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Counselors in Group Homes Term Paper

… Counselors in Group Homes

Analysis of Work Environment

Social and Cultural Composition of Population

Theoretical Links

Informed Consent and Acknowledgement of Patient Rights

Theoretical Links

Strategies to Ensure Confidentiality

Theoretical Links

Analysis of Ethical Dilemma

Racial Disparity

What Mental Healthcare Workers Are Doing

What Patients belonging to Minorities are Doing

Issues with Information Sharing

Required Decision Making Process

Decision Making Process

The main aim of the paper is to analyze the work environment of chosen mental clinic. How the patients are treated in the clinics, what practices are being observed, what behaviors are being observed in the clinic in dealing with the patients, what cultural practices are being observed in the clinics and what kind of ethical dilemmas are being seen in the chosen work…. [read more]

Group Counseling Intervention for Sarah's Case Case Study

… This would involve discussing the goals of the counseling process, discussing limitations of confidentiality, and developing a code of ethics to govern the group. Some of the legal and ethical concerns related to working with a client like her include maintaining confidentiality, promoting the client's well-being and safety, protecting the client's rights during the group experience, informed consent, and potential consequences of not adhering to treatment. The other concerns include cultural and diversity factors during group therapy and developing appropriate diagnosis ("Chapter 10," 2011).

Sarah's Honest Open Communication:

Group counseling environments are usually characterized by the need for honest open communication. Sarah's involvement in her group during the counseling process requires open honest communication in order to achieve the goals of the therapy. Despite avoiding…. [read more]

Group Addiction Counseling Research Paper

… Group Counseling Using Client-Centered Therapy / Adlerian Group Therapy

There are a number of theories in use in the psychological / therapeutic milieu when it comes to working with addictive behaviors, substance abusers and others, but for this paper client-centered group therapy and Adlerian Group Therapy will be reviewed and critiqued.

Client-Centered Counseling / Therapy

Mary Law, associate professor in the School of Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University in Canada, gets right to the point about client-centered therapy in her book Client Centered Occupational Therapy. A characteristic of the client-centered strategy -- setting it apart from other approaches -- is "…based on an invitation from the client to the therapist to participate in a relationship" (Law, 1998, p. 115). Law states that there should never…. [read more]

Group Cohesion Term Paper

… Group Cohesion

Discussing Group Cohesion

Cohesiveness is regarded as one of the crucial elements in the growth of a group and a prominent aspect for different groups and various kinds of group processes. In reality the expediency of cohesion, taken to be the negotiator for formation group, sustenance as well as productivity has given rise to certain social scientists to reckon it as the most significant variable of a small group. (Glass, Benshoff, 48) Cohesion is one element that is frequently linked to group outcome and has been interpreted as a sense of integration with a specific group and his or her sentiments linked with membership in the groups. (Turman 88) Cohesion has been indicated to be the complete field of forces that is exerted…. [read more]

Counseling Grief and Divorce Recovery Group Research Proposal

… Group Counseling Proposal: Grief and Divorce Recovery Group

Notwithstanding that, children of divorced parents may not always think about their parents divorce, their lives get ingeniously impacted. A separation or a divorce affects children, adult children and almost hold some persistent impacts. As a result, counseling divorce families is important because when a family decides to go separate ways, children are affected. Moreover, divorce comes with increased emotions, and to handle these emotions, parents may look for assistance of qualified counselors. .Carter (2011) confirms that children from divorce families experiencing difficulties handling their parents divorce can get help from counselors. In this regard, the purpose of this proposal is to help students from divorced families develop coping strategies to manage their grief and stress following…. [read more]

Ethics in Group Counselling Term Paper

… Given that the discussion regarding whether or not morality has been about facts, individual therapy views or group therapy perceptions has raged for such a long time, we are not going to engage in this paper. It has been essential; nevertheless, to understand that there have been these types of fundamentally distinct perspectives concerning the nature associated with morality contributing to whether or not, whenever therapists make ethical decisions, they have been determining moral facts or perhaps have been articulating views - either personal or perhaps those in the groups' traditions (Barnes and Murdin, 2001).

