees, this will become a barrier in reaching strategy. Conflict resolution can be addressed through team efforts and lead to increased communication, consensus decisions and positive results. Unfortunately, too many companies do not consider the importance of…. [read more]

Conflicts and Communication Essay

… He also emphasizes on communication styles that should be well familiarized within an organization. Communication would help in appropriate passage of information among the team players and thus enforce progress and avoid uncertainty at the work place. Other points discussed include the essence of training, decision making to choose the best option available among alternatives, and the importance of diversity to beef productivity (Bena, 2005).

Fox narrates of the effect diverse generations within a working environment may cause variation in production levels. This is mainly because of the stereotypic claim that each generation has its own character, a misconception that changes the way these generations interact. The worst effect is communication breakdowns where inefficiency is highly identified, greatly lowering the productivity level of most companies.…. [read more]

Personal Reflections in Conflict Resolution Essay

… Personal Reflections in Conflict Resolution

The Critical Importance of Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

In many respects, interpersonal conflict is inevitable in the modern workplace. All of us experience various pressures and difficulties on the job as well as myriad external factors that we cannot help but allow to affect our moods and outlooks and the way we respond to stress. Whereas conflicts of various types and degrees are inevitable, the degree to which they affect our individual performance, that of our teams and business units and, ultimately, our organization differ tremendously based on how well we implement strategies to resolve conflicts after they occur.

In principle, the difference between employees and teams that overcome conflicts in the workplace and those who do not seems…. [read more]

Deutsch, Coleman and Marcus ) Research Paper

… Each of these approaches may be optimal for certain situations, but collaboration is typically regarded as providing "win-win" outcomes in many cases (Bratkovic, 2010). By identifying individual preferences for conflict resolution on both sides of the table, though, practitioners will be in a better position to identify which approach is best suited for a given situation (Bratkovic, 2010). In this regard, Kindler (1999) emphasizes that, "Your challenge is to choose the strategy, or blend, appropriate to each situation. Therefore, it is helpful to determine if you tend to overuse one or two habitual styles and neglect others" (p. 12).

One of the developers of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, Kenneth W. Thomas, emphasizes that resolving deeply entrenched conflicts such as the fast-food workers complaints with…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast the Approaches to Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution Thesis

… ¶ … Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution

Conflict management and resolution through Site-based Management

School-based management (SBM), or decentralized management, is fast growing in popularity in many of the U.S. school districts as this is seen as an efficient way to resolve and manage conflicts. The reason why people believe that this system can resolve conflicts is because it is the principals and staff of the schools that makes all the decision regarding the curriculum, asset and finance distribution and the methods of teaching. This means that they make an informed decision based on the patterns they are observing amongst the students, teachers, community and the staff. So even though the conventional methods allow the district education boards to set academic objectives, in modern times,…. [read more]

Conflict Management Approaches and Human Behaviors Essay

… Conflict Management Approaches and Human Behaviors

In terms of resolving conflicts, members of an organization have three principle outcomes in mind: achieving fairness, effectiveness, or participant satisfaction. These outcomes may contain some propensity for overlapping with one another, although usually participants seek one or another of these goals exclusively. The desire of participants to achieve each of these outcomes is manifested in different ways and requires different courses of action, all of which are intrinsically related to the fulfillment of that particular goal for resolving a dispute.

It is important to realize that when disputants are seeking to achieve a degree of effectiveness in resolving their conflicts, they primarily choose to do so in order to improve their relationship together (Jameson, 1999, p. 280). The…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution in Healthcare Essay

… Healthcare Conflict Resolution Case Scenario
Conflict cannot be avoided. It is a part of being human.
Disagreements or divergences of interest may emerge in a place of business,
amongst family members or even between two complete strangers on a subway
car. Though the possible contexts in which individuals or groups may find
themselves in conflict are infinitely ranging, we may nonetheless look to
the same path for resolution of nearly any scenario. Namely, just as
conflict in inherent, so too is the proclivity toward interpersonal
communication, an airing of divergent perspectives and a balanced
achievement of compromise. These are distinctive qualities of our species
which endows each of us with the tools to properly navigate through
conflict together. Conflict, speaking in a very general…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Essay

… Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

In this case, it seems the worker felt that her colleague was being disrespectful. While the incident description doesn't describe the conflict management process that took place, the solution suggests that senior people in the Management Department are attempting to resolve the conflict by separating the two workers. While the solution of giving the unhappy worker his/her own office might work, the process of coming to that decision is problematic. Most importantly, removing one staff member and offering that one person a work space promotion -- by moving him out of a cubicle and into his own office -- is likely to intensify the conflict between the two workers rather than create workplace harmony.

