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Corporate Social Responsibility Memo Research Proposal

… Corporate Social Responsibility Memo

TO: CEO, Mead Johnson Milk Powder
FROM: Vice-President of Ethics and Governance
SUBJECT: Corporate Social Responsibility: Protecting Public Health and
Working for Change

The scandal surrounding the contaminated milk has been discussed
across the world (Branigan, 2008). This has decreased our credibility as a
company. Mead Johnson Milk Powder must play a more important role in
implementing corporate social responsibility. The company must make proof
of its preoccupation for the community in which it activates.
Our company finds itself in a situation where all fingers are pointing
at our competitors, and our image is associated with this scandal. However,
this situation can be turned in our favor. Although this situation may have
started as a threat to our company, it can…. [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility Memo Research Proposal

… Corporate Social Responsibility Memo

Chief Executive Officer

Ref.: Corporate Social Responsibility at Mattel

The new global economy has increased not only the amount of information exchanged, but, as a consequence of that, the competitiveness between companies operating on the international market. At the same time, the awareness of consumers and other shareholders has increased as they are more exposed to information as it is propagated through different channels, such as media and the Internet. This was probably one of the basic causes of the growth of corporate social responsibility (CRS) as an essential element of any company's strategy: the increased awareness of a company's actions and their impact on society makes companies keener to address such issues in their business activity. As Porter points out,…. [read more]

Employees as Benefactors of Corporate Research Paper

… A glance at Target's 2012 CSR statement (2013) reveals a company earning over $73 billion in revenue during fiscal year 2012 (p. 4), while still contributing over $4 million weekly to local communities (p. 85). This represents 5% of profits, which places Target solidly within the pro-CSR camp. The majority of contributions went to fund education initiatives and programs, such as reading proficiency. The more than $200 million contributed in 2012 represents a portion of the $777 million total donated so far by Target to education. In 2012, employees also volunteered close to 700,000 hours to community projects.

The CSR philosophy adopted by Target was not based on a knee-jerk memo circulated around management, but represents an intentional decision designed to place the corporation in…. [read more]

Ethical Dilemma and Corporate Responsibility Case Study

… However, the plan will see the company losing vital employees who were trained using its resources. Secondly, the company will have to part with a significant amount of money in forms of wages unaccounted for accounted in the original business plan.

The program is feasible because the federal laws support it. Further to this, the program extends a consideration based on ethics and corporate responsibility. To implement this program, the company should mobilize the human resource department to update employee pay-slips (Ferrell & Fraedrich, 2014). The company should later write a notifying letter to respective banks to begin a shutdown program to be run for five months. This will be vital especially on employees who have committed their pay-slips for long-term commercial commitment like mortgages.…. [read more]

Ethics and CSR President Barack Term Paper

… Organizations of all sizes and types require effective leadership in order to formulate a corporate vision and make informed day-to-day decisions as well as strategically oriented ethical planning (Sussan, 2006). Finally, I thank you for your attention in this important matter and hope that you will keep the following in mind as you work with legislation and initiatives over the next few months. We must all remember that the new need for organizations to integrate values and ethics in their decision-making remains buttressed by these three trends, which I also encourage you to integrate into your own planning:

1. Effective leaders in the modern area are transformation and envision action which begins with ethics and values;

2. All organizations -- private and governmental, must become…. [read more]

social responsibility means to you personally Essay

… ¶ … social responsibility means to you personally.

