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Counseling Developmental Issues Case Study

… Counseling Case Study

Developmental Issues of Potential Concerns

Relationship Intimacy, Communication, and Fulfillment

Psychodynamic Perspective

The subject clearly expresses a lack of intimacy, communication, and fulfillment in his primary intimate partnership with his wife. He indicates that he has little contact with his relatives and is dissatisfied with his marital relationship which he describes as lacking emotional intimacy. From a psychodynamic perspective, the counselor would want to understand whether this dissatisfaction and lack of emotional intimacy (from the subject's point-of-view) is attributable to classical psychodynamic conflicts relating to repressed negative emotional reaction to early emotional rejection, the repetition compulsion as regards rejection of emotionally intimate relationships, projection of negative self-concept, and other classic concepts outlined in great detail by Freud (Gerrig & Zimbardo, 2008).

From…. [read more]

Psychotherapeutic Case Formulation Salomon Case Study

… ii. Metacognitive Strategy

Salomon should receive evidence-based intervention (Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA, 2010, p. 2). That would include solo therapy sessions with Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy with the ABCDE method, in which the therapist teaches the client that external events are not causing his emotional/psychological disturbances; rather, " 'A' actual external events automatically/habitually elicit 'B' beliefs and irrational thoughts (perceptions and interpretations of the external events) that entail 'C' consequent emotions that may be irrational (maladaptive, inappropriate, unrealistic), and that must be 'D' disputed, attacked, challenged so that 'E' effective rational thoughts (perceptions and interpretations of the external events) may take their place (Rosner, 2011, p. 83). As part of his treatment, Salomon should also: "Keep a daily log of problematic emotional…. [read more]

Client Description. Case Study

… In order to get more in-depth information regarding the client's progress the client's parents can also be interviewed regarding their perception of their son's progress.

Post-intervention the client can be contacted at four weeks, eight weeks, six months, and one year and given a standard clinical interview along with the Beck Anxiety Inventory in order to determine how well he has been able to manage his issues.

G. Definition of Practice of Effectiveness.

Since this is a qualitative study the measurement of how effective the interventions work will rely heavily on the self-report of the individual. However, interviews with the parents can provide more objective information. With respect to the client's drinking, the definition of effectiveness can rely on the clients self-report regarding the number…. [read more]

Counseling Family Counseling Approach Research Paper

… The counselor has a key role in facilitating families to achieve change hence he is the 'hero' of the change story. Having said that, this hero requires a suitable entry as well as exit point. The counselor needs to motivate change at one point and to motivate stability at the other. It is much more difficult to motivate and help bring change than saying this. The counselor's first job is to listen to the family members and their problems and then to study the family system. Often unsaid facts are more critical as well as true than the stated facts. The conflicts can only be solved by proper counseling that is based on true facts. The counselor finds how much attached are the family members…. [read more]

Counseling Although Counselors Work Thesis

… ¶ … Counseling

Although counselors work in a wide range of treatment settings, including healthcare institutions, organizations of all types and sizes in both the private and public sectors and even academia, they share some commonalities when it comes to the legal and ethical implications of the counseling services they provide. The problems that individuals present with for counseling services range the entire gamut of the human condition, of course, but no matter what the issues are involved, it is important for counselors in any treatment venue to recognize the legal and ethical implications that are associated with the services they provide. To this end, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning the legal and ethical implications of counseling…. [read more]

Possible Bipolar Diagnosis:Miranda Case Study

… "Just because I'm an Asian girl they expect me to be smarter than everyone else. Well, I'm not smart, I can't help it."

