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Nursing Ethical Theories Essay

… Due to this deficiency mostly thinkers have supported deontological ethics theory.

Justice Ethics vs. Care Ethics

Justice Ethics

The word 'justice' means 'to be fair with all people' and it is intimately attached to the legal system. In the nursing profession, decisions have to be taken on each and every spot, therefore, there is a code of justice ethics to be followed for elderly, poor or disable patients.

All the human beings are liable to look for the well-being of humanity and to reduce pains from the world and this relates to the basic duties of a nurse. The basic principle of this theory has been placed on the right and wrong of an act and on principles that coerce the performance. According to Emmanuel…. [read more]

Game Theory Is a Separate and Interdisciplinary Term Paper

… Game theory is a separate and interdisciplinary approach to the study of human behavior. The areas of study most involved in game theory are mathematics, social and behavioral sciences such as economics. It can be used specifically for conflict resolution. Game theory was founded by mathematician John von Neumann. His first important book was The Theory of Games and Economic Behavior, written in collaboration with mathematical economist, Oskar Morgenstern. Game Theory, Analysis of Conflict by Myerson offers an overview of the topic and its development over the past couple of decades.

A game refers to a strategic situation that involves at least two rational and intelligent individuals called players. The fundamental result of decision theory, which forms the foundation of game theory as well, is…. [read more]

Personal Christian Theory of Counseling Essay

… ¶ … Christian

Personal Christian Theory of Counseling

My Personal Christian Theory for Counseling

This essay is going to involve my personal theory on Christian counseling. It will start with what is called a word study of some words such as counsel, help, counselors, and advice. The paper also will cover things like character, purpose, human development, individual dissimilarities, health and disease, methods, and more. This essay is going to let the reader know in the future, how I am planning to practice. According to Hathaway (2004, p.218), "Whatever else a Christian psychology should be, it should advance methods of knowing that are sufficiently rich and varied to contribute to our redemptive task.

Word Study

Doing the word study came into fruition when I had…. [read more]

Etiology of Theories Term Paper

… It is not described as a result but as a consequence of mental illnesses such as stress, depression, bi-polar disorder etc. In trying to diagnose or treat this type of addiction, the focus of the professional is on the treatment of the illness whose symptom the addiction is portraying. It is believed that curing the illness will be a cure for the addiction as well. The model also indicates that addictions like alcoholism are genetic, and are passed from generation to generation unless stamped out in one. Hence, the addiction is treated here like any other symptom of a life threatening condition that may lead to liver damage or other physical consequences for the person. However, the susceptibility of an individual to drug addiction varies…. [read more]

Kant and Rousseau Reducing Conflicts Essay

… The steps include not keeping secrets or secret treaties between states, abolishing standing armies, maintaining the free will of independent states, which includes not interfering with the political system of other states. Although these rules are strict, they have been seen as the most important factors in creating a peaceful world, and as we can see now in the 21st century, most republican, democratically elected and free states never go to war with other likewise states, because the will of the people is never geared towards hostilities with neighboring peoples in democratic systems.

Immanuel Kant wisely realizes that in order to establish such a system, no single dictator can exist, and al only when all states are freely elected can world peace be achieved. (Munkler)…. [read more]

Conflict and Communication Essay

… Communicating in Conflict Resolution

The discussion on Communication and Conflict by Robert M. Krauss and Ezequiel Morsella (2000) is as thought provoking as it is interesting. It is not just another discussion on communicating our way through conflict because that approach to resolving conflict has been ingrained in those of us living in Western civilization. Rather, Krauss and Morsella point out that conflict resolution through communication, negotiation, requires more than the parties coming together and agreeing upon a solution to the conflict. Indeed, as Krauss and Morsella succinctly demonstrate, the parties coming together might never about the problems which begin as tensions, and then escalate to the level of conflict. However, when the conflict becomes greater than the goals of a society or even in…. [read more]

