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Comparison in Comparative Politics Term Paper

… Comparison in Comparative Politics

Comparative politics seek to find the similarities and differences
between different countries in order to help explain the cause and effects
of political actions. In this way, even studies of comparisons covering
vastly different topics can have much in common. Peter Uvin, in his 1999
article "Ethnicity and Power in Burundi and Rwanda: Different Paths to Mass
Violence" seeks an explanation to ethnic violence in Burundi and Rwanda and
how Burundi and Rwanda reached their level of violence resulting from
politics. On an entirely different subject, in 2005, Michael McFaul in
"Transitions from Postcommunism," looks for the common factors that will
lead to a transition from authoritarianism to democracy. In comparing the
post communist regimes, he uses Serbia, Ukraine, and Georgia…. [read more]

Politics of the Common Good Essay

… Since the Republican version of capitalist economics has been dominant since the 1970s and 1980s, inequality has certainly increased greatly in the United States, far more so than in any other Western nation. In this, the U.S. is exceptional compared to Canada, France, Germany or other nations in that its social and economic structure has more in common with Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan and other developing countries. Given the weakness of organized labor and the Republican's skill at exploiting race and religion to attract voters, the situation has become absolutely disastrous for the working class and even the shrinking middle class. These less favored groups have only a very weak and timid Democratic Party to defend their interests, and it often takes money from the very…. [read more]

Politics Has Never Reached Essay

… [3: (Adamson)]

For example, much of the activity in the Middle East that is ongoing is Western ideas intervening in various forms. The human race faces two challenges that have the potential to wipe the human species from the face of the planet. One deals with the planets finite amount of natural resources and ecological balance and the other deals with international relations and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. It was said a few years ago that if the human race is wiped out in the next 50 years it will not be because of disease or an asteroid hitting the earth, but because of foreign policy and international relations[footnoteRef:4]. [4: (Sheehan and Brocklehurst)]

If history is a lesson, then we can expect…. [read more]

Politics Essay

… References

Marsh, David and Stoker, Gerry (eds), Theory and Methods in Political

Science (London, Macmillan, 2002). Introduction and Chapter 1.

Schwarzmantel, J., The State in Contemporary Society (Harvester, 1994). Chapter 1.


This paper examines the political philosophies of elitism and Marxism. The concepts associated with both philosophies are explored in-depth. The applications of both theories are also explored in-depth. Finally, the differences in the idea of political dominion that exist within these two philosophies are explored in-depth.

Elitism and Marxism: The Differences in their Explanations of Political Dominion

Elitism and Marxism are two political philosophies that are diametrically opposed to one another. While Marxism promotes the rule and control of the people at large, elitism focuses on how real political authority is only held…. [read more]

Nations and Nationalism Exist: Comparison Essay

… This is true most clearly in nations located in the Middle East. Language is held in the work of Laitin and Geertz to be of primary importance in the determination of a nation however, the national language is reported in the work of Hobsbawn to be a "pragmatic matter and still less a dispassionate one, as is show by the reluctance to recognize them as constructs, by historicizing, and inventing traditions for them." (1990) It is noted however, that language for some is viewed as the nation's soul and in some cases is a prerequisite for nationality.

Geertz writes that in new nation states that the new states

"are abnormally susceptible to serious disaffection based on primordial attachments. By a primordial attachment is meant one…. [read more]

Politics Term Paper

… From 1979 through 1988, Ecuador staggered through a succession of executive-legislative confrontations that created a near permanent crisis atmosphere in the polity. In 1984, President Leon Febres-Cordero tried to physically bar new Congressionally-appointed Supreme Court appointees from taking their seats. "Parliamentary government avoids the problems associated with presidentialism since it mandates a degree of cooperation between the executive and legislature if either are to remain in office, and it also allows for a change in leadership without precipitating a crisis of state."

