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Country Analysis for Samsung S Presence in Egypt and China Assessment

… Country Analysis for Samsung in Egypt and China

Market Opportunity

Country Risk

Business Environment

Political factors

Economic factors

Environmental factors

Technological factors

e-Business Readiness Rating

Samsung Electronics comprises 150 worldwide subsidiaries, which include nine regional production and sales headquarters, each in the divisions of Information Technology & Mobile Communications and Consumer Electronics, and five in its Device Solutions division. Its Consumer Electronics division produces and sells Cable TVs, ACs, refrigerators, monitors, and printers, while its Information Technology & Mobile Communications division is focused on handheld phone manufacturing and sales (including smartphones and feature phones), computers and network systems. The cellphone industry first surfaced during the early eighties with its first generation analog mobiles, subsequently evolving to its next generation digital technology, and then to the…. [read more]

Samsung Company Term Paper

… Samsung - a Human Resource Study

Samsung, or the Samsung Group, is a Seoul-based chaebol (family controlled conglomerate). It has overtaken Hyundai as the largest business group in Korea. It is also Korea's largest exporter. Samsung was founded in 1938, and the Mission statement of Samsung comprises three slogans "Economic contribution to the nation; Priority to Human Resources; Pursuit of Rationalism." The management philosophy at Samsung is to contribute to the betterment of global society by providing superior products and services, by devoting HR and technology.

Samsung has many subsidiaries in the following sectors:

Electronics (Samsung Electronics, Samsung Mobile)

Machinery and Heavy Industry (Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Engineering)

Chemical Industry (Samsung Total, Samsung Petrochemical)

Financial Services (Samsung Card, Samsung Securities)

Retail services (Samsung Corporation, Samsung…. [read more]

Samsung Electronics Examination and Evaluation Essay

… The consequence was a growing loss of confidence and the rejection of the national currency, making it easier for the distributive conflict to result in price increases.

Within this context, one finds an explanation to such questions as Why did Brazilian firms grant nominal wage increases with little impact on employment levels? Why did Brazilian consumers accept price increases without significantly diminishing their purchases? In other words, why did the market sanction these price increases, allowing the distributive pressures to manifest themselves through inflation? The answer is that all firms know that they can pass on increases in the prices they pay for inputs to their customers, since the latter prefer to keep buying more expensive products than to hold on to currency, whose value,…. [read more]

Marketing Analysis for Samsung's Galaxy Mini A-Level Coursework

… 19).

g. Objectives

The marketing objectives are to increase and ideally dominate sales of Galaxy Mini S to the target market of young adult white educated males.

h. Strategy

In order to reach its objective, the marketing campaign should: use a comprehensive ad campaign through television, newspapers, magazines, and the internet; stress Samsung Electronics' reputable brand and dedication to state-of-the-art technology; compose ads that will appeal to the target market of adult young white educated males; make any alliances deemed necessary with other strategic companies to strengthen Samsung's market position for this product.

3. Conclusion

Samsung Group started as a small Korean export business in 1938 and eventually grew to a global technical giant. One of its companies, Samsung Electronics, is planning to market the…. [read more]

Apple Inc. Organization's Product Life Essay

… The principal benefit of an efficient and the automated system is that it enables Apple to respond to reduced inventory levels quickly. Apple can be equipped pull back on stock while ramping up inventory in different product categories as customer interests and needs change (Thomas, 2013).

Inventory Costs: Reduction of inventory management expenses is an essential driver and profit of just-in time practices. Management of inventory has costs, and when Apple reduces the amount of holding space and staff needed with JIT, the organization can invest funds other opportunities and business development. Apple will additionally have less probability of throwing items that expire or get old. This means waste will be reduced (Thomas, 2013).


