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Counselor Supervision PhD Model Answer

… Counselor Supervision

Counseling supervision represents the interaction between supervisor and supervisee in relation to the cultural issues. Counseling supervision seeks to evaluate the impact of cultural issues to the development of supervisor and supervisee in execution of their roles as qualified personnel. Contemporary world calls for the adoption of multicultural supervision competencies that would improve the quality of service delivery to clients (Ancis, 20101). Multicultural supervision competencies reflect the model through which counselors (supervisees) undergo extensive process of supervision from ideal qualified personnel in order to boost their competent in execution of their roles. The model focuses substantially on the influence of ethnicity or race thus diversity of culture among different members of the society. Counselors obtain effective and efficient support on how to address…. [read more]

Counselors Their Personal Characteristics Research Paper

… If such a student practices before being properly trained, he will not be able to understand the client and might make the situation worse of the client.

The research (Woodside, Oberman, Cole, & Carruth, 2007) shows that the student of undergraduate level is not fully matures and trained. Most of them show signs of anxiety and confusion about converting theory into practice. Those who feel confident are not fully trained and hence experience disanointed clients and they themselves become more confused. There are three basic stages of counselor's professional development including the helper, the beginning student and the advanced student. Passing through various techniques and training, trainees reach the next level of their professional development. Another research (Busacca, Beebe, & Toman, 2010) shows that at…. [read more]

Supervision in the Criminal Justice Research Paper

… The other challenge involves offender punishment.The issue of what form of punishment be given to criminal offenders is paramount. Different groups of people and especially the human rights activists differ with the kind of punishment given saying that some are inhumane. Another main challenge faced by the criminal justice organizations is the provision of services to demeanor offenders. There has been raising concern on how the criminal justice combats crime. For instance, it is always said that the police take a lot of time to respond when alerted in times of crime. This is mainly fueled by deficiency of tools and machinery that facilitate war against crime, for example, inadequate police vehicles and lack of good communication systems in the force (Raine, 1993)

The other…. [read more]

Supervision: When to Use Directive Research Paper

… These are;

"When teachers are functioning at a very low developmental level.

When teachers do not have awareness, knowledge or inclination to act on an issue that a supervisor, who has organizational authority, thinks to be of critical importance to the students, the teachers, or the community

When teachers will have no involvement and the supervisor will be involved in carrying out the decision. If the supervisor will be held totally responsible and the teachers will not When the supervisor is committed to resolving the issue and the teachers are not.

When decisions do not concern teachers, and they prefer the supervisor to make the decision

In an emergency, when the supervisor does not have the time to meet with the teachers" (Bailey, 2006, 75).…. [read more]

Personal Philosophy of Supervision What Is Supervisory Essay

… Personal Philosophy of Supervision

What is supervisory leadership? According to Delores E. McNair -- writing in the peer-reviewed journal New Directions for Student Services -- leadership refers to the way in which a person has an influence on an organization but supervision is "…about the people in the organization who may report to us" (McNair, 2011, 28).

My beliefs and philosophy of supervision

My beliefs about supervision are drawn from my most central values; those values include: a) treating people with respect and kindness; b) giving everyone an equal chance; c) being fair and just no matter the person's socioeconomic situation or ethnic heritage; and d) bringing out the strong points of each individual while accomplishing goals that are agreed upon by all within the…. [read more]

Personal Philosophy / Supervision Portfolio and Supervision Forms Term Paper

… Supervision Portfolio/Supervision Form

Supervision Portfolio / Personal Philosophy and Supervision Forms

Counseling uses systematic intervention to facilitate emotion development of patients. On the other hand, supervision is the management of overseeing the performances of an individual. The paper discusses the relationships and differences of counseling and supervision. The discrimination model of supervision is one of supervisory models that focus on the relationships between supervision and counseling because the model reveals that a supervisor can take the role of a counselor. (Bernard, & Goodyear, 2009). The paper also discusses my supervisory development process, which starts from my secondary education to my university education. Various theoretical models that I have learnt in my modules have in the university have enhanced my supervisory development level. The paper also…. [read more]

