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Corporate Governance of Commonwealth Bank Essay

… The Board of Directors carries the main responsibility of ensuring that the officers and directors in the bank act appropriately and effectively. One of the main ways with which the Board handles issues and challenges that arise when directors are carrying out their duties is through education. Actually, the Board of Directors has established an education program to ensure that the bank's officers are kept up-to-date with the local and international developments in the industry. In addition, the corporate governance procedures in the bank are critically reviewed regularly in order to improve effectiveness. As a result of the regular review of the procedures by the Nominations Committee, the bank handles issues or challenges that may arise in daily operations suitably and effectively.

Impact of Global…. [read more]

Corporate Governance in Australia Term Paper

… Corporate Governance in Australia

Australia Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Governance

The proper governance of companies will become as crucial to the world economy as the proper governing of countries... strong corporate governance produces good social progress. The two go together." James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank (qtd in Detomasi, 2002)

Economic prosperity is a product of a strong collaboration between the investors and the government. Both local and foreign investors need an assurance of their security and protection of interests from the government. A call for a responsible corporate governance in return yields a rewarding economic stability that eventually contributes to the country's progress.

Corporate governance and responsibility of a particular country are measured up by international investors in order to protect their interests,…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Research Proposal

… Corporate Governance

Much has been made of the debate between stewardship theory and agency theory as it relates to corporate government. Many say that agency-style theory is necessary because it's the only true thing that keeps corporations in check in terms of ethics and compliance with the law. However, the opposite side of the argument is that governmental at all agencies both over-regulate businesses in general and they over-react to corporate scandals and thus end up over-correcting with legislation that goes farther that it needs to or should. As with most things, the correct answer is surely in the middle as the proper rules of the game that no one should be strayed from and which also dictates how violators will be punished. However, the…. [read more]

Corporate Governance Two Different Research Paper

… Hernon & Nitecki note the many challenges of writing about quality because everyone has it defined differently (2001). Quality has encompassed everything from quality collections, organizational quality, continuous quality improvement, and total quality improvement.

Customers that share information about their expectations create a unique opportunity for small businesses to provide unique services to them. Some small businesses measure because the parent institutions, such as universities, corporations, government agencies and school boards, have made commitment to be accountable to customers and compete for loyalty (Thomas & Robson, 2004 ). Service quality provides a way to improve their ability to meeting their mission of serving users regardless of external pressures. Attention to service quality enables an organization to develop a partnership with its customers while gaining a…. [read more]

Corporate Governance in Harris Scarfe Essay

… Some of the firm's senior management such as the executive chairman and Mr. Daniel Francis McLaughlin were charged with allowing these financial irregularities to be carried out in the company. Even though McLaughlin was a respected and hardworking executive, he failed to provide truthful financial information to the board in his monthly reports. Together with other top executives, he failed to act honestly in exercising his powers and carrying out his duties in a manner that exhibited good faith in the best interests of the firm.

Relationship between the Board and Other Corporate Stakeholders:

Before the collapse of Harris Scarfe, its evident that the relationship between the board and other corporate stakeholders was poor. The board basically provided false information that they received from the…. [read more]

Corporate Governance: A Review Essay

… , 2003). Increased need of capital resources to be raised from open markets has also led the importance of corporate governance to increase in recent years. Another aspect of corporate governance culture that has increasingly come to be scrutinized is the value-based governance and bottom line governance. Firms in Europe and specifically in the U.S. market have emphasized that their companies should reengage in value-based corporate governance (Du Plessis, et al., 2010; p. 11)In modern corporations, corporate governance arises through the severance of ownership and management control in the organizations.

Principles of Corporate Governance

Researchers have also identified the essential principles on which the conduct of corporate governance rests. These are:







Social responsibility (Du Plessis, et al., 2010).

