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Hospitality Industry Trends and Problem in Hawaii Term Paper

… Hospitality Trends and Problems in Hawaii

The Hilton Hawaiian Village at Waikiki Beach is an island paradise that is located on Waikiki's widest stretch of beach that has an impressive property that is nested on 22 oceanfront acres that offers the best Waikiki resort experience. This is unique environment and culture of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki beach resort is an exquisite hotel. It has lash tropical gardens, waterfalls and exotic wildlife and priceless artwork. This is surely a one of a kind hotel resort where there are luxurious accommodations, food available in over 18 restaurants and lounges and an opportunity to shop for souvenirs' .there are also a wide range of activities that are enjoyable to the entire family. It is attractive due to…. [read more]

Hospitality Going Green Thesis

… Hospitality Going Green

"Hospitality Industry Going Green"

A persistent and mostly positive trend in business at this time is the development of sustainable environmental practices. This trend of "going green" has been around for decades but has recently been supported by a common thread among many in society and is being demanded by consumers and organizations as a new standard by which business should practice. The standard of "going green" has escaped few business types and businesses in the hospitality industry are no exception. Consumers are also especially demanding of the service industry to adopt more environmentally friendly practices and also make people aware of these strides, now that consumers have been made more aware of the damage not thinking about it is doing to…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior in Travel Literature Review

… Familial determinants of buying behavior are even stronger than a trusted relationship forged between a merchant and a client (Davidow). Because of this link to the social background of the consumer, a seller can either make many customers through one transaction, or defeat that possibility completely (Salegna & Goodwin). How a buyer views a transaction can have myriad rippling effects.

Consumer Behavior in Travel

The travel market is one of the largest in the United States. The billions of dollars spent every year in the travel industry is a result of factors that range from the adventurous nature of consumers and world-wide availability of destinations to relationships that have been cemented between certain agencies, destinations, and travelers (Schor). Literature is rife with examples of what…. [read more]

Trends in the Event Planning and Convention Industries Research Paper

… ¶ … Planning and Convention Industries


Trends in Event Planning and Convention Industries

Event management is a professional field, which involves the strategic planning, analysis, risk assessment, marketing, budgeting, cash flow planning, event development and other aspects (Van Der Wagen, 2011). Planned events include celebrations, education, promotions, and commemorations (The Entrepreneur, 2011). Examples of celebrations are fairs, parades, weddings, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, passing bar examinations and first Holy Communions. Education events can be conferences, conventions, meetings or graduations. Promotion events include product launches, political rallies, and fashion shows. And commemorations include memorial and civic events. There are be many more examples of these events, whether business-related, social or any other type. Event planners handle a number of tasks. These include research; design…. [read more]

Consumer Trends in the Hospitality Term Paper

… "Online travel is a huge industry driven by 41 million online travel buyers, and despite ongoing economic and safety concerns, we expect continued growth."

Article #3: Ground Transportation:

Statistics & Trends:

"KDS offers its customers a direct access to the Europcar central reservation system" Travel Daily News.

This news article states that KDS, a provider of online business travel management in Europe and Europcar are joining as partners in providing direct access to customers for online vehicle reservations. Jean-Francois Vergnangeal, Senior VP Marketing & Strategic Alliances at KDS stated in the article that:

"This partnership is perfectly in line with our policy to develop direct links, which is one of the major facets in the strategy of KDS, an independent actor. Indeed, we wish to…. [read more]

Personal Selling in Hospitality Essay

… Techniques of personal selling include the use of travel centers, telephone correspondence, consumer tradeshows and public engagements. Web sites that are interactive and sell products using tools like instant messaging and e-mail may also be considered a personal selling technique.

