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Classroom Management Helen Hammond, Errol Dupoux Essay

… Classroom Management

Helen Hammond, Errol Dupoux, and Lawrence Ingalls (2004) report that teachers harbor great concern over the behaviors of their students and the impact unruly conduct has on the learning environment. It is common for teachers to spend a significant amount of classroom time focusing on changing or molding students' behaviors in an effort to maximize time on-task in order to facilitate academic learning. A teachers' inventory of effective classroom management strategies is a vital part of their daily practices as a means of limiting disruptions. Usually, classroom management training for prospective teachers relies on behavioral outcomes based on generic characteristics believed to characterize traditional and non-traditional students, ignoring ethnic, cultural, or socioeconomic differences. It is commonly assumed that instrumental conditioning, such as reinforcement,…. [read more]

Security Explain the Endurance of NATO Term Paper

… ¶ … security explain the endurance of NATO since the end of the Cold War?

NATO continuous survival after the end of the Cold War still remains a mystery for the academic environment, for scholars, and politicians alike. There have been numerous theoretical debates on the necessity, reasons for being and possible means to influence world politics and international conflicts. In this sense, the main directions of analysis tried to explain NATO from the neorealist, institutionalist, and social constructivism perspectives. However, it can be said that all these three approaches were viable at a certain time in the history of post Cold War NATO.

From its very inception, NATO was built in terms of the realist perspective of the post World War experience. In traditional…. [read more]

Instructional Plan Income Statement Term Paper

… Several cognitivist techniques will be used in teaching declarative knowledge about the preparation of an income statement to the student. These instructional methods will be incorporated in teaching definitions, examples, and concepts, and will include the specific technique and attention directing. A number of techniques that fall under the behaviorist umbrella will be used in this lesson to teach both examples and definitions. Behaviorist techniques methods that will be incorporated in teaching include positive reinforcement, punishment, and feedback.

Definitions of specific words and concepts related to the income statement will be introduced in order to give the student background knowledge about the subject. Key terms to be learned will include: income statement, expense, income, profit, loss, balance, and balance sheet.

These definitions will be introduced…. [read more]

Media Communications Representation of Characters Research Paper

… However, the image is not sustained much and Charlotte tried to convince Samantha that Charlotte loves the man and that marriage is their ultimate destination to be happy. Such representation of image and women's role indicates towards 'patriarchic' symbolism.

Findings and Conclusion

Ideals of image vary from time to time and place to place, this is supported by theory of social constructivism that revolves around social groups giving meaning to words, symbols, and mutual interaction. Modern industrial society has been consumed by 'wave of media advertising' whereby images of 'lifestyle' and 'feminist' women are represented. In case of Sex and the City, New York was represented as a place where women came to seek their ideal life-partners. All characters heavily indulged in beautifying their bodies…. [read more]

Adlerian Therapy Term Paper

… Adlerian Therapy

As with other psychological therapies, the Adlerian model is also focused on bringing about a positive change. However, Adlerian therapy is not limited to changing the internal process as it envisions change in a much broader social context. Adlerian approach was revolutionary in those days as he strived towards societal or community level changes. Human behavior in the Adlerian theory is considered in the context of the environment. This social context of behavior is in fact central to the Adlerian philosophy. One of the main goals of the adlerian therapy is to establish a cooperative relationship with the patient and to bring out the impressions from his/her past and to analyze how they affect his social perception. Thus every individual's problem is essentially…. [read more]

Comparison of American and Japanese Early Childhood Education Term Paper

… American and Japanese Early Childhood Education


Public education provides for many things in one's life, such as improved social standing, an educated electorate, and a greater opportunity for citizens of a democratic society. Education is a marker for career achievement and serves as an indicator of social equality or inequality. In most areas, education is seen as a prerequisite for professional advancement and related economic levels. Lack of education commonly receives blame for such social problems as inequities in employment, social aspirations, and perception. Equalizing education, therefore, has many dimensions that go beyond just the system of education.