Resolution in Divided Societies Term Paper

… Resolution in Divided Societies

There are numerous grand theories for the resolving of deeply embedded and divisive conflicts in specific nations and/or societies, and various structures of government related to certain of these large-scale theories as well. When the conflicting elements in a society cannot be successfully integrated or assimilated and when partitioning or separating these elements is deemed impractical or inappropriate for a variety of reasons, conciliatory or shared-influence governmental systems have proven effective in many nations, but can also be problematic and complex in their implementation. In his discussion of the situation in Northern Ireland, Sean Byrne identifies the importance yet the failure of both consociational and civil society approaches to conflict resolution in the highly divided society that exist in this nation…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast the Approaches to Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution Thesis

… ¶ … Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution

Conflict management and resolution through Site-based Management

School-based management (SBM), or decentralized management, is fast growing in popularity in many of the U.S. school districts as this is seen as an efficient way to resolve and manage conflicts. The reason why people believe that this system can resolve conflicts is because it is the principals and staff of the schools that makes all the decision regarding the curriculum, asset and finance distribution and the methods of teaching. This means that they make an informed decision based on the patterns they are observing amongst the students, teachers, community and the staff. So even though the conventional methods allow the district education boards to set academic objectives, in modern times,…. [read more]

Intercultural Conflict Style Discussion Chapter

… It's no wonder the results don't make much sense -- the entire exercise is poorly conceived. Paired questions are not how you would operationalize this.

Let's be halfway smart about this and assume that I fall into the engagement style. When dealing with customers from other cultures, this can be challenging. It seems clear that emotions are one of the communication mechanisms where cultures can vary significantly. High levels of emotional expressive are often seen as negative, in many cultures from Western Europe to Japan. So this is something that can become a barrier, because in many cultures a high level of emotional expression reflects a lack of control, which in turn means a lack of trustworthiness. Getting angry is not necessarily the best strategy,…. [read more]

Morality and the Professional Life Values at Work Research Paper

… ¶ … resolution of problems involving conflicting moral and nonmoral values presents a real dilemma to the individual tasked with solving such a case. It is therefore critical that an appropriate decision-making or problem solving framework be employed in finding a sustainable solution that satisfies the conflicting demand of both situations (Harris, Princhard & Rabins,2000).In this case, I am part of a group which is mandated with the disposal of waste for a major medical facility based in New Mexico. However, due to the tightening of the belt due to the poor state of the global economy, we have to choose between retaining a valued worker and exposing several strangers to a serious case of bio-hazard. The employees are to be let go duty to…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution and Post Conflict Reconstruction in the International System Thesis

… International Relations

Conflict Resolution and Post-Conflict Resolution in the International System

Conflict is a fact of international relations. States make war on each other and, factions within states disturb internal order. Prior to 1945, the victorious party usually destroyed, punished, or absorbed the loser. Empires were created and dismantled. Civil wars ended in the assumption of control by a particular group. The vanquished lost their freedom or struggled to pay indemnities and tributes. Yet the destruction wrought by war can have lasting consequences. As World War II demonstrated, it is often better to build up ones former rivals than to leave them to cope with the aftermath of conflict. Catastrophic destruction and displacement can breed further conflict. Resentments stir popular movements. The aggrieved parties become…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution Reaction Paper

… 67). Consequently, it is important to determine the specific identity or identities that are in play in order to determine how best to proceed. As Jones and Brinkert point out, "Identities are important for orienting to the environment, including makes sense of information, knowing how to act, and knowing how to relate to others" (2008, p. 67). In other words, it is important to determine which identity is salient in a conflict situation in order to know how to respond most effectively and how to treat the individuals that are involved. In this regard, Jones and Brinkert (2008) note that, "Essentially, people tend to experience no remarkable feelings if treated in the identity-related manner to which they are long accustomed" (p. 68).