Quantitative Forecasting method

Market Growth: While it is impossible for…. [read more]

Digital Reach Research Paper

… Transcript Analysis

Digital Reach: A Case study of the Nokia Corporation

The unprecedented rise of the internet as the novel landscape of global interactions has brought about a new world order. From a business perspective, engaging users across social networks has become inevitable as the world gradually transforms into a small ICT village. Companies are gradually ditching the hitherto traditional marketing strategies as they seek to woo customers online. The transition into online marketing is a very effective resolution for Nokia since it helps the company to mobilize its economic resources to underpin radical changes in the current landscape of global cell phone market. Overall, Nokia's global outreach is especially impressive; they have traversed the digital revolution through subtle online marketing strategies geared towards creating…. [read more]

International Strategic Management Project Assessment

… International Strategic Management Project

Overview of Samsung Electronics

Samsung initially started as a trade corporation whose core business was imports and later exports back in the mid-70's. Samsung started trading in electronics through mass production emphasis; follow the leader strategy; support from government and reliance on foreign technology Kugot and Zander U (1993)

At the onset, Samsung Electronics used a strategy of imitating its competitor's with an aim to become an integrated vertically as an electronic firm. Samsung electronics displays a firm's ability to dynamically interact with production networks internationally. This was necessitated for technology and marketing needs serving as a bench mark for the corporation's growth Barney J.B. And Hesely W.S (2008)

. To further be able to meet it desire for international operations,…. [read more]

concise Analysis of Samsung and their incredible exploding phone Term Paper

… More regrettably, the negative brand image may affect other products manufactured by the company such as televisions, computers, and refrigerators. Consumers may start viewing these products negatively, further affecting sales. More fundamentally, in an attempt to retain customers, Samsung may adjust its pricing strategies. The company may elect to sacrifice profit for some time so as to keep customers. It will also take a great deal of public relations for the company to convince customers to buy its smartphones again.

Part 3: Restoring Brand Image

Samsung is certainly not the first company or entity to undergo a brand image crisis. In the past, individuals and organizations with a high brand value have been in a similar nightmare. Some have managed to overcome the nightmare, while…. [read more]

External Supply Chain Analysis Essay

… LG Supply Chain & Sustainability

LG, a South Korean technology conglomerate that is known mostly for its presence of behemoth proportions in the LED and OLED television market along with its direct competitor Samsung, is world-renowned for its slick products, enhanced market presence and global reputation for its supply chain and sustainability initiatives and processes. There are a number of ways in television manufacturers can streamline its manufacturing and supply chain operations in the name of both cost saving and fiscal efficiency and LG sets the benchmark for all of the above. LG's financials have not been completely rosy as of late given that its mobile section is struggling a bit but its television sector is extremely strong (CNet, 2012).

Product Description & Updates

Televisions…. [read more]

Secondary Market Information a Market Analysis Report Term Paper

… Secondary Market Information - a Market Analysis Report

& 2) Description of the product and market share

Semiconductor industry is the collection of the companies involved in "design and fabrication of semiconductor devices," with the total market share estimated at $235 billion in the year of 2005 which is increase by almost 7% from the total revenues received from the companies in this industry in the fiscal year of 2004. Due to the nature of the product sold in the industry, the life cycle of the industry is very volatile. The industry has four main sectors: microprocessors, memory, commodity integrated circuit, complex system on a chip.

Primary customers (target market)

Though the semiconductor industry is very volatile, each of the segments is dominated by one…. [read more]

Quantum Corporation Case Analysis Thesis

… Quantum Corporation Case Analysis

Current Situation a. Past Corporate Performance

According to Quantum's "Corporate Backgrounder" Web page (2008), the Corporation was founded in 1980, since which it has become the leading storage company offering services such as backup, recovery, and archive computer functions. In August 2006, the company became the largest independent supplier of its type of solutions by acquiring the Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC). Because of its focus on limited number of services, the company has been able to develop a leading level of expertise in the fields of backup, recovery and archive solutions.