To evaluate the mental health of Miranda requires several cultural factors to be taken into consideration when contextualizing her situation. Given their first-generation immigrant status, Miranda's parents may be more likely to interpret their daughter's behavior as disobedience and defiance rather than a mental health issue, given that viewing such actions through a psychoanalytic lens is not part of their tradition. However, the fact that both Miranda's mother and brother have shown signs of mental illness in the past indicates that Miranda's issues may have a biological basis. Her parents are not receptive to the idea of treating their daughter with medications…. [read more]

Developmental Psychology Body Image Term Paper

… Several psychiatric disorders might lead to increasing risk of eating disorder, including neurotic and depressive symptoms, bipolar disorder, manic depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive personality characteristics, history of sexual abuse, severe family problems, extreme social pressures, insecurity, being controlled by others, distorted body image, etc. (NIMH, 2001). In addition, extreme negative dissatisfaction with their bodies may be a factor in its existence, even though not a predictor of eating disorders (Leon, Fulkerson, Perry, & Cudeck, 1993).

According to Johnson, Cohen, Kotler, Kasen, & Brook (2002), teenagers diagnosed with depression might be at a higher risk for the onset of eating disorders during middle adolescence and early adulthood, because eating disorders and depression in children and adolescents are closely related. Nevertheless, disruptive disorders might also contribute to recurrent…. [read more]

Existential Counseling Case Study

… I conclude that at this point Michelle is keener to pursue her career, so if she will be distracted forcefully to go through the family way the result is going to be an ultimate disaster. Michelle in my opinion should be given time to think over the facts and at the same time to plan out things with Dave.

The Justification of the Counselor's Advices

My advice to Michelle can be justified on the basis of the existential perspective. Because the therapeutic approach to the existential counseling is of the idea that an expert should understand the values, the assumptions, and the ideals of the patient. In the case discussed Michelle has an ideal publishing career in mind and she assumes that having a child…. [read more]

Genetics Case Study

… Whereas genetic testing performed in a clinical diagnostic laboratory is subject to strict quality control criteria including results that are available in a timely fashion, this often is different for research gene testing, and reports of results may be obtained after months to years or even never. Details of these differences need to be thoroughly explained to the patient before any testing is requested.

Any research protocol on new diagnostic or therapeutic strategies involving human subjects needs approval by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to assess the benefits and risks associated with the study. These reviews address the ethical principles of human research.


The principle of justice relates to whether an individual is treated fairly and equitably in the context of society.

Discrimination. The…. [read more]

Personal Biases and Prejudices Case Study

… I would also suggest drug counseling, especially for the mother because if the particular choice of recreational drug involved. Finally, I would suggest increased evaluation of the children to identify any possible issues as soon as they develop.

6. Based on what you've learned, why do you think the children were placed in foster care? What information from your readings supports or contradicts this decision?

It seems clear that the children were placed in foster care because parental drug use is typically associated with dangerous and harmful conditions for children in the home. The mother's drug use was discovered through the blood tests performed on Kim and the evaluating professional determined that the mother's drug use posed a danger to the children. The less common…. [read more]

School Counseling and Improvement of Student Academic Achievement in Students With Special Needs Term Paper

… Counseling

School counselors play an important and not always acknowledged role in providing assistance to students, giving students someone to talk to, and offering direction for those experiencing difficulties in their academic careers. Counselor play a particular role for special needs children, whether those suffering from learning disabilities or from physical disabilities, or those with some other issue that prevents them from maintaining their focus in class. Numerous studies have been made to show the role that counselors can and do play and how the counselor can keep students focused on learning. Such studies detail the role of the counselor with students with different types of problems, always showing that the role of the counselor can be made more effective with the practical application of…. [read more]

Group Counseling Attitudes and Perspectives of Clients Research Paper

… Group Counseling

Attitudes and Perspectives of clients who Are Involved in Cancer Care Group Counseling

Organization of the Research

Group Counseling

Quality of Life

Group Counseling

Chapter-III Research Methodology

Grounded Theory Research

Participants sample


Attitudes and Perspectives of clients who Are Involved in Cancer Care Group Counseling

While survival rates have climbed due to advances in medical knowledge and technology, patients and survivors of cancer are often excluded from psychological studies as their illness and treatment modalities are interpreted as different from and more damaging than other types of illnesses (Radcliffe, 1996). This is due to both the physiological harm caused directly by the tumor, and the various treatment methods used to combat the tumor (i.e. surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and high dose medications that…. [read more]