Ethics: targeting appropriate results or fulfilling tasks

There have been two additional fundamentally distinct perspectives concerning the nature associated with ethics in both individual and group therapy sessions. One -…. [read more]

Stakeholders in Home Health Essay

… The American Association of Health-care Administrative Management (AAHAM) is the earliest and biggest company of hygienics specialists worldwide, standing for even more than 50,000 participants from over 50 lines of works of hygienics. AAHAM combines analysts, wellness service companies, administrators and various other wellness employees in a special, multidisciplinary environment of expert exchange, research, and activity.

AAHAM is interested in a broad set of concerns having an effect on individual and ecological wellness, consisting of federal and state financing for wellness programs, contamination control, programs and policies connected to persistent and contagious illness, a smoke-free society, and expert education and learning in hygienics.

C. Different Healthcare Professionals.

From the viewpoint of the healthcare organizations, care synchronization is a core task. With proactive care groups, main…. [read more]

What Makes a Good Counselor? Thesis

… ¶ … Counselor

Reasons for NOT Seeking a Counseling Degree

First, it is important to discuss reasons NOT to seek a counseling degree. Many people enter this profession because they want to help others. But combined with that, there are personal desires stated by students that indicate they want to counsel others because it offers them a sense of power and control. In addition, the strong sense of wanting to work through their own "issues" is present in those interested in this field.

Here are a some of the most common self-stated reasons given by those wanting a counseling career:

I'm kind of nosy, I guess. I like learning about other people's lives and having access to a world that is hidden from everyone else."…. [read more]

Empathy Today Essay


The counselor-client relationship is constantly dynamic. Rogers' awareness of this helped him to broaden his empathic foundation. But in today's world counselors have to have an even faster ability to adapt not just to who they are but who their clients might be. The crises that therapists face may be involving greater levels of public trauma (such as from natural disasters or even political or terrorist incidents), and thus may require an even greater foundation in the full ecology of a multicultural world. If clients are going to find their perceptions in these settings, counselors must be able to reach to these levels as well. In reaffirming this reality, counselors may find themselves in the position where they have to…. [read more]

Group Counseling as an Alternative for the Prevention of Academic Failure Among Middle School Students Thesis

… ¶ … Justification for the Research

Page 8 Chapter Two / Historical Background of Counseling

Page 9 Historical Background of Group Counseling

Page 11 ASCA Description of Counselor's Duties

Page 12 Review of Literature / Role of Parents & Counselors

Page 15 Group Counseling -- Positive Results

Page 18 Group Counseling -- Students Motivated to Succeed

Page 19 Service Learning -- Helping Others

Page 21 Counselors Kick-Starting Girls' Interest in Math

Page 22 Counselors & Student Successes

Page 24 Dynamics of Leadership

Page 30 Survival Guide for Middle School Counselors

Page 33 Humanizing the Process for Adolescents

Page 36 Chapter Two Conclusion

Page 37 Chapter Three Methodology

Page 37 Chapter Four Discussion and Conclusions

Page 38 Conclusion -- Florida Dropout Issues

Page 40 Discussion

Page…. [read more]

Small Group Counseling Sessions Essay

… ¶ … Age Group

School bullying -- session one

IV Cyber-bullying -- session two

Random Acts of Kindness -- session three

Volunteering -- session four

VII Piaget and Cognitive Theory

Counseling as a Preventive Measure

School counseling in the past has been considered an ancillary part of education; nice to have, but not really necessary (Scarborough & Luke, 2008). It has been one of the first things cut in a school budget if trimming was needed. Today, school counselors are expected to promote the academic, career, and personal/social development of the children (Van Velsor, 2009). Although many do see the connection between academic/career and personal/social change, school counselors are left to promote the basis of academic achievement due to the improvement of personal and social…. [read more]

School Counselor Roles Essay

… There are many areas of school counseling. Among all these categories, it has been reported that public elementary, middle school and high school counselors are paid the highest of salaries. However since global crisis, and budget cuts in many countries, it has been seen that the salaries have reduced. Recently it has been seen that the school counselors in rural areas and public schools have served lesser as required based on the fund shortages and lesser pays (Bor, 2002, p. 95).