A stellar personal seller will generally have certain characteristics. A list of the top five seller traits that apply to personal selling was identified and includes (McCall):

1. Creativity

2. Passion

3. Integrity

4. Tenacity

5. Commitment

Creativity is commonly among the most desirable traits because an ideal salesperson will have an affinity for the non-obvious solution to the client's needs. Other lists of the top qualities that a successful personal salesperson should have also include other factors such as being personable, ambitious, confidence, and…. [read more]

What Does the Modern Hospitality Consumer Wants? Essay

… ¶ … Hospitality Consumer Wants

The consumers are changing, both in terms of numbers, origin and type. Therefore there are demography induced changes in consumer needs, which are based on change with the times and with the change in population, both in terms of numbers and ethnicity. For example the changing times have caused the Mayfair Hotel which was legendary for British hospitality to be taken over by an Indian company. The Royal Bank of Scotland sold Grosvenor House, the luxury Mayfair hotel built on the site of the former London residence of the dukes of Westminster, to an Indian billionaire for £470m. (Bowers, 2011, p. 6)

This could be the result of changing times and interaction with communities outside and tours abroad and many…. [read more]

Hospitality Consumer Term Paper

… Experiences go beyond intangible to provide memories.

An example of this move toward a consumer experience is the rise in popularity of specialty coffee houses. International companies such as Starbucks have built their success on selling the experience of the coffee to the consumer. The Starbucks patron pays for more than simply the cost of beans, grinding and brewing when he purchases a coffee from Starbucks. The rather hefty value-added in the price of the cappuccino is the ambiance that accompanies the purchase. Customers are paying for the smell of the coffee, the worldbeat music, the look of the glass-filled containers of espresso beans.

The demand on the part of hospitality consumers for an experience can also be seen in the rise of the so-called…. [read more]

Hospitality Industry Training the Hospitality Industry Requires Term Paper

… Hospitality Industry Training

The hospitality industry requires a steady stream of employees and often faces a situation of high turnover. What is really desired is a well-trained workforce that will stay with a job for a period of time, for longer term employment also means familiarity with the given facility and its environs and with the clientele, producing benefits for all.

Rettig (1998) reports from Indianapolis and suggests that a good economy contributes to a rise in consumers willing and able to spend money on a night on the town or on a weekend excursion, but at the same time, a strong economy also means a shortage of minimum-wage workers to serve these consumers. This shortage extends to a wide variety of facilities -- for…. [read more]

Hospitality and Travel Marketing Term Paper


In recent years, the comprehensive atmosphere of tourism has undergone extensive changes worldwide in comparison to tourism during decades of the past. The traditional face of tourism has been exposed to numerous acts of terrorism, and even more recently, historical natural disasters. Although these recent tragedies have significantly altered tourism, the tourism and hospitality sector nevertheless remain as one of the largest components of the global economy. Even in recent years, the growth rate of tourism supersedes that of most other goods and services. As a result of this rapid growth, the profile of tourists has changed as consumers apparently have become more experienced, more demanding, and more likely to treat tourism purchases in very much the same way…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior Ireland Hospitality or Irish College Students Online Purchasing Research Proposal

… Irish Consumer Behavior

Investigation of how the brand effect influences Chinese consumer behaviors within the luxury products offered in the Irish market.

The Irish luxury market has a long and dotted past. It was completely ruled and depleted by the English for centuries. In 1698, the English Parliament enacted an Act "to forbid the export of Irish wollen goods to any country whatsoever," (Markham & Markham 2010). This forced the Irish merchants to first export to England where they had to pay heavy duties and taxes. The English stifled the Irish marketplace for centuries. Only recently has it begun to pick up great speed with modern developments. In fact, the Irish economy was almost entirely dependent on Great Britain up into the twentieth century (Wilson…. [read more]

From Thai Consumers Perspectives What Criteria Influence Consumers Purchasing Behavior Towards Green Product Dissertation

… ¶ … consumers' perspectives, what criteria influence consumers' purchasing behaviour towards green product?

This dissertation could not be accomplished without Professor Sarah hypes, research method lecturer who is my supervisor at Coventry University. I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisor for her recommendation and her advices. She encouraged and guided me throughout this dissertation.

Special thanks to all lecturers who taught me in MA Marketing Management course and fulfilled me the knowledge.