Originally, most education systems centralized as a conscious effort to provide more education to more people and to improve the quality of that education. The expansion…. [read more]

Dan Meyer's Ted Talk and Teaching Mathematics Research Paper

… This allows stronger students to learn from weaker students; another critical component of constructivism. "Learning is a social activity: our learning is intimately associated with our connection with other human beings, our teachers, our peers, our family as well as casual acquaintances, including the people before us or next to us at the exhibit. We are more likely to be successful in our efforts to educate if we recognize this principle rather than try to avoid it" (Hein 1991).

Meyer does not explicitly say he applies a constructivist approach, but the ideas behind his class structure seem to resonate with constructivism's fundamental principle: "learning is contextual: we do not learn isolated facts and theories in some abstract ethereal land of the mind separate from the…. [read more]

Ethnic Conflict Research Paper

… Ethnic Conflict

When considering the ethnic conflict in Bosnia, one might derive reasons for the conflict on the premise of primordialism or social constructivism. To summarize the two views: primordialism refers to the inherent tendency of human beings to identify themselves with others with the same physical or geographic properties. This is a generally collective viewpoint of ethnicity, shared by large groups of people. This sense of ethnicity is reinforced by collective histories, myths, religion, and other cultural elements. This is not necessarily grounds for ethnic conflict, and it is possible for different ethnicities to tolerate each other and live together peacefully within the borders of a country. Social constructivism, on the other hand, suggests that ethnic conflict tends to be rooted in economic and…. [read more]

Kashmir Is a Territory Located Research Paper

… Kashmir is a territory located in the upper northwestern section of Southern Asia. As a country, Kashmir has a long and bitter history as several countries continue to assert their claim over the land. These countries include China, Pakistan, Indian and the inhabitants of Kashmir. At present, India controls approximately 40% of the region, while China controls 20%. Pakistan controls 35% of the region while the Kashmiri people hold the remaining 5% of the territory. From a historical perspective, several land disputes and the Wars of 1947, 1962, 1963, and 1999 have occurred over land ownership. India officials currently maintain that Kashmir is central to India while the Pakistani government heads prefer to resolve the conflict by allowing the Kashmiri people determine rightful ownership of…. [read more]

Natural Real Experiment Are Undoable in Education Term Paper

… Education Experiment

The Impossibility of "Natural" or "Real" Experiments in the Filed of Education: A Philosophical Examination

Science, it is generally thought, is built on empirical investigation and is ultimately dependent on experimentation -- the control of various elements in the observed event, process or phenomenon. In many of the "hard" or "natural" sciences, this is exactly the formula by which knowledge progresses; initial observations lead to the development of hypothetical explanations for these observations, and experiments are designed that isolate the defined causes and effects of the hypothesis in order to determine whether or not the hypothesis was correct. If the hypothesis is deemed valid, a new scientific theory exists that increases knowledge, and knowledge is also increased by a failure of the hypothesis…. [read more]

Autonomy Metaphor: Men as Leaves John Locke Term Paper

… Autonomy Metaphor: Men as Leaves

John Locke's Moral Theory

Leaves of Grass & Autonomy

The concept of Autonomy in "Paradise Lost"

Aeneid and Free Will


The idea of freedom in Nature

Autonomy and Liberty in the Literary Context

The concept of Practical Freedom in the philosophy of Kant

Equality and Freedom

The evolution of the idea of autonomy:

Within the conceptual framework of traditional philosophy, it is indeed very difficult to understand how freedom and non-sovereignty can exist together…Actually it is as unrealistic to deny freedom because of the fact of human non-sovereignty as it is dangerous to believe that once can be free…as an individual or as a group…only if he is sovereign..Under human conditions…freedom and sovereignty are so little identical that they…. [read more]