The roles that are played by an average school counselor are important and these roles are in a need to be appreciated. Many students whose behaviors are an issue in their academic achievements have been corrected and modified by the school counselors in…. [read more]

Substance Abuse Among Licensed Counselors and Client Contact Term Paper

… Substance Abuse Among Licensed Counselors and Client Contact

Today, there are numerous ethical and legal dilemmas inherent in the issue of licensed counselors and drug abuse. The ACA or the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics requires counselors to follow the guidelines under the ACA strictly, so that there would be an exercise of restraint against those counselors who are prone to using drugs, and are in no fit state of mind to offer advice to others. For example, the Standard of Practice Nineteen (SP-19): Impairment of Professionals states that "Counselors must refrain from offering professional services when their personal problems or conflicts may cause harm to a client or others." (ACA Code of Ethics and Standards of practice) In other words, the basic mission…. [read more]

Counseling Minority Groups Term Paper

… Similarly, the Battle for Structure can be "won" by the counselor by taking control of the session through verbal and non-verbal communication. If the client appears eager to change a relevant topic, the counselor must veer back to the matter-at-hand without insulting the client. A sense of humor and patience are of the utmost importance in such situations.

5. Many clients, especially those with addiction problems or issues related to codependency, contend with denial. The counselor must deal with denial compassionately but firmly, by alerting the client that his or her behavior might be inappropriate, by bringing in family members or loved ones in an intervention process, or by offering relevant reading materials. The counselor must avoid seeming judgmental or heavy-handed, for to do so…. [read more]

Social Work With Children Term Paper

… Social Work With Children

In an analysis of the non-secure group home system in the United States, one needs to look at the foster care system in New York City and the Juvenile Justice group home system in California.

Administration for Child Services in New York

In New York City, when a child is put into foster care and encounters problems, they re-enter the program at a rate of 8.8%. Administration for Child Services (ACS) has committed to reducing this re-entry rate through better training of foster parents and caregivers to provide safe homes for children in foster care. ACS certifies foster parents and has a program to provide homes for children in need of care. Foster parents receive funding to care for the foster…. [read more]

Educational Groups Term Paper

… Educational Groups -- a Literature Review

Hambright, Grany & Thomas Diamantes. (2004) "Definitions, benefits, and barriers of K-12 educational strategic planning." Journal of Instructional Psychology. Sept 2004. Retrieved 1 Oct 2006 at

Strategic planning and the use of work teams is now an accepted part of managerial practice in contemporary industry. However, are these principles applicable to an elementary school setting? In their article "Definitions, benefits, and barriers of K-12 educational strategic planning," Grant Hambright and Thomas Diamantes conduct a comprehensive literature review of current writing and research on the subject. "Strategic planning is considered to be a 'grass roots' or 'bottom-up' approach, where planning is accomplished with input from a variety of organizational constituents or stakeholders, as opposed to the traditional 'top-down' planning…. [read more]

Resistance in Group Therapy Term Paper

… Resistance Group Therapy

For decades researchers have attempted to discover whether resistance to group therapy is more harmful than beneficial, and uncover what methods they can adopt to overcome resistance. Much research supports resistance as a common occurrence in group therapy (Waller, 1993). Resistance can be both harmful and positive. It is most likely to be positive when counselors use resistance to help patients identify areas for improvement and strategies for overcoming their resistance in the future. In addition the research supports a new approach that incorporates pre-group training as a positive method for overcoming resistance in group therapy.

A successful model for pre-group training may include encouraging patients to create a list of successes and define ways they may help other members of the…. [read more]

High-Risk Population for Group Therapy-Substance Term Paper

… Observations about group behavior need to be stated tentatively, rather than dogmatically: members who are behaving in a difficult fashion need to be told how their behavior is affecting others ( The group leader needs to establish that honesty is the only form of accepted currency and that the group leader will engage in honesty, and that all others are expected to follow suit.

