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Conflict Resolution Conflict Can Be Taken Research Paper

… Conflict Resolution

Conflict can be taken as a state where two people are having a difference of opinion in the quest of what each one wants. It can be arisen due to the different needs, different interests, different habits and different values. This difference of opinion can be caused between two people, among a group, department or between organizations. There is no boundary or barrier where conflict can arise and cannot. It can happen if one feels that an injustice has been done to him or her, his or her trust is broken or a person suffers a betrayal or some powers have been falsely transferred without consent. So they be interpreted or termed as interpersonal conflicts, intrapsychic conflicts, cultural conflicts or change conflicts.

Conflicts…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution Theories Term Paper

… If we consider the view point of Israelis, they claim to have ownership of Jerusalem which is their prime religious hub and was acquired from them forcefully in 15th century. Now Israelis have believed Jerusalem to be rightfully theirs because of historical background, and the frustration caused by this deprivation act as the source of motivation for them for their current course of actions which involves military activities ranging from normal military operations to guerilla wars and attacks on civilians. Under the action of the relative deprivation perspective, Israel further attacked the then Palestine in 1965 and acquired the area provided to Palestinians by UN.

On the other hand, if we consider the ideology followed by Palestinians and other Arab groups supporting them, they believe…. [read more]

Conflict, Decision-Making, Organizational Design Essay

… Within Publix Company, decision-making process should assume a clear understanding of the facts beneath every gathered information and data that are to be used while making the decisions at hand.


This is a stage or period where the organizational managers or an individual takes time to think about any possibility associated with the decision and information at hand. Brainstorming involves elicitation of any possible solutions and options, which are going to be considered while making the decision. In many cases, it is important to note the options and fully integrate them into action through the thoughts before embarking on making the thoughts come into actions.

Comparing the pros and cons

This is another stage involved with decision making in Publix Company. Pros are the…. [read more]

Conflict Coaching Practices Essay

… Job rotation is often used as a conflict management coaching technique by the middle level managers to resolve disputes among their subordinates (Costello, Clarke, Gravely, D'Agostino-Rose, & Puopolo, 2011).

ii. Job Enrichment:

Unlike job rotation, job enrichment entails the assignment of greater job responsibilities to an employee in order to increase his morale and motivation towards his current job position (Raines, 2013). In job enrichment, the basic purpose of the manager is to give more powers, authority, and responsibilities to an employee. This technique is used when an employee is not satisfied with his current level of job position according to his qualification, skills, and experience. Such employee keep his morale low while working under another employee who is holding a higher level of job…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution: Scenario Analysis Research Paper

… Scenario 4: A University professor teaching ethics is frustrated with his Chinese students because they have difficulty in speaking English. The professor always marks down their grades for grammatical syntax and spelling. During class he makes a remark saying "We're in America, you should learn to speak English" to one of his international students. The student becomes embarrassed and finds it even harder to answer. There is a long period of silence as the professor continues to mock her/him. Is this prejudice? If so, shouldn't a professor rise above his own prejudices? The student does not report the ethics professor to the Dean of the Department.

Scenario 5: A race car instructor believes women drivers are dangerous. At work, twenty four students show up with…. [read more]

Identity Conflict Based on Social Theories Thesis

… Identity Conflict Based on Social Theories

In 1994 the Rwandan genocide resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of Rwanda's Tutsis and Hutu political moderates by Hutus. Estimates of the death toll have ranged between 500,000 and 1,000,000,

The extent of the unleashed anger and violence that occurred shocked the world. The scale of the conflict is succinctly summarized by Jones ( 2001).