Crisis in Ukraine Essay

… S. are solidly realist, and have responded in line with that, the EU has always been a quintessentially liberal organization. Tang (2008) notes that liberalism falls into a non-realist point-of-view that holds cooperation in high regard, and argues that states cannot assume the worst of each other -- that the world is not a zero-sum competition. This offers an explanation for EU inaction -- it feels that Russia does not intend to pursue significant annexations beyond this point, and that cooperation is ideal because it will defuse the conflict and avoid the worst-case scenario (The Nation, 2014). The realist view blames EU dependence on Russia's gas for its inaction, but the liberalist view points out that the EU is predisposed to cooperation, especially since open…. [read more]

Education John Gatto Essay

… If this window is missed, the child's educational capacity, and the habits which will aid learning in the future are forever lost.

In education, constructivism has become an appealing alternative to traditional process-product educational practices because it seems to address the criticisms of current educational practices. Constructivist theory promises to deliver higher levels of literacy, multiple forms of literacy, self-reliance, cooperation, problem-solving skills, and satisfaction with school. (Asghar, 1995) As Piaget (1959) commented, constructivist approaches "do not imprint themselves upon the child as on a photographic plate; they are 'assimilated,' i.e., deformed by the living being who comes under their sway, and they are incorporated into his own substance" (p. 256). Piaget (1969) explained, "according to this view, the organizing activity of the subject must…. [read more]

Childhood Is a Fascinating Time Essay

… What they excel at begins to take shape as how they define themselves. This results in a more complicated and unique self understanding and conception. Children of this age range spend their efforts "organizing their observations of behaviors and internal states into general dispositions"( Karpowitz 2012 p 1). Descriptions of themselves are in terms of psychological states rather than isolated behaviors that do not reflect what they are feeling underneath those behaviors. This essentially lays a foundational structure for more stable cognitive development. A lot of this stage is spent comparing their own identity to that of the social world around them. They begin to judge their outside appearance, actions, and abilities based on what they see their peers doing around them (Karpowitz 2012). They…. [read more]

Action Planning Essay

… Action Planning

Situational Background- Stevens Heath Center is a smaller sized (200 bed) hospital in a suburb of a mid-sized American city. For various reasons, not all disclosed to employees, Stevens merged with the larger, Rainier Health Systems who operate a 3 tier hospital campus, several clinics and outpatient facilities, and have a total of 1500 beds available. Previously, Rainer was considered a huge mega-hospital and strong competitor of Stevens. It is now six months since the merger, and a decision was made to redesign patient care delivery. The administration decided that instead of so many specialized workers, a universal worker would be more efficient. This universal worker would have the skills to offer numerous support services. However, at times this model has failed in…. [read more]

War in Afghanistan From Different Theoretical Perspectives Research Paper

… Theoretical Perspectives on the War in Afghanistan

As the sun rose over New York and Washington D.C. On what began as a quite, pristine, lovely early fall, beginning of September morning, the citizens of New York, the nation's capital, the United States and indeed the global community were unaware of the magnitude of horror that would befall not only these two illustrious cities but how these actions would alter the geo-political landscape for years to come. The actions of September 11th, 2001 did more to change the very nature of international relations than any other global event-save for World War II and the dropping of the Atomic Bomb. Although one could argue that September 11th, 2001 influenced the evolution of geo-politics more than either WWII…. [read more]

Rick Houser's Book Counseling Questionnaire

… They are men who have improved and consummated their physical, mental, spiritual, and psychic organizations to the extreme conceivable degree. With the vision they have picked up, have contemplated, and recorded the accurate Science of the Universe. In fact, present-day science tries to get closer and closer to this Knowledge. However, that Knowledge as of recently exists. It gave us a chance to recall that that this aged Knowledge can never show signs of change any more than immaculate math can change, in any event for our present earth-cycle. Current science must be judged with all considerations of Theosophy and not the other way round because science changes with time while Theosophy like everlasting truth is constant.

What is of true worth to us is…. [read more]

Hollywood Truly Global? Essay

… ¶ … Hollywood Truly Global?