Explain how you might address these considerations as a group therapist

Addressing these considerations as a therapist largely revolves around setting a strong example, stating explicitly and clearly what the expectations are for care and for behavior within the group therapy circle. These expectations need to not only be expressly stated, but the therapist needs to be prepared to also enforce…. [read more]

Community Service This Study Analyzes the Activities Essay

… Community Service

This study analyzes the activities which I participated during my home-based care program. It further state challenges which came by and how they were addressed. I also emphasize how various activities were sub-divided among the team. The study also states the process through the team used to implement various activities according the schedule given the USAID. It finally states the monitoring and evaluation method which was used by the team, to determine the effect of the activities.

(i) Introduction -(1)

(iii) Planning -(3)

(iv) Coordination (Resource and Personnel -(4)

(v) Implementation-(5)

(vi) Activities -(6)

(vii) Monitoring and Evaluations-(8)

The developing countries especially from Africa region face a major challenge from increase health care cost. Therefore, accessing better health services is major issues which…. [read more]

Bereavement Support Groups Term Paper

… Research suggests that there are four basic stages of grief that need be addressed by group therapy:

Numbness and shock, typically occurring in the beginning and lasting for a brief period of time (Sussex, 2003).

Feeling of separation (Sussex, 2003).

Disorganization, where the bereaved is distracted and often has difficulty concentrating (Sussex, 2003).

Reorganization (Sussex, 2003) which happens toward the end of the period when one begins to adjust to life.

Bereavement symptoms may lead older people subject to depression, and group participation often helps "ameliorate the symptoms and avert the consequences of bereavements" (Sussex, 2003). Treatment protocol should involve the following:

1) helping the bereaved accept the loss, (2) helping the grieving to identify and express feelings of loss and anger, (3) helping the…. [read more]

Home Depot: Training and Skills Case Study

… (Noe, 2005) It is important that the current level of knowledge for employees be assessed in order to identify the areas in which employees are most in need of training and skills development. Assessment should be conducted in the following areas:

(1) Employee knowledge of company policy and procedure;

(2) Employee knowledge of company standards in customer relations and customer service;

(3) Employee knowledge and skills in using technological applications on the job; and (4) Other areas relating to employee skill and work performance.

III. Instructional Design System

The instructional design system is the process for training program design and development and is a process that is both: (1) systematic; and (2) flexible enough to adapt to business needs. (Noe, 2005) Forces that influence the…. [read more]

Working With a Small Group Term Paper

… However, if she makes efforts to extend the conversation, it may be an avoidance tactic. Then it's time for her to set her other thoughts aside. It is possible that the page is too hard for her or that she did not understand the instructions. I might try several ways to get her focused on the task, but since she wants to task, I might say something like "Show me how we're supposed to do this." This would get her more involved with the task, and if she does have difficulties with it, it would be clear that she does.

4. You are working in the Home Economics room with a group of year 10 girls. It is your role to assist as unobtrusively as…. [read more]

Camp Hope From Home Family and Marriage Thesis

… Camp Hope From Home

Family and Marriage

Recently, much media attention has been devoted to the deployment of U.S. troops to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world. While this is certainly important for economic and political reasons, it also has a great impact on the American family. Each day, many children must cope without their mothers and father. Camp Hope at Home is for these children. A day camp for children ages five to seventeen whose parent or parents are currently deployed in a branch of the U.S. armed forces, Camp Hope also has an extension program for young adults ages 18 through 24. Through the use of Biblical counseling, the counselors will help these children understand how to cope with their parents…. [read more]