Du…. [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility Literature Review Essay

… According to the authors of Milton (2011), it is more worth for the society to learn and know of the realities that face them rather than simply believe in their impossibilities to solve. For instance, Milton (2011) takes an example that when a citizen takes to the stage and demonstrates what is supposed to be done to curb certain problems, people thus find it easy, and they move forward into putting it in practice. The present society is made up of individual people whose focus is to embrace individualistic social norms whose future trends result in tribal alienations, collapse of military units, and sporting systems in the world.

This is not the tale of a real social corporate social responsibility. The reason behind this notion…. [read more]

Corporate Governance and Accountability Essay

… Corporate Finance

Corporate Governance and Accountability

As with almost every culture, the Vietnamese have experienced some of the less wanted effects of economic liberalization: dishonesty, a proliferation of dangerous products dumped on an innocent public, an increase in the amount of swindlers and scam-merchants, local and imported, malicious degradation of the natural and constructed atmosphere, and so on. Being a Socialist state, many are motivated to accomplish that the behavior of greedy, avaricious, disgraceful people is to be anticipated in a market economy. Several think this to be the essential price paid for financial development. Many rival the worst forms of commercial conduct; as if doing so were a precondition for achievement (Longstaff, 1995).

Two matters that have come to light lately in the country…. [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility Term Paper

… Corporate Social Responsibility

Do Corporate Social Responsibility Programs Work?

In answering the question of whether or not Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs actually lead to companies being more socially responsible or merely using these programs as a means to polish up their brands and images, this paper analyse the efforts of Microsoft and Cisco in the high technology sector.

Microsoft's Efforts to Foster Employability through CSR Programs

There are many empirically-based research studies that provide insights into how companies are linking their CSR programs to strategic plans and initiatives. In the case of Microsoft and their partnership with the Technological Centre for the Textile and Clothing Industries of Portugal (CITEVE) as defined in the research cited (Bonfiglioli, Moir, Ambrosini, 2006) it became clear that in…. [read more]

Corporate Ethics as One Analyst Notes Term Paper

… Corporate Ethics

As one analyst notes, the debacles of Enron, WorldCom, and Arthur Andersen have created significant challenges for management for the foreseeable future (Isaza, 2005). It is clear that business leaders need a stronger ethical orientation and must set the tone for subordinates and for the business world as a whole. One of the unfortunate aspects of the recent scandals, including Enron, Worldcom, and Adelphia, is that the ethical lapses occurred from the top, setting a tone that might cause others in the companies to act similarly and that also brings the business world into disrepute, contributing to a loss of public confidence and so having far-reaching ramifications. A more ethical orientation is good for business, for as a report from Australia notes, "Poor…. [read more]

Deposit Insurance Term Paper

… Australia Banking Industry



INTRODUCTION large number of countries have systems of financial regulation which include deposit insurance. This is not the case in Australia. However recently the Council of Financial Regulators (CFR) has recommended that Australia should introduce a deposit insurance scheme. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has the power to both authorize and impose prudential standards on the banks in Australia. According to Thomson and Abbot in the work entitled: "Banking Regulation and market Forces in Australia" published in the International Review of Financial Analysis "Throughout Australia's economic history, economic regulation of the Australian banking system has not been static but has responded to changes in technology, market forces, and the behavior of regulated institutions." (2001)…. [read more]

New Governance Application to International Term Paper

… Due to its multi-purpose nature, it has varying uses as well. Governance can be used as minimal state. In this context, it defines public intrusion which focuses on establishment of market aimed at delivering public services. Another use of it is corporate control or corporate governance which will not control the enterprise but oversee it. Governance also provides mechanism of new public management: managerialism (introduction of managerial practices specific to private sector in public sector) and the institutional economics (introduction of reward structure). Fourth use of governance is good governance which entails using political power to control national matters (Plumptre & Graham, 1999). Other uses are socio-cybernetic systems and governance as self-organizing networks (Rhodes, 1996).

Application of New Governance to International Trade for Free Market…. [read more]

Cohousing: A Model for Australia Essay

… On the other hand, new models have developed in the United States, which have reduced risks, costs, and resident involvement (McCamant & Charles, 1994).

