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Piracy Theft Essay

… Piracy Theft:

In the past few years, the morality of copying music, movies, and software has emerged as a major issue of ethical debates. Since the times of the use of cassette tapes, consumers have basically been copying and sharing music and movies freely. Piracy, especially online piracy has hit a new high because of the Internet and the emergence of Napster and torrent files. The most important aspect of these debates is based on whether piracy is theft or not. The debates have generated huge controversies mainly because theft is largely considered as morally incorrect or questionable. The arguments on whether piracy is theft are also fueled by the potential negative effects that piracy has on the sale of original products.

Arguments on whether…. [read more]

Consumer Piracy Research Paper

… Consumer Privacy: Regulations and Ethics: Judging Privacy Concerns and Protections

Consumer Privacy and Data Mining:

Ethical Implications for Marketers in the 21st Century

The ethical implications of using customer data have become more paradoxical and challenging than ever before for marketers globally. The continual convergence of data analytics, aggregation, content analysis and modeling has given marketers the ability to know more about consumers than ever in the past. The act of opting in or opting out by consumers is today incidental to all the other data that is captured on them through advanced aggregation and analysis techniques. The need for creating more effective ethical guidelines to protect the identity of consumers is needed as analytics, aggregation and data mining techniques continue to accelerate in terms…. [read more]

Piracy Copyright Protection Research Paper

… Piracy/Copyright Protection

The music industry is a broad business into which many people venture. It includes artists, recording labels, producers and marketers. Many artists use the music industry to build themselves economically by selling their creations to consumers who enjoy listening to the music. However, with increasing economic hard times, many consumers are resorting to acquiring this music illegally, without paying for it. Acquiring of someone's creations illegally is a crime, which is punishable by law (Wallace, 2012). Piracy refers to illegal file sharing, downloading and counterfeiting using the internet. On the other hand, music piracy refers to copying, obtaining and distributing music illegally (Condry, 2004).

Piracy in the Music Industry

As above, music piracy refers to getting someone's music freely where one would pay.…. [read more]

Piracy, Counterfeiting, Patent Violation Dissertation

… "Digital equipments are commonly found to be copied" (Lynch 2004).

Different varieties of counterfeit Apple iPhone are easily available which greatly resembles from the original product in their looks, software and quality as well. These counterfeit products usually appear about a month or two after the original product goes on for sale, although it appears to be exactly the same product in looks as well as usage but the price tag for the fake item is just a fraction as compared to the original product, in our case the Apple products are a good example for this. "Many of the top brands are available in their relative cheaper counterfeit versions" (Broadhurst 2005).

Fake luxury goods

Counterfeiting of luxury items is also very common in China,…. [read more]

Product Piracy Is a Huge Problem Term Paper

… Product piracy is a huge problem that governments and companies face and with the growing sophistication of the world is becoming harder and harder to control. One of the ways in which companies are most impacted by piracy is that it reduces their ability to fund their research and development projects. Piracy is more widespread than popularly believed. In fact, some estimates approximate 9% of the world's products to be counterfeit (Carratu International ) and this number may well be growing. Certain consumer products, such as athletic footwear and music / electronic department are especially susceptible to this trend. In 2000 alone, customs borders of U.S. seized $7.8 million dollars of pirated DVD's, videos, and music CDs ( Bernstein & Munro, 60 ). China boasted…. [read more]

Chinese Piracy of U.S. Products Term Paper

… New America Foundation. 09 Nov. 2003.

Godfrey, Mark. "Pop Piracy in China." Oct. 2003. 09 Nov. 2003.

Matrix' Studio Zaps China Piracy." 27 Oct. 2003. 09 Nov. 2003.

Issues on Patent and Copyright Laws in China." Santa Clara University School of Engineering. 09 Nov 2003.

News Schmooze: China Gives Up Software Piracy. 07 Dec. 2001. ZDNet UK News. 09 Nov. 2003.,39020381,2100572,00.htm.

