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Corporate Governance: A Review Essay

… , 2003). Increased need of capital resources to be raised from open markets has also led the importance of corporate governance to increase in recent years. Another aspect of corporate governance culture that has increasingly come to be scrutinized is the value-based governance and bottom line governance. Firms in Europe and specifically in the U.S. market have emphasized that their companies should reengage in value-based corporate governance (Du Plessis, et al., 2010; p. 11)In modern corporations, corporate governance arises through the severance of ownership and management control in the organizations.

Principles of Corporate Governance

Researchers have also identified the essential principles on which the conduct of corporate governance rests. These are:







Social responsibility (Du Plessis, et al., 2010).

Du…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Research Proposal

… Corporate Governance

Much has been made of the debate between stewardship theory and agency theory as it relates to corporate government. Many say that agency-style theory is necessary because it's the only true thing that keeps corporations in check in terms of ethics and compliance with the law. However, the opposite side of the argument is that governmental at all agencies both over-regulate businesses in general and they over-react to corporate scandals and thus end up over-correcting with legislation that goes farther that it needs to or should. As with most things, the correct answer is surely in the middle as the proper rules of the game that no one should be strayed from and which also dictates how violators will be punished. However, the…. [read more]

Corporate Governance of Commonwealth Bank Essay

… The Board of Directors carries the main responsibility of ensuring that the officers and directors in the bank act appropriately and effectively. One of the main ways with which the Board handles issues and challenges that arise when directors are carrying out their duties is through education. Actually, the Board of Directors has established an education program to ensure that the bank's officers are kept up-to-date with the local and international developments in the industry. In addition, the corporate governance procedures in the bank are critically reviewed regularly in order to improve effectiveness. As a result of the regular review of the procedures by the Nominations Committee, the bank handles issues or challenges that may arise in daily operations suitably and effectively.

Impact of Global…. [read more]

Corporate Governance on Organizational Performance Essay

… However, we have to note that, best practices of management of the organization will not fully reflect the performance of an organization. One has to understand that human have different strengths and are creators with different mindsets (Adams, Almeida & Ferreira, 2005).

"Best practice" on customers

Customers are consumers of products created in corporations. Their importance is crucial to the performance of the organization. For the Airline Company, the need of customers to travel has led to the growth of the flight companies. Consumers' rights have continually influenced performance of the organization. Consumers have different taste and preferences, which have made organizations, develop strategies to meet the ever-growing demand. These changes in customer preferences have increased competition in almost every field. Therefore, any organization that…. [read more]

Corporate Governance in Etisalat UAE Term Paper

… Corp Gov UAE

Corporate Governance at Etisalat and the UAE at Large

Corporate Governance in the UAE: An Overview

Corporate governance as it is understood and practiced in the United Arab Emirates is still very much under development, however is largely in keeping with established guidelines and principles as observed in the Western world (ADCCG, 2012; Hawkamah, 2012). The emphasis is on the practical nature of corporate governance, situation governance plans and issues as a part of the corporate infrastructure and thus the means by which value is created for shareholders and other stakeholders (Hawkamah, 2012). Abu Dhabi, long the economic and political hub of the UAE, also plays a prominent role in the determination of proper corporate governance guidelines and overview, and is a…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Two Different Research Paper

… Hernon & Nitecki note the many challenges of writing about quality because everyone has it defined differently (2001). Quality has encompassed everything from quality collections, organizational quality, continuous quality improvement, and total quality improvement.

Customers that share information about their expectations create a unique opportunity for small businesses to provide unique services to them. Some small businesses measure because the parent institutions, such as universities, corporations, government agencies and school boards, have made commitment to be accountable to customers and compete for loyalty (Thomas & Robson, 2004 ). Service quality provides a way to improve their ability to meeting their mission of serving users regardless of external pressures. Attention to service quality enables an organization to develop a partnership with its customers while gaining a…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Has Attracted Attention Research Paper

… Some of these are;

1. Corporate Fraud

This type of conflict of interest occurs when a give corporation deceives someone or the general public in order to gain some kind of advantage to which it is never entitled. This affects the internal and external stakeholders but affect the external ones mostly.