Presidential systems are said by critics not to offer voters the kind of accountability seen in parliamentary systems. It is easy for either the president or Congress to escape blame by blaming the other. Describing the United States, former Treasury Secretary C. Douglas…. [read more]

Politics Notions of Modern Democracy Term Paper

… A pure democracy must be small, and often the majority can be just as tyrannical as a minority.

Thus, America has formulated a conception of minority rights. Even members of unpopular minorities have rights cannot be impinged upon by all of the majority's concerns.

Even today, America's own representative system has received criticism from other country's interpreters of the democratic political concept. America's political environment takes the form, by and large, of a two-party structure. Within European Parliamentary systems in Italy, Germany and France, and also in nations such as Israel, diverse political interests are represented by the voices many political parties. This creates an unstable political environment, but conceptually allows a greater influx of ideas into the political public discourse. Is this more democratic?…. [read more]

Politics the Central Theme of the Movie Term Paper

… Politics

The central theme of the movie "Lord of war" and the documentary "The fog of war: eleven lessons from the life of Robert S. McNamara," is human nature during war and the need for power in general, and over other countries.

The documentary "Fog of War," directed by Errol Morris, evolves around a very controversial man, Robert McNamara, secretary of Defense in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, who subsequently became president of the World Bank. The documentary combines an interview with McNamara with archival footage, documents, and an original score by Philip Glass.

McNamara discusses his experiences and shares some lessons he learned during his tenure as secretary of defense. He talks about his work as a bombing statistician during World War II, his…. [read more]

Politics, Literature and the Arts Term Paper

… Structurally, there is a similarity between Camus' play and Kafka's and Lang's films as well. It too is propelled by a transformation, but not by an ordinary worker, but by the tyrannical protagonist and Roman emperor. The transformation in Caligula occurs during the dictator's disappearance after his beloved Drusilla's death, and this transformation transforms the play as society, after Caligula's return and the becomes increasingly oppressive. However, rather than a revelation of truth, Camus shows a man who experiences a transformation of madness, and in a totalitarian world, a transformation of madness in the dictator and protagonist affects the entire world. Caligula's madness affects those who surround him, but in a controlling fashion rather than in a passive fashion as in Gregor. Still, both Camus…. [read more]

Spartan and Athenian Constitutional Essay

… The archons were selected by the Boule that ruled the state (Durant 1997).


The Spartan military state was under the leadership of an oligarchy. It had an established government that led to political stagnation. A duel monarchy was at the crown of the pecking arrangement, followed by a council of 2 kings and 28 dignified members of the aristocracy. All these noblmen were retired military officers aged over 60. In contrast, Athens had a democratic system that was ruled by its citizens. The executive and administrative control was in the hands of a Council whose members were chosen on an annual basis by the lot. Any male citizen over 30 years of age was eligible for the nomination. An Assembly that consisted only of…. [read more]

Corruption Anti Dissertation

… This is used more in a medical sense, but it lends itself to the discussion at hand because the people who become corrupted were not always that way (as would be the case with a genetic predisposition to corruption), but they became corrupted because of the atmosphere in which they lived. This means that the political atmosphere in which Tsang and Tang found themselves allowed the corrupting influence, rather than there being some corrupting gene which they inherited. This is important because the corruption that happens often seems to be a character flaw that is natural to the person. The truth is that many people who might otherwise have been honest and straight forward their entire lives, somehow fall into situations that foster corrupt behavior.…. [read more]

Power, Interdependence, and Nonstate Actors Research Paper

… Power, Interdependence, And Nonstate Actors in World Politics

Power, Interdependence, and Non-state Actors in World Politics

In the late 1970s, new approaches emerged concerning international relations. Although the constituents of the new approaches appear in numerous literatures, several political scholars combined the themes in the various literatures to develop a competitor to realism, which later led to the formulation of neo-realism. This model was first discussed in Power and Interdependence; however, this approach is currently popular and referred to as neo-liberal institutionalism. After three decades since Power and Interdependence, numerous studies suggest that this new model has gained significant international relations. On the other hand, After Hegemony, which is core to the neo-liberal model, provided the most compelling theoretical support for the existences and role…. [read more]

Tom Shulich ("Coltishhum") a Comparative Chapter

… 40).