An example…. [read more]

Conflict of Laws Essay

… Domicile is the method by which the courts in the United States connect a person to a particular place for purposes of litigation. Generally, domicile will become an issue by virtue of two legal determinations: 1) it will appear as a result of a question of jurisdiction, that is, whether or not a defendant is domiciled within a particular location for purposes of exercising jurisdiction over the person; 2) in determining what the choice of law might be between the litigants. Simply, the issue is determined by whether or not the plaintiff and defendant each possess significant contacts with the particular jurisdiction to form a reasonable basis for applying said jurisdiction's laws.

Regardless whether the issue of domicile is a matter of jurisdiction or significant…. [read more]

Theories of Human Development and Counseling Term Paper

… ¶ … Counseling Services Benefit People Based on Theories of Human Development

The objective of this study is to examine how counseling services benefit people based on theories of human development.

The view of counselors is that people grow and develop throughout their entire lifespan. The theory of human development psychology is something that counselors understand and that assists them in effectively establishes relationships with individuals from a diversity of backgrounds. Professional counselors are skilled in assessing individuals and situations and in treatment and diagnosis of mental illness and disorders. As well counselors are skilled in applying cognitive, as well as effective, behavioral and systemic strategies to assist individuals in bringing about change in their lives.

Lifespan Development and Health Emphasized

It is reported that…. [read more]

Argument of the Power and Conflict Theory Essay

… Power-Conflict Theory

Analysis of Power and Conflict Theory

Coleman (2006) has done a great service to the community of scholarship by bringing together a number of views of power. He provides summaries of these views in an attempt to formulate a helpful rubric for understanding power-conflict dynamics. Almost two thirds of his important article is taken up with a presentation of power, while the last third tackles conflict dynamics and resolution. The emphasis is clear: Coleman wants to insert power into the conflict equation. He is driven by the following concern: "Because of its ubiquity, it is paramount that when we address conflict, we consider power" (2006, p. 121). He addresses this issue by reviewing existing notions of power, first at the level of definition,…. [read more]

Psychological Aspects of Conflict and Resolutions Essay

… Questions Concerning the Psychology of Conflict and Conflict

The conflict between Israel and the surrounding Arab neighbors with
which it has frequently come to blows is precipitated on a host of
territorial, historical, ethnic and political terms. However, with the
significant gains made to the peace process in Israel's first regional
accord, signed with Egypt in 1979, it gained a powerful partner in undoing
the psychological implications overarching the specificities of Middle-East
In the Class 1 lectures on psychological barriers to conflict
resolution, we are made more fully aware of the impact which impression
building can have on the psychological makeup of a conflict. With Egyptian
PM Anwar Sadat beginning the process of opening up toward peace by making a
1977 visit to…. [read more]

Team Leadership Conflict Resolution Term Paper

… ¶ … Team Building and Conflict Resolution

Teamwork and teambuilding are touted in all management, business and organizational newspaper articles, magazines and books, yet numerous companies either pay lip service to this tool or do not use it at all in their structure. Yet, it is an essential tool for internal and external effectiveness. In order for an organization to have high-quality products and services and be globally competitive, it needs people who are supportive and work together toward its mission and goals. If any conflict exists among employees, this will become a barrier in reaching strategy. Conflict resolution can be addressed through team efforts and lead to increased communication, consensus decisions and positive results. Unfortunately, too many companies do not consider the importance of…. [read more]

Managing Human Resources Change Essay

… Change is different from the natural biological processes that don't require the effort of an individual; the changes that occur to the body tissues are not within the control of any individual. Human resistance to change is justified because of the fear of the unknown and that the management should mitigate the impacts of the conflicts and tension that arise from the change processes. It is therefore necessary for the organization managers to understand deeply the change processes if the conflicts must be eradicated

In the process of change, conflict arises because of several reasons. These factors should be clearly integrated in the organizational learning process through the participative approach. Conflict will begin when different opinions are held with the various participants. The sources of…. [read more]

Solving Conflict in the Workplace Term Paper

… Solving Conflict in the Workplace

[Type the document title]