It is difficult to overstate the scale or brutality of the Rwandan genocide of 1994. Between 6 April and 17 July, the Rwandan state engaged in an act of mass carnage against its own population, targeting a minority ethnic group and political opponents. In a mere fourteen weeks, several hundred thousand people -- perhaps as many as a million -- were…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution in North Ireland Term Paper

… Once this takes place the views of the other parties are taken into account. ("Conflict Resolution and the Future," n.d., pp. 415 -- 426) ("Culture, Religion and Conflict Resolution," n.d., pp. 333 -- 348) (Papadakis, 2006, pp. 1 -- 30)

Identify some strengths and weaknesses of these civil society efforts and their role in overcoming the conflicts.

The strengths of this role include: considering the viewpoints of various stakeholders, the focus on using different strategies / tools and everyone will have a voice in the process. These elements will prevent the conflict from spiraling out of control, forcing the two sides to negotiate (versus a continuation of the violence). The weaknesses of these efforts include: minorities moving to communities where they will feel safe (i.e.…. [read more]

Conflict Management an Examination of Definitions Term Paper

… Conflict Management

An Examination of Definitions and Case Studies

The topic of conflict management is of the utmost importance to businesses today. In a time where most global players are expanding due to technological advances and where small businesses are popping up due to the very same reason, it is important for workplaces, no matter what the size, to function smoothly. It is only if work is respectfully conducted in conflict-free situations that a business will achieve its goals, whether they be social or financial.

The importance of not only examining conflict free work environments and the conflict management frameworks that set them in place is evident at many universities across the world. The boom in this discipline also shows how important it is that…. [read more]

Conflict Management Case Studies Case Study

… Conflict Management Case Studies

Conflict management is a very important subject that captures many people's attention since it is inevitable. For people to coexist in harmony there, has to be a system where their differences are solved amicably. One of the ways people can resolve their conflicts is through simple talking, which most people shy away from. Conflict normally arises because of the huge division in our present society; the current generations are brought up and never given the opportunity to interact with others socially, therefore, in their adult life they develop problems trying to cope with different ethnics, racial or religious groups. Conflict also can arise from any environment; many situations have led to development of conflicts among people Abigail & Cahn, 2010.

For…. [read more]

Conflict Decision-Making and Organizational Design Term Paper

… Conflict, Decision-Making and Organizational Design

Conflict, Decision Making and Organizational Design

Conflict is particularly common in organizations and are among the major causes of poor performance by employees. This leads to low production by the organization. Therefore, the organization comes up with various ways of solving the conflicts and an example of these ways is negotiation: To confer with another person for the purpose of reaching to an agreement for an issue; also organize or bring about such a discussion. However, for negotiation to be effective, the conflicting parties must apply various negotiation strategies in order to come to an agreement. The most common negotiation strategies applied to address potential conflicts in the workplace mainly include:

Effective preparation: this mainly involves gathering adequate information about…. [read more]

Conflict/Crime Control Model Essay

… It would be simplistic to suggest that there is a difference between federal application and state and local application of these policies. There is, but federal differences are also going to reflect regional differences, as members of the federal criminal justice system are also influenced by their local areas. A more salient question may be to ask about different state and local application of the policies. For example, the death penalty, which firmly falls in line with the Crime Control Model, is not even an option in many states, while some states, such as Texas and California, are well-known for the large number of people on their death rows and their high numbers of executions. Not surprisingly, these high death-penalty states are also plagued by…. [read more]

Conflict Our Interpretations, Mediation Strategies Research Paper

… Communication:

Humans tend to be creatures that often have imperfect communication processes. This imperfection is sometimes the source of conflict, whether it is the compatibility of interests or any other reason, it often becomes hard to resolve. Human communication has gained a lot of interest and people have researched on it in order to come up with a literature and come up with the reasons why communication often fails, they also attempt to come up with a resolution for it. What these researchers try to find out is why it is hard for humans to communicate what they want and how it ends up into a difficult situation when they are emotionally charged. It has been found that often the problem lies with the communicator…. [read more]

Kilmann's Conflict Management Model Assessment Research Paper

… According to (Kuhn & Poole, 2000) this is what discredited Blake and Mouton instrument as conflict resolution instrument. To attend to this concern, Ken and Killman created thirty questions with two choice options. These options describe both collaborating and avoiding thereby incorporating social desirability. The two options are however, equal in social desirability forcing an individual to an item solely based on the content and his/her own assessment. An individual is likely to give responses based on whether they avoid or embrace competing. The calibration made on the two options, and the thirty questions made it difficult for individuals to give a response reflects a decent image to others (Thomas & Kilmann, 1974).