Clinical Supervision Essay

… Clinical Supervision

The distribution of clinical cases by clinical supervisors to the counselors-in-training

Clinical supervision is the essential part of all the substances that involve abuse treatment programs. The counselors despite their skill level and experience require having the right to supervision. Supervisors are required to have the right to their individual clinical supervision. However, majority of the agencies have a high priority on their administrative tasks compared to clinical supervision (Cogan 1972). The guide of administrators aids in the development of the rationale based on designing the clinical supervision system for the substance of abuse treatment organization. The strategies and implementation tools meant for executing effective supervision in line with advice on the resource project allocation that aids in the best results (ERIC Clearinghouse…. [read more]

Counselor Education Teaching Philosophy Research Paper

… ¶ … Counselor Educator

In many ways, counselors are educators. They take tools for communication and growth and attempt to teach those goals to a diverse group of people in settings that are designed to increase dialogue and communication in an effort to enhance problem-solving. Therefore, for the counselor, dialogue is essential; the counselor has to learn from the client in order to address client needs and the client has to learn from the counselor. Likewise, in counselor-education, dialogue is important. Counselors in training will vary in ability, background, and intuitive knowledge. A teaching paradigm that fails to take into account individual differences will be destined for failure, because it will fail to model a give-and-take communication process. "Without dialogue there is no communication, and…. [read more]

Supervision of Instruction Term Paper

… After having proved the significance of Direct Instruction approach, let us look at what it is and how it must work in learning and an enriching environment.

Direct Instruction approach is basically a developmental and an on going as well as a step-by-step guide to better comprehension of the subject matter. It is based on a model with the following four stages:

All the steps have been taken verbatim from the research article under consideration)

I. Set: Provide Objectives, Establish Expectations and Introduce the Skill

This is the stage wherein the teacher begins his or her job of educating his or her pupil by initially introducing the topic to be taught with a thorough description and a detailed demonstration session of the skill to be…. [read more]

Staff and the Supervision Essay

… The reason behind this is the fact that everybody wants to be heard and since I believe in a collaborative approach I think that the employees and staff members would be happy with my assumptions for the simple reason that they are able to convey their thoughts and ideas through proper and convenient channels. These skills have been characterized by Glickman, Gordon, and Ross-Gordon into the mastery of the subsequent conditions, "listening, encouraging, clarifying, presenting, reflecting, problem solving, directing, negotiating, reinforcing and standardizing" (pg. 112). Therefore, by having a proper understanding of the above mentioned term a supervisor will be able to understand and nullify the misunderstandings.

However, it has to be kept in mind here that when you are dealing with an organization or…. [read more]

Supervision of Clinical Work in Mental Health Research Paper

… Social Work

Supervision of Clinical Work in Mental Health

Mental health nurses along with other practitioners, often work in an ever changing and challenging environment. Because of this there is a continuing need for support. It is often thought that this support helps to increase morale, decrease strain and burnout, and encourage self-awareness and self-expression. Clinical supervision often addresses all these issues and improves the quality of care for patients (Rice, Cullen, McKenna, Kelly, Keeney and Richey, 2007).

Clinical Supervision is a competency-based approach that is often used to train and supervise mental health practitioners. For a long time supervision has been central to training psychologists and other mental health professionals who work in clinical settings. There was a time when there was little or…. [read more]

Supervision in Professional Counseling Term Paper

… Standards Professional Counseling

Supervision in Professional Counseling

The Motivation Behind Supervision Standards for Professional Counseling

In 1989 a great movement swept the counseling profession, one calling for the creation of Supervision Standards for Professional Counseling. As stated by Cobia & Pipes (2002), "one of the hallmarks" of professional counseling is the counselor's ability to self-govern, which often requires some minimum of professional standards and/or education (p.140). The primary goals of such measures are often to protect the best interests of the public and the clientele served by the counseling communities (Cobia & Pipes, 2002).