Thus, from the perspective of the bottom rung of Indian society, it is Lapierre's contention that the self/other dichotomy if not fully eradicated, at least becomes practically irrelevant. Lapierre's slum dwellers refuse to entertain invidious distinctions between self and other. The familiar as well as the stranger, the healthy and the diseased, the old and the young -- all are taken in and cared for in one big, harmonious community of the urban poor. In a society of unfortunates who all must struggle simply to survive against great odds, no one is rejected "marginal." The denizens of Calcutta's slums, Lapierre tells us, "had reconstructed the life of their villages in urban exile" (p. 41).

Stephan Kovalski, an expatriate Polish priest, is the main European…. [read more]

Cass Sustein's Politics Term Paper

… He describes journalism as a continuing course in adult education.

Moyers was one of the journalists to uncover the Iran/contra scandal, and also the Democrats unbridled and illegal fundraising in 1996. He argues that he lost underwriters through his covering of such stories, and describes how he found that he could not propose controversial subjects to underwriters, for fear that they would not cover him. Then he describes how The Mutual of America agreed to support his journalism, so that he could begin to uncover 'tricky' subjects through his writing.

He then moves on to a discussion of his own politics, agreeing with Roosevelt's thoughts, that the central fact of his era was that economic power had become so centralized and dominant that it could…. [read more]

Politics - Country Case Study

… In spite of Brazil's series of crises, bloodshed was generally absent from the country's recent history. Whether it was ruled by a monarchy, a military junta, or a democracy, the country managed to get over its dark days rapidly and with as little damage as possible. Decentralization primarily happened because military leaders started to depend on local administrators and acknowledged that it was important for them to cooperate. It was all about power at a municipal level in the 1980s and 1990s, with most influential individuals in Brazil being aware that they had to collaborate with locals in order to achieve success in their enterprises.

Excessive inflation is one of the most important factors that needed to be addressed in the recent years in Brazil.…. [read more]

Comparing Donald Trump to George Bush Essay

And it appears that the main reason for this reverence is that the current president appears to have such a different character. Trump has shown his willingness to be combative, to engage the opposition party at every turn and cast himself as one who will fight tooth and nail against those who are not with him. Bush, on the other hand, worked with Democrats in Congress and was always considered a basic, old school kind of decent guy. It was his reputation that largely led to his son George W. Bush winning the White House 8 years after his father’s loss to Clinton. People contrasted the memory of Bush I with the scandal-ridden presidency of Clinton and viewed Bush II as a chip…. [read more]

Cuban Politics Term Paper

… Cuban Politics

Cuba is considered to be one of the most important countries in Latin America and one of the most interesting study cases for global politics. It represents a bastion of communist rule, on the one hand. However, taking into account Fidel Castro's political approach on the rule of the country, it can be said that the regime in Havana implemented throughout the decades a tailored communist approach; more precisely, it used the basic Marxist theories and adapted them to the specificities of the country. However, recent developments in the country have raised the question over the possible future of the state and the direction Cuban politics will adopt.

It is an interesting case study because it entangles various perspectives on international politics such…. [read more]

Politics in "The New War Research Paper

… " Invoking Reagan is a definite sign of the fiscally conservative stance embraced in this article. Similarly, the author states, "even cities with liberal leadership benefit from statewide policies that increase incentives for job creation." Thus, the primary area of concern for Fund (2014) is not social conservativism but fiscal conservativism. Fund (2014) makes a point to pick on labor unions and corresponding political support for them, linking unions to liberalism. The core political issue in the article is economic policy, with the conservative platform of small government and little to no taxes being championed over the typically liberal platform of higher taxes that are theoretically channeled into public infrastructure. Interestingly, the author makes no mention of how public infrastructure, including services related to transportation…. [read more]