2. Health Care Fraud

This type of fraud takes place when people or corporations steal money or/and services which is never availed to the people who need it.

3. Billing for services that are never rendered

4. Kickbacks

Discussion of whether Dr. DoRight has fulfilled his ethical duty by effectively reporting the illegal procedures.

There are several basic ethical concepts within the healthcare system that are specially designed to make the saving of life…. [read more]

Corporate Governance in Harris Scarfe Essay

… Some of the firm's senior management such as the executive chairman and Mr. Daniel Francis McLaughlin were charged with allowing these financial irregularities to be carried out in the company. Even though McLaughlin was a respected and hardworking executive, he failed to provide truthful financial information to the board in his monthly reports. Together with other top executives, he failed to act honestly in exercising his powers and carrying out his duties in a manner that exhibited good faith in the best interests of the firm.

Relationship between the Board and Other Corporate Stakeholders:

Before the collapse of Harris Scarfe, its evident that the relationship between the board and other corporate stakeholders was poor. The board basically provided false information that they received from the…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Shareholder Wealth Maximization Approach Research Paper

… Corporate Governance

Shareholder Wealth Maximization approach and Stakeholder Capitalism are both models applied to maximize the wealth of shareholders. Managing the wealth of shareholders is the prime goal of management within the American business world while stakeholder capitalism is common across European and Japanese markets. The SWM approach argues that the stock market is universally efficient such that the management's performance is reflected from the rapid movement of stock prices. The SCM approach is not founded on the presumption that the equity markets carry out their duties efficiently. In this model, the efficiency of the stock market does not matter. This is because the financial goals of a firm are not entirely share-focused as other stakeholders (Tricker, 2012) control them.

This article offers all the…. [read more]

Governance and Ethics Corporate Research Paper

… This is due to the "war for talent" that exists in today's job market ("The value of," 2011)

The last recommendation for Dr. DoRight would be to implement a reporting mechanism to have employees pass along tips that report people that are doing their jobs wrong or illegally. People should be able to do this anonymously so as to protect themselves from being labeled or ridiculed. That being said, it should be urged that it not be used for inconsequential matters that have no bearing on patient health.


Dr. DoRight is in a sensitive situation. He came across a very severe problem and initiated a course of action to correct it. However, due to either corporate bureaucracy and/or people dragging their feet for whatever…. [read more]

Ethics, Corporate Governance and Company Research Paper

… • Composition of the board: If there is a full-time chairman, 50% of the directors must be nonexecutives and 50% must be executives (Rajagopalan and Zhang, 2008).

• Constitution of audit committee: The committee must contain three independent directors and a chairman with a sound financial background. A finance director and an internal audit head are to be special invitees, and a minimum of three meetings are to be convened. The committee is responsible for review of financial performance on a half-yearly/annual basis, appointment / removal/remuneration of auditors, and review of internal control systems and their adequacy (Rajagopalan and Zhang, 2008).

• Board procedures: At least four meetings are to be held each year. A director cannot be a member of more than 10 committees,…. [read more]

Forms of Industrial Finance and Corporate Governance Strengths and Drawbacks Term Paper

… ¶ … Industrial Finance and Corporate Governance: strengths and drawbacks

Forms of Industrial Finance and Corporate Governance

When discussing the subject of industrial finance and corporate governance, one must focus the discussion around the core of the subject, which is related to the protection of shareholders and creditors by the legal system. Each country's financial system follows a different approach to the subject, approach that has its advantages and its disadvantages. Corporate governance, in general, has become more and more important, becoming an actual part of a company's management process. The importance of this matter is conferred by the fact that, if used in a suitable manner, corporate governance is able to solve problems regarding the financial, legal, and administrative systems (Sapovadia, 2003).