Developers have shown an increased interest in financing and building cohouses both speculatively and in partnership with prospective residents (Durrett, 2005). In addition, residents are forming their own cohousing communities in current neighborhoods through creating communal facilities, taking down fences, and assuming responsibility for general maintenance and management. In the recent decade, the percentage of communities opting to retrofit or tear down existing barriers such as fences to create a community space has tripled. For future prospects, McCamant and Charles (1994) wrote:

"The cohousing concept is as much a process for developing housing as it is a new housing type…The cohousing…. [read more]

Australia Social Movements Contemporary Essay

… Australia Social Movements

Contemporary Social Movements in Australia: From Radicalism to Compromise

The intercession of information technology proliferation (i.e. internet, cellular phones, handheld mobile communication devices) with the intensification of globalization has had the impact of transforming the way in which states relate to one another. The combination of these factors has functioned to erase many of the theoretical borders that have obstructed economic activities between nations of different cultural and ethical dispositions. Australia's proximity to Asia renders it a regular and favored trade partner to many nations on the so-called Pacific Rim. Australia's generally respected geopolitical stature makes it an immediate point of contact in the region for many smaller Asian nations and principalities. Though this brings with it certain economic advantages for Australia…. [read more]

Disney Australia Management Case Study

… At Disney, the employees share common beliefs and thoughts, respect the minorities, and strictly avoid gender or cultural harassment with coworkers (Trevino & Nelson, 2010). All the employees and cast members are directed towards common goals of their organization; to do business profitably, grow competitively, and contribute towards the social welfare of the society in which it operates (Davidson, Simon, Woods, & Griffin, 2009). The workforce is directed to show deep concern and respect to the customers, guests, and audiences of the Company. Together as the Disney Team, the employees and Cast members are committed to be a genuine reason for smiles and laughter of the society members.

6. Human Resource Management

The Walt Disney Company Australia believes that its employees play an essential role…. [read more]

Citic Pacific's Internal Corporate Governance Mechanisms Case Study

… ¶ … Citic Pacific's internal corporate governance mechanisms. How are they used to control management decisions?

The internal mechanisms of control and corporate governance at Citic Pacific are intriguing. On the one hand sits the pride of the company and their stated commitment to high standards of corporate governance; on the other hand sits the $2 billion loss and the stakeholder accusations. At a general level, the mechanisms are supported by promoted transparency and collaboration between management and shareowners. Nevertheless, the managerial team was focused on running independently and did not communicate its decisions to the other parties.

Overall then, in light of the situation created, it becomes clear that the control mechanisms developed and implemented by the managerial team at Citic Pacific were inadequate.…. [read more]

Sociology -- Human Services Governance Essay

… After working for a decade of this incident, Canadian Blood Services has been successful to a great extent in regaining the faith of Canadian's in their blood supply. According a marketing research conducted by Ipsos Reid in 2007, it was found out that eight three percent of the Canadian general public now trust the Canadian Blood Services which was only fifty six percent in 1998.

Kumanan Wilson, who is an expert in the Canadian Public Health Policy, wrote in an issue of Canadian Medical Association Journal, in 2007 that "The reformed blood system has regained public confidence and has even received high marks from the group representing the primary victims of the tainted blood tragedy (Abecassi et al., 2007)."

The "Canadian Hemophilia Society" also awarded…. [read more]

Auditing Standards in Australia Term Paper

… Auditing Standards in Australia

The objective of this work is to examine Auditing Standards in Australia.

This case study conducts an examination of the Auditing Standard in Australia and specifically the 'Auditing Standard ASA 200' published in April 2006. The Auditing Standard ASA 200 is issued by the 'Auditing and Assurance Standards Board'. The purpose of the 'Auditing Standard' is to: (1) set out the objective of an audit of a financial report; (2) to require the auditor to comply with relevant ethical requirements relating to audit engagement; (3) to require the auditor to conduct an audit in accordance with Auditing Standards; (4) to require the auditor to comply with each of the Auditing Standards relevant to the audit in determining the audit procedures to…. [read more]

Australian Construction and Property Research Paper

… 194).