Nintendo Unveils Piracy-Proof China Console." 30 Sept. 2003. ZDNet Australia.,2000048600,20279126,00.htm.

Testimony of Eric H. Smith President International Intellectual Property Alliance Before the U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission." 28 Jan. 2002. U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. 09 Nov. 2003.…. [read more]

Invest in the Global Consumer Article Critique

… What however is lacking in the article is the reason why China is not making strides in hi-tech industries. I find that while the article is well written, it would have been even better if the author had given his own opinion regarding this fact. If china is a major economic power-house and if it has been able to take over a company like Google within a very short time, then why has the country stayed away from hi-tech industries so far. Why don't we find iPhone competitors from China or why is China not trying to compete with the U.S. where personal computers are concerned? This is a very important point to ponder and I would like to know the answer. If the author…. [read more]

Reducing the Problem of Piracy Term Paper

… It is hypothesized that the enhancement of CD packaging and the threat of being caught will result in a decreased likelihood of piracy in comparison to the absence of the former conditions.

The following information provides a FICTITIOUS EXAMPLE of a study that could be conducted to study the hypothesis in question)



The participants in this study were 500 Brazilian individuals approached at random in a shopping mall in Sao Paolo. The participants ranged in age from 18 to 60, with a mean age of 31.


Individuals were approached at random in a shopping mall in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and were asked if they would like to participate in the study. Upon agreement to participate, participants were given one of three different…. [read more]

SOPA, Pipa and Video Piracy Term Paper

… SOPA, PIPA and Video Piracy

Recently Internet sites such as Wikipedia, Reddit and others shutdown for a day in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA). Both SOPA, in the U.S. House of Representatives and PIPA in the U.S. Senate are legislative efforts designed to stop overseas websites from infringing on copyrights and to prevent Internet users from accessing those sites (Mason). These bills are controversial for a number of reasons and have generated a substantial deal of debate. This paper will examine this legislation and support the assertion that is not an effective way to resolve this issue.

According to movie industry video piracy is a global problem. A report prepared by L.E.K. ("The Cost of Movie Piracy"),…. [read more]

Product Piracy Using Specific Examples Term Paper

… Product Piracy

Using specific examples, determine the actions companies and governments can take to ensure that products cannot be easily pirated? videos etc..

Product piracy is a term that relates to all illegal activities that involve imitating, copying, or counterfeiting of intellectual property. It may also include infringement and brand name misuse related to product development, manufacturers, retailers or use of product or services. This vice is normally considered illegal and punishable by the law owing to the fact that it violates the right of privacy. To eradicate this vice, a number of measures have been adopted by governments, individuals and multi-national organizations. According to the International Chamber of Commerce counterfeiting continues to be a rampant societal dilemma accounting to between 5-7% of world trade,…. [read more]

Role of Technology in Corporate Essay

… In addition, purveyors of data have shown themselves to be antagonistic toward regulation (Verrier, 2010). Currently, there are no legal restrictions on how data that has been sold can be used (Verrier, 2010).

Free expression or copyright piracy. Intellectual property is intangible proprietary information. The word proprietary is key in this definition as it signals ownership. There are laws governing creative properties, such as literature, music, art, films, architectural design and the like. However, many of these regulations are difficult to enforce, particularly when violators are located outside the boundaries in which the law is applicable (Verrier, 2010). Global enterprise is replete with challenges, not the least of which is the watchdog function that must be employed to safeguard consumers and the legal rights of…. [read more]

Pirating of Software Research Paper

… 3. Have you any experience with teleconferencing? What do you see as the pros and cons of teleconferencing?