There are…. [read more]

Corporate Governance, Term Paper


Information Security Governance comprises, Leadership, company structures, procedures and monitoring systems and technologies that ascertain privacy, reliability and availability of company data.

5.1 Corporate Governance and Information Security Governance

Corporate Governance entails set of laws, regulations, and internal controls that manages and regulates organizations. Information security governance is a division of companies' general corporate governance plan. The information maintained by companies is one of the fundamental assets for the success of the business. The boardroom accounts for the success of the company bears the responsibility of safeguarding classified information. The safety of such information is achievable through efficient management and ascertained by efficient oversight of the board members (Whitman, Michael, Mattord & Herbert, 2012).

Companies view Information security governance as a complex…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Regulatory Framework in Romania Article

… ¶ … corporate governace regulatory framework in Romania

Corporate governance regulatory framework in Romania

Romania is still engaged in a transition process since the fall of its communist regime in 1989. There is political and economic instability and the challenges to corporate governance are intense (Paredes, 2004). Still, the expansion of the country's operations at a global level forces it to adapt its corporate governance and align it with the frameworks in the more developed states (Sellar, 2009).

A report of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ranked Romania 7th on the list of corporate governance practices in the emergent states, with an overall score of 20.6. The highest score was obtained by Greece (32.5) and the lowest by Russia (14.1).

As it can…. [read more]

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility the Pyramid Research Paper

… Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

The pyramid of corporate social responsibility

The three-domain model of corporate social responsibility

Factors determining the importance of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility

Strategic issues with corporate governance and corporate social responsibility..5

The case of Wal-Mart

Importance of corporate social responsibility

Strategic issues

Concluding remarks

The contemporaneous society is changing at a rapid pace and organizations need to change along in order to remain competitive and able to attain their financial goals. Corporate governance and social responsibility represent modern day tools through which economic agents strive to improve their relationship with the stakeholders. In this light of events, a question is being posed relative to the roots of the organizational interest in the tools of corporate governance and social…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Under Globalization in the U.S Research Proposal

… Corporate Governance Under Globalization in the U.S. And the U.K.

The failure of governments both domestic and international to provide effective oversight of corporate activities over a period of significant economic growth would precipitate a pattern of misappropriation, corruption and willful mismanagement. This would help to produce our current fiscal crisis as a global community and within powerful economies such as the U.S. And the U.K., with a clear need for stronger and more carefully conceived corporate governance emerging from the dust of countless corporate collapses. And though both the United States and the United Kingdom have responded by adopting stricter controls, the distinction in their respective approaches to addressing issues of corruption may well be in their differing definitions of corporate governance. The research…. [read more]

Corporate Governance as Some Queries Term Paper

… These bodies render the structure for setting-up 'stakeholder council' as stated by Guthrie & Turnbull and Turnbull. Hill & Jones have made on the effort of Jensen & Meckling to identify the inherent as well as the overt contractual associations in an organization to build up 'Stakeholder-Agency Theory'. The interdependence among an organization and its strategic shareholders is identified by the American Law Institute that states: The present corporation by its character makes interdependences with various groups with whom the corporation possess a legal apprehension like employee, suppliers, customers, and the associations of the communities within which the corporation functions.' (Cadbury, 1998)

Shareholder opinion as well as ownership as proposed by Porter and Blair can be offered by're-inventing' the notion of an organization as suggested…. [read more]

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Adoption Case Study

… Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

Adoption of Corporate Governance Principles

Evaluations & Recommendations

Adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

In the United States, corporate governance legislation was initiated mainly directed at listed enterprises requiring executives to confirm financial statements as accurate and requiring increased oversight of boards and auditors. Private unlisted enterprise though, remains free from such regulatory control and protection.

Adoption of Corporate Governance Principles

Evaluations & Recommendations

I would recommend the following Corporate Governance principles; gleaned from the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002), OECD (2004), Combined Code (2003) and the Australian Securities Exchange (2007).

