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Expertise and Development Essay

… ¶ … CMC, but you move on to describing lots of learning theories (in no particular order) and you do not link these theories with computer enhance learning and communication. I suggest you revise each section accordingly.

Some specific points to consider are:

Every introduction should have a thesis statement as the final sentence in that paragraph that tells the reader the main ideas and structure of the paper

Make sure you paraphrase all the information taken from another source - no more than 3-4 words in sequence must be the same as the original

Do not have sections that contain long quotations - you must paraphrase information to reflect your understanding

for direct quotes

Integrate your references to show which information comes from another…. [read more]

Violence Against Women Term Paper

… Violence Against Women: An Application of Theory

The question of gender violence in relationships, particularly violent crimes perpetrated against females, has been the focus of media as well as criminological and psychological investigation in recent years. Various theoretical trajectories have been put forward with the aim of understanding and thereby preventing the occurrences of this type of crime. The application of social learning theory has been shown to provide invaluable insight into the deeper causative structure of these crimes. This paper investigates a single, severe example of this type of crime and analyses it in terms of social learning theory. This analysis indicates that this theory not only provides a useful understanding of the causes of the crime but is also beneficial in terms of…. [read more]

Behave, Construct, Cog Educators Are Obligated Term Paper

… Behave, Construct, Cog

Educators are obligated to find the best way for students to learn. The use of specific learning theories can assist teachers in understanding how students learn and in developing a course of study that is the most appropriate for the students in his/her classroom. The learning theories of behaviorism, constructivism and cognitivism can be useful tools for the public school educator.

Behaviorism can be used as a very positive influence in the classroom. The theory of Behaviorism suggests that people learn behaviors that have been reinforced by positive consequences and associations (Ertmer and Newby, 1993). If a student receives positive feedback about schoolwork or, perhaps, attitude and motivation, the student is more likely to continue to work and be positive due to…. [read more]

Technology Use in the Classroom Literature Review

… ¶ … extraordinary developments in technology have had a similar extraordinary influence on education, particularly that of the internet, online learning, and interactive computer-based learning in the K-12 curriculum. In fact, as early as the mid-1990s educators were receiving reports from the Department of Education that "through the use of advanced computing and telecommunications technology, learning can also be qualitatively different. The process of learning in the classroom becomes significantly richer as students have access to new and different types of information, can manipulate it on the computer through graphic displays or controls…. And can communicate their results and conclusions in a variety of media…" (Education, 2003). What literally hundreds of research studies do tell us, though, is that used properly, technology can enhance the…. [read more]

Education Review Term Paper

… Education Review

It is now understood that the traditional form of education needs to be changed. First, students will face a completely different environment when they go on their own into a fast-paced and global world. Second, more studies are recognizing that children learn very differently, and the teacher-lecture approach does not provide the best education for everyone. Third, in today's environment, knowledge is the main product for sale. To develop this product, students need a high-quality specialized learning situation. Increasingly, schools will have to offer well-rounded education to successfully prepare the next generations of students to meet a wide variety of experiences and face many different challenges.

The Industrial Age required more workers than thinkers, so in most respects school was available for learning…. [read more]

Montessori and Bronfenbrenner Thesis

… (1917-2005). His early background in developmental psychology thrust him into working with the U.S. Army during World War II where he found that the environment shaped behavior more than any other, in his opinion, activity. For Bronfenbrenner, though, development was a far more complex, interactive model. It was fluid in the sense of time and place, and far more interdependent upon societal and cultural modeling than his predecessors. One can think of Bronfenbrenner as a sociological Stephen Hawking -- explaining the very minute and how it works with the very large. Bronfenbrenner sees the world, from the very tiny micro system (the atom); through a series of "universes" to then form what we might term culture or society. Within each of these structures, actions and…. [read more]

