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Ethical Dilemma Essay

… From the company's perspective, the shareholdres are only going to be served if the lobbying effort succeeds, and only for the short run. If the effort does not succeed, then the company is likely to be subject to backlash thar harms it..

Society at large is not likely to see any particular adverse outcomes. Evidence from places with a drinking age of 18 shows that there is no reason why young adults of that age cannot be allowed to consume beer. Indeed, in Eureop the countries with the biggest binge drinkning problems tend to be those with nanny-state policies like those in the United States . By making alcohol a forbidden fruit, its consumption is encouraged and worse yet this consumption must be clandestine. This…. [read more]

Ethical Decision Making Term Paper

… A deontological perspective might also suggest that there is a subtext of negative judgment or paternalism in banning certain foods, the suggestion being that the poor do not know how to properly budget or feed themselves.

In contrast to both consequentialists and deontologists, a virtue ethicist would take a different perspective: virtue ethics places an emphasis on the ethical actor being a good person rather than attempting to determine a series of rules by which to guide those ethical actions. Thus a good person might view the situation with compassion and attempt to understand what types of mechanisms could be introduced to influence people's behavior in a more positive way, such as subsidizing the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables and encouraging grocers in low-income…. [read more]

Ethical Case Analysis JOHNSO62 on the 27 Research Paper

… Ethical Case Analysis


On the 27 July 2003, the oil tanker Tasman Spirit carrying approximately 67, 535 tons of crude Iranian Light oil ran aground in the channel port of Karachai (Janjua, Kasi & Nawaz, 2006) . In the weeks following the initial grounding of the vessel rough sea conditions as well as weather and structural damage resulted in the large scale release of crude oil into the beach area. It was determined that well over 35,000 tons of cargo was spilled into the sea (Janjua, Kasi & Nawaz, 2006).

Crude oil is composed of many chemical compounds including several which can become airborne when exposed to the correct conditions. These compounds are extremely volatile and pose significant health risks not only to local…. [read more]

Ethical Theories and Abortion Issues in Contemporary Term Paper

… Ethical Theories and Abortion Issues

In contemporary American society, elective abortion remains one of the most controversial political, social, and moral issues. While the debate is often reduced to matters of religious belief, the issues are also addressable through purely secular ethical concepts. In that regard, the deontological, utilitarian, and virtue-based ethical perspectives may yield very different answers to the underlying moral question of terminating pregnancy. However, in many respects, each philosophical view is also capable of supporting more than one answer, depending on the assumptions and definitions used in the analysis.

All three perspectives provide specific considerations that are helpful to identifying the most important issues for moral consideration, but in that regard, a comprehensive objective approach to human morality may actually require incorporating…. [read more]

Ethical and Legal Aspects of Therapeutic Relationships Essay

… Ethical and Legal Aspects of Therapeutic Relationships


Daniel was a 19-year-old male suffering from mild depression. His family was well aware of the situation, and had obtained various opinions about what is needed to help him. Daniel did not react very well to medical anti-depressants. On the physical level, they made him nervous and restless. On the emotional level, he resisted the meds for fear of becoming dependent upon them. Despite his depression, Daniel had never felt the need to succumb to substance abuse, and indeed feared this, as he had considerable experience with a friend who nearly died as a result of substance abuse. The medical herbalist, Mr. Mudra, seemed to have the solution. After about a month of his treatments, Daniel's…. [read more]

Ethical Dilemmas and Marketing Essay

… Other theorists agree that stakeholder theory embraces Rawls' (1971) second principle of justice despite efforts by Freeman (Phillips,. 2003) to argue otherwise. Rawls (1971) argued that inequalities that exist in society between those who have and those who have not are only acceptable when such a difference results in the overall good of society. Rawls continues to call for the redistribution of wealth. James Stieb (2008) contends that Freeman's (2003) stakeholder theory aligns with such redistribution efforts despite Freeman's own insistence that stakeholder theory is rooted in libertarian principles (2002). Stieb (2008) argues that Freeman presents stakeholder theory as primarily an attempt to "redistribute benefits to stakeholders and redistribute important decision-making power to stakeholders" (p. 405). However, Stieb's charge is unsubstantiated by an examination of…. [read more]

Ethical Dilemma I Once Worked Essay

… Laws form a deontological code that reflects society's standards, but society's standards are not universal. Moreover, the laws often assume negative outcomes where the reality may be quite different. Not every incident of speeding will result in a crash; and not every shady investment advisor is going to lose his clients' money. However, the muddiness of the consequentialist perspective in many situations makes it difficult to properly evaluate a dilemma from that perspective. It is often easier simply to apply a moral code -- be it religious or within a code of law -- and use that as the basis for making a decision. It is hardest when you know that there will be consequences to you that will be harmful, but making the right…. [read more]

Consequentialist and Deontological Ethical Issues Term Paper

… It makes no difference whether the corporation did everything in its power to prevent it.