Corporate Governance and Managerial Compensation

Being a mining company in today's economic climate, a major responsibility as far as corporate governance goes is for the board of directors is to determine…. [read more]

Corporate Governance in Australia Term Paper

… Corporate Governance in Australia

Australia Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Governance

The proper governance of companies will become as crucial to the world economy as the proper governing of countries... strong corporate governance produces good social progress. The two go together." James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank (qtd in Detomasi, 2002)

Economic prosperity is a product of a strong collaboration between the investors and the government. Both local and foreign investors need an assurance of their security and protection of interests from the government. A call for a responsible corporate governance in return yields a rewarding economic stability that eventually contributes to the country's progress.

Corporate governance and responsibility of a particular country are measured up by international investors in order to protect their interests,…. [read more]

Corporate Governance and Accountability Essay

… Corporate Finance

Corporate Governance and Accountability

As with almost every culture, the Vietnamese have experienced some of the less wanted effects of economic liberalization: dishonesty, a proliferation of dangerous products dumped on an innocent public, an increase in the amount of swindlers and scam-merchants, local and imported, malicious degradation of the natural and constructed atmosphere, and so on. Being a Socialist state, many are motivated to accomplish that the behavior of greedy, avaricious, disgraceful people is to be anticipated in a market economy. Several think this to be the essential price paid for financial development. Many rival the worst forms of commercial conduct; as if doing so were a precondition for achievement (Longstaff, 1995).

Two matters that have come to light lately in the country…. [read more]

Corporate Governance and Environmental Performance Hypothesis

… ¶ … Corporate Governance and Environmental Performance

In corporate governance literature, there is no generally accepted definition of the corporate governance concept. However, companies, organizations, investors and other users define the concept according to their perception. In addition, there exists various definitions of corporate governance, and some of the definitions present corporate governance as a system, which is core to the control and directing of a company. On the other hand, there are definitions that stress the activism of investors, presenting their significance in corporate governance. From such a view, the corporate governance refers to the relationship between the firm and shareholders. In this case, the shareholders advocate for best practices, and include the efforts of the shareholders in achieving the company's goals. Other definitions…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Term Paper

… In order to compensate for this, the system of claw back was initiated, whereby an executive had to pay back his share of the unprecedented profits. (Monks; Minow, 1995, p.94)

Another method was to expense stock options so that all costs would be more transparent, and the result would be that excesses could be controlled to a large extent, and the pay packages would be adequate. The issue of unauthorized groups or cartels that benefit from corporate control is another one that has to be tackled by corporations. (Williamson, 1979, p.81) These groups are more interested in investing in resources that are controlled, rather than in resources that would benefit others by either creating new wealth, or by making use of resources to make new…. [read more]

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Essay

… Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

When used in the same sentence the concepts of corporate fiscal responsibility and social responsibility create an oxymoron. The expectations of corporate management, stockholders, and government oversight do not equate to a social moral expectation or consciousness. To suggest that a corporation has a moral obligation to the community, demonstrates a lack of understanding of capitalism and business. Capitalism demands that businesses compete for consumer loyalty, which is the basis of their profit. The very nature of business is to realize profit by marketing goods and services for a cost that is above the cost of production and operation of any given business. America is a consumer society, and much of the rest of the world is quickly following along…. [read more]

Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility Research Paper

… Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility

Professionals constantly face ethical dilemmas in their day-to-day undertakings. This text highlights a scenario in which a newly hired President of a hospital, Dr. DoRight, faces a significant ethical dilemma. In so doing, the text more specifically determines the various stakeholders Dr. DoRight might find himself dealing with at the facility and the duty of royalty owed to each stakeholder. Amongst other things, the text also analyzes Dr. DoRight's actions in a bid to determine whether he has fulfilled his ethical duty. Further, both the deontology and utilitarianism principles are applied to the ethical dilemma the doctor faces in this particular scenario.


