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creative writing french poetry Research Paper

… " It is true, "nought shall fade" as here we stand gazing upon her sumptuous antiquites. I dislike truly the English term "ruins," for they suggest something that has been ruined, destroyed, and which is no longer gorgeous, which is not the way I feel about Rome at all. Thankfully, Rebhorn understands that when he says about me: "Du Bellay thus chooses to write sonnets because they allow him to present Rome as his imperial mistress, to elevate her through praise, and to lament the absolute separation between her spirit and his that her death has brought about," (612). One day our monarchy too, may die, giving rise to a new form of government that works completely differently -- but who am I to say?…. [read more]

Waste Land French Lieutenant Essay

… Waste Land French Lieutenant

The Waste Land and the French Lieutenant as Exemplary Modernist Texts

Modernism and Post-Modernism are considered the dominant literary movements of the twentieth century, with Post