In addition, thank you very much to all questionnaire respondents that spend their precious time and information to be a part of my survey and become this dissertation. Thanks you all of my dear friends who always support me and thanks all of Coventry University's Thai society (ThaiCov) that made…. [read more]

Use of ICT Book Report

… ¶ … Communication Technology in the Hospitality Industry

Computers, global telecommunications and the Internet have all fundamentally changed the manner in which companies of all types and sizes operate and market their businesses today. In fact, information and communication technology (ICT) have been responsible for fueling the globalization of the marketplace and these same forces have contributed to the resurrection of the travel and tourism industry following the major downturn the industry experienced following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Today, the tourism industry is the largest industry in the world and the hospitality sector that is supports has enjoyed the results of this upsurge. Some hospitality organizations, though, have benefited from their ICT initiatives in more significant ways than others, but it is…. [read more]

Establish and Conduct Business Relationships Hospitality Management Term Paper

… ¶ … Business Relationships (Hospitality Management)

Business Relationships in Hospitality Management

Within the hospitality sector of business there is an abundance of contributing factors that influence and dictate success. Hospitality is one of the most competitive fields in the entire market. There exists a degree of management and servicing operation that requires rigorous demand and exceptional consistency. In order to continually keep up with the ever-changing market, hospitality businesses must always be innovating and developing ways of attracting new and returning customers. Diversification must always be in process to keep up with competition and overall interests.

The quality and grade of a hospitality sector business can be determined by the level of professionalism operating it. Most hospitality businesses consist of multi-level ownership, management and staff…. [read more]

Strategic Alliances in Hospitality Sector Research Proposal

… Strategic Alliances in the Hospitality Sector

The proposed study will be guided by the following research question: "How can strategic alliances provide a competitive advantage, improved performance and profitability for companies competing in the hospitality sector today?" To this end, the theoretical perspective that will be used to answer this guiding research question and structure the problem situation involved is discussed further below.

Theoretical Perspective for Shedding Light on the Topic and Structuring the Problem Situation.

In an increasingly globalized marketplace, companies competing in industries of all types have sought strategic alliances that will provide them with a competitive advantage. For example, according to Wohlstetter, Smith and Malloy (2005), "Strategic alliances have emerged during the past several decades as a popular problem solving tool. Based…. [read more]

Customer Expectations in the Hospitality Industry Thesis

… Customer Expectations in the Hospitality Industry

Customers' expectations are the future of any organization, and this is particularly relevant to the hospitality industry. To the extent an organization creates expectations and accurately fulfills them is to the extent they gain customer loyalty and market share.

The intent of this paper is to evaluate how expectations are created, and second, explain the dominant approaches used for measuring customer expectations. An analysis of how customer expectations are managed in the hospitably industry is next discussed with an assessment of how customer satisfaction measurement approaches are specifically applied to the hospitality industry.

How Expectations Are Formed

The development of expectations is formed from the interaction of social exchange and voluntary performance behaviors, with both sets of factors contributing…. [read more]

Status in Hospitality How Class Term Paper

… This was the case recently when New York's Le Parker Meridien Hotel offered a ?565 caviar-filled omelette. (Harwood, 2004). The Meridien saw a need in the extreme upper socioeconomic echelon for excess and novelty. Along the way, they also garnered a lot of publicity for themselves.

Trends in the hospitality industry also reflect the fact that consumers and their socioeconomic status are of paramount concern. The growing movement towards "VFR" (visiting friends and relatives) tourism is driving a hospitality industry response that is catering to a lower status of consumer. Similarly, the more affluent consumers are driving the popularity of cultural heritage tourism and the concomitant hospitality industry response.

The "why" of the equation ... why is the industry responding to issues of class and…. [read more]

Brazil Hospitality and the 2014 Thesis

… Accor intends to build 85 new hotels in Brazil in the period up to 2015 (Embassy of Denmark, 2010). This will increase the number of hotel rooms it has by 5000. This will be achieved through expansion of their 20 Formule 1 and Ibis hotels. The hotel chain is also remodeling 31 of its 65 Mecure hotels and 8 of its 51 Ibis hotels. These will cater for economy class tourists. Atlantica currently operates 72 hotels in Brazil (Embassy of Denmark, 2010). It is planning to build 28 more hotels. Sol Melia is a Spanish hotel chain that currently owns 24 hotels in Brazil; nine are in Sao Paolo, three in Brasilia, and two in Reis. They have not announced their expansion plans. Grand Hyatt…. [read more]