Secondly, the organization should promote increased diversity of its management to include women in the Board of Directors and Group Senior Executive Team that are currently dominated by men. While the firm functions in business segments that usually have low representation of women, Watpac should engage in initiatives that focus on diversity inclusion in the workplace. Third, the organization should provide more details regarding the link between the board size and corporate governance and the link between governance structure and corporate performance. According to Leblanc & Gillies (2003), the board structure approach to corporate governance reform entails leadership, composition, and size. While the report shows this structure, its link with corporate governance performance is uncertain. Moreover, the responsibilities of independent and other directors are…. [read more]

Healthcare Like Many Countries Essay

… According to a published report on the policies that govern performance reviews,

"The Level 2 process involves the VMO completing a Level 1 performance review form and forwarding it to the nominated person in accordance with the process set out above. The public organization must then nominate at least two reviewers to undertake the Level 2 review. They should include the supervisor/manager of the VMO (usually the relevant Head of Department or Divisional Director unless that position is held by the VMO being reviewed) and, as appropriate, the relevant hospital Director of Medical Services, Divisional Director, or a medical administrator. A VMO who has objections to the reviewers who have been appointed may put a request to the relevant Chief Executive that the persons appointed…. [read more]

Australia's Corporation Act 2004 Term Paper

… "

Post employment benefits: "Includes retirement benefits and other post-employment benefits (life insurance and medical care). Disclosure is required of all benefits arising in the reporting period that are paid, payable, or to be provided in respect of post-employment benefits for the specified persons." (These regulations, just as AASB 1046 does, distinguishes between retirement benefits payable in the normal course of events and termination benefits arising when an individual's employment is terminated before the normal retirement date."

Equity compensation: "Including ordinary shares, units, options, and other equity instruments of the entity provided at less than the fair value at which those instruments would have been issued to a third party on the market. Inclusive of rights to equity instruments that may at the discretion of…. [read more]

Universal Health in Australian Cities Essay

… Australian Healthcare System

The following paper discusses the Australian healthcare system. It begins with the structure and overview of the system and then moves on to the governance of the system. After covering these aspects, the paper highlights the functions of the Australian healthcare system. In addition, the paper also discusses the historical background of the system. In the end, the paper discusses the current issues that are faced by the Australian healthcare system.

Australia is a huge country with an area of 7692000 square kilometers. This country has increasing population and other factors that present a challenge to its healthcare system. The Australian healthcare system is a tax-funded system that provides the Australian populace with healthcare facilities. The system has gone through many reforms…. [read more]

David Jones a Welsh Immigrant Essay

… During the year 2012, the corporation listed more than 18 million shares for trading in the stock exchange. The year 2011 the company reduced the payment of dividends per ordinary shares grossing the company a lot of revenue. The cash flow was stable enabling the company generate revenue of more than $1 billion from the stock market. The company did not gross much from share trading in the year 2009 scince the shares traded in the Australian stock exchange was at about 9 million (Australian Security Exchange, 2012).

The company borrowed from the reserve bank of Australia during the year 2012 a loan of about $98 million in addition to other corporate bodies and creditors. The total equity of the company was at $803 million…. [read more]

Public Sector Accountability Term Paper

… Public Sector Accountability

In the recent years the top management of public sector organizations has come to realize that they are required to be eventually accountability to the community in which they exist. Moreover, presently, it is pertinent for this accountability to be exercised in a manner that supports rather than stalls the efficient management of the agency. The urgency for greater public sector accountability perceptibly arise from the actuality that most agencies have a defined mission and objectives which are actualized in programs; to put it differently they exist and are given resources so as to provide value to the community in particular ways. The community in its part have a right to be assured that the schemes and programs on which their monies…. [read more]

Hastie Group Governance Failure Essay

… This is necessary so that the board members are truly acting in only the interest of their jobs and the firm and not because they are financial benefitting from what is going on.