Veterans of Foreign War and PTSD Substance Abuse Research Paper

… High Risk Family Analysis

Veterans of Foreign Wars: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

and Substance Abuse Risks and Analysis

In beginning to assess the affects of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its link to substance abuse among veterans of foreign wars, a survey questionnaire was distributed to 75 veterans (68 male and 7 female), with the following questions for their addressing: 1.) Have you experienced any mental health issues since returning from deployment or war; 2.) Do you abuse alcohol or drugs; 3.) Do you suffer from PTSD; 4.) Were you diagnosed with any mental health disorder; 5.) Do you feel that your substance abuse is related to your PTSD or your service in the war; and 6.) Do you feel that you have suffered…. [read more]

Interview with Substance Abuse Counselor Essay

… Some patients do have a support network or are capable of navigating different aspects of their care outside of the clinic successfully, but for those who do not, the counselor must frequently step in and direct them to appropriate resources. A support team is often needed, not simply the level of care the clinic can offer.
When listening to the day-to-day description of life for the counselor, I was immediately impressed by the delayed gratification of the personal rewards she experienced. Patients are often very hostile to seeking treatment. Many are at the clinic because of court settlements and they are trying to avoid jail time rather than actually want to recover from their addiction. Others may want to stop using but have ambivalent feelings…. [read more]

Ethical Practice Involves Working Positively Essay

… The second perspective focuses on the links between international divisions based on learning and information transfer (Handout 1). In addition, such founding principles of the practice of counseling encompass key elements of what it takes practitioners to achieve their professional goals. Practitioners who do not create connections with clients fails to create learning that can only be derived through interaction with different clients. High diversity levels are driven by the benefits of tapping communicative, cultural, and creative skills of different clients. Practitioners engage such skills to enhance their counseling policies, client experiences, and services. Diversity practitioners have cited the benefits of having an open discussion with clients because this profession requires that clients must come out of their areas of comfort and have an experience…. [read more]

Roles and Functions of CMHC Impacts Research Paper

… Roles and Functions of CMHC






To begin with, I would give a brief description about who CMHCs are and how they play an effective role in a society. CMHC stands for Clinical Mental Health Counselor, who is highly trained professionals with proper education and clinical practice to cater mental health problems to pull out people from their disturbing issues through the combination of psycho therapies and clinical treatments. They are similar to behavioral counselors,…. [read more]

Bioecological Theory and the Family Case Study

… In this case, therefore, the counselor who attempts to help the twins will consider both Bronfenbrenner's bioecological approach of the different systems, as well as the community resource conceptual framework where community and networks conjoin to operate within a stricture of narratives that impact the twins' lives. Both theories area actually integrated in that the community is the larger macrosystem and the network is the micorsystem. The two together act as one holistic whole with aspects of macrosystem rubbing off on microsystem with exosystemitic effects. Outside this whole hub are the socio-historical events and/or experiential incidents that impact the twins due, again,, to the internal behavior that occurs as a result of the narratives of the larger community and internal network.

A plan for an…. [read more]

Ethics and Counseling and Ethics Counselors Term Paper

… Ethics and Counseling

Counseling and Ethics

Counselors have a unique opportunity to help others gain a higher level of fulfillment in their lives. Becoming a professional counselor is often a "calling" that requires education, skills and training. To become truly professional, however, a counselor must live by guidelines that spring from and parallel their services. Because a counselor develops a relationship with his or her clients, emotions, knowledge and actions are generated on the part of both client and counselor.

While the counselor seeks to help clients out with their difficulties and challenges in life with counseling and psychotherapy, specializing in individual psychotherapy / counseling, couple and marital therapy, family therapy, and counseling for leaders in business.

Clients who come to professional counselors experience the…. [read more]

Consultation and Social Justice Advocacy Research Paper

… Even though Brian advanced academically and has even exposed excellent creative abilities, the team thought that he needed to be put in a more limited setting. Belinda replied furiously at this reference and swore that she would never contemplate that kind of placement. She swiftly communicated the community agency for consultation, as suggested by the school's counselor.

A close inspection of her home life with Brian brought up that her frustration and sadness inhibited with her capability to be a parent. Especially, she had a propensity to blame Brian for all of the difficulties that she was having. Each time problems came up in her private and specialized life, she would become angry at Brian. This sequence led to her incapability to cultivate Brian and…. [read more]

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