Over the last 25 years globalization has had a major impact upon the workplace. Where, it is increasing the overall amounts of competition among a variety of businesses and employees. An indirect result of this is: the increased amounts of conflict within the workplace. Simply put, conflict is when there is a difference of opinions, necessities or expectations. During the course of conducting business, it can often occur between: employees, management, with other businesses / customers or combination of these different elements. ("About Workplace Conflict," n.d.) if any kind of potential conflicts are not dealt with quickly, the business could suffer a number of different challenges over the short to long-term. Where, it will play a…. [read more]

ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution Term Paper

… Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Many theorists, including Nadja Alexander and Marian Roberts, begin their discussions of mediation by noting that it is a fairly new phenomenon in the field of formal dispute resolution. Nevertheless, the paradigm has gained increasing popularity over the last decades, particularly where family and divorce disputes are concerned. Indeed, where young children are involved, couples often prefer to resolve the dispute privately via mediation than publicly in court. In this way, negotiations remain amicable, or can become so with the help of therapy. John Haynes, a mediation expert, identifies the purpose of mediation as finding a mutually acceptable solution for both or all the disputing parties (Haynes 1). In order to do this, he suggests the following steps in the process…. [read more]

Suppression and Conflict Resolution Term Paper

… A good example of use of suppression, as a means of resolving or dealing with conflict, was the South African situation during the years of Apartheid. The System of Apartheid or separate development in the country divided the people along racial lines and denied equality to the black and colored population. This disparity resulted in an extreme conflict situation. The mechanism used by the authorities to deal with this conflict was suppression through detentions and the use of force. This included the "suppression of peaceful mechanisms of organized protest." (Errante 267)

However, this method of suppression did not succeed in resolving the conflict but only created further dissention within the country which eventually resulted in riots and a near civil war. The technique of suppression…. [read more]

Employee Relations: Industrial Conflicts Essay

… The major difference between employee relations and industrial relations is the fact that industrial relations are mainly based on the treatment of employees by their employers.

There are various arrangements made by organizations to involve their employees in decision-making processes ranging from delegation of responsibility to consultation services to the formation of project teams. When an organization settles for project team arrangement, it assigns various tasks or projects to specific employees to work on them. To ensure that these employees in the project team are involved in the decision-making process, the management delegates considerable responsibility to these employees. Another organization involves employees in the decision-making process through consultation exercises and meetings. In this case, employees become part of the decision-making within the organization by being…. [read more]

Social Conflict Theory Public Policy Towards Terrorism and Terroristic Acts Term Paper


In order for the present status quo to change from the perspective of social conflict theory there must be a conflict between two classes occur which has directly resulted because of the dominant administration in Washington. This domination, most specifically in the Middle East has resulted in terrorist activity as the al Qaeda seeks a venue to validate itself and its grievances which it feels have been ignored and unaddressed by the U.S. government or its citizens.

The United States has undergone many legal transformations since the occurrence of September 11, 2001, such as no-fly lists, and a general trampling of basic Constitutional rights of U.S. citizens. This compliance or passivity relating to many injustices…. [read more]

Western Sahara Conflict Research Proposal

… Western Sahara Conflict

In the early years of civilization in the Western Saharan regions, civilizations used trade and exchange of services as a means by which to maintain the peace, and to meet the economic and social needs of their expanding civilizations. The Western Sahara was, then, and is today rich in minerals and other resources, not the least of which is oil. For the past thirty years, there has not bee peace in the region, largely because of the natural resources that are worth billions of dollars. The aid that has been sent to the region to assist those people of all nationalities who have become caught up in the violence and greed of the area's leaders, has been embezzled, and it is one…. [read more]

Conflicts Are Natural Term Paper

… Understanding that humans by nature are competitive, and Darwin's theory that only the fittest survive, is important. To manage and understand any dissonance at its basic level is important. Minimizing any attempts at trying to eliminate the factors that cause dissonance can delay the conflict but will never completely eliminate the problem. In a work environment, making a decision that is more inclusive and tolerant of dissonance feelings can help reduce conflicts but never completely eliminate them. Dissonance is often not tolerated in all societies. Many of the Asian societies view it as a break down of the system. Conformity is expected without justification.