Vygotsky and Mission Statement Research Proposal

… My Mission Statement - As a conscientious teacher, I am well aware that the modern learning environment is quite dissimilar to that of even a few decades ago. In most areas of the country, 40% of the class is of non-Anglo descent, many do not speak English as their first language, and, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics, this trend is rapidly growing to where it is projected by 2020 there will be less than 30% Caucasians in the modern classroom (IES National Center for Education, 2010).There are new issues surrounding lifelong learning, online learning, alternative learning, and certainly the expectation of more material being part of the basic set of knowledge necessary to perform in most job situations. My mission will be…. [read more]

K-12 Curriculum and Instruction: Changing Research Proposal

… From what? Boring stuff." (2011)

Robinson states that the instance of ADHD "has risen in parallel with the growth of standardized testing. And these kids are being given Ritalin and Adderall and all manner of things. Often quite dangerous drugs to get them focused and calm them down. But according to this attention deficit disorder increases as you travel east across the country. People start losing interest in Oklahoma. They can hardly think straight in Arkansas. And by the time they get to Washington they've lost it completely." (Robinson, 2011) The model of education is a system of education "…which is modeled on the interest of industrialism. And in the image of it. I'll give you a couple examples. Schools are still pretty much organized…. [read more]

Correlation of Kindergarten Readiness and Kindergarten Achievement Research Paper

… Correlation of Kindergarten Readiness and Kindergarten Achievement

The correlation between early childhood education and development programs and academic achievement in later life is well documented. For example, children who have attended kindergarten in either public or private setting consistently score at statistically significantly higher rates than children without kindergarten experience on a wide range of standardized tests, including composite ACT scores, math ACT scores, English ACT scores, science ACT scores, and cumulative grade point averages (Prince, Hare & Howard, 2001). Less clear, though, is the precise correlation between children's readiness to make the transition into school at the kindergarten level and their academic performance early on and thereafter. In an era characterized by schools that are struggling to satisfy numerous unfunded mandates at the federal,…. [read more]

Properties of Air in First Grade Class Term Paper

… Teaching Properties

The Properties of Air in First Grade Class

At what level of cognitive development were Jenny's students likely to be? Was her instruction effective for that level? Explain.

Jenny's students were likely to be at the pre-operational stage of early childhood. At this stage, children are most engaged by concrete and discovery-oriented learning, which was effectively supported by Jenny's use of experiments in her primary instructional techniques. Also egocentric thinking predominates during this stage, and Jenny used familiar examples and objects in her experiments to help explain more complex ideas to her students.

Identify the Piagetian stage of development that children in video were observed to be characterizing.

The children's belief in what they saw, rather than in what as simply explained to…. [read more]

No Child Left Behind Act Thesis

… Education - NCLB Problems

RECONSIDERING the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND CONCEPT Background and History of the No Child Left Behind Act: Education reform in the United States is not a new idea. In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson enacted the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and during the administration of George H. Bush, the first President Bush promised, among other things, that by the turn of the century, all American school-aged children would have the benefit of comprehensive quality educational programming and improved nutritional and healthcare access to facilitate their learning in school. President G.H. Bush went so far as to promise that improved focus on American education would go so far by then as to also provide the training necessary for the parents of preschoolers…. [read more]

U.S. Education James W. Guthrie Annotated Bibliography

… Arkady Plotnitsky, Barbara Herrnstein Smith. (1997) Mathematics, Science and Postclassical Theory. North Carolina: Duke University Press.

This book was produced by a host of international thinkers, and educational philosophers. The book handles deeper theories on education, and makes new connections between theory, and practice in the classroom.

Like many books written by philosophers, I found this book to be thick, and a bit abstract. The theories which these contributors brought forth were somewhat vague, and the authors seemed to be a bit lost in the theory while not making practical and applicable connection to actual practice in the classroom.

Elizabeth Fennema, Thomas A. Romberg. (1999) Mathematics Classrooms That Promote Understanding. New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

This book approaches the subject of teaching mathematic from a…. [read more]

Values and Beliefs Thesis

… ¶ … adult learners and about adult learning does this particular author make?