Hollywood represents a specific image and ideal. Its role in the formation of major movie success has allowed it to become a dominating force within international cinema. However, exactly how much influence is exerted enough to drown out local storytelling techniques? Take the example of Bollywood. It emulates Hollywood narratives; yet proves to add in traditional and local elements as a way to express national culture through a foreign medium. No cinema can be completely devoid of Hollywood's influence; but Hollywood can serve as a platform to facilitate more native forms of national identity through film.

Hollywood style represents so many elemental and technical aspect of film making associated with American cinema. It is heavily influenced with theatrical and literature…. [read more]

Technology Use to Increase Student Achievement Dissertation

… students in grades 6-8 in the local school are not achieving in their music classes.

The proposed area of study is to determine the effects of integrating Audience Response systems (ARs) into music classrooms, with a goal to increase student achievement in secondary music programs. Generally, present-day music classrooms are not well equipped with 21st century technology; yet simultaneously, students have become more reliant and dependent on technology to provide them with information, learning tools, and social communication. The lack of classroom computer resources continues to affect how the students are performing on their music assessment tests; this also affects their testing in Science, Reading, and Math subjects (Milner, 2012).

Audio response system technology has many new products, such as the Apple iPad and the…. [read more]

Stigma and Disability the Self-Sufficiency Term Paper

… Moreover, disabilities that keep students out of mainstream classroom environments appear to have less successful educational outcomes. There are several possible reasons for this including that having one of the more severe disabilities lead to less learning, poorer quality of learning, and assimilation into education, or poorer teaching in these classes, or other factors. However, given the relative advancements in education and the amount of research in this field one might expect different outcomes.

One of the issues that often concerns those with disabilities, is do all the special programs actually equalize learning for these students? That question is answered in part by the graduation rates above. There is direct information on education following high school graduation and employment for disabled students post high school.…. [read more]

Accounting the Most Effective Means of Achieving Essay

… ¶ … Accounting the Most Effective Means of Achieving Accountability in Organizations

The term "accountability" can best be defined by Roberts and Scapens (1985) in the following manner: "Accountability in its broadest sense simply refers to the giving and demanding of reasons for conduct" (Roberts, 1991, P. 4). When connecting 'accountability' to accounting, they continue to observe that "accounting institutionalizes the notion of accountability; it institutionalizes the rights of some people to hold others to account for their actions" (ibid.), and that accounting, therefore, reflects social values, norms, conventions, and expectaitions. Accounting, in this sense, is a value system that binds its own ideologies on society.

The role of accounting as manifesting a subjective and control-implementing discipline has long been realized. What this essay seeks…. [read more]

Educational Psychology Schools Must Take a Firm Thesis

… Educational Psychology

Schools Must Take a Firm Stand Against Bullying

Bullying in public schools is not a new phenomenon but it is a pervasive and serious problem, and a great deal of research has gone into the psychological aspects of bullying. Scholars, journalists, researchers and others - along with experts in psychology - have weighed in for years on the problem of bullying, and this paper will review some of that literature, including the research that is clearly appropriate for an educational psychology assignment. Indeed, this paper will posit that teachers, parents, and administrators should put their heads together whenever official cooperative moments are at hand and adopt mandatory polices against - and in response to - all forms of bullying in public schools.

The…. [read more]

Psychology Social Constructionism Term Paper

… ¶ … psychology a science and, if so, what kind of science it is, and should it be identified as social constructionist? Since psychologists are those who use the term "social constructionism" the most (almost exclusively it seems), it simply makes sense that psychology can be defined and identified with the term. Several characteristics embody social constructionism, and psychology meets most of these characteristics, as this paper will show. Therefore, psychology should be regarded as a social science, and should be identified with social constructionism.