The sixteen page booklet resulting from the brainstorming and subsequent follow-up by…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution the Profession Term Paper

… Likewise, while peer debriefing provides opportunities for self-reflection, nurses may be sensitive about discussing their clinical 'secrets' with peers for fear of being judged. However, when clinical experiences and challenges (including secrets) are discussed with an empathic listener within the safe realm of clinical supervision, nurses are able to use self-reflection and introspection to mature and develop within their professional caregiving roles (Cindy A. Peternelj-Taylor, Olive Yonge, 2003)."


Lastly, all the nurses should be taught the concept of working and treatment boundaries. It is alarming that the academia has overlooked this profound subject and the scholarly researchers have taken this issue so lightly. Cindy A. Peternelj-Taylor, Olive Yonge (2003) write, "Issues surrounding the creation and maintenance of boundaries and the prevention of exploitation must…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution Describe the Basic Features Term Paper

… Conflict Resolution

Describe the basic features and tenants of the process

The cafe conversation is one of the creative processes for leading collaborative dialogue (Hemmati 145). The process allows knowledge sharing among various group members. The method has a basic feature where the environment is a set up like a cafe, which has a small table arranged in a circular manner. Arranging the table in a circular manner helps in creating a sense of community where every member feels free to contribute his ideas. After people sit around the table, the next step is introduction where people introduce themselves by stating their names and the reason why they are participating in the process. This forms round one of the conversation. After the introduction, the host…. [read more]

Element of Literature Theme or Conflict Essay

… ¶ … Conflict

The Theme of Freedom in Three Works

What is freedom and how does it arrive? This challenging question has been answered in various ways through literature as well as philosophy. It remains a stable concern for every new generation of thinkers and for each new situation tackled in literary works. Narratives and poems have suggested alternative arrangements of this theme and have drawn attention to different conflicts involved in its resolution. Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour" views freedom as liberation for self-assertion against social bondage that comes through chance outside circumstances. Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken" positions freedom as an internal choice one makes every moment that is based on rising fateful encounters. Raymond Carver's "Cathedral" takes the…. [read more]

Conflict and Negotiation Examples Term Paper

… There could be no stronger embodiment of inspirational vision where leaders and followers share common values.

His demonstration elicits immediate admiration, however, his men end up nourished only by their trust.

For Shaw to command effectively, he must understand his men.

We may wish to control or influence the behavior of others in conflict, and we want, therefore, to know how the variables that are subject to our control can affect their behavior" (Schelling, 1980, p. 4).

Shaw engages Rawlins' help in understanding the needs of his men. He is motivated to do the right thing. He sees that they need shoes and uniforms. Through his actions, Shaw illustrates traits of a transformational leader.

Shaw exhibits conflicting loyalties, between his friendships and his duty. He…. [read more]

Conflict in the Workplace Essay

… I work hard every day and never turn down any requests for voluntary overtime. I study until midnight most nights of the week. All of this has put tremendous strain on my relationship with my partner who wants to have children as soon as possible.