Using Christian Counseling to Resolve 21St Century Problems Research Paper

… We help people most when we talk to them individually" (emphasis author's) (p. 12). Likewise, Meadors (2012) emphasizes that:

The Holy Spirit is described by several names that help us see His role in counseling. Jesus calls the Holy Spirit 'the Counselor' in John 14:16 and then tells us that the Holy Spirit is always available (He abides forever), that He will help us remember Christ's teachings, that He will testify about Christ, that He will convict mankind of sin, and that He will guide us into all truth. The Holy Spirit is the one who actually applies the truths of God's Word to the believer's life. He makes theology come alive. (p. 10)

Because resources are by definition scarce and time is of the…. [read more]

School Counseling Professional Research Paper

… Most schools are large enough that they can support several counselors working with a block of students to find their way through the difficulties inherent in determining a lifelong occupation. However, a school counselor does not just train as a career counselor, so they need to advocate for their other roles as well. Many times the staff at a school will not expect the school counselor to be anything but a guidance counselor. The graduate has to be determined in setting their own role rather than having it set for them. This means talking to administrators and teachers about what their training entailed and what the school counseling profession offers to staff and students. Many times a school counselor will have to go through this…. [read more]

Ethical Issues Are Now Just Essay

… Those with graduate degrees reported that dual relationships were problematic, where those with less education did not see these relationships as problematic. Secondly, those counselors that were in recovery saw less issues as problematic ethically than those counselors that were not in recovery. The results indicated that individuals who were currently receiving supervision would find multiple relationship behaviors more problematic than those who were not receiving current supervision suggests that continued supervision may be beneficial for substance abuse counselors.

These findings have implications for mental health counselors. Because substance abuse counseling is a specialization within the broader field, mental health counselors in a variety of settings may work closely with substance abuse counselors as colleagues or fellow members of treatment teams, and may provide them…. [read more]

Counselling Theories Postmodern and Family Term Paper

… The relationships include those of family members, friends, neighbors, cultures, workplaces, schools, and others that may occur with larger systems of language, gender, nationality or religion.

Postmodern Counseling Theory

Postmodern counselors suggest that it is hard, and at times impossible to establish the nature of healthy psychology, particularly because there is no measurement of mental health. In addition, postmodern approaches have several origins. In the postmodern context, whereby there are several themes such as art, architecture, and music, "deconstruction" is central in all themes. It means to regard the "givens," which most are taken for granted as correct, and keenly examining the usefulness from the addicts perspective. Prior studies suggest that many actors often question the idea of transference.

The argument question is appropriate for…. [read more]

Ethics in Group Counselling Term Paper

… Given that the discussion regarding whether or not morality has been about facts, individual therapy views or group therapy perceptions has raged for such a long time, we are not going to engage in this paper. It has been essential; nevertheless, to understand that there have been these types of fundamentally distinct perspectives concerning the nature associated with morality contributing to whether or not, whenever therapists make ethical decisions, they have been determining moral facts or perhaps have been articulating views - either personal or perhaps those in the groups' traditions (Barnes and Murdin, 2001).

Ethics: targeting appropriate results or fulfilling tasks

There have been two additional fundamentally distinct perspectives concerning the nature associated with ethics in both individual and group therapy sessions. One -…. [read more]

Differential Diagnosis the Patient Case Study

… C. Counseling: The goals of psychotherapy are to identify any underlying hopeless and fearful thoughts, assist the patient overcoming feelings of loss of control and goal planning, setting self-management goals and following through on them.

D. Therapeutic techniques would include but not be limited to:

1. Cognitive Restructuring: Challenging behaviour and dysfunctional thoughts from a number of different viewpoints. Areas of concentration include but are not limited to: cognitions/feelings about past trauma; cognitions/feelings about relationships, her husband, and how she views these; views of the world and others; self-worth, self-efficacy; others as need to be addressed in therapy. Use a combination of CBT and dynamic methods such as redirecting, using transference, and dream interpretation to assist here.