Quantum's service is very relevant for the rapidly evolving technological world of today. Its expert personnel continually update their skills and knowledge in order to help customers find the…. [read more]

Sound Technologies and Sound Design Thesis

… The synchronization of sound films was experimented during 1912 to 1914. These developments underlined the importance of technology and innovation in coming years of film industry. The history of film music also does not provide a coherent record of its developments as Lumiere brothers are also reported as introducing their film with music in 1895. However the confirmation of such records is a trivial task due to unclear documentation.

Phonographic sound and films were among the early films with music. It is also stated that a number of cinemas in Europe were dedicated for phonographic sounds. The introduction of phonographic and these cinemas throughout the world have influenced sound and music in films. It is reported that these cinemas showcased short films with operatic performances.…. [read more]

Google Introduction and Description Essay

… Thus, companies are not going to face a choice between advertising with Google and advertising with a television network or newspaper; they will only choose between Google and one of its competitors.

The intensity of rivalry in the online advertising space is high. There are only a handful of major competitors -- Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft and Baidu. There are significant stakes between these companies. Yahoo has faced the threat of Google for more than a decade and remains locked in an intense battle. Microsoft sees Google's business as an opportunity for it to grow. Google and Baidu have considerable direct corporate rivalry over the search business in China.

Overall, the five forces reveal that Google's industry attractiveness is only moderate. Intense competition and high…. [read more]

Starting a New Smartphone Company - Breakeven Analysis Research Paper

… Smartphone Start-Up

This paper examines the possibility of a new smartphone start-up company. The focus is on understanding the dynamics of the industry, because it is from that understanding that the company can derive strategy. Then, an analysis will be required to understand whether the company will be profitable, or more specifically what it will take to be profitable, and whether that is feasible or not. It is determined through the course of analysis that profitability is possible, though it will be difficult, due to the changing nature of the industry. Key growth markets are entering maturity, something that has resulted in a more challenging environment for a start-up than any other company that has a significant share in the market today. However, there are…. [read more]

Blackberry Playbook: Critical Evaluation Term Paper

… The screen resolution and size of the display is essentially designed to provide adequate support for business professionals. The target market of the product is also facilitated through the presence of front and rear cameras enabling the users to communicate effectively using the product.

Nature of Product:

The products are segregated in two major categories including consumer and industrial products. The product is targeted to provide value for consumers. The industrial products have a large scale usage in business manufacturing and operations. However the dual nature of the product and increased tilt towards a consumer product for business and professional users enables it to be categorized as a consumer product. The nature of the consumer products is subcategorized as convenience, shopping, specialty, or unsought products.…. [read more]

Dell Computer 2004 Term Paper

… Dell

Current Situation

Goals Objectives, Policies and Strategies


Maintained No. 1 position in the computer hardware industry

Introduction and sell of 2 million printers

Increased Revenues

Increased Year over Year Shipments


Decline in revenue growth

Decrease in Investment Income


Increasing the company's presence in existing markets

Entering new markets,

Pursuing additional product and service opportunities

Threats price wars (competition)

Inability to handle product transitions risks associated with doing business abroad

Instability in the infrastructure




Evaluation and Control

Current Situation

Historical Background

Dell Inc. is the leading manufacturer in the computer hardware industry. The company specializes in the development, design, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of an expansive product line built according to customer requirements ("Full Company Description"). These products include…. [read more]

Amazon vs. Ebay Essay

… In short, the author of this paper would offer that the federal government is the only entity that can resolve the tax spats because they're the only government body that has the proper level of jurisdiction and patent laws in general should really be looked at. Protecting the inventions and innovation of a person (or company) is fine but any fallout from a patent spat (like the current one between Apple and Samsung) has to be based on common sense and what/who was truly harmed.