The characteristics of social constructionism clearly apply to psychology. While the characteristics can be broad, taken together, they paint a compelling portrait of psychology and psychologists today, and help define and unify the psychological field. Author Vivian Burr asserts the…. [read more]

Philosophy of Education Fusing Humanistic and Progressive Term Paper

… Philosophy of Education

Fusing Humanistic and Progressive Philosophies in the Practice of Education

My personal philosophy on education and its practice is primarily derived and developed from my ideals as an education student, and eventually, from my conceptions as a practicing teacher. I call my personal philosophy a 'derived' one because it stems from extant education philosophies, which have influenced me most as a teacher: the humanistic and progressive philosophies of education.

Humanistic philosophy takes into account the "human potential for growth" (Campbell, 2006:39). This means that the individual's -- in this discussion's case, the student's -- level of learning and knowledge is assessed based not only on his/her aptitude in studying, but also on the holistic development of the student as an individual. The…. [read more]

Developmental Psychology if a Parent Essay

… This can lead to poor nutrition and low weight gain for the baby.

The patient should leave with an understanding of the importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy and also proper weight gain for the mother. This is important because this is one of the most common problems for pregnant teenagers. The patient should also leave the office having an understanding of the way drugs might affect the developing fetus. A young mother might not realize that her actions affect the health of her baby. The third thing the patient should understand is the affect stress could have on the development of the baby. If extremely stressed about the pregnancy, the mother might want to take steps to mentally accept the pregnancy because this might…. [read more]

Systematic and Rigorous Process Essay

… He explains that defining the research questions is probably the most important step to be taken in a research study, so the researcher should be patient and allow sufficient time for this task. A research question needs to have substance and form. The form of the question can provide an important clue regarding the appropriate research method to use. Creswell (2009), explained in his writing that a significant part of the framework is the research method utilized. This involves what the forms of data collection, analysis, and interpretation that the researcher proposes for their study.

Research methods should not be seen in isolation from each other. A triangulated or combined methodological approach to addressing different facets of a research issue, using different methods, which complement…. [read more]

Therapy Constructivist Perspective LPC Model Answer

… The original construct has deepened to the extent that she sees everything from the prism of her abandonment issues, and the expectation that they will continue. It is no wonder that she has these thoughts because of the reinforcement she has received throughout her life.

Constructs are, as mentioned previously, developed throughout the lifespan, and they can either turn toward a true reality or they can turn away from reality depending on what experiences the individual has. Because it is easy for a construct to become faulty, many people require some means of rearranging what they believe to come closer to reality. Sometimes this can be accomplished simply through maturity. The person has enough experiences that they come to understand where they were at fault…. [read more]

Benefits of the Creative Process for Dementia Thesis

… Art Interventions for Dementia Patients

[Type text] [Type text] [Type text]

Creative Aging

Art Intervention Processes for Dementia Patients

Art Interventions for Dementia Patients


There are few phrases that I dislike more than 'It is what it is'. I believe people that make use of this phrase are stating that whatever the concern, it is not worthy of thought; it is their under-mannered way of naturalizing the consequences of misguided choices. However, the fact that every choice, good or bad, has consequences is a truth that cannot be ignored. I know the frustration and anguish of rectifying the consequences of the horrific choices of others. I know because on October 24, 1998, I survived two violent crimes. In 2002, I was formally diagnosed with…. [read more]

Leading Organizational Change in American Schools Research Paper

… Leading Organizational Change in America's K-12 Schools: A Literature Review

Creating positive changes in America's schools is a key responsibility of educational leaders. Researching best practices via the relevant scholarly literature can assist those seeking to manage and improve the learning environment in America's K-12 schools, in contributing to the creation of a thriving instructional atmosphere. By integrating the knowledge of 'what works best' into their curriculum planning and decision-making processes, educational leaders can help to bring about the positive changes that the American school system so critically needs.

Best Practices and Related Theories

Using various types of proven best practices will create a positive learning culture in which education for students (and teachers) becomes less of a chore and more of an adventure. For…. [read more]

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