Corporate managers know that no set of internal controls can guarantee there will be no intentional wrongdoing by employees. In the current highly regulated business environment, they certainly cannot guarantee that no employees will inadvertently commit an offense. Responsible managers must therefore guard against the possibility that their employees will violate the law.

Most corporations solicit sensitive information from their employees by promising confidentiality, either through employee "hotlines" or pursuant to the firm's attorney-client privilege. Refusing to waive attorney-client privilege or otherwise breach confidentiality can subject the corporation to indictment and greatly increased fines. But disclosing the incriminating information to the government reduces the firm's promise of confidentiality to a…. [read more]

Ethical Issues in This Case Essay

… ¶ … ethical issues in this case. The first is the question of cash payments to secure deals. This is a substantial issue, in large part because it violates the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. This act prohibits such behavior as bribery in U.S. firms operating abroad. Firm policy may also stand against bribery but in practice such policy is not enforced, unless the company wants some leverage over the employee.

The second ethical issue in this situation is that of the liners. They are clearly dangerous, yet the company does not seem to be concerned with the damage caused to workers. The company stance is that the liners are within federal safety guidelines, therefore Jacob should not be concerned. However, there is a…. [read more]

Environmental Ethical Issues Thesis

… Environmental Ethical Issues

The question of the environment is a topic that has become extremely contentious in our modern world. This is related to a concern in many sectors of society at environmental deterioration and a growing realization of the way that human activities affect the environment and vice versa. This is related to environmental aspects such as damage to the atmosphere, the decline of the rainforests and global warming -- and the ways that modern technology and industry negatively affects the environment.

This has led to forums and debates about the ethical responsibly that we have towards the control and management of the environment. For example, there is concern that developed countries such as the United States are guilty of abusing and contaminating the…. [read more]

Personal Ethical Questionnaire Do My Actions Harm Essay

… Personal Ethical Questionnaire

Do my actions harm other sentient beings, including animals?

The principle of harm is central to any discussion of ethics. Harm-related ethics are particularly important in the field of medical ethics, but are equally as important to other areas like criminal justice (American Medical Association, 2013). Harm-related ethics can be classified as duty-based or deontological (we have an ethical duty to refrain from harming others); or consequentialist (harm is bad and causes suffering; therefore it is ethically wrong to do harm).

If I made a mistake, am I willing to admit that mistake even if it means suffering a personal consequence such as a job reprimand or even being fired?

Being honest about making mistakes raises a host of other ethical questions…. [read more]

Deontological or Consequentialist View Essay

… Losing Ground

Consequentialism in Charles Murray's Losing Ground: American Social Policy, 1950-1980

The United States' welfare system and general social policy has faded in importance somewhat over the past decade if the level of public debate and commentary on the subject is any measure; issues like health insurance and now pension plans and Social Security have eclipsed the issue of welfare as these affect a far greater number of American citizens directly. Discussions about the necessity and advisability of a welfare program are still highly relevant, however, as is an examination and debate of the effectiveness of the United States' overall social policy as it currently exists and is administered. Charles Murray's book on the subject, Losing Ground: American Social Policy, 1950-1980 was first published…. [read more]

Measure Value Vice Versa Essay

… The ethical guide that I am trying to use in the business environment I work is based on maximizing the benefits of all parties involved in business decisions. This is because I think that if everyone has a lot to win from certain business situations, they will be more satisfied. This determines them to be motivated in doing business with me. Therefore, I try to focus on the benefits that business situations can provide to others, and not just to my company. This issue is acknowledged by people I do business with. In other words, they understand what I am trying to do. They value such behaviors. This helps increase their loyalty. In addition to this, it helps get certain bonuses and price reductions from…. [read more]

Nestle's Social Irresponsibility in Developing Nations Research Proposal

… Nestle

There are several ethical issues arising from Nestle's business practices is developing nations. These issues include the lawsuit against Ethiopia, the use of child labor, union busting, and the myriad of issues surrounding the infant formula controversy. Evaluating these issues, however, presents many challenges. There are different schools of ethical thought, for example. An issue can be evaluated on a deontological basis, which measures the morality of our actions based on the nature of the actions themselves, regardless of the outcomes. The other major philosophy regarding ethics is consequentialism, in which the morality of our actions is judged by their outcomes, regardless of intent. Beyond these two perspectives, there are several other complicating factors. One is the legal factor, which is a significant factor…. [read more]

Gay Marriage Is a Topical Essay

… The deontological approach does not necessary lead one to conclusions, other than the conclusion that we as a society are bound to uphold our own laws. We have the power to create these laws, however, and it is the laws of the land and not the laws of any holy book to which our society is bound. If the legislators wish to legalize gay marriage, then that is the law to which we adhere -- the act is ethical. Under deontology, laws that apply to all supersede laws (such as religious laws) that only apply to a portion of society.