Teleconferencing is method of having a meeting using video and telephone equipment with people located in different locations. I have had some experience with teleconferencing. The teleconference was conducted using the software called Skype, and I was communicating with people located in other continents. Teleconferencing increases the user's efficiency in a profitable manner. It is equivalent to having a face-to-face communication with a person. When communicating with someone using videoconferencing, the person will respond in the same manner as though you were in the same room. Teleconferencing reduces the amount of travel. Using teleconferencing companies that have employees located in different locations can hold meetings using the…. [read more]

Effect of Online Piracy on Legal Distribution on Universal Music Group Term Paper

… ¶ … online piracy on legal distribution on Universal Music Group

The effects of online piracy on the legal distribution of Universal Music Group

Lower prices

In order to prevent the theft of music from the Internet, Universal Music Group ought to make more appealing offers to music consumers. They should offer the products at more accessible prices. However, in doing so, the company might have to accept a decrease of their own incomes and also a decrease in the artists' revenues.

In this order of ideas, given the proved fact that most artists register high incomes from their live concerts, televised appearances and by becoming the face of a certain product (e.g. Beyonce and Christina Aguilera for Pepsi), they would not suffer severe consequences…. [read more]

Copyright Computer Software Piracy Term Paper

… File sharing, DVD protection and software nuances have recreated the way things are used and shared. Computer technology permit end-users to reproduce and distribute any copyrighted work without an owner's permission. An example can be seen how color scanners reproduced the likeness of dollar bills so accurately that big brother had to recreate the paper-based monetary system from scratch.

Whether thorough software or hardware duplication or alteration, all of these cases had a basic tenet that some individuals and companies feel that sharing is a right. Those companies and individuals that feel that they have a proprietary right on their copyright, on the other hand, are out to stop the concept of free technological sharing. The latter group seems to be more in compliance with…. [read more]

Louis Vuitton Marketing Essay

… Such companies had turned the luxury customer segment into more of a mass market.

International economic variables were influencing the levels of consumption. The Japanese Yen had appreciated and foreign, luxury brands were decreasing their prices. The entire global system of LV was liable to changes in the exchange rate, quality costs and global production costs. This also implied a fall in demand for luxury goods due to the reductions in purchasing power in the year of 2008 and 2009. However, a relatively decent growth rate of six percent over the next few years was still expected.

Louis Vuitton's marketing strategies had been based on limited editions and collections. It wanted to incorporate its designs and adapt them to the preferences and tastes of the…. [read more]

Piracy and Ship Decommissioning Discussion Chapter

… JOHN RHODES M2D2 Response to original post

I agree that it is probably difficult for civilians to appreciate that appropriate decommissioning is a safety issue and an environmental one. I wonder if the use of a ship as 'scrap' can possibly offset some of the decommissioning costs, if every any controversies regarding the expense of this arise.

Decommissioning and the need for environmentally sustainable processes are a type of military expense that is very difficult for members of the public to appreciate in general -- what can look like needless bureaucracy is actually a tested series of steps designed for an optimal outcome that has been developed through careful observation over time.


Obsolescence is an inevitable part of a ship's military service…. [read more]

P2P and the E-Music Industry Research Proposal

… ¶ … P2P and the E-Music Industry

The focus of this work is on the impact that the development of the peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing model has had on the commercial e-music industry. Firstly, an overview of e-business and the evolution of the Internet are presented. This is followed by a short discussion and classification of business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C) and peer-to-peer (P2P) market types. The marketing mix elements of price, product, promotion and place for digital content e-music businesses are then explored. Customer value, implications for the value chain and related ethics are then considered. Finally recommendations will be presented. This report is based on a survey of recent literature and text books on the topic of P2P networks and the…. [read more]

Future of the Latin American Term Paper

… As Lawrence Grossberg (1997) says, it is important to look more closely into how identity as it is attached to a place, or homeland is constructed, how notions of belonging, identity, and experience are linked together. Thus, we have to ask questions such as: how do individuals and groups place themselves in this world culturally? How does culture speak to the social realities these people find themselves in? How do cultural activities help them to create new social worlds and social relations? Moreover, a close look at the micro level of the individual and the individual experience will help us rethink the outdated notion of identity as given, coherent, and stable. According to Sarup (1996) rather than being an inherent quality of a person, identity…. [read more]

Latin American Music Industry Term Paper

… "Consumers increasingly are seeking the instant gratification of free downloads, and the ability to burn those downloads to blank CDs offers even more personalization and choice. The primary message of the CD burner is the consumer doesn't want to be straight jacketed into buying a prepackaged CD. I think what we're seeing is not only the death of the physical form factor, but the death of the prepackaged concept.," said Phil Leigh, an analyst for Raymond James & Associates.