Many historical events necessitated this movement. For example, among mental health professionals prior to the inception of professional counseling standards, there were relatively few rules in place regarding the number of…. [read more]

What Makes a Good Counselor? Thesis

… ¶ … Counselor

Reasons for NOT Seeking a Counseling Degree

First, it is important to discuss reasons NOT to seek a counseling degree. Many people enter this profession because they want to help others. But combined with that, there are personal desires stated by students that indicate they want to counsel others because it offers them a sense of power and control. In addition, the strong sense of wanting to work through their own "issues" is present in those interested in this field.

Here are a some of the most common self-stated reasons given by those wanting a counseling career:

I'm kind of nosy, I guess. I like learning about other people's lives and having access to a world that is hidden from everyone else."…. [read more]

Supervision of Counselors Term Paper

… Supervision

What is clinical supervision? The answer to that question would seem fairly obvious to a layperson; however, there are many differing professional and theoretical notions of just what clinical supervision is and how it should be implemented. In order to understand the complexities of the concept of "clinical supervision" and to come to some practical understandings regarding how clinical supervision should be used in counseling a discussion of its potential conceptualizations is important.

After reviewing the conceptualizations of the term "supervision" and applying them in a definitional context Milne (2007) came to the conclusion that clinical supervision is a relationship -- based educational training situation that is work -- focused and manages, supports, and evaluates the work of the supervisee(s). The supervisor relies on…. [read more]

Supervisory Relationship Counseling Supervision Entails Term Paper

… Sensitivity to issues of personal privacy and need is also important to provide the client with the optimal service in counseling (Jacobs 1996: 50).

Supervision in the United Kingdom is required in order to protect clients and to provide improved quality of service to clients. Counselors who are supervised by impartial third parties for example can be protected from the risk of serious oversights and of involving their own feelings and prejudices in the counseling process. The counselor is therefore helped to remain focused upon the job at hand as well as the specific needs of the client (Carroll 1996: 55).

The value provided to a client is then improved by the comments the counselor receives from the supervising peer. The process then helps the…. [read more]

Counseling Supervision Term Paper

… ¶ … Counseling Supervision

Worthington & Tan (2002) stated that to maintain the integrity of the supervisory relationship and protect their supervisors from vicarious liability, trainees have an obligation to disclose all relevant and important case material. For example, the APA principles state that "psychologists are honest, fair, and respectful...[and] not make statements that are false, misleading, or deceptive" (APA, 1992, p. 1599), which could apply to intentional nondisclosure as well as false statements (i.e., acts of omission as well as acts of commission). Under conditions in which a trainee knowingly withholds important case material from a supervisor, the trainee could be considered to be violating the principle of integrity through her or his dishonesty (Fly et al., 1997).

Gundrun (1991) stated that supervision means…. [read more]

Clinical Supervision Theory Research Paper

… Clinical Supervision

The subject supervisor has been an LPCS for since April this year and an ACS since 1996 up to this year for a total of 20 years. He first trained under DiAnne Borders at the UNC-G and worked with interns from the WFU and emerging LPCs until he obtained a supervision license.

He likes best watching his supervisees' skills, confidence and professional identity grow. He enjoys passing the responsibility on to them, particularly in recognizing that his unique style as a counselor will be passed on to them in another form or way. On the other hand, he does not feel too pleased with making the "make-or-break" decision on who has it and who does not. There was only one such experience, fortunately.…. [read more]

Counseling "Supervision Leads to a Mental Essay

… Counseling

"Supervision leads to a mental and emotional education that can guide practical work, frees from fixed patterns of experience and behavior, and promotes the willingness as well as the ability to act suitably, carefully, and courageously." (Koster, 2003, pp. 1-2).

The objective of this paper is to explore the above statement with relation to supervision ad counselling.

Exploration of supervision in counselling

"Supervision is a . . . negotiated contractual relationship between supervisors

and supervisee in which the worker gives an account of her work with the expressed purpose of developing her competence in providing the highest quality of service to the client or customer" (Claveirole, & Mathers, 2003 P. 52).

