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Old Testament Genesis Essay

… 10. Genesis 24: Isaac takes a wife Rebecca.

11. Genesis 25: Rebecca gives birth to two children, Esau and Jacob in Genesis 25. Esau, described as a 'hairy' or wild man, is favored by Isaac but not by his mother.

12. Genesis 27: Rebecca arranges to deceive her husband so that the old, blind Isaac will bless her favorite Jacob rather than his brother. She arranges for Jacob to put on a hairy cloak, so that Isaac will mistake the boy for his younger brother in Genesis 27.

13. Genesis 29: Jacob's youngest son Joseph is hated by his brothers because he is his father's favorite. Joseph is sold into slavery into Egypt in a manner that prefigures the selling into slavery of the entire…. [read more]

Old Testament by Elemer L Book Review

… However, attempting to portray people in the Old Testament as ordinary people and actually accomplishing this feat are two different things, and the degree of efficacy that Towns' produces in his undertaking is somewhat questionable. The very nature of the Old Testament and the people depicted in it is considerably at variance with most people of the present time. One only needs to look at the lifespan of many Old Testament people, who routinely lived hundreds of years or at least past the age of 100, to note some very key distinctions between such subjects and the regular people who populate the earth today. Moreover, some of the feats accomplished by the Old Testament personages are almost ineffable and beyond the comprehension of many of…. [read more]

Jesus Through the Old Testament Book Review

… Quite simply, it is impossible to extract the influence of the Old Testament to the people in and the writings presented within the New Testament -- which is Wright's whole point.

Despite this convincing evidence and the sound methodology of the author, this book does contain a few drawbacks which inadvertently negatively impact the efficacy of Wright's overall delivery of his message. Like several learned authors he has the tendency to maunder a bit instead of conveying information as lucidly and expediently as possible. Despite his dedication to synthesizing the Old with the New Testament, there are also points in the book that simply consist of multiple elongated passages of Old Testament scriptures. Additionally, when underscoring the value of Old Testament covenants in relationship to…. [read more]

covenant old testament relationship god humanity Term Paper

… However, God essentially raises the stakes with Abraham, demanding faith in addition to righteous action (Padfield, 2018). 'Abram believed the'Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness,' (Genesis 15:6). Thus, the covenant with Abraham offers a new feature of the redemptive power of God; human beings must take action but their faith is a prerequisite for salvation. God also offers specific concessions to Abraham and his descendants through this covenant, specifically in response to Abraham's need for land (Barrick, 2007). While the substantive content of the Abrahamic covenant centers on the necessity of faith and commitment to God, God also demonstrates redemptive power through the fulfillment of worldly needs.
One of the most remarkable Old Testament examples of a covenant between God and humanity…. [read more]

Old Testament Berit, Typically Translated Into English Essay

… Old Testament

Berit, typically translated into English as "covenant," "promise," or "pledge," is a Hebrew term that takes on far more than literally meaning within the Bible. Politically, it is a relationship between peoples, a way to describe that a level of responsibility is owed to a group from an entity (King, ruler, group, etc.) based on fealty, loyalty, and an agreement. Biblically, it is a way to describe that God chose the Jewish people through a covenant with Abraham. In that, Abraham and his offspring were special people who could have a land of their own and enjoy peace and good will through their own promise of relationship with God. The people must, in this example, give a pledge that Yahweh is the one…. [read more]

Old Testament Summary Genesis Research Proposal

… Old Testament Summary

Genesis: Genesis is a historical narrative/creation myth concerning the history of the world from its creation to the arrival of the Hebrews in Egypt (Fee & Douglas, 1993). Adam and Eve eat from the tree of knowledge against God's will and are banished from the Garden of Eden. Mankind grows evil and God sends a flood; only Noah and his family are spared. God makes a covenant with Abraham, and Jacob eventually leads the Hebrews to Egypt.

Exodus: After suffering many generations enslaved by the Egyptians, Moses leads the Hebrews out of Egypt. Pharaoh and the Egyptians suffer the ten plagues before this is accomplished. Part narrative and part law, this book also deals with the receiving of the Ten Commandments and…. [read more]

Paul's Use of the Old Research Paper

… Malachi 1.2-3

Paul used this Old Testament account because he wanted the Jewish community to understand that it needed to return to covenant faithfulness. Malachi emphasized that the Jewish community had a tendency to question God's love for them and this violated the very tradition that it was built on. Paul considered that it was essential for Jews to understand that their community has put across sinful and blasphemous attitudes with regard to the Lord. He expected that by acknowledging that they were arrogant and disrespectful they would eventually be enabled to change their position.


The Old Testament played an important role in the development of the Early Church. It supported the belief that Jesus was the Messiah and that some of the most…. [read more]

Christopher Wright's Book in Contemporary Term Paper

… From a theological perspective, it appears that he is convinced of Christ's divinity and specialness and that it is simply through his purpose of evangelism that he chooses to emphasize the impact of the Old Testament on him.