This author circumscribes the adult learning process to the curriculum as the essential instrument in defining the framework in which the learning process takes place. First of all, the author claims that each teacher has to determine that type of learning process he wants to work with and, in this sense, customize his curriculum according to the fixed objective. The grand objective is obviously to transmit learning to the adult learners, but this is related to the philosophy of the teacher, to the values and beliefs he wants to pass on. In this sense, the curriculum will be determined exactly by these values and beliefs.

Another indirect claim deriving from this assumption…. [read more]

Personal Philosophy of Education Essay

… The society also owes the educator a certain level of support. I also regard parents as an important part of the learning community. This is more so the case given the supportive role they play in ensuring that kids attend school and are equipped with all the necessary tools of instruction. Learning cannot be said to be optimal without the much needed support of parents.

Every teacher has his or her own approach to teaching. I would want to ensure that my students fully identify with my instructional approach. I would hate a situation whereby students view me largely as an authoritative figure. Instead, my desire is to be viewed as a moderator in the learning process. This way, learners will identify the important role…. [read more]

Lesson Plan First Grade Lesson Plans Halloween Essay

… Lesson Plan

First Grade Lesson Plans

Halloween Collage Projects: Culture and family

In this lesson, the students will learn about the traditions of Halloween, the history of the holiday, and how their families' celebration of the holiday might differ form that of their peers and in the observable culture around them.


Large pieces of butcher paper (one per each group of 4-5 students), glue, safety scissors, large supply of magazines, old Halloween decorations, and other sources of collage material.

Instructional Input

Instructor will begin by asking who is ready for Halloween, and what the people in the class are dressing up as. Then segue into discussion of the origins of Halloween (All Saint's Day) and discuss similarities between differences and similarities in modern celebrations.…. [read more]

Levinson's Stage Theory Research Paper

… ¶ … Clinical Implications of Levinson's Stage Theory

What is the underlying philosophical paradigm of the practice theory? Why do you think this is the philosophical paradigm underlying this theory? Link the major assumptions of the theory to the ontological, axiological, and methodological assumptions of the epistemological paradigm.

Identify and describe what research studies have been used to test this theory. In other words, what research studies have been conducted using this theory?

What research methods did these research studies use to test the theory. (Hint: The epistemological paradigm that guides the theory should be aligned with the methodological assumption of the epistemological paradigm.)

Discuss the scope of practice theory and its appropriateness for theory building and validation. How accurate is the theory in explaining…. [read more]

1St Grade Classroom Management Term Paper

… Role playing refers to asking an individual to change their behavior to assume another person's role, act out an ad toped social role, which may or not be defined by the individual. Research shows that there are four issues that can be used to define role playing: 1) the playing of roles in theater or educational settings; 2) taking a role of an existing character or person and acting it out by taking someone else's role (gender, age, etc.); 3) games (video or in person) that require one to move into a different role; 4) specifically role-playing games (individuals assume the total role of a fictional character in a defined setting). Children often role-play using a variety of these techniques -- often called make believe.…. [read more]

Theoretical Underpinnings of My Teaching Philosophy Constructivist Research Paper

… ¶ … Theoretical Underpinnings of My Teaching Philosophy

Constructivist learning approach

Audience Analysis and Considerations

Instructional Strategies and Delivery Methods

Lesson Plan Analysis

The lesson is Database Systems. The course covers the fundamentals of databases systems, database management, and database design as well as database architecture. The principles and methodologies of database design as well as the techniques for database system development are also covered. The goal of the course is to provide students with very basic understanding of the database systems while preparing them for the more advanced courses in database design and development.