Financial Analysis

In looking at financial statements, both Amazon and eBay have both been doing quite well over the last three full years. However, while revenues for both are obviously and massively expanding, Amazon is doing far better. Between 2009…. [read more]

Marketing Research: Apples' Products and Brands Case Study

… The threat to restricting customer options is that it could jeopardize if this technique carries on too long. Therefore, Apple Company could possibly box itself into a corner if they modify strategy too late to match clients (Deidu, 2012).


Apple Company is a relative newbie in the electronic consumables industry. Nevertheless, via advancement and courageous experimentation, they have completely changed the field. They still appear to be somewhat established in their old strategy as a PC hardware and software producer and also appear to be somewhat hesitant to modify their business methods, this could be a prospective drawback. This technique has so far been effective in the last several years as their consumer electronics have grown, but as technology continues modifying, they could easily…. [read more]

Best Buy Thesis

… Best Buy SWOT Analysis

Best Buy is one of the world's largest and most diversified retailers of home office products, consumer electronics, and entertainment software with $45B Annual Revenue as of the close of their latest fiscal year on February 28, 2009. Best Buy is a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and trades under the symbol BBY. The company competes in the Retail, Appliances and Electrical industry as defined by SIC Code 5731 and NAIC code 443112. Table 1, Best Buy Income Statement Analysis provides insights into their financial structure and five-year employment history. Today the company employs approximately 155,000 employees in 49 states, in addition to Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia and selected Canadian provinces. The Canadian provinces Best…. [read more]

Marketing Management SWOT Analysis for Apple Brand SWOT

… Apple has designed a new, mobile game console that it will market under the iPad brand, as iPad Game. This device will appeal to two main gaming demographics -- younger consumers for whom the purchase is a moderately involved one and older consumers for whom the purchase is a high involvement one. The latter demographic has more disposable income, the former is more impressionable with respect to Apple's branding. There are no significant differences with respect to gender or education within either target market.

The launch strategy will focus on saturation marketing and a strong brand emphasis. There is a major threat from the existing competitors within the industry, but Apple can counteract that with high levels of advertising expenditure and its powerful brand appeal.…. [read more]

Marketing -- Distribution Marketing Plan

… 2. Goal: To increase market share of Galaxy Mini S sales by 5% in the United States over the next year:

(a) Objective: increase within 3 months production of the product by 7%;

(b) Objective: Distribute within the next 5 months additional 5% of product to U.S. distributors, retaining additional 2% for internet sales.

(c) Objective: Achieve within the next 6 months product placement in gift collections for every major Holiday;

(d) Objective: Develop Summer sales promotions to target market of early adopters or "innovators" who use smartphones in the 10 largest U.S. cities.

(e) Objective: Enhance within the next 3 months web presence and social networking through ad/coupon placements to target market and distant customers.

(f) Objective: Develop and place within 6 months new…. [read more]

Nokia N95 Cell Phone Marketing Plan Term Paper

… Nokia N95 Cell Phone Marketing Plan

This is a marketing plan for the introduction of the Nokia N95 Cell Phone. A serious entry into the burgeoning field of PDA's, or Personal Digital Assistants, the N95 includes all of the tools which are necessary to be competitive with the leaders in this segment of the market, including sync with PC's, GPS for localization and direction finding, and a series of other features which are necessary to the business user.

The N95 is meant to compete with PDA and messaging manufacturers, such as BlackBerry, Palm Treo Series, HP, Samsung and a series of other manufacturers who have been producing PDA's and adding phone characteristics. New entrants to this market segment include heavyweights Apple and Microsoft. Apple's direction…. [read more]

South Korean & German Trade Show Industry Dissertation

… Trade Show Industry in Germany and South Korea

Trade as Marketing and Communication

Area of Study

Study Components

The History of Trade

History of Trade Shows

Patterns of Trade Shows

Marketing Theories

Trade Shows and Market Entry

Development of the Trade Show Industry

Contributions of the Trade Show Industry

Marketing Processes in the Trade Show Industry

Marketing Planning and Tactical Considerations in the Trade Show Industry

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research

Data Analysis Plan


Market Structures and the Pricing Research Paper

… This market structure is also influenced by some important factors from the external environment, including political, governmental, social and demographic, economic and technological forces. Due to an extremely stiff competition in the industry, the top industry rivals (the oligopoly participants) have to use expensive advertisements and marketing campaigns in order to attract the customers towards their products. The competition also requires them to expend a large portion of their budget on Research and Development section which helps them in manufacturing innovative products according to the requirements of the customers (McConnell, Brue, & Flynn, 2009).