Social responsibility refers to the usage of a balanced organizational approach in addressing corporate aspects of social, environmental, and economic issues in a manner that endeavors to benefit not only the organization, but also individuals, populations, and the whole of society (SECO, 2004). It is an ethical model wherein individuals are responsible for meeting their civic obligation; an individual's actions must be deemed to profit the entire society. A balance should exist between economic progress and the long-term welfare of the environment and of society. Social responsibility can be said to be achieved if this balance is maintained. It is constructed on an ethical system wherein actions and decisions should be ethically sanctioned before proceeding. In case…. [read more]

Social Variables in the Development and Maintenance Thesis

… ¶ … Social Variables in the Development and Maintenance of Business Relationships with Libyan Companies

The Need for the Research

Expected Contribution to Knowledge

Review of the Chapters

Review of Chapter 2 (Literature Review)

Review of Chapter 3 (Research Methodology)

Review of Chapter 4 (Research Findings)

101.5.4 Review of Chapter 5 (Research Discussion)

101.5.5 Review of Chapter 6 (Recommendation & Conclusion)

101.5.6 Review of Reference List

122.1 Why the Business Relationship is Important

132.2 Social Variables in the Development of Business Relationships

142.2.1 Cultural Affinity


202.2.3 Commitment

222.2.4 Experience

252.2.5 Satisfaction

262.2.6 Communication

Stages in the Development of a Business Relationship

322.3.1 Pre-contact

332.3.2. Initial Interaction

352.3.3 Development

352.3.4 Maturity

Research Methodology

373.1 Introduction

373.2 Definition of research methodology

383.3 Research Design

393.4 Research…. [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility Term Paper

… Microsoft V Google

A Comparative Discussion on CSR at Microsoft and Google

The historical model for America's mega-corporations has centered on profitability but had largely dispatched of any interest in humanitarian, social or community-based issues. The 1990s would mark a point of divergence for many of the new-model corporations that would drive both innovation and corporate growth. As Microsoft and Google rose from rogue startup firms to industry pace-setters, so too would they alter the approach taken by larger corporations toward Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Whether sincere or postured, such companies would make as a central part of their respective identities and declared missions a number of extra-curricular goals which concerned education, environment, charitable donations and innovative programs for advancing societies. The discussion here measures…. [read more]

Ford Pinto and Corporate Crime Term Paper

… While such a "seal" seems improbably today, it should be noted that this dichotomy of duties were in place in the early 1970s, before the era of the Internet or even cable television. Many of the regulations were written in complex legal terms, and new ones were being developed each day in response to the growing pressure from consumer activists like Ralph Nader. As such, the system worked well to regulate the information that was relayed to the technical core, as well as the information that went out to the other departments.

Furthermore, many analysts point out that the Ford Pinto crashes came at a time when vehicle designs were still unregulated by the government. Despite efforts on the part of people like Nader, the…. [read more]

African-American Mothers and Their Daughters Essay

… More so, the government should have prohibited manufacturing of landmines to safeguard its population and the natural environment.

In summary, Gumdrop Northern has negatively affected its public image both in the United States and in the foreign lands where it chose to take its operations. The company managers are sharp in trying to evade legal consequences, but they lack qualities of skilled managers. They are only seeking for short-term benefits from their operations without considering the future of their company. Evading investigating, poor treatment of employees and substandard products shows a poor management team in the company who do not consider long-term benefits of the company (Sleeer, 2012). Moving to Argentina is not a solution to their problem if the management refuses to focus on…. [read more]

Technology and Society All Print Research Paper

… In fact, employers have the right to monitor email and phone calls in their location or using their own telephones and computers, and also to monitor the activities of employees with hidden cameras and other spy devices, so workplace privacy can hardly be said to exist at all.

Corporate Marketing, Public Relations and the New Social Media

All of the new social media on the Internet like Facebook, You Tube and Twitter are providing businesses with new and useful information every day, as well as marketing tools that they could not obtain anywhere else. At the same time, they can also damage the brands, images and reputations of companies almost overnight and on a global scale. If marketing campaigns can rapidly go 'viral' then so…. [read more]

Global Commerce and Human Rights Term Paper

… Globalization

Corporate Responsibility in a Global Marketplace

When it comes to basic human rights, what role should corporations play in the new global marketplace? Certainly companies have an economic and marketing role to fulfill in terms of satisfying stakeholders' investments - but moreover, do they have an ethical obligation to the people whom they employ to produce products and the communities in which they operate? The answer to the first question will be fully addressed in the content of this paper. The answer to the second question is an emphatic "yes."