The students are expected to gain knowledge of various database concepts as well as be able to Design database system, analyze needs for data processing, Develop conceptual enterprise data model:…. [read more]

Joe,' a Young Student Whom Essay

… ' The most effective were able to reinforce the child's sense of self-esteem and competence in what he or she could do alone while still pushing the child to do more. Being observed by my peers has similarly forced me out of some of my teaching 'comfort zones' and forced me to reassess my approach to every class, so I do not neglect learners' individual needs.

I would like to use my students' natural interests more in my classes, not just classes like music, but even regular academic subjects like social studies and mathematics. Asking students what they think about what is going on in the world, asking them questions about when they use math in their daily life, and using examples from what interests…. [read more]

No Child Left Behind Act Research Paper

… In addition, the results show wide variation in effectiveness among teachers. The immediate and clear implication of this finding is that seemingly more can be done to improve education by improving the effectiveness of teachers than by any other single factor." (p. 63)

Whether we are dealing with NCLB or other programs, the simple realities of contemporary society are that diversity abounds. For society to continue to evolve, not only must diversity be celebrated, but children (and parents) of all needs should be exposed to alternatives. Just as ghettoization was found to limit the opportunities of racial and ethnic minorities, segregation of children with special needs would only serve to enhance their differences. In addition, depending on the level of social or intellectual ability, segregation…. [read more]

Child Development Imagination, Creativity, Consciousness Essay

… Child Development

Imagination, creativity, consciousness, and play are some of the core elements of Lev Vygotsky's theories of child development. Vygotsky was concerned with the development of higher mental faculties in children, and wanted to study the origin and development of these functions (Vygotsky, 1966). Vygotsky did not believe that children were miniature adults, as was once believed (Vygotsky, 1966). However, child development also cannot be quantified, as the process of growth and development is far too complex. It is important to consider the possibility that evolution and revolution happen simultaneously in the child, so that growth occurs gradually for a while and then sometimes, in sudden bursts (Vygotsky, 1966). What Vygotsky observed was that growth and development in children is catalyzed by social experiences…. [read more]

Classroom Environment Design Term Paper

… Secondary Classroom Environment Design

Classroom Environment Design: Secondary Education

The objective of this work is to design a secondary classroom environment. This work will include a statement of which child development theory best represents the needs of the grade level with an explanation of why this theory is believed to be superior to other theories. This work will additionally provide clear indications that the plan takes into account the child developmental stages and variations that may exist among students of the same chronological age.

In the secondary teacher's initiative of classroom environment design it is critically necessary to remember that students are a diverse group of learners and that the classroom is not only a learning environment but as well is a social environment. It…. [read more]

Statistical Education Trains Students Term Paper

… Learning statistics means learning to communicate using the statistical language, solving statistical problems, drawing conclusions, and supporting conclusions by explaining the reasoning behind them.

There are often different ways to solve a statistical problem.

People may come to different conclusions based on the same data if they have different assumptions and use different methods of analysis.

Once teachers have described their goals for students in statistics classes, they must address the issue of how students can learn these ideas and change their pre-existing beliefs about statistics. Many college-level statistics classes involve listening to lectures and completing assignments in textbooks. However, many teachers are concerned that these activities do not help achieve the goals for their students.

Many researchers have indicated that students are not learning…. [read more]

Overarching Goal Essay

… ¶ … overarching goal of this study was to develop an improved understanding concerning assessing and developing the survey research methodology within an educational setting in general and the use of the survey research method to determine attitudes and behavioral intentions of the students in a university setting regarding their acceptance of e-learning in particular. The first part of the study presents the breadth component which is used to identify the differences between three important research paradigms which are defined, compared, and contrasted with various types of research methodologies with a particular emphasis on survey research methodology, using a selected bibliography to evaluate the methods.