Another fairly important work of literature that discusses the Old Testament's influence on Jesus is authored by Michael Rydelnik 6. There are definite similarities between this piece by Rydelnik and Wright's, in that they both stress the importance of the continuity involved in the Old Testament and its effect upon Christ. Although Wright's work is more comprehensive that Rydelnik's, it is noteworthy that both emphasize the Hebrew tradition from which Christianity and Jesus descended from. Ultimately, it is this tradition that is perhaps most relevant to contemporary…. [read more]

Salvation in the Old Essay

… Most of the differences in the definition of faith and salvation are outlined in the thought of Dispensationalim. This ideology tends to posit that there actually multiple methods of salvation that are discussed in difference from the Old Testament to the New Testament. Such ideas highlight the differences between the cannons, rather than simplifying the meaning of salvation to fit a broader definition. This method of understanding salvation does postulate some clear differences in the two Testaments, therefore highlighting a complex evolution of the notion that occurred through the further development of Christianity. In such a perspective, a more literal view of salvation can be seen through an analysis of the lingual structures of the Old Testament. Here, the research suggests that "in the Old…. [read more]

Messiah in Old Testament Term Paper

… Messiah in Old Testament

The Messianic prophesies and their fulfillment

The history and tradition of the predictions of a Messiah can be found in many passage of the Old Testament. The Messiah is in most instances closely related to the purpose that God has in the world. These prophesies and intimations about the Messiah start with the first book of the Bible and there are many references to the coming of a Messiah in the earlier books of the Old Testament, before the more extensive references to the Messiah in the book of Isaiah

For a long time before Isaiah was born, the Hebrews had believed Yahweh's purpose in the world would be realized through them and it involved their establishment in the land of…. [read more]

Jesus Through the Old Testament Book Review

… In His short time on this earth he studied it more effectively and with more understanding than anyone before or since."[footnoteRef:11] This statement coming from professor in John Calvin's tradition is high praise indeed. To some degree, these endorsements (even with the quibbles attached) across denominational lines demonstrate what I call the "broad church Anglican" appeal of Wright's book. [10: Paul Alexander, "Book Review: Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament." IX Marks,,,PTID314526_CHID598026_CIID2438290,00.html (accessed 15 April 2011).] [11: David Murray, "Jesus never read the New Testament." The Gospel Coalition, / (accessed 15 April 2011).]

It would be possible to go into any one of Wright's themes in greater depth -- for example, the 2010 study Jesus Our Priest: A Christian Approach to the Priesthood…. [read more]

New Testament and Homosexuality Term Paper

… Old Testament

Homosexuality in the New Testament: Review of the Literature

There are many relevant texts, which speak of homosexuality both in the New Testament and Old, though for purposes of this paper the focus will remain predominately on texts in the New Testament. Romans 1 is full of alliteration to "homosexuality and deviant sexual practices" (Strauss, 2005). Homosexuality is not limited however to this chapter. Strauss (2005) notes in Leviticus 18:22 the following is noted "thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination" with respect to God and the people of Israel (Strauss, 2005). Also in Leviticus the following is true: "If man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination...…. [read more]

Holy Spirit in the Old Testament Thesis

… ¶ … Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

an overview of theological perspectives.

In some of the pneumatological literature a distinction is made between the Holy Spirit in the New Testament and the Sprit of God in the Old Testament. The New Testament associates the Holy Spirit with the religious structure and the meaning of the Holy Trinity. The also refers to the new covenant with God in the New Testament and the fulfillment of this covenant through Jesus Christ, "The old covenant made clear proclamation of the Father, a less definite one of the Son. The new [covenant] made the Son manifest and gave us a glimpse of the Spirit's Godhead.

The question of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament is a matter…. [read more]

Religion -- Books Essay

… d.; Harbin, 2005, p. 235).


The book of Hosea is written in the basic genre of Prophecy. In this book, which is written in almost a gentle type of poetry at times, the key themes/purposes/personalities/issues use Hosea's life to mirror God's relationship with his people, the Israelites: Hosea's love and compassion for his wife mirror God's love and compassion for Israel; Hosea's marriage and children mirror God's relationship with Israel; the unfaithfulness of Hosea's wife mirror the unfaithfulness of Israel in its relationship with God; the repentance of Hosea's wife mirrors the repentance of Israel; Hosea's forgiveness mirrors God's forgiveness of Israel and His renewed relationship with His people, which restores their good fortune. Hosea stresses the importance of true faith, which is in…. [read more]

Covenants in Genesis and Oedipus Rex Essay

… Covenants in Genesis and Oedipus Rex

The classical world is a world bound by covenants. The Book of Genesis describes many relationships that God establishes with men. The covenant story begins with the creation of the world, after which God makes the first man and woman, Adam and Eve and promises them eternal life after their stay in paradise. That plan is altered, of course, and the covenant stories go on. But the covenant stories do not stop with the Book of Genesis; rather, they continue throughout the Old Testament -- and into the New. In Sophocles' Oedipus Rex, we witness the creation of a covenant as well -- a covenant between man and man, or rather between Oedipus the King and the citizens of…. [read more]

Covenants Are Sacred Pacts Essay

… In exchange, God offers the promise of progeny, property, and power. The progeny is theoretically protected by God, as long as the covenant is honored.