Conflict resolution means more than simply…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution and Transformation Research Proposal

… Intervention

Conflict Resolution & Transformation

external intervention in conflict

Evaluating the contributions of external intervention to internal conflict resolution and transformation

Violent conflict in many regions of the world is an issue of grave concern in the international relations today. As one pundit notes, the issue of modern conflict is one that is often compounded by internal politics, structures and forms of dissention that are related to various aspects of inequality in contemporary societies.

Although there appear to be fewer wars between countries there are more outbreaks of armed violence within countries… these are due to many factors, some internal to the country and others caused by external matters such as gross inequalities in world income distribution or perceived discrimination against those of a particular…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution Analysis Term Paper

… Sociology - Conflict Resolution


As parent of two growing boys, my partner and I have certainly experienced our share of conflicts that required resolutions over the years. Sometimes, these conflicts relate to disagreements with our parental decisions; other times, they have more to do with negotiating fair resolutions in disputes between the boys themselves. Luckily, with one of our sons ready to graduate from high school and the other already settled into college as a sophomore, most of the conflicts, trials, and tribulations of childhood and adolescence are in our past. Nevertheless, in retrospect, my partner and I have both learned a tremendous amount about human nature, negotiating solutions to conflicts, anticipating potential triggers for conflict, as well as almost…. [read more]

Conflict Our Interpretations, Mediation Strategies Research Paper

… Communication:

Humans tend to be creatures that often have imperfect communication processes. This imperfection is sometimes the source of conflict, whether it is the compatibility of interests or any other reason, it often becomes hard to resolve. Human communication has gained a lot of interest and people have researched on it in order to come up with a literature and come up with the reasons why communication often fails, they also attempt to come up with a resolution for it. What these researchers try to find out is why it is hard for humans to communicate what they want and how it ends up into a difficult situation when they are emotionally charged. It has been found that often the problem lies with the communicator…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution Reaction Paper

… 67). Consequently, it is important to determine the specific identity or identities that are in play in order to determine how best to proceed. As Jones and Brinkert point out, "Identities are important for orienting to the environment, including makes sense of information, knowing how to act, and knowing how to relate to others" (2008, p. 67). In other words, it is important to determine which identity is salient in a conflict situation in order to know how to respond most effectively and how to treat the individuals that are involved. In this regard, Jones and Brinkert (2008) note that, "Essentially, people tend to experience no remarkable feelings if treated in the identity-related manner to which they are long accustomed" (p. 68).


An example…. [read more]

Conflict Management One of the Basic Functions Term Paper

… Conflict Management

One of the basic functions of management is leading. A good leader knows how to handle diverse members working in the organization. In fact, a good leader would always prefer diversity rather than homogeneity and take utmost advantage of the diverse workforce. However, conflicts also arise when people belonging to different backgrounds, values, experiences, beliefs and perceptions come together at a work place. Conflicts occur on a daily basis when people work in team on certain projects. Whatever the situation the conflict & team management can be considered crucial skills along with leadership role.

Different warning signs show the management that the company is heading for trouble. Business starts to under-perform, more often than not demonstrated by missing trading targets. This could result…. [read more]

Conflict Management Term Paper

… Conflict Management

The purpose of this work is to describe a conflict within XYZ Hospital in a brief memorandum to a supervisor in which a scenario of conflict will be created. The scenario will reflect inter-group conflict, will identify relevant variables which affect the selection of appropriate conflict management style and discuss each in terms of its' importance in the conflict situation. Evaluation of a subset of approaches in dealing with the conflict will be performed and recommendation of the appropriate conflict management style for implementation and an accompanying rationale for this choice.



Description of Situation

As you know there has been conflict within the group working on second shift in the hospital emergency room for some time now and…. [read more]

Workplace Conflict Resolution Work Place Term Paper

… This also seems to be a problem in this case; if my administrative assistant had not pointed out the initial problem, it is likely that the two individuals involved would have attempted to avoid the issue all together to escape blame and repercussions.

The best method for resolving workplace conflict in this particular case involves initiating collaboration and compromise between the two employees involved. By requiring the participants in a heated debate to collaborate, the individuals involved must try to work with the other person they are involved with, to find a solution that will satisfy the concerns and needs of both employees (Bitman, 2002).

In order for collaboration to be effective, the individuals in question must really take time to assess the concerns of…. [read more]

Conflict and Communication Essay

… Communicating in Conflict Resolution

The discussion on Communication and Conflict by Robert M. Krauss and Ezequiel Morsella (2000) is as thought provoking as it is interesting. It is not just another discussion on communicating our way through conflict because that approach to resolving conflict has been ingrained in those of us living in Western civilization. Rather, Krauss and Morsella point out that conflict resolution through communication, negotiation, requires more than the parties coming together and agreeing upon a solution to the conflict. Indeed, as Krauss and Morsella succinctly demonstrate, the parties coming together might never about the problems which begin as tensions, and then escalate to the level of conflict. However, when the conflict becomes greater than the goals of a society or even in…. [read more]

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