2. Gradual Exposure and Mental Imagery Program: During…. [read more]

Program Evaluation of a Proposed Violence Prevention Case Study

… ¶ … Program Evaluation of a Proposed Violence Prevention Program

High school seniors are more likely to take weapons to school than to take calculus in school. - President George Bush, 1997

Targeted promotion and prevention issues.

Students who enroll in biology quickly realize that the world is not a sterile place, but no classroom is required at all to introduce them to the high incidence of violence in the nation's schools today. Indeed, many students encounter violence at home, in their schools, as well as in their places of recreation, and some become victims of such abusive behaviors early on in their lives. These episodes of violence may well affect many of these young people for the rest of their lives in adverse ways,…. [read more]

coaching and counseling differences Research Proposal

… Counseling represents an ethical and competent application of relationships for facilitating emotional development and acceptance, self- knowledge, and optimum improvement of individual resources. The general goal is offering a chance to endeavor towards leading a more resourceful and satisfying life. Counselor-client relationships differ in accordance with need; however, they might deal with developmental problems, tackling and solving particular issues, decision-making, crisis management, dealing with internal conflict, knowledge and personal insight enhancement, and relationship skill improvement (Gladding 2004). Although some of these objectives are also shared with coaching techniques, the counseling approach works to address these items from its own internal perspective.

The task of counseling addresses wellness, professional development, personal development, and pathological issues. That is, a counselor addresses relationship-related areas (Casey 1996), including inter-…. [read more]

Categories and Phases of Loss Case Study

… This usually requires changes in the relative positions of family members: more proximity may be necessary between husband and wife, more distance between mother and son. Hierarchical relations and coalitions are frequently in need of a redefinition. New alternative rules for transacting must be explored…" (Antonovky and Sourani, 1988) Therapeutic change is acknowledged as a process of assisting the family "…in the process of helping the family to outgrow its stereotyped patterns~ of which the presenting problem is a part. This process transpires within a special context, the therapeutic system that offers a unique chance to challenge the rules of the family. The privileged position of the therapist allows him to request from the family members different behaviors and to invite different perceptiOn5~ thus altering…. [read more]

Advanced Counseling Theories and Therapies Term Paper

… Main Street Counseling Center: Topic Selection

Advanced Counseling Theories

The Main Street Counseling Center provides counseling services to individuals experiencing a variety of psychological issues. The counselors at The Center employ numerous effective approaches in treatment. The following discussion will outline some of the theoretical approaches used for counseling at The Center, as well as evaluate strengths and limitations of the approaches. Examples of these approaches in practice will be described, and suggestions for methods of evaluating the counseling approaches will be discussed.

One of the therapeutic approaches commonly used by counselors to treat various clients experiencing a diverse array of symptoms and conditions is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This approach addresses the way individuals think about themselves and…. [read more]

Performance Appraisal Methods the 360 Degree Feedback Case Study

… Organizational development experts agree that performance management systems that provide timely information concerning employee performance are an essential requirement for almost any type or size of enterprise today. A number of performance evaluation methods are available for this purpose, with some being better suited to certain working environments than others. One of the more popular approaches to emerge in recent years has been multisource feedback methods such as the 360-degree feedback approach that collects survey information from a wide range of sources including supervisors, subordinates, customers, vendors and suppliers. While the 360-degree feedback approach has produced good results for some companies, others have faltered in its application for a number of reasons. Because organizations typically invest large amounts of resources in such performance evaluation systems,…. [read more]

Comparison: Counseling vs. Life Coaching Research Proposal

… This could be in form of getting new jobs or switching career paths. Continuous learning and personal renewal could be essential in adjusting to the changes, and each person is responsible for devising their curriculum. These challenges face individuals, teams, and organizations.