'Stakeholder' as a term does not have an assigned definition. This means that various definitions of the…. [read more]

Corporate Governance in Russia Accountability Term Paper

… There is a hope that Russian companies will finally 'turn the page on their past corporate supremacy abuses' and the need for external capital will 'open critical opportunities for the development of corporate governance.'

The first legislative attempt to give enterprises more autonomy was embodied in the 1988 Law on State Enterprises. By 1990 several statutes had been passed, both on the Soviet Union and on the Russian Federation levels, which recognized private organizations of different types, however they 'were superficial and provided little if any guidance on organizational structure, fiduciary duty or shareholders' rights'.

The statute on joint stock companies confirmed by Council of Ministers of RSFSR (Decree 601) adopted in 1990 contained some improvements, such as 'guidelines on the rights and duties of…. [read more]

International Developments in Corporate Governance Thesis

… International Developments in Corporate Governance

The proper governance of companies will become as crucial to the world economy as the proper governing of countries... strong corporate governance produces good social progress. The two go together. -- James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank, 2002

The epigraph above is a reflection of the increased amount of attention being directed at corporate governance and the part it plays in promoting international trade and stakeholder confidence. In a day and age characterized by high-profile corporate bailouts in the United States and a shaky global economy, identifying opportunities to improve investor confidence and corporate governance represent timely and valuable enterprises. Today, in Anglo-American contexts, the term "corporate governance" is typically used to describe the means by which a firm's…. [read more]

Google, Inc. Corporate Governance Structure Term Paper

… Google

Corporate governance comes in a variety of forms and may be adapted to the specific needs of the company under discussion. The model has changed in some cases for different reasons, and the rise of e-commerce and online business has necessitated some of that change. One of the most successful online entities created since the rise of the Internet is the online search engine Google, a company that has a unique style of corporate governance, just as it has developed a strikingly different and varying business model for its search engine, its core business, and also for the many spin-offs it has instituted around that business. Google was never the only search engine offered on the Internet, but it soon would become the most…. [read more]

Citic Pacific Corporate Governance Case Study

… As shown in Table 1 the board and directors are ultimately responsible for those in charge of operations, however this hierarchy is somewhat misleading: the Board typically has the power to hire and fire company leaders, but not to instruct them as to operational controls. The board failed in its oversight, then, not in catching the unauthorized transaction but in failing to ensure that a system was in place that would prevent such a thing from happening. It is in a lack of foresight rather than in oversight that blame is attributable to these leaders.

If hired as a strategic management consultant by Citic Pacific to address certain of their corporate governance issues, the obvious place to start would be in the internal control processes…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Theorising: Limits, Critics and Alternatives Research Proposal

… Corporate governance theorising: limits, critics and alternatives (Letza, Kirkbride, Sun, Smallman, the authors discuss a spectrum of governance concepts and frameworks analyzed from the standpoint of a cross-section of governance models. The authors deserve credit for discussing how governance initiatives have failed over time, specifically in the areas of Enron and Tyco disasters of governance and oversight. What is fascinating about this article is that the authors successfully discuss the use of a variety of governance models in the context of shareholder interest and the ethics of CEO pay. Refreshingly the authors don't seek to defend the exponential rise in CEO pay relative to the flat or negative pay rates of employees but instead discuss the ethicacy of those that seek to protect these…. [read more]

Cases in Corporate Governance Case Study

… ¶ … Corporate Governance


What occurred in Shell case?

In what became known as the Royal Dutch case, Shell, in 2004, overstated its oil reserves. This resulted in a loss of confidence in the group, a $17 million fine by the Financial Services Authority and the retirement of both its chairman Sir Phillip Watts and its exploration director, Walter van der Vijver. Expostulating that he was sick and tired of lying, van der Vijver, the firm's head of exploration and production, told Sir Phillip Watts in November 2003 that he had enough of covering up for shortfalls in the firm's reserves and that he wished to do this no longer. Watts, accordingly, replaced him.

Van der Vifver's outburst was over the overly aggressive and…. [read more]

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