Economic Democracy Comparing and Contrast Term Paper

… Economic Democracy Comparing and Contrast

Democracy is a much desired form of government in today's society,
and thus there is considerable debate on how to achieve the utmost level of
democracy. Particularly important to democracy is the economy, because the
political economy and the functioning of the economic aspects of a country
are influenced heavily by government and also influence government. The
relationship between democracy and the economy therefore needs to be
studied. In Economic Democracy, by Robert Dahl the potential of democracy
is argued: "Is it not reasonable to think that democratic leadership will
go further in helping to achieve that potential than authoritarian
leadership can ever do?" he writes showing that democratic leadership will
help the economy and therefore democracy is beneficial to…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast Books Term Paper

… ¶ … Donald Spivey's Schooling for a New Slavery: Black Industrial Education, 1868-1915 and Ellen Schrecker's the Age of McCarthyism: A Brief History with Documents function as cultural critiques of apparently benevolent ideologies that harmed rather than helped the Americans they were designed to protect. Donald Spivey tells the tale of the attempt by White philanthropists to educate African-Americans after the end of slavery. These attempts only reinforced societal notions of Black Americans as an inferior class of persons. Ellen Schrecker examines the U.S. government's desire to eradicate foreign, anti-democratic influences from state department and American society in a manner that curtailed free speech at home. The results of these efforts were, respectively, paternalism and McCarthyism -- and an overall inhibition of the freedoms they…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast of Democracy From the Viewpoints of Pericles Plato and Aristotle Term Paper

… Democracy

The classical features of Greek democratic tradition was an emphasis on disbursing political power among all citizens, and the participation of all citizens was seen as essential both to the well-being of the state and the citizen himself. This tradition is embodied in aspects of the political philosophies of Plato and Aristotle, as will be indicated in an exploration of certain of the themes that recur in Greek political philosophy, such as the question of justice and the nature and meaning of citizenship. Democracy was more immediate and direct in the Greek context, with the relatively smaller population better able to meet to debate and decide issues and so to have a clearer tie to the democratic process. As Lakoff (1996) writes,

The Athenians,…. [read more]

Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill Research Paper

… In the 1920's, Einstein also took upon the construction of the unified field of theories, although he continued to work on the probabilistic interpretation of quantum theory, and he persevered with this work in America. He contributed to statistical mechanics by his development of the quantum theory of a monatomic gas and he has also accomplished valuable work in connection with atomic transition probabilities and relativistic cosmology (Paul. 1996).

Albert Einstein was a receiver of many honorary doctorate degrees in science, medicine and philosophy, from many recognized universities of Europe and America. The 1920's and 30's he gave many lectures in Europe, America and the Far East and was awarded fellowship and membership is almost all the universities he visited. He received awards for his…. [read more]

Comparative Politics and Government Term Paper

… Political Science

Government in Canada and the United States

The purpose of this paper is to introduce and analyze the topic of political science in America. Specifically, it will compare and contrast three major branches of government and politics in the United States with Canada's government and politics. Both democracies, Canada and the United States have many governmental branches and policies in common. However, there are key differences, including Canada's legislative branch, their prime minister, and their social services. The United States government could learn some important lessons from Canadian practices, including their health insurance and role in world politics. Government has grown from the three main branches, executive, judicial, and legislative in this country, to become a complex and convoluted morass of agencies, public…. [read more]

Economics Politics Trade Term Paper

… Economics, Politics, Trade

Geopolitical base


Political Systems

Monetary, trade and economic backgrounds



Economics, Politics, Trade

This paper shall be a comparison of two countries of the world-one which is a developed country and another developing country. The developed country chosen for the study is Germany and the developing country is Peru. The paper shall deal with the geopolitical base and the Monetary, trade and economic backgrounds of the two countries.