I recently applied for the new position of factory manager. I thought I was sure to get the position because it seems to me that an intimate knowledge of the factory and the quality management systems is essential. I have a very good relationship with the HR Manager, but I know the Operations Manager doesn't like me. He has complained on several occasions about my determination to observe the Muslim prayer times, even if it takes me away from the…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Conflict and Decision-Making in the Workplace Essay

… Organizational Bahavior: Conflict and Decision Making in the Workplace

Organizational Behavior: Conflict and Decision Making in the workplace

The workplace environment is quite dynamic in itself. This dynamicity comes as a result of the different skills, backgrounds, beliefs, views, ideologies and values that are borne by the employees of the companies or organizations, increasing consumer knowledge on the products and services being provided, increasing customer demand for quality goods and services. Other factors that make the workplace environment to be dynamic include increased competition from new market entrants or existing companies or organizations which shift their strategies to gain more competitive advantage. As a result, companies or organizations are finding themselves in the situation where they have to deal with conflict in the best way…. [read more]

Deutsch, Coleman and Marcus ) Research Paper

… Each of these approaches may be optimal for certain situations, but collaboration is typically regarded as providing "win-win" outcomes in many cases (Bratkovic, 2010). By identifying individual preferences for conflict resolution on both sides of the table, though, practitioners will be in a better position to identify which approach is best suited for a given situation (Bratkovic, 2010). In this regard, Kindler (1999) emphasizes that, "Your challenge is to choose the strategy, or blend, appropriate to each situation. Therefore, it is helpful to determine if you tend to overuse one or two habitual styles and neglect others" (p. 12).

One of the developers of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, Kenneth W. Thomas, emphasizes that resolving deeply entrenched conflicts such as the fast-food workers complaints with…. [read more]

Seminar in Conflict Resolution Term Paper

… ¶ … Conflict Resolution and their Application

The Manchester school of thought in conflict resolution emphasizes four basic premises of conflict resolution. These four premises are absolutely key in understanding techniques and situations in which conflict resolution skills and theories can and should be used.

The first premise lies in social problems. The students of the Manchester school studied conflict resolution patterns in British Central Africa. The problems in the area resulted from colonialism, and the social problems premise is grounded in the patterns of recovering from and progressing from colonialism: post-colonialism, if you will.

The theory behind the social problems premise is that conflict maintains the stability of a system through establishment and re-establishment of cross-cutting ties among social actors. These cross-cutting ties established…. [read more]

Workplace Conflicts Microsoft Corporation Essay

… Organizational leaders have the role of making everybody in the organization even though they were not part of the conflict feel at peace. She says that as a leader in an organization one should never at any one time think that only the parties directly involved in a conflict are affected by a conflict. This is so because the parties involved tend to also affect other people in the organization indirectly. This means that the organizational leaders in cases of conflicts which are obvious in organizations have more than solving a conflict to do. That is they also have to ensure that all the other people in the organization are also made feel at peace in a conducive working environment which makes it easier for…. [read more]

Authoritative Control Term Paper

… This create a "win-win" scenario and is useful for complex situations that call for compromise and communication. This is a great strategy to use for long-term conflict but can take a long time to achieve and requires a high degree of trust within the two parties and communication and synthesis of all ideas. Unlike the other strategies, this one requires both parties to commit to each other's perspective and also assert their own.

Competition is the next conflict management style and it generates a "win-lose" method. One party acts assertively to achieve his/her goals without wanting or seeking to work together with the other party. This in turn makes the other party lose their chance at pursuing their goals and having to agree to the…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast Theories Term Paper

… Theories

Compare and contrast Theories

This paper discusses the social learning theory at the outset, and analyze the statement of whether social learning does have an impact on criminal activities and on deviant behaviors. Next, the paper will analyze the culture conflict theory, with suitable example, to find the inter-relationship that may exist between culture conflicts and criminal behaviors. The paper will quote from experts in the field, notably among them being Albert Bandura, who believed that people learnt through the basic human tendency to observe and assimilate information, and that they also tend to learn from one another, using the methods of observation, imitation, and modeling. The paper will then discuss conflict in detail, culture, and what role culture and conflict play in determining…. [read more]

Stress Management and Conflict Term Paper

… Conflict & Stress Management

Strength & Weakness:

Stress is the byproduct of the fast paced modern life and everyone today faces this menace. Stress generally bogs people down but dealing with it is one of my strengths. Dealing with stress is a matter of personal qualities rather than the efforts of some organization or institution. Therefore personal will and strength are important characteristics in dealing with stress.