In the same report from CBS News, the chief executive of the Recording Industry Association of America, Hilary Rosen, testified at a congressional hearing regarding music piracy and peer-to-peer networks, saying public education about the illegality of unauthorized file-sharing was of the utmost importance. Regarding the…. [read more]

Latin Music Industry Problems Term Paper

… (Cobo, 2003)

CDs by popular U.S. And Brazilian artists sell for $2 apiece on the streets of this gritty frontier city, but not all the buyers know the illegal bargains might be helping to finance international terrorism. But diplomats from several countries said Ali Khalil Merhi, an alleged "bigfoot" in Paraguay's criminal underworld, sold pirated CDs in neighboring Brazil to raise money for al-Moqawama (Resistance), an extremist arm of the militant Islamic group Hezbollah (the Party of God) in southern Lebanon.

Merhi, 32, who has a police record for assault and piracy, was arrested on Feb. 25, 2000 and charged with selling millions of dollars worth of illegally copied music and software. He fled Paraguay in June 2000 after Esteban Aquino, a prosecutor in Paraguay's…. [read more]

America and China Trade Relations Term Paper

… Again, to the dismay of other industrialized countries such as America and Europe, China has done little to actually implement these standards. I believe this is due in part to ease of access to counterfeiting technology combined with a lack of severe punishment. Nearly 1.3 Billion people now live in China, of which approximately 90% of them pirate software, motion pictures and other luxury goods. The likelihood of actually getting caught for this offense is unlikely due in part to the sheer volume of citizens within the country. Would it be practical or even worthwhile to catch every small business counterfeiter within China? If so, what is to prevent another person from committing the same offense? With the ease of access to technology, I believe…. [read more]

Movie Industry in Downloading Movies Term Paper

… It is also clear that this technology creates challenges that the movie industry must face. The first challenge involves broadband and the movie industry's effort to adapt programs that were compatible with the broadband technology.

We have also discovered that piracy is a major issue that must be reduced immediately if the movie industry wants to avoid problems similar to Napster's. Some within the industry have taken drastic steps to ensure that copyright laws are protected. We found that the industry suffers financially when people choose to pirate movies instead of purchasing them.

The Motion Picture Association of America has pleaded with congress to pass a bill that deals with the issue of piracy and wants immediate action against file sharing websites. In addition, Internet…. [read more]

Sony Corporation the Recorded Music Term Paper

… Computer technology combined with the Internet now takes 'music sharing' to a whole new level. Where once a person may have shared an album with a couple of friends or family members, now, thanks to the connectivity of the Internet, one person can literally share their album with millions of people worldwide. These illegal music downloads are the most significant substitute threat to Sony BMG and others in the industry.

The bargaining power of the end users is also quite significant, in the industry, thanks primarily to the technological advancements noted above. Despite the shutting down of many of the illegal peer-to-peer file sharing services, and even the prosecution some of the users, consumers have found ways to continue to share music via the Internet.…. [read more]

Music Business Music Industry Term Paper

… Some musicians have tried this successfully but since it is not being done on a larger scale, piracy is still as big a threat as it was during Napster days. However it has been noticed that free music often leads to higher CD sales because consumers have had a chance to preview music. In 2000, when Napster was still functioning, RIAA reported sales worth 57 billion as 420 million units were purchased (See reference 5). Music industry needs to stop cursing piracy for all its problems and must build a better business model keeping in view the strategies adopted by software and airline corporations.