Consequentialism is the "view that normative properties depend only on consequences" (Sinnott-Armstrong, 2011). If the act has a negative outcome, then the act was…. [read more]

Euthanasia Is One of Those Philosophical Issues Research Paper

… Euthanasia is one of those philosophical issues that have been widely debated, without any solution in sight. One of the main reasons behind this is the many sets of principles behind each side of the debate. Against euthanasia, one might argue that human life is sacred and that it should not be left to human decision to end it. For euthanasia, on the other hand, the argument could be that human beings without hope of recovery or relief should have the autonomy to choose their fate. Specifically, the philosophies of deontology and consequentialism can be used to determine specific solutions to the dilemma of euthanasia.


Deontology is an ethical theory first promoted by Kant, who moved away from the ideal of consequentialism in order…. [read more]

Ethics in Group Counselling Term Paper

… Given that the discussion regarding whether or not morality has been about facts, individual therapy views or group therapy perceptions has raged for such a long time, we are not going to engage in this paper. It has been essential; nevertheless, to understand that there have been these types of fundamentally distinct perspectives concerning the nature associated with morality contributing to whether or not, whenever therapists make ethical decisions, they have been determining moral facts or perhaps have been articulating views - either personal or perhaps those in the groups' traditions (Barnes and Murdin, 2001).

Ethics: targeting appropriate results or fulfilling tasks

There have been two additional fundamentally distinct perspectives concerning the nature associated with ethics in both individual and group therapy sessions. One -…. [read more]

Ethics in the Workplace Organizational Essay

… However, they would also be at risk of getting laid off unless they bring in some business to the hotel.

The management of the hotel could face a cut in its salaries if the request is rejected and business continues to suffer. If the request is accepted, they would benefit from the increased revenue and raised profile of the hotel. However, it could lead to grievance issues and complaints of discrimination against black employees. Negative media publicity would also result in public humiliation and probably litigation and termination.

The guests would experience comfort as a result of compliance with their wishes. It would also give them the leverage to gain acceptance of further requests during their stay. They would also suffer from the service quality…. [read more]

Morality of Statistics Ethics/Business Term Paper

… However, when the context suggests a higher degree of veracity and the results can be potentially misinterpreted, greater moral questions once again arise: a Gallup poll is assumed to be objective, as is an advertisement that 'looks' scientific, even though it might be produced by a biased party.

On a personal level, the analysis of both Ostapski & Superville and Geertsema are a reminder of the limits of objectivity, even in a numerically-driven science and the fact that an understanding of both the principles behind the analysis applied to the final result and also the consequences of the interpretation must be taken into consideration. The Christian belief in human rationality must also be tempered with an understanding that humans are fallible creatures and are prone…. [read more]

Company Having Strong Ethics Case Study

… For example, the code should be focused on either deontological or consequentialist ethics, rather than cribbing sloppily from both, which could lead to an incoherent code that is tough to apply.

The code of ethics should then be tested for a few traits. One trait is clarity. It is important that the code is easy to understand. It should be consistent as well, because that is important -- a code that doesn't make sense it not going to work for most people. Furthermore, the code should be convertible to action. If the ethical code does not help people to make better ethical decisions than they otherwise would make, and does not ensure that all stakeholders understand the organization's ethical perspective, then the code is not…. [read more]

Just War Theory Sweeping Changes Thesis

… These changes have been addressed by contemporary proponents of Just War Theory in a variety of ways -- some reject consequentialism as an appropriate component of Just War Theory, and rely on the ethics of information-sharing to provide deontic heft to what may be, at root, realist desires in the mind of the voters. Others attempt to integrate a consequentialist turn by revealing consequentialism as the other side of deontology, the motivating impulse by which our duties are brought to life.

Works Cited

Walzer, Michael (1991). Just and Unjust Wars: 2nd Edition. New York: Basic Books.

Kaufman, Whitley. "Rethinking the ban on assassination: Just war principles in the age of terror." Rethinking the Just War Tradition. Ed. Michael W. Brough et al. Albany: SUNY Press,…. [read more]

Wrong for the Applicants Essay

… The Internet is simply an extension of the physical world. The same laws apply online as offline, and it is reasonable to conclude that the same ethical standards do as well. The applicants in this case forgot to envision what they were doing in real world terms -- breaking into an office to look at files. Just because somebody gives you a key to the office does not mean it is acceptable to break in. When the real world situation is envisioned, it becomes clear that the applicants in question are either naive with respect to ethics or lacking.