Corporations with a global reach should be accountable for all their actions, including the health and welfare of their employees and of those living in the communities in which companies operate. Today, numerous corporations…. [read more]

Pro-Corporate Media Bias Essay

… The Project for Excellence in Journalism, in reporting on the front pages of the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, on the ABC, NBC, and CBS nightly news programs, as well as on Time and on Newsweek showed that from 1977 to 1997, the number of stories about government dropped from one in three to one in five. At the same time the number of stories about celebrities rose from one in every 50 stories to one in every 14. Moreover, one would think that the impact on journalism of the growing conglomeration of ownership would be to strengthen their independence and make them behave in a more adversarial way toward the state; in reality network journalists are more accommodating than ever.

As to…. [read more]

Information Systems Multi-Chapter Personal Trainer Case Study

… Information Systems Multi-Chapter Case Study

Personal Trainer Inc., Information Systems Case Study

Business Profile, Organization chart, Susan vs Gary, Systems Discussion

The three most critical business processes for Personal Trainer are centered on their customers, and include new customer acquisition, customer service processes, and customer loyalty processes. These three processes together form the foundation of how Personal Trainer creates and keeps a customer.

Organization Chart for Personal Trainer:

Gray actually sees the system as overwhelming and indicates this with the comment of not knowing where to start. Gray also realizes that the organization needs to have much better Web access, yet also doesn't understand exactly how to put that into place as well. In general, Gray doesn't see the need for significant change over and…. [read more]

Job Analysis Selection & Conduct Essay

… The selection process to sit at the basis of forming a new sales team does not resemble any theoretical model in the specialized literature, but is tailored to the unique needs of the company and the current situation. In this order of ideas, the selection process is composed as follows:

1. Identification of staffing needs and the establishment of the skills required from the future sales team members

2. The analysis of the internal and external media to identify sources of recruiting candidates

3. The identification of the desired candidates from their current employment contexts and the development of an interview with them

4. The decision of selecting the desired candidates; making an employment offer and signing an employment contract.

The main advantage of this…. [read more]

International Management Ethics and Values Thesis

… International Management Ethics & Values

"Don't be evil:" Corporate responsibility in action at Google

The Google corporate philosophy: Overview

'Don't be evil.' This colloquial phrase, often quoted by company employees and executives, succinctly sums up the Google Corporation's philosophy of social responsibility to the community and its stated commitment to the triple threes of 'planet, people, and profit.' It strives to help its employees become more creative and to enrich their vocational lives, as well as the lives of the consumers the search engine serves as part of its mission ("Company Overview," Google Corporation, 2009) Google's stated purpose is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. It tries to behave in an ecologically-friendly manner as well as make a profit…. [read more]

Coral Reefs Essay

… Artists get to break the rules because the work of art in our society is to break rules.

This brings us to the ethical problems at the heart of the practice of music sampling. Musicians frequently "sample" each others' work. It is certainly established practice and has been so for centuries at least. But should they be able to do so? The answer to this shifts over time because the ethics of the practice are not distinct from the technology. Digital technology makes it astonishingly easy to sample someone else's music and to do so in a way that makes the sampling/borrowing/larceny seamless.

An essential element of the doctrine of fair use is that part of what makes the use fair is that it is…. [read more]

Corporations Send Out Messages Dissertation

… Corporations send out messages constantly -- through ads, commercials, websites, quarterly and annual reports, job postings on, memos tacked up on lunchroom bulletin boards. The audiences for these different messages are different from each other, which is one of the major reasons that traditionally companies have not worried about whether they are presenting a consistent message on all of these fronts. If the memos about how to file an expense report sent out to employees don't sound anything like the annual report filed with the SEC, well there was no reason that they should.