There are always differences in people's opinions and these differences result in conflict. My reaction to conflict like many other people is avoiding it but this is not the solution to the problem. Hence, conflict management is one weak area where like many others I need improvement.

Example from Daily Life:

In workplace situation too much stress on…. [read more]

Personality Theories in Psychology Essay

… For Freud's patients, the goal of psychoanalysis was to help mitigate some of these feelings and reconcile some of the differences between the id and the superego. Of course, human beings were able to reconcile these competing differences before the advent of psychoanalysis. They did so in a number of ways, which Freud referred to as defense mechanisms. Defense mechanisms are subconscious ways that a person deals with the tension between the id and the superego. These defense mechanisms include: compensation, denial, displacement, fantasy, intellectualization, projection, rationalization, reaction formation, regression, repression, and sublimation (See generally Freud, 1989).

There are certainly numerous flaws in Freud's theory. First, he was working in a repressive time which did not allow him to focus more effort on uncovering the…. [read more]

International Relations Theory and United Essay

… As an external party, the United Nations has become one of the most evident forms of intervention in violent conflicts as the international level.

Actually, among the current external or third parties, the United Nations has a special place at the international level because of its mission of being the magnificent guardian of international security and peace (Yilmaz, 2005, p.14). Consequently, conflicting parties tend to usually expect more from the United Nations than the other third-parties, which may have necessary resources to exploit the conflict.

Since the international relations theory goes beyond the maintenance of pace and reducing the possibility of war, it explains UN contribution to peace as third-party intervention. This is largely because UN peacekeeping goes beyond the mere coping with physical violence…. [read more]

Culture Conflict Research Paper

… Culture Conflict

The conflict that I have chosen is the ongoing issue with the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. A few days ago, China unilaterally claimed an air protection zone around the islands, informing airlines that they would need authorization from China to fly over the islands. This move is another attempt by China to claim sovereignty over these islands, which have belonged to Japan since the 19th century and were uninhabited prior that. The response of the U.S. was declare China's actions a provocation that challenges the status quo in the area and threatens to destabilize the region (Branigan, 2013). Further response has come in the form of Japanese and American bombers flying over the islands, and China's response of sending its…. [read more]

Theory Therapy Levy, Meehan, Kelly, Reynoso, Weber Research Proposal

… ¶ … Theory Therapy

Levy, Meehan, Kelly, Reynoso, Weber, Clarkin, & Kernberg have developed an empirical research work that begins with a comprehensive explanation of the various aspects of the work. Change in Attachment Patterns and Reflective Function in a Randomized Control Trial of Transference-Focused Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality Disorder the work defines the psychological disorder, borderline personality disorder (BPD). BPD is a highly prevalent, chronic, and debilitating psychiatric problem characterized by a pattern of chaotic and self-defeating interpersonal relationships, emotional lability, poor impulse control, angry outbursts, frequent suicidality, and self-mutilation (Skodol et al., 2002). (2006, p. 1028) the work also states that the prevalence of BPD is significant in the general population (@1-2%) and the psychiatric population (@11%) with a higher percentage in inpatient,…. [read more]

Master of Dispute Resolution Term Paper

… Master of Dispute Resolution

By nature, human life presents all of us with challenges. Not everybody can handle all challenges with an equal amount of grace and style. Indeed, many are crushed beneath the weight of murderous work schedules, family obligations, or simply the uncertainty of the financial times within which we live. For me, a double dose of disappointment brought me to the realization that reinventing myself was the key to becoming whole again, even as I use the strength of my Christian faith to help me maintain a positive outlook on my life, studies, and work. These are the values I intend to bring to Pepperdine University School of Law, should my application to participate in the Master's Degree in Dispute Resolution be…. [read more]

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