What the Ishmaelite and Israelite covenants share in common are three core promises by God: the promises of land, of progeny, and of spiritual blessing ("What is the Abrahamic Covenant?"). In exchange, Abraham and his descendants follow the ritual of circumcision. In the New Testament, Jesus claims to have rewritten the Abrahamic covenant by doing away with the ritual circumcision. The new covenant between God and human beings is fulfilled via faith and faith alone. Yet the lineage of Christianity can still be traced to its roots in the Old Testament.

Moreover, God seems to make two separate covenants with…. [read more]

Bible Is Made Up Essay

… Bible is made up of variety of writing styles because over more than 40 authors wrote the Bible. The Bible is generally being regarded as a model for literary genre, and the literary genre describes the type of literature having similar content, structure and tone. The literary genre assists readers to understand the texts better. (Brent and Giese).

Objective of this essay is to provide the genre analysis of the Old Testament, which consists of:






Poetry in the Old Testament is found in Psalm, Job, Proverbs, Lamentations, Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes. The poetry is written in sung and it is intensely emotional, worshipful and appeals to the imagination. Generally provide the rhetorical devices to communicate feelings and thoughts.

Poetry…. [read more]

Jesus Through the Old Testament and New Book Review

… ¶ … Jesus Through the Old Testament" and New Testament Interpretation of the Old Testament: the Theological Rationale of Midrashic Exegesis

A great deal of people has debated over the Old Testament and over the person of Jesus Christ, only to come up with vague information relating to the topics. Christopher J. Wright's book "Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament" goes at providing insight on whom is Jesus Christ and how the Old Testament contains significant facts which are essential in trying to understand more about Christianity and everything related to it.

There is much controversy as to the influence that the Old Testament had on the New Testament. One can even go as far as claiming as the New Testament had more influence on…. [read more]

Polygamy in the Old Testament Thesis

… Polygamy

In recent months the practice of polygamy has become a major issue because of the court case involving members of the Latter Day Saints and their polygamists' practices. Although this practice has come to the forefront in recent years, polygamy is not a new practice. In fact it is discussed at length in the Old Testament. The purpose of this discussion is to examine polygamy as it pertains to Old Testament text. The research will focus on two schools of thought regarding polygamy in the Old Testament. Let us begin by defining polygamy.

Defining Polygamy

Polygamy is defined as a "marriage in which a spouse of either sex may have more than one mate at the same time." In many places around the world,…. [read more]

Judaism Rituals Relationship With God/Torah Jews Believe Term Paper

… ¶ … Judaism Rituals

Relationship with God/Torah

Jews believe that there is only one God and that they were chosen to have a special relationship with Him. They believe that God is everywhere, and that they can pray to him if they have difficulties.

Jews believe that there is only one God and that the Jewish People were specially chosen to receive God's guidance (BBC).

The most important religious document for Jews is the Torah, which is made up of the first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy (Rich, 2005).

Old Testament History

Judaism is over 3,500years old. Very early in their history they became enslaved by Egypt. The great leader Moses led them out of slavery and into the…. [read more]

Christian Church Acknowledges Its Missionary Term Paper

… In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells his apostles: "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." (28:19) He thus confers continuity to the mission which is further assimilated by the Church.

The word ecclesia translates into "a called-out assembly."

Ecclesiology nowadays is understood as the study of the Church. By an assembly, we understand a community which is formed of people of different identities, cultural, economic, etc., but who are brought together by faith into the fellowship with God. Ecclesiology regards the Church as having "multiple roles as clergy and laity with a variety of gifts (differentiation and diversity)."

This implies that ministries' work can vary in terms…. [read more]

Jesus Christ: The New Moses Term Paper

… Jesus Christ: The New Moses in the Gospel of Matthew

In many ways, the New Testament is a thumbnail version of the Old Testament. Many of the stories and ideas that are first presented in the Old Testament recur in the New Testament. This repetition reinforces the idea that Jesus is the promised Messiah for the Jews, not simply another prophet. In other words, through Christ the stories in the Old Testament find repetition and completion in the New Testament. Therefore, one finds that many elements of Jesus' story are foreshadowed in the Old Testament.