Identifying Constraints to e-Learning for Rural Nigerian Students

The Breadth Component


This study is organized into three parts. The…. [read more]

Special Education Goetze and Walker ) Found Term Paper

… Special Education

Goetze and Walker (2004) found that students who are most at risk of academic failure are those who lack reading skills. They found that use of technology enhanced literary capabilities of students who have special needs (Goetze and Walker, 2004). In fact, technology and literacy have a very strong link and scholars have been keenly interested in discovering various aspects of their relationship. Fisher and Molebash (2003) in their study wrote that the Digital Divide is as a cause of concern for many educators who believe that technology has a great role to play in education. They point out that despite the fact that many non-profit organizations have devoted more and more time and effort into constructing a sound and efficient technical setup…. [read more]

Positive Outcome in the Educational Term Paper

… Third, there is a growing awareness that rapid technological change and our nation's economic competativeness will compel workers to adapt existing skills and learn new ones to optimize performance.

As noted, interest in thinking and problem solving has been renewed, but traditional approaches to teaching these skills have met with very mixed results (Nickerson, Perkins, & Smith, 1986). It now appears that the efficacy of these efforts was determined by at least three interrelated factors: First, instructional designers often failed to appreciate the importance of domain-specific knowledge in effective thinking and problem solving (Chi, Glaser, & Farr, 1988). Programs that emphasize the use of generic reasoning and problem-solving heuristics may be theoretically general across situations, but they usually lack power in any specific situation (Anderson,…. [read more]

Human Nature Allows a Person Essay

… The psychodynamic therapy can also be applied to investigate intellectual disabilities in addition to personality and behavioral issues by exploring the role of social stigmatization and social rejection on the reinforcement of such disabilities (Whitehouse et al. 2006).

The psychodynamic therapy supports my description of functional human behavior as being demonstrated through an independent individual while dysfunctional behavior being reflected in low self-esteem and dependence on others. It also supports the idea that human nature and personality are shaped by early childhood experiences and that dysfunctional behavior can be overcome by strengthening the sense of self-awareness and self-control.

Evaluation of Redecision Therapy

Redecision therapy is based on the assumption that problems of dysfunctional human personalities are rooted in decisions taken by the unconscious part of…. [read more]

Internet Use in the Educational Setting Term Paper

… Internet Use in the Educational Setting

The use of the Internet in the educational setting has become in recent years an important consideration in the promotion of new and more effective teaching methods and protocols. In many quarters, the use of the Internet in the classroom situation has been seen as a positive advance in educational praxis. Many educators are of the opinion that the inclusion of Internet technology and resources can have a positive impact on the learning process and can enhance the teacher's ability to deal with more inclusive and diverse classrooms. The term " interaction" which has become synonymous with the Internet, has been touted as a valuable methodology in expanding and enhancing the general educational environment.

However, in recent years the…. [read more]

Are Educational Evaluations in U.S. Schools Truly Reflective of the Ability of Culturally Diverse Students? Term Paper

… ¶ … Educational Evaluations in Culturally Diverse U.S. Schools Today

An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Standardized Evaluations in Culturally Diverse U.S. Schools Today

Today, the primary goal of education in the U.S. is an education that fosters the intellectual, social and personal development of virtually all students to their highest potential. In order to obtain this goal in a diverse classroom environment, a culturally sensitive teacher recognizes that cultural conventions inform their own approach to teaching, as well as to inform the student's approach to learning. Teaching diverse cultures is growing in the U.S. And is an important learning process of all students in all cultures. Cultural is central to learning; in fact, not only does culture shape the thinking process, it also defines…. [read more]

My Educational Philosophy Term Paper

… Education

As an educator, I am ready to take anything that helps me understand and teach children better, but overall my philosophy could best be labeled as "constructionist." I believe that as a teacher, all my knowledge and experiences have led me to understand the world as I do. Both the things I have been formally taught and the things I have experienced have contributed to my large education.

Adults construct rules and "mental models" to help them understand the world around them. If we treat the children we teach with true respect, we will realize that they do the same thing. As they have new experiences, they form rules that are sort of like test hypotheses. They actively compare their conclusions, "the rules," to…. [read more]

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