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Consumer Bahavior Behavior of Customers Essay

… Consumer Bahavior

Behavior of Customers

The needs and requirements of customers have significantly diversified, determining companies to develop innovative strategies that allow them to increase their market share, to increase their number of customers, and to build competitive advantage. In addition to identifying and addressing these needs, companies must study customers' behavior. Different types of customers have different types of behaviors, and companies must identify them in order to develop and implement successful strategies.

Business dictionaries define motivation as the internal and external factors that stimulate desire, and that sustain individuals' continuous interest in certain subjects, or in expressing the efforts required for reaching the objectives they establish. Motivation is the result of interactions between several factors, like intensity of desire and need, incentives or…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Conflict and Decision-Making in the Workplace Essay

… Organizational Bahavior: Conflict and Decision Making in the Workplace

Organizational Behavior: Conflict and Decision Making in the workplace

The workplace environment is quite dynamic in itself. This dynamicity comes as a result of the different skills, backgrounds, beliefs, views, ideologies and values that are borne by the employees of the companies or organizations, increasing consumer knowledge on the products and services being provided, increasing customer demand for quality goods and services. Other factors that make the workplace environment to be dynamic include increased competition from new market entrants or existing companies or organizations which shift their strategies to gain more competitive advantage. As a result, companies or organizations are finding themselves in the situation where they have to deal with conflict in the best way…. [read more]

Program Evaluation Home and Community-Based Waiver Services Essay

… Program Evaluation

Home And Community-Based Waiver Services (HCBS) program is an assistance that allows reimbursement for certain chronically ill, disable and elderly people who are not otherwise covered by the Medical aid program. The debate over the rising costs of the institutional healthcare has led to the passage of Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) of 1981. (Miller, 1992). Under the HCBS program, people remain in their homes and communities, and the waivers allow people to receive services that are not covered under the traditional Medicaid program. Since 1981, states have used the autonomy of Section 1915(c) under Social Security Act to establish home and community-based waiver programs. Under this program, the states provide wide range of services to the participants, and the legislation allow states…. [read more]

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