One of the more interesting ways that the New Testament repeats themes one finds in the Old Testament is the way that it links Jesus to Moses. While many modern…. [read more]

Samson History of and Importance Played in the Fulfillment of Israel's Covenanted Promises Research Paper

… ¶ … Samson in the History of Israel.

Samson in the Book of Judges functions as an individual representative of the collective of Israel. He does so on more levels than the other judges, precisely because of his nature as a human being. Firstly, Samson is a human being filled with flaws, like the people of Israel. Like Israel, he is also dedicated to God as a Nazirite, but frequently fails to live up to his dedicated status. Ultimately however, he returns to God and becomes a catalyst for Israel's redemption from the Philistines, as well as God's revenge. Samson is therefore uniquely important in Israel's journey with their God, in that his character is flawed, but his heart nonetheless returns to God in the…. [read more]

New Testament Book of Romans Research Proposal

… New Testament Book Of Romans

God inspired Paul to write the New Testament Book of Romans, and several other books in the New Testament, as well as inspired other men to write the books of the Bible, Sir Isaac Newton asserts. Along with the "discovery" God authored the words in the Bible men wrote; that Biblical words evolve more than from mere human musings, Newton crafted calculus, discovered the laws of motion, as well as the law of gravitation, and constructed the first reflecting telescope. Newton boldly professed his Christian faith, and before he died, wrote more than a million words of notes on the Bible.

Paul, of Jewish origin and identity; noted in Romans. 11:1: "I am an Israelite myself, a descendant of Abraham,…. [read more]

Old Testament Books, Deuteronomy Term Paper

… Both kings are shown to be exceptionally wise in their rule, but also human.

The role of God has changed to become the elector of kings. The kings, as anticipated, prove themselves very human and very flawed. Saul for example is unable to surrender his office once his tasks have been completed. The high status enjoyed by the king is thus hard to relinquish, especially for a human being. Saul's office has thus gone to his head somewhat and it is extremely difficult for him to accept that David is rising and finding favor in the eyes of God and people.

It is interesting to note that once the monarchy has been established, God has accepted this pattern and freely gave his approval or disapproval…. [read more]

Old Testament Deuteronomy CHP 10 Research Paper

… Deuteronomy, Chapter 10

According to biblical scholars, chapter 10 of the Book of Deuteronomy was written on the fortieth year of the exile of the people of Israel. The chapter is also one of the most important parts of the book, and the Bible in general, for it emphasizes the importance of Mosaic Law, God's Love, Grace, and Forgiveness. Scholars also divide this chapter into two sections, the first (1-11) referring to God's mercies upon the people of Israel after their numerous rebellions (especially with the case of golden calf); the second part (12-22) referring to Moses' exhortations and pleas to the people of Israel, where he reminds the importance of the law, the importance of loving God and following the Covenant, urging humility and…. [read more]

Religion - Exodus Exegetical Discussion Term Paper

… Religion - Exodus

Exegetical Discussion of Exodus 19:5-6

In an attempt to understand the glory and inspiration of early Biblical texts, it is necessary to attempt close readings of individual passages. God intends for the Bible to serve as a learning tool and a way to bring us closer to Him. Only through introspection, reflection, and study can we truly understand the messages that God has left for us in his holy book, the Bible. How does the 19th chapter of Exodus work into His plan? In relation to the overall book, what impact do the individual verses 5 and 6 have on our faith and purpose? Exodus 19:5 reads: "Now then, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you…. [read more]

Judaism Is a Major World Term Paper

… Prejudice against Jewish people is known as anti-Semitism, a problem that continues today.

8. Different "sects" of Judaism: Judaism does not have "sects" in the same way that Christianity does, but there are three major divisions of Judaism. All divisions believe in essentially the same theological and religious tenets. They differ in their approach to practice and their level of orthodoxy. The three main divisions of Judaism include Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform, although Humanistic, Liberal, and Reconstructive Judaism are also recognized ("Judaism," BBC). Some differences between the different divisions of Judaism include the use of the Hebrew language during religious services and the obedience to Kosher dietary laws.

9. Conclusion/Judaism Today: Judaism is a fascinating religious and cultural tradition. Although the Jews are small in…. [read more]

Idolatry Social Injustice and Religious Ritualism in the Old Testament Essay

… The second practical application from these teachings is that God desires His people to remain faithful to Him. This implies that out worship should be exclusively to God since deviating from worshipping God has undeniable consequences. Third, it is important for believers to follow God's commands and live within the confines of His will since it's the premise for exclusive worship of God. Finally, the teachings show that failure to worship God is the root cause of other evils such as religious ritualism and social injustices. Therefore, for today's Christians worshipping God is the ultimate reason for living and avoiding His wrath.
In conclusion, the prophetic books in the Old Testament provide practical guidelines for living a godly life. Through these books, major and minor…. [read more]

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