This is where the life coach comes in. The coach is a teacher, and whether it is an individual, a client or a company, the relationship is usually deeper than that. Their function is to relate particular goals to the whole plan created in close consideration with the client's core values. The coach helps the client see more options and resources that might be at their disposal, while guiding them through a learning process of managing change rather than fearing…. [read more]

Personal Theory of Career Guidance Counseling Term Paper

… ¶ … personal theory of career and guidance counseling. In order to effectively accomplish this task, it is important to consider a review of pertinent career/vocational and career guidance counseling theories that have shaped the development of this field in recent years. Through a comprehensive review of these theories, it will then be possible to integrate theory to provide a more integral understanding of my personal orientation toward practice. Further, a critical review of theories that can be employed in this field will elucidate the wide scope of methods that are available for professional development. Thus, if changes in practice are needed, a clear understanding of theory will provide a solid basis for decision making in this area.

Literature Review critical review of the current…. [read more]

Person Centered Planning in People With Developmental Disabilities Research Proposal

… The evidence provided by numerous studies on its effectiveness relies on desirability and commentaries of the method used. As such, activities such as active involvement of the necessary stakeholders are important in facilitating the realization of planning desirability and commentaries that lead to the efficiencies reported by studies (Mansell, 2006).

Evaluation of different studies on the effectiveness of person centered planning shows that activities such as providing individual planning, arranging for care management and collaborative approaches in care provision improves the lives of the disabled. From the evaluation done by Arscott, Dagnan, and Kroese, (1999), twenty-five percent of the participants who used individual centered plans reported a high level of improvement in their social lives (seventy-six percent). This was in terms of maintenance of social…. [read more]

Psychosocial Issues Affecting African-American Students Research Paper

… Friends and peers as well as others in the psychosocial realm of the teens prove critical in their struggle. Ideally, the adolescent exits this stage and enters early adulthood with a strong sense of self and identity. At times, however, teens do not develop a sense of self and merely adopt vague beliefs or perceptions devoid of definition; contributing to an undesirable position defined as identity diffusion. The following table relates Erik Erikson's psychosocial stages of development and proffers stages and definitions of adaptive ways for a person to cope in each stage.


Erikson's psychosocial stages of development (Thomas-Cottingham, 2004).




Trust vs. mistrust

Birth to 18 months

When caregiver proves responsive to infant's needs, he or she…. [read more]

Journals That Support the Potential Intervention Term Paper

… ¶ … Journals that Support the Potential Intervention for Remediation and Recommendations Listed.

Farstrup, a.E., Samuels (eds), S.J. 2002. What Research Has to Say About Reading Instruction. New York: International Reading Association. Retrieved at,M1.

This book contains a series of articles concerning reading instruction research. For instance, Chapter 2, by Brian Carnbourne, is about holistic, integrated approaches to reading and language arts instruction: the constructivist framework of an instructional theory. Chapter 13, by Michael Pressley, is about metacognition and self-regulated comprehension. Chapter 15, by Elfreida H. Heibert, is about standards, assessments and text difficulty. Chapter 17, by Kathryn H. Au, is about multicultural factors and the effective instruction of students of diverse backgrounds. This is a third edition, containing current research, along with instructional…. [read more]

Risk Assessment of Four-Year-Old Girl Case Study

… The above factors are generally very important in how the child fares as she develops. However, in this case these fail to be as important as they would usually be because the child was born without limbs. This will obviously present her with ongoing physical and emotional challenges that most of us cannot even begin to imagine.

There were no obvious risk factors for such a disability, at least as presented in this case study. One of the most common reasons that children are born with missing limbs is that the mother used Thalidomide. However, this seems very unlikely to be the case given that the drug was withdrawn before the girl's mother became pregnant. Other common causes for severe birth defects, such as maternal…. [read more]

Counseling Assessment: Bio-Psycho-Social Case Study

… Attachment leads to the development of clear motivation and behavioral patterns such that when a child is in an unfamiliar situation, they turn to their parent of caregiver for comfort and care (Goode, 2008). Based on the attachment theory, therefore, children are more likely to engage in negative behavior if their attachment to their families or caregivers is weak. For the presenting client, therefore, deviant tendencies were a result of the weak attachment between herself and her parents/siblings. As such, a potential strategy for the social worker is to devise ways of strengthening the trusting relationship and attachment between the client and her family.

Hirschi’s Social Control Theory: the theory postulates that deviance comes about when an individual’s ties to societal conventional order are…. [read more]

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