However, in the last few years companies have been moving more and more toward what is known as an integrated corporate communication system so that all of the messages coming…. [read more]

Business and Ethics Essay

… I thereby have the obligation to convert this alternative into a plan or a series of activities, and execute the plans in accordance with the concerned departments.

The most recommendable alternative is the formation of working groups, which include management representatives, communications professionals, as well as internal and external counselors. In this alternative, the coordination amongst the regulatory teams, public statements, quality assurance team, advertisement teams, and the team involved in protocols for addressing the consumer inquiries are quite essential to the company's management. This strategy helps in keeping the company on toes through the development of an ethical communication plan (Cockburn, 2005), which consequently helps in building a constructive relationship between the company and its target market hence good customer relationships. It would be…. [read more]

Policy Problem and Proposal Research Paper

… The memo was triggered by the results of a survey conducted by Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration that found documentation had not been requested by auditors in nearly one-half of the cases audited. And further, taxpayers were submitting pro forma annual reports.

APA program expansion and costs. From 2009 to 2010, the total number of hours spent by APA professional staff increased by approximately 14.5%. APA hours for attorneys, economists, and paralegal staff by year (excluding holiday and leave) consumed over the last nine years is as follows:

2002 = 61,528

2003 = 52,495

2004 = 51,170

2005 = 51,744

2006 = 54,970

2007 = 56,410

2008 = 51,077

2009 = 56,549

2010 = 64,763

These figures illustrate that efforts to reduce the costs…. [read more]

Sustain High Performance Public Organizations Book Review

… Point-to-Point is a board game. Progress around the game board occurs in a counter-clockwise fashion, with play beginning on the airplane at the center bottom of the board. Each player chooses one or more tokens -- airplanes representing different airlines -- that will be used as a marker as they progress through the game. Players move from picture to picture on the game board by rolling a colored die. The order of play is determined by the alphabetical order of the airlines. Alaska Airlines always goes first, and United Airlines always goes last. The players move their tokens from the Airplane space to the Reservations space without rolling the die -- everyone must obtain a reservation before travel.

Game cards are stacked on the square…. [read more]

Business a Review of "Onward Book Report

… Schultz has demonstrated that as a leader he was able to assess what was going on in the company, and identify what needed to be done to change. However, the change can be brought about simply with a few hours of retraining. There was a need to identify exactly what had gone wrong, and undertake strategies to prevent the same thing is happening again. A significant issue for Starbucks had been the rate of growth, Schultz states "if not checked, success has a way of covering up small failures, and when many of this Starbucks became swept up in the company's success, it had unintended effects. We ignored, or maybe just failed to notice, shortcomings." (Schultz 39). This is a lesson that can be acknowledged…. [read more]

Importance of Strategic Planning for Training Companies Term Paper

… ¶ … Strategic Planning for Training Companies

The Case of SMEs in the UAE

Organisations are increasingly dependent upon it systems and infrastructure, but they also need good quality employees, and training them properly is crucial. Training companies exist, but the strategic planning of these companies does not always work well with the planning that other companies are engaging in. Eventually, organisations are subjected to many risks, so their business is inherently risky. How long can an organisation afford downtime because of a lack of strategic planning and business continuity? How long does it take to recover from a disaster; and, what does it cost? The purpose of strategic planning is to enable a business to continue operations in event of a disruption and/or to…. [read more]

Non-Profit Term Paper

… Non-Profit to for-Profit Organization

Describe the external and internal factors that influence the executive team's decision-making and specify which might be most instrumental in making the decision to become a for-profit entity. Why do you think so?

Two important business trends have proliferated in healthcare organizations, which could have influenced the executive team's decision to develop the healthcare organization from a non-profit to a for-profit entity. These trends are internally and externally determined, respectively, through sustainable and in-demand patient mix and new public management of healthcare organizations through a "non-profit -- for-profit' divide."