Geopolitical base


Germany occupies 356,959 square kilometers. It is the sixth biggest country in Europe with Alps in the south and extending 853 kilometers from Denmark as its northern border. Germany measures roughly 650 kilometers from the Belgian-German border in the west to the Polish frontier in the east. The province…. [read more]

Comparative History of Huey P. Long and Maurice Duplessis Thesis

… ¶ … History of Huey P. Long and Maurice Duplessis

The political quest for power can take many forms. Leaders use certain tools to gain power. However, different leaders use similar tools differently. Leaders must often choose whether they are for the people or for the establishment. Big, business and large institutions are considered to be in opposition to the people. Although many have attempted to seek a balance of power between these two entities, a true partnership between the establishment and the common people is yet to be achieved. It appears that taking power from one means giving power to the other. Politicians are forced to choose sides under the current social arrangement between big business and the general population.

To explore this issue…. [read more]

How Is the Politics of Difference in Nursing Socially Constructed and Maintained? Essay

… ¶ … Politics of Difference in Nursing Socially Constructed and Maintained

The politics of difference and nursing

The significance of the politics of difference

The issue of diversity and the 'politics of difference' have assumed an important and compelling part of modern discourse in many fields and disciplines. This interrogation of difference extends along the axis of culture, ethnicity, gender, race and many other trajectories of diversity in modern society. As Colleen Varcoe (2004) states;

Diversity is a broad yet powerful idea that encompasses the ideas of difference and complexity. Multiple forms of diversity are important in nursing and health care, yet it is often only "cultural" diversity that comes to mind and commands attention. (Varcoe, 2004)

Vaecoe makes the important point germane to any…. [read more]

Milton and Shakespeare When Comparing Research Paper

… When comparing these works and characters in general then, one might draw various parallels between the four main characters. God and Caesar function as the dictatorial rulers who are not open to any sort of negotiation. Their rulership is of such a nature as to dictate specific rules or changes in an absolutely inflexible way. Brutus and Satan both choose to give up their positions of privilege and admiration to take what they believe to be the more desirable course of action, even while it gains them no public popularity.


In conclusion, it is clear that Milton had significant admiration for Shakespeare. In terms of his epitaph to the playwright and poet, he follows the conventions of epitaph literature at the time to indicate…. [read more]

Comparative Politics of Latin America Essay

… Military Rule: Shaping Politics and Economics in Latin American Democracies

In their theoretical overview Juan J. Linz and Alfred Stepan go to some lengths to point to the differences between mere liberalization and actual democratization. Clearly liberalization is a good first step towards democracy albeit liberalization is just the beginning of the transition towards a full democratic state. Liberalization can mean a tweaking of policies by the ruling government; it could mean releasing political prisoners just to show good faith, or it could mean being more tolerant of protests against the government. Full democratic governance though must go well past the "electoralist fallacy" (Linz, et al., 1996, p. 4), where perhaps some democratic policies are instituted -- for example, voting is permitted -- but the…. [read more]

German Political System Term Paper

… Politics

German Government

The German Bundestag is the lower house of the legislature in Germany, and many think it is the center of German government. It is a group made up of representatives elected by the people. The type of work that takes place there is both legislative and leadership based. The group is where bills are introduced in the legislative process. They are voted on by the Bundestag, read, commented on and studied, revised, and then if passed, given to the Bundesrat, so the Bundestag is responsible for most of the legislative process, and they can veto (not pass) a bill, too. The Lander is more closely related to the Bundesrat because that is how the Lander goes through the government and legislative process,…. [read more]

Indigenous Populations in Republican Rome Essay

… Nonetheless, the record of Roman Republic seems to be less tarnished with coercive steps as compared to the colonial masters of four centuries prior to the 20th century.


The Roman Republic during the period 500 BCE-31 BCE underwent many changes in its borders and considerable expansion by the empire left much indigenous population to come under Roman Empire's rule. The issue of granting citizenship rights to the subjects was important for the Roman governors having the responsibility of running government. There was considerable difference of status that was granted to citizens based on their origin and birth. The main attributes of citizenship and being a full or partial citizen were main aspects that changed the Roman rulers.

There remained striking similarities and differences how…. [read more]

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