Culture, upbringing, society in which an individual grows and lives in all have the ability of influencing culture or culture tolerance.…. [read more]

Soviet Afghan War Conflict Analysis Thesis

… Soviet-Afgan War Conflict Analysis


The objective of this work is to analyze the Soviet-Afghan War that lasted from 1978 to 1989. At focus in this study is that in this particular conflict the capable Soviet military invaded a powerless Afghanistan in support of the Marxist People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan in their battle against the Mujahedeen, a grassroots militia resistance force.

Despite the well-armed troops and superior technology employed by the Russians, in the form of tanks and helicopters, the Mujahedeen was victorious in a long and bloody war of attrition. This was in no small part to intelligence and arms provided to the Mujahedeen by the U.S. After the defeat of the Russians was achieved, the U.S. turned…. [read more]

Theory According to Your View Explains Better Assessment

… ¶ … theory according to your view explains better mass mobilisation?

According to Jenkins (1983), social movement theory generally seeks to better understand why people become actively involved in social movements. To this end, a wide range of theoretical perspectives have been offered, including mass society theory, relative deprivation, and collective behaviour theory. These were developed, Jenkins suggests, to help explain mobilisation that is "generated by the structural strains of rapid social change" (1983, p. 528). Likewise, resource mobilisation theory as articulated by McCarthy and Zald (1977) has been used as an alternative explanation for mass mobilisation. The recent and in some cases, ongoing, series of uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East and successful revolution in Egypt, though, suggest that mass mobilisation can…. [read more]

Alternate Dispute Resolution Mediation Term Paper

… Defense lawyers, comfortable with the familiar litigation process and the large hourly fees it generates, typically do not aggressively pursue post-claim ADR agreements. (Ellis, 1996)

Given the difficulty in obtaining ADR agreements after a dispute arises, professionals who want to use mediation, ADR, or arbitration should consider asking all clients, or selected clients, to agree to the ADR concept, and sign an ADR agreement prior to the presence of a dispute rather than after. Clients are typically more inclined to agree to ADR before a dispute arises and before becoming emotionally charged in an issue. For this reason, the use of pre-dispute ADR agreements also gives the professional service provider more leeway in dictating the specific terms of the ADR process.

Mediation advocates assert that…. [read more]

Quality Improvement for Patient Falls Term Paper

… Nursing-sensitive indicators produced by NDQF are indicators that reflect the quality of nursing care provided to the patient that represents competence, devotion, and level of education / certification of nurse and organization. All indicators are based on empirical evidence. The indicator would be the number of patients falls (ANA)

State the problem and mission in measurable terms; clearly state the unit of analysis.

Explain why your selected nursing indicator is a priority for your organization and support your selection with data.

Identify which quality improvement model best fits your nursing indicator and justify your selection with evidence from the research literature.

Detail the primary measurement that you will be utilizing, and the goal, in comparison to an external source (i.e. scores received by other similar…. [read more]

Psychosocial Theory Term Paper

… Erik Erikson & Post-Freudian Theory

The different theories of famous psychologists Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson have been used to interpret and analyze certain characteristics and human behavior. Present day psychology research and studies utilize the theories of Erik Erikson in their attempts to analyze and explain human behavior. The theory of personality development as introduced by Erik Erikson followed the post-Freudian theory of human development in eight stages. The eighth stages consisted of stages where behaviors built on the behaviors learned or acquired in the previous stage. Erikson's eight stages were: 1) trust vs. mistrust, 2) autonomy vs. shame and doubt, 3) initiative vs. guilt, 4) industry vs. inferiority, 5) identity vs. role confusion, 6) intimacy vs. isolation, 7) work and parenthood, and 8)…. [read more]

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