Social Media on Consumer Behavior the Onset Research Proposal

… ¶ … Social Media on Consumer Behavior

The onset of social media and its integration into marketing has revolutionized industries, among them, the Hotel industry. Social media has replaced the word-of -- mouth communication to customers (Hennig-Thurau et al. 2004). Every hotel will work towards influencing consumer behavior with an aim of attracting more customers. Just like other industries, hotels have taken advantage of the social media to influence consumer's preferences. Many consumers today make travel arrangements and hotel bookings out of the trends in the social media concerning their needs. Consumers feel they are making the right decisions when they subscribe to services as stated by the majority in the social media, often termed as the herding behavior (Vassilikopoulou et al., 2009). Hotels have…. [read more]

Martin Luther King/The Hospitality Industry Diversity Thesis

… Martin Luther King/The Hospitality Industry

Diversity in the Hospitality Industry:

Applying the Philosophy of Diversity-Blindness Offered by Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King is not remembered as a great hospitality manager, but instead as a Civil Rights leader, but his leadership style can be applied to the hospitality industry when it comes to facing the challenges that diversity brings to the industry. While globalization allows the hospitality industry to increase throughout the world, it also creates an industry made up of employees and customers of all different types. Hotels, restaurants, and other establishments in the industry of hospitality now have employees and clients with different backgrounds, of different religious affiliations, and ethnic identities. While this is a positive change, allowing different perspectives to come to…. [read more]

Hotels and Hospitality Term Paper

… Hotel and Hospitality Industry: Catering to the Affluent Middle East Today and in the Future

Some of the fastest growing travel and tourism destinations that have emerged in recent years are the Middle East in general and Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, in particular. Despite the potential of external threats in the region, the hotel and hospitality industry has enjoyed a booming business as hoteliers, restaurateurs and others seek to capitalize on this growing industry in an increasingly affluent region of the world. While there are a number of constraints to doing business in the United Arab Emirates, all signs point to continued growth and many international chains have already heavily invested in Abu Dhabi in an attempt to gain market share…. [read more]

Internationalization in the Hospitality Industry Term Paper

… Internationalization Within the Hospitality Industry

The objective of this work is to choose one foreign market entry option for internalization within the hospitality industry and to critically evaluate this option in terms of its feasibility. This evaluation will be supported with a range of hospitality examples. For the purpose of this study an investigation will be made into entry of the foreign market in the mid-size hotel industry in the countries of India, Mexico and China with Mexico ultimately being the market chosen for entry into the hotel industry.

The hotel industry is rapidly becoming internationalized as reported in the work of Dunning and Kundu (1995) in the work entitled: "Internationalization of the Hotel Industry - Some New Findings from a Field Study" which reports…. [read more]

Tourism and Hospitality Industries: Management Essay

… As mentioned previously, the recession of 2008 was a difficult time in the hospitality and tourism industry and Four Seasons suffered, having to conduct its first corporate layoff in its history. Despite these setbacks, the brand has continued to expand, particularly in China and Russia in the past three years.

There are multiple philosophical approaches to the proliferation of acquisitions in the hospitality and tourist industry. On the one hand, a reduction in the number of major property and service holders reduces competition and over time can increase the appearance of monopolization of services or good-providers. It is also believed, however, that the proliferation of larger industry conglomerates may being improving the quality of goods and services through standardization and the ability for increased revenues…. [read more]

Popularity of Foreign Restaurant: Consumer Literature Review

… 8m visitors to Thailand last year -- up 7.3 per cent on 1997 -- passed through Bangkok." (Cooke, 1999)

Additionally, according to Cooke (1999), "One of the pleasures of Bangkok is eating. While there are Thai restaurants on virtually every street corner, the capital also has a wealth of other cuisines on offer. A number of the more unusual establishments are tucked away near the leading hotels by the river. Prachak, on the New Road between The Oriental and Shandri-La, is a modest-looking restaurant specializing in Teochiu cuisine. The Teochiu, originally from around Swatow in southern China, are the dominant Chinese group in Thailand. The pig's trotters at the Prachak are said to be among the best in the country. For the brave, duck liver…. [read more]

Menu Drives London Hospitality (Discuss) Term Paper

… True, Cafe Corfu does offers a value to its diners like Greek establishments of the past, including two courses for a fixed price. But enough innovations are on the menu to make the diner feel that he or she is participating in an 'experience' of another culture, rather than merely consuming snack food or simply going out to eat at an ordinary, traditionally cheap ethnic cafe.