The Music Industry In a spin, The Economist, Feb 27th, 2003

Frank Rose, The Civil War Inside Sony, WIRED Magazine…. [read more]

SOPA and Pipa Legislation File Term Paper

… Anyone who hacks or downloads these records can face criminal and civil penalties that are rarely applied in copyright cases. For example, the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which includes a Privacy Rule requiring protection of all confidential information transmitted by phone or electronically. In the last ten years "we have become so accustomed to relying on technology that careful thought is not always given to subtle ways that privacy can be violated" (Corey 227). In an environment with relatively new technologies like email, cell phones, voice mail, clients are rightfully concerned that violations of privacy and leaks of confidential personal information have become more common than ever before. Legal and ethical guidelines prohibit the disclosure of confidential medical, psychiatric and legal…. [read more]

Digital Television and the Law Term Paper

… Digital Television and the Law

An Introduction to Digital Television and a comparison of Digital Television and Analogous Television:

What is Digital Television? As compared to Analogous Television that receives one electronic signal that is continuous in nature, the Digital Television uses the concept of a 'binary code' that means that the signal that it receives is composed of a series of ones and zeroes, in much the same way as that of a Computer. The encoding of zeroes and ones means that the signal that it receives is not a continuous process when compared to that of the analogous Television, but very similar to that of a computer, which receives coded signals in the form of zeroes and ones. (Glossary of Acronyms and Definitions)…. [read more]

Illegal Downloads: Ethics and Technology Thesis

… Ethics and Technology: Illegal Downloads

Analyzing the Ethical Responsibility of Illegal Music Downloads

and Copyright Infringement

Serving as the catalyst of the debates, litigation and ongoing legal precedents that seeks to define the ethical responsibility for illegal music downloads and copyright infringement is 17 U.S.C. § 106(3) which defines the exclusive rights in copyrighted works. This law is also referred to as Title 17 of the U.S. Copyright Act. Why this law has become such a catalyst for protecting the rights of music producers and the owners of intellectual property is that it states that any developer, provider, or producer of a copyrighted work has the statutory right to its distribution (Dannenberg, 2006). This law then sets the foundation for the definition of intellectual property…. [read more]

Economics: Patents in the Pharmaceutical Industry Term Paper

… d., p. 1). This goal essentially supports the rationale of generic drugs. Significantly, most consumers are in no position to distinguish between generic and legitimate drugs, particularly because new technology has not only lowered the cost, but also improved the quality of generic products, such that they are no longer a shoddy imitation of the branded product; but are a perfect representation, similar to the original product in both content and packaging (ITPC Factsheet, n.d). Then there also is the likelihood that a consumer would opt for the cheaper generic product, even if they were able to make the distinction.

Counterfeiting and piracy may be inevitable, especially with technology advancing as fast as it is, and the usage of the internet growing. Besides, piracy in…. [read more]

Culture and the Ipod American Essay

… Many designers, in fact worked on creating custom materials, colors, and graphics for iPod cases and skins. Thus, the iPod quickly had an enormous impact on fields of design and portable electronics.

A major controversy that surrounded the introduction and evolution of MP3 players such as the iPod was the popularization of MP3's as a music platform. This digital format was easy to copy and transfer via computers, and the question of music piracy quickly emerged into the forefront. The creation of Napster, a company that allowed the free exchange of MP3 files, led consumers to copy and exchange millions of music files, meaning that consumers could now access popular music without buying any compact disks or paying for the MP3 files. Musicians and record…. [read more]

Copyright Law: Music Downloads Term Paper

… Other factors, such as a decline in the U.S. economy could be the reason behind it.

The RIAA, however, terms internet music download as pure and simple piracy which "cheats producers, composers, sound engineers, studio musicians, publishers and vocalists out of their share of royalties on which they generally depend for their livelihood." ("FAQs," 2004)

Recent U.S. And Australian Court Cases

After the famous victory of the music industry in the Napster case ruling by a U.S. appeals court in 2001, which forced the leading music provider on the Internet to close shop, subsequent court rulings on the music piracy issue around the world have not held much joy for the industry. In most of the cases brought against companies providing file sharing networks (such…. [read more]

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