Fifth, the board structure should go a step further and it should be required that Hastie non-executive/non-employee board members in no way financially profit from anything related to Hastie. They should truly be third parties EXCEPT for their activities on the board. Similarly, board members (both executive and non-executive and both internal and external) should be expressly forbidden from having any dealings with competitors of any sort and they should have no involvement with the regulatory bodies that regulate Hastie. There needs to be a clear demarcation between the activities of Hastie…. [read more]

Globalization Cafta and Globalization" Corporate Social Responsibility Term Paper

… Globalization CAFTA

CAFTA and Globalization"

Corporate social responsibility is a collective of concepts that are said to further the governance of business in a manner that takes into consideration the ethical aspects of business that could potentially be left behind if the bottom line is the only traditional guide used by any business to make decisions. In a climate of government, consumer and collective business demand for increased CSR in business practices there are many concerns that arise, not the least of which are those surrounding an emerging global economy. There are clear threats to economies that are associated with international trade practices in both old and new markets that have been realized throughout history and have negatively affected nations and regions. One of the…. [read more]

South Australia Ambulance Service Organizational Essay

… STEP analysis


SAAS is a socially responsible organization investing in disaster prevention and primary care.

Due to increase in disaster care and primary care interventions, the mortality rates of heart disease and cancer are decreasing. This is resulting in increased life of an individual.

The demographic trend is slowing down.

Life expectancy is increasing due to increased access to primary care and standards of living.

Raising taxes earmarked for health leads to higher expectations.


Medical science is advancing at a rapid pace. There is an increase in technological advances including treatment ways, and advanced pharmaceutical procedures.

Due to advances in surgical equipment, the patient hospital stay time has decreased.

Genetic advances leading to improvements in diagnosis and treatment with improved results.

Patients will…. [read more]

AVON Calls on Foreign Markets Essay

… As is evident in the first sections of the case, Avon lacks a galvanizing strategy that can unify the entire organization to a common strategic marketing plan. Fragmentation of the new product development process, market planning, market strategy, sales and distribution are evident in the first sections of the case. It is also clearly a chaotic situation and one, if left unchecked, will proliferate and lead to a complete lack of governance. With no governance in place, Avon will find creating even the most simplistic process a challenge.

The warning signs of what Avon will be like in an increasingly deteriorating level of governance are evident in the case. The core areas of new product development, procurement, supply chain management are out of synchronization with…. [read more]

Metrics, Implementation, and Enforcement (Security Research Paper

… Cridex has been a bot Trojan that operates by opening the rear door on the compromised Computer and putting in a form of the Necurs rootkit to avoid conventional operating-system-based security and safety applications from reading through its binaries. This targeted breach generally starts execution around the target system via a drive-by-download breach that makes use of system susceptibility or perhaps a social engineering strike with an e-mail attachment. After that it installs the Necurs rootkit, which has also been utilized by a number of malware groups, such as Advanced Pc Shield 2012 along with Banker, to endanger the operating-system. Cridex subsequently assumes charge of the victim's computer system and enables it to gather data and possibly make deceptive transactions simply by manipulating genuine bank…. [read more]

Rethinking the Politics of Development in Developing Article

… Rethinking the Politics of Development in Developing Countries

This paper discusses developing countries and their politics, largely based on a speech at the Business as Usual Conference in Melbourne earlier this year. The speaker opens her commentary by saying, "The rise of public and scholarly interest in globalization and politics is a new phenomenon. Over the past decade, the liberalization of trade, finance, and investment across the world has opened vast new territories to dynamic economic actors" (Berger 2010, 40). This new dependence on global solutions gives rises to political and social changes that are only just being contemplated. As countries become more interdependent financially, how do they keep their politics separate from their business concerns?

For this author, the borderlines between countries are disappearing,…. [read more]

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