In a modern organizational setting, it is widely accepted norm that supervision plays…. [read more]

Personality and Communication Affect on Supervision Term Paper


Imagine that you are sitting in a room with three other people: a convicted serial killer, an eccentric scientist, and a four-year-old child. If you had to choose one, which one would you pick? Which qualities would you automatically associate with each individual? Which one do you think you most closely identify with? If this same situation were applied within a group of people sharing the same characteristics, the answers to each question would still vary. The reason for the difficulty in getting a clear answer is that there are so many differences among members of the human race. Human beings not only come in many shapes and sizes but also behave in very complex ways. Of the more…. [read more]

Self-Supervision Model in Counseling Term Paper

… ¶ … Self-Supervision in Counseling

Given the nature of psychotherapy it inevitably requires, even in controlled, clinical environments, that a counselor perform some degree of self-supervision. To disallow some degree of freedom of self-assessment would be akin to parrying single-handed. Often it's the relation of personal experience to a patient's own that creates and fosters an effective healing environment. A counselor's ability to do this comes from the autonomy to create and mold his or her own curriculum. By focusing on a competency style of assessment, a patient's progress can serve as benchmark of performance.

No two situations are alike in the realm of psychotherapy. The field seems to reinvent itself every few decades and faster still in recent times. In order for a practitioner…. [read more]

Training and Supervision of Students Essay

… The author provides a clear explanation of each of these aspects and their relevance to the psychotherapy-driven supervision model.

While the author spends a great deal of time explaining how psychotherapy-driven supervision is an integrative model of supervision, she does not explain the limitations of this approach and measures that can be taken to enhance its effectiveness. Actually, Pearson recognizes that this model is coupled with some shortcomings and challenges that hinder its effectiveness. These limitations contribute to a huge gap between the approach and alternative supervision techniques that focuses directly on the process of the supervisee or apprentice's professional development and supervision process. Actually, the author focuses on providing a quick-solution or model that can be used to maximize the strengths of psychologically-driven supervision…. [read more]

Substance Abuse Among Licensed Counselors and Client Contact Term Paper

… Substance Abuse Among Licensed Counselors and Client Contact

Today, there are numerous ethical and legal dilemmas inherent in the issue of licensed counselors and drug abuse. The ACA or the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics requires counselors to follow the guidelines under the ACA strictly, so that there would be an exercise of restraint against those counselors who are prone to using drugs, and are in no fit state of mind to offer advice to others. For example, the Standard of Practice Nineteen (SP-19): Impairment of Professionals states that "Counselors must refrain from offering professional services when their personal problems or conflicts may cause harm to a client or others." (ACA Code of Ethics and Standards of practice) In other words, the basic mission…. [read more]

Mental Health Counselor: Prospects Essay

… However, human nature is such that everyone tends to be ethnocentric. What we ignore is that the next person, who could be from a different culture, also may be ethnocentric. This awareness or lack of, is especially crucial when counselors work with patients who come from different cultures.

Career Theory

Most forecasts on counseling theory have concentrated on the deep entrenchment in the society of the managed care and medical model, as well as our increasing reliance on psychotropic interventions. Hence, when forecasts are evidence-based and brief, cognitive-behavioral approaches will control the long-term strategies for mental health care. I believe that if I acquiesce to this status quo, I will be contributing to the death of the career by becoming unnecessary in a field overcrowded…. [read more]

Self in Counselor: Know Thyself Essay

… Finally, that loveable/awful person is who I am today and shall be at the moment of my death, allowing for my conscious growth in all those ideal psychological areas. That is also perfectly fine. I believe that we are here in this life to learn and teach; counseling is a natural outgrowth of that learning/teaching duty/privilege. My learning and teaching in this life will continue in the next life. Forced to give that a name, I would call that a "spirituality" of sorts.

For the sake of this paper, at least some of those ideal psychological characteristics should be addressed to see how well or poorly this great/awful person measures up. I am authentic, at the very least, in acknowledging and accepting this "package," and…. [read more]

Counseling Supervision Term Paper

… Counseling Supervisors

The Nature and Principles of Counseling Supervision

The Purposes and Roles of Supervision

According to Michael Jacobs - in Search of Supervision: In Search of a Therapist - "supervision refers to the opportunity for the counselor or therapist to discuss her or his work with a more experienced colleague." And certainly, in the counseling profession, supervision is not the equivalent of "line management" - and indeed there is, Jacobs asserts (1) established norm...that counselors should continue to be supervised throughout their working life." In the codes of the British Association for Counselling, there is a "minimum of an hour and a half a month for supervision" for all counselors.