Case 2.2

Ford did not address the Pinto situation from any moral theory. Ford evaluated the Pinto situation from a financial point-of-view. Essentially, the company was…. [read more]

Should Patricia Dunn Have Been Forced to Resign Essay

… Patricia Dunn should not have been forced to resign. Her role as Chairman of the Board was to oversee the governance of the company, and assist with the selection of the CEO. Further to this, Dunn was to act as an agent of the shareholders, to protect their interests. The interests of the shareholders, and by extension the interests of the board and the managers at the company, are generally to seek profit, in order that the investors receive a return on their investment that is roughly commensurate with the risk they are taking as owners of the company (Friedman, 1970). It is by that standard that Dunn's job performance should be judged.

There are two key perspectives from which to analyze this situation --…. [read more]

Accounting Ethics the Dilemma Essay

… If the partners side with Dan, then it is likely that the firm will lose the client. The client may suffer somewhat, and Oliver almost certainly will. However at this point it is the right of the senior partners to choose to lose the client. The outcome for Dan is uncertain -- his status in the company could increase. Either way, he must reconcile his actions with his internal moral sensibility, and knowing that he adhered to the letter and spirit of the law and the profession's guidelines should provide him with, if nothing else, satisfaction of having done the right thing. If he loses his job as a result, he should at least come away from the experience understanding that the auditing profession is…. [read more]

Euthanasia Euthenasia the Topic Essay

… Euthanasia


The topic of euthanasia is one that evokes an extensive and complex range of reactions. These range from outright moral indignation at the very suggestion that the taking of another human life could be legitimized, to arguments that provide rational reasons and justifications for the need for the legalization of euthanasia. Another variable that has to be taken into account is the social and cultural relativity about euthanasia. While Western views about euthanasia are similar in many respects there are many cultures where euthanasia is found to be more acceptable as, for example, a means of ending suffering. This also applies to different periods in history, for example, "…in Greek and Roman times such practices as infanticide, and suicide and euthanasia was widely…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Field Research Paper

… Criminal Justice Field

Define what an experiment is and how it is useful in the field of criminal justice research.

Since the beginning of the discipline, quantitative methods have supplied the primary research methods for studying the division and causes of crime. Quantitative methods provide many ways to attain data that is useful to many facets of society. The use of quantitative methods such as survey research, field research, and evaluation research can help criminologists to assemble dependable and valid data. The data can be used by criminologists and other social scientists in order to make causal statements about variables that are being researched (Weisburd, 2000).

Some scholars think that experimental research is the best kind of research to use to evaluate cause and effect.…. [read more]

Science and Morality After the United States Essay

… Science and Morality

After the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, many people began to question the morality of that type of weapons development. Many scientists hide behind the neutrality of technology in order to evade responsibility for their creations. After all, nuclear technology is not, in and of itself, a negative thing. In fact, nuclear technology can be used to provide a relatively clean source of energy and has many positive medical applications. However, the head engineers of the Manhattan Project were not developing nuclear capabilities for those purposes; they were developing the atomic bomb with the purpose of developing a weapon that would end a war that seemed interminable against an enemy that seemed unstoppable. It is also important to keep…. [read more]

Profits Milton Friedman Famously Proposed Essay

… There are two ideas at the heart of this argument. The first is that the idea of the purely rational investor -- the idea on which Friedman's argument is predicated -- is a falsehood. The rise of "ethical" mutual funds, for example, would seem to serve as evidence that some investors at least care about outputs other than profit. A corporation can behave any way it wants, if the investors want that. In other words, managers are agents and if the owners want the company to have a high standard of responsibility, then the managers need to deliver on that.

The notion of social contract also rests on an implicit multilateral bargain. Corporations are charged with earning profit because that is what society wants them…. [read more]

Advertisements, the Johnson Bank Essay

… A good business relationship is the appropriate one for an ethical company to have with its customers.

Task Two:

If faced with the choice of selecting to fund only one of three programs: a massive public health program that would increase life expectancy by two years, an overhaul of our educational system to make our primary schools the best in the world, or a housing program that would give everyone an adequate place to live, I would choose to make our primary schools the best in the world. Moreover, this decision is not a difficult one for me to make. The answer was clear to me as soon as I was presented with the problem, though I am not entirely certain which philosophical perspective I…. [read more]

Death Penalty Ethics and Effectiveness Thesis

… Death Penalty Ethics and Effectiveness

Capital Punishment

The use of capital punishment is ethically justifiable for some crimes but is not an effective deterrent to crime. Capital punishment has not proved effective as a deterrent in controlling violent crimes in the U.S. while abolitionist countries such as Canada have shown an appreciable decrease in homicide rates. In the absence of conclusive evidence as to the deterrent effect of capital punishment alternative methods of corrective behavior and recidivism control should be vigorously pursued.

Since the dawn of human civilization there has been a continuous struggle between the good and the bad. Societies evolved and judicial systems were put in place to contain and check criminal behavior. Capital punishment, considered the highest punishment, has been around over…. [read more]

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