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Correlation Between Male Competition and the Objectification of Women Term Paper

… Objectification of Women

Correlation Between Male Competition and the Objectification of Women

This paper outlines and discusses four studies conducted to examine the correlation between male competition and the objectification of women. Two studies (Study 1 and Study 3) involved observation followed by interviews with observed parties. These studies attempt to identify behavior, both male and female, that leads or may contribute to the objectification of women. Two additional studies (Study 2 and Study 4) involved direct interviewing or questioning with no observation. The first of these involved college females chosen randomly from dorm residents. The purpose of this interview set was to identify what female ideals or opinions might reinforce male behavior, in specific the objectification of women. The second interview study involved a…. [read more]

College Males Tend to Objectify Women Term Paper

… College Males Tend to Objectify Women

No matter what the atmosphere might have been at home, at college, the American male finds himself in an environment where he is surrounded with sexually-explicit stimuli, such as advertisements, posters, magazines, music and media. The age of the typical college male is when he finds himself dealing with raging hormones (both in himself and in his fellow female students). Pornography is readily available, as are female students; experimentation is the norm and aggressive sports are played or talked about. All of these have an effect on the general attitude of college males toward females.

The Women's Center at the University of Connecticut informs that after viewing pornography, men are more likely to report decreased empathy for rape victims,…. [read more]

Cybersex Schneider A) Quotes Research Paper

… Internet addicts, whom Young compared to pathological gamblers, tend to seek sexual and relational fulfillment through fantasy-oriented Internet encounters." (p.136) This is important because it gets at the heart of the confusion -- that, to a certain degree, what is addictive in cybersex is the element of fantasy, and the potential of high-speed Internet to make such fantasies easily acted upon. For Schwartz and Southern (2000), the "fantasy world of cybersex is a dissociative experience in which a person escapes the demands of daily life, as well as the pain and shame of past trauma."(p.127). Obviously many normal activities can be seen as pathological when done compulsively; in terms of cybersex, Grov, Gillespie et al. (2011) suggest a time indicator of compulsivity, defining "compulsive cybersex…. [read more]

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