The first trend, patient mix, means providing more, in-demand services to patients for profit, compared to providing fewer and lesser in demand services to specific group of patients only. This is, in…. [read more]

BP Case Study

… BP Case Study

Introduction (BP Oil Spill, Background)- the Gulf of Mexico British Petroleum oil spill, also known as the Deepwater Oil Disaster, was one of the largest, most damaging, and most controversial oil disasters ever. The spill itself began on April 20, 2010 with an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon Oil platform, killing 11, injuring 17. It was not until July 15th, however, that the leak was stopped by capping the wellhead, after releasing almost 5 million barrels (206 million gallons) of crude oil, or 53,000 barrels per day into the Gulf of Mexico. It was not until September 19th that the relief well process was complete and the U.S. Government, EPA, and Coast Guard agencies declared the well breach effectively stopped (Cavnar, 2010).…. [read more]

Managing All Stakeholders Term Paper

… "The absorption of one company by another," Black's adds, "[with] the former losing its legal identity, and latter retaining its own name and identity and acquiring assets, liabilities, franchises, and powers of former, and absorbed company ceasing to exist as separate business entity" (p. 988).

In other cases, mergers and takeovers have appeared to be the result of opportunists looking for the quick profit; however, the consolidation of the highly complementary assets and resources of both of these giants will create some clear advantages for everyone concerned. Nevertheless, just as bigger may not mean better, merger may not mean advantage. In his chapter, "Technology Strategy: Collaborative Mode, V.K. Narayanan says that from a strategic viewpoint, collaborative mode is undertaken by firms when the economics of…. [read more]

Executive Team Re: Quality Control Essay

… Part B


Board of Directors

RE: Development of Code of Ethics

Ethical decision making is absolutely essential if our company is to continue to grow and to maintain its standing in the business community. Ethical decision making is something that should not merely pertain to upper levels of management, but should apply to the company at all levels of its corporate hierarchy.

Two strategies we could adopt to ensure that ethical decision making takes place at all levels of our organization are:

1. To appoint a special committee of individuals hand-selected by the CEO and Board of Directors to research and compose an official Code of Ethics to be approved by the CEO and Board of Directors and to be implemented into our…. [read more]

Change Management Overcoming Resistance Chapter

… Experienced employees can be the key to a successful change or they can be the greatest hindrance depending on how they are treated by management during the change process.

Employees that of been with company a longtime inner set their ways is not the only challenge faced in the change process. There are many others in the challenges faced are different for every company. Inertia is the greatest challenge that is faced by any company that desires is successful change in fundamental organizational philosophy. Inertia does not just an from experienced employees, it can stem from low morale or other problems within the organization. Change cannot happen unless inertia can be overcome.

Importance of This Assignment

This assignment was important because it demonstrated that changes…. [read more]

Business Ethics Memo Business Proposal

… ¶ … Coca-Cola brand value by its Corporate Social Responsibility

Coca Cola is one of the world's largest transnational corporate giant and the world's largest beverage company. Over the years Coca Cola has established itself strongly in the market with its aggressive marketing strategy and a strong network of corporate liaisons and commercial relationships. A very important part of the firm's long-term sustainable strategy is its corporate social responsibility. While some companies are socially responsible others are socially responsive. This means that some companies only take care of the social costs and benefits to the extent to which the law takes care of them. On the other hand, there are companies such as Coca Cola that take social initiatives beyond the bindings of law.

The…. [read more]

Business World Ability Communicate Quickly Essay

… This 'works' for these organization's business models because otherwise they might struggle in the marketplace. They are not the most inexpensive brands within their particular spheres, yet are still targeted to middle-class consumers who are price-conscious. As well as buying an affordable luxury of a slightly higher-priced product, consumers also buy the idea of 'doing good' even while still consuming something. Other examples of ethical marketing include companies that proudly advertise upon their websites that they make use of sustainable forms of energy (such as wind or solar energy) or have intensive on-premise recycling programs.

Thus, I believe that personal, social values are far from inappropriate in business, but they must be strategically deployed. A for-profit business cannot disregard the need to make money, given…. [read more]

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