And according to Supervising Counsellors: Issues of Responsibility (Wheeler, et al., 2001), the purpose…. [read more]

Anxiety in Masters Students in Counselor Education Programs Term Paper

… Anxiety in Masters Students in Counselor Education Programs

The Counseling Education programs are "designed to train counseling graduate students by allowing them to enhance their knowledge of counseling theory and techniques through direct client interaction, observation, and professional consultation. Counseling services are provided to student volunteers and are conducted under the supervision of faculty members. Counseling sessions may address personal difficulties, enhance personal development, and explore educational or vocational interests. More specific topics with which counselor-trainees may want to be familiar with are: interpersonal and roommate relationship issues, self-esteem, grief issues, and study skills/test taking skills" (Counseling Laboratory Manual, 2005).

Like all important steps we take in life, a Counseling Education program for Master students can develop situations that are causing a more or less…. [read more]

Ethical Principles in Clinical Mental Essay

… Counselors must communicate with all parties involved in matters of custody. These members may include lawyers and family members. AMHCA provides that counselors should obtain information during evaluations and make the information available to the judicial system. This is necessary for discovering future legal actions. Counselors should employ the most appropriate language to communicate to kids about such limits (Madden, 2008).

• Referral

Early diagnosis of mental health problems is necessary to ensure that clients are promptly referred for evaluation, treatment and linked to counseling services to help patients reduce the risks associated with the issue at hand. Early diagnosis is very important. It is at this phase that clients are at the risk of affecting the people around them. Counselors are better placed to…. [read more]

Clinical Supervision Is a Cornerstone Admission Essay

… In addition, I noted that if her behavior continued unchecked, I would make an (ethics?) report to the board (BBS?), and terminate our supervision contract.

Lily's church owns a facility for unwed teenage mothers. There were several incidents of verbal aggression and physical violence from the clients (towards children or staff? How did you address?). Lily's clients lived in impoverished backgrounds, while the church owned a home in an upper middle class neighborhood. From what I learned in supervision, it became clear that Lily and other staff members were trying to impose their values on the clients, especially in relation to parenting skills. We specifically discussed how these values might differ across cultures and socio-economic groups, and how this often impacts a therapeutic relationship. Lily's…. [read more]

Marriage and Family Therapy Supervision Models Term Paper

… ¶ … 21st century, the term marriage and family therapy (MFT) seems as if it was long available as a principle means of treatment. In the timeline of psychotherapy, however, it is relatively young. During its brief tenure, the field has undergone a number of changes that continue to this day. In fact, several experiential family therapy modalities are resulting in significant results in outcome studies. One of these newer couples therapies, developed by Susan Johnson and Leslie Greenberg, is called emotionally focused therapy (EFT). It is based on an attachment model of adult intimacy and addresses essential emotional responses and interactions to enhance relationships. In contrast to the traditional "emotion contrast therapy," EFT regards many unpleasant emotions as sources of useful information. Furthermore, EFT…. [read more]

Self-Care Strategies Essay

… This self-assessment questionnaire clearly highlights the common-sense qualities of a counselor who is well-equipped to develop the therapeutic self.

In the same vein of developing a therapeutic self but with a Buddhist focus, Nirbhay Singh, a psychiatrist, who is renowned as a wellness researcher and mentor. Singh maintains that effective qualities may be: "nonjudging" by getting past thinking of people as good or bad and achieving a more neutral, observing state; "patience" by setting a steady pace and thinking before acting; "a beginner's mind" in the sense of opening your mind to listening and learning from other people; "trusting" people and distrusting only when there is a valid reason; "acceptance" of people and things as they are; "letting go" by knowing when to withdraw or…. [read more]

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