Pricing Strategies in different Market Structures

The competitors in each type of market structures use different pricing strategies which are either determined by the supply and demand forces or by their…. [read more]

Vrine Model Term Paper

… Similarly, its competitors can leave it behind in the competition if it will not focus on Research and Development and promotional efforts. Therefore, it is vital for Apple Inc. To keep an eye on the competitors' strategies and market uncertainties in order to exploit its resources and capabilities in the most effective and competitive fashion (Cadle, Paul, & Turner, 2010).


VRINE Model analyzes a company's resources and capabilities that can give it a competitive advantage in its industry and make it stand out among its industry rivals. Apple Inc. is considered as the most innovative and competitive firm in the Global IT and Consumer Electronics industry. Its top products are its competitive strengths which have made it the number one IT giant in the…. [read more]

Mobile Phone Industry Is Growing Essay

… Mobile phone industry is growing, but most of that growth is the result of gains in smartphones. Traditional phones are seeing slowing growth and increasing commoditization as evidenced by lower selling prices per unit. The current market leaders are those focused on traditional phones, but they are losing share rapidly to those focused on smartphones. It is predicted that smartphones will supplant traditional mobile phones, leading to the conclusion that any company serious about maintaining a presence in mobile phones should focus on building out a portfolio of smartphones (RIM) and adopting a penetration strategy (Nokia). Firms that choose to remain in traditional firms will need to adopt a cost leadership strategy (Huawei).

Situation Analysis

The cell phone industry has revolutionized global telecommunications. The handset…. [read more]

International Finance the Three Companies Term Paper

… Foreign exchange rate risk with Sony is therefore low.

There is some measure of economic risk, however. Though Japan is a wealthy and stable country, it is in an interesting macroeconomic position, which gives rise to some financial risk. The overnight rate is 0.1%, and the bank rate in Japan has basically been at zero for almost all of the last fifteen years (Global, 2014). This means that the central bank has limited flexibility to deal with recessions and spur economic growth through conventional monetary policy. As a result, Japan may well be more susceptible to economic downturn, particularly in Asia, than just about any other country. The long-run economic sluggishness has also put the Japanese banking system in a precarious position, something that…. [read more]

Apple iPhone Company) Essay

… This is an expression and illustration of differentiation of innovations thus effective and efficient control of the cost, resources, and stability. Apple Company applies familiar engineering design and disciplines for the purposes of reviewing and schedules. This is vital for the realization of competitive advantage within the market without compromising the experience of the consumer for time and cost. Apple Company also aligns its marketing strategies to their consumers rather than Wall Street or stakeholders within the market or industry of operation. In normal circumstances, organizations, at the heart of their size and success usually focus on the needs of stakeholders needs that might prove harmful to their needs and objectives. Apple Company focuses on the realization of the goals and objectives without compromising the…. [read more]

International Business Essay

… A good example of this can be seen with their partnership with Gallant Precision Machining. As, the company formed this alliance to: provide support and distribution services for the products that they are selling in areas such as Latin America as well as Europe. This helped Acer to be able to maintain their low cost structure and effectively market their different products / services in these areas. While, allowing their partners to deal with issues (such as: repair and support) for their products. Over the course of time, this approach helped the company to establish transnational links around the globe. (Acer 2007)

As far as Hyundai is concerned, they have been concentrating on establishing these different connections within the organization itself. What they have been…. [read more]

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