Corfu's offering of explicitly regional cuisine highlights how ethnic food that is unfamiliar, even from a fairly familiar country and region, can add to the exotic nature and impression of a restaurant, without fundamentally frightening the palate of the average British consumer. On the other side of London, to the South, Chutney Mary in Chelsea offers a similarly eclectic…. [read more]

Eco-Friendly Hotel Industry Trends Climate Change Essay

… Eco-Friendly Hotel Industry Trends

Climate change is no longer a theory to be debated on talk radio and cable TV -- it is a fact of life. Many venues in the hotel industry are using whatever tools and technologies they can to reduce their use of energy, water, and otherwise present a green experience for the traveler. The brightest and most visionary of hotels are making adjustments and being very alert to the need to reduce their carbon footprints. And they are not just doing it to attract eco-minded guests and make a positive impression; they are turning to green concepts and technologies because it is the right thing to do to help reduce the greenhouse gases that are a main source of the problem.…. [read more]

Blogging Industry Environmental Trends Impacting Essay

… These two trends are both opportunistic and threatening to blogging applications and social media platforms. First, quantifying influence is already beginning to force a balkanization of the Web in terms of blogger access to information (Griffith, 2011). Klout and other scoring methodologies are ideally used for segmentation analysis and defining criterion for breaking markets into various audiences. It has had the effect of also forcing a pareto analysis of influence onto the blogger community, creating varying communities of bloggers who tend to become insular over time. The quantifying of influence provides insights into creating market segments which is useful from a public relations perspective (Porter, Chung, Sweetser, 2009) yet it does not provide greater fluidity and movement of content throughout the Internet. Amplifying these differences…. [read more]

Implication of Self-Service Technology Is Applied in Hotel Industry Research Paper

… ¶ … technology in the hospitality industry. The work first addresses the growth of the service sector in relation to the hospitality industry and will then discuss changes that have and will occur in the industry as a result of technology. The most important aspect of this work is the analysis of self-service technology (SST) as the most enduring and important trend in hospitality, with the understanding that SST must be supported by personal service and ultimately offers many opportunities and some challenges for the industry as a whole.

The service industries have always played a significant role in the economy of the United States the projected growth of the service sector in the next decade and beyond is so significant it has become the…. [read more]

Tourism There Are Five Stages Essay

… Tourism

There are five stages of the decision-making process for travel. The first is need recognition. During this stage, the consumer identifies a need that they must meet either for travel or specific needs in their travel. For example, the consumer may decide that summer has been too hot and they need to escape to a cooler climate. Information search is the second step. During this process, the consumer will gather their alternatives together by investigating not only the geographic locations but the attractions available, hotels and modes of travel. For example, escaping the heat could involve such diverse alternatives as visiting Canada, taking a cruise to Antarctica, or simply flying to a mountain resort town, depending on how much escape is required.

Once the…. [read more]

Industry and Restaurant Trends 2015 Essay

… Changing Trends in Restaurant Industry / Restaurant Trends, 2015

Trends Evaluation (Upcoming and Current) 3 Food


Nutrition 4 Equipment


New Services

New Methods for Training Employees

Impacts of these Trends

The backbone of the hospitality industry is the customer service and all segments of the industry share this concept. Restaurant industry reigns supreme in the hospitality industry. It remains the biggest element of the hospitality industry and can come in several forms like fast-food eateries, high-end restaurants, catering outfits, and several others (Reynolds, 2015). In the words of John Walker, the largest and fastest growing industry is the hospitality industry, and its main focus is on the delivery of products and services. Guest and customer impressions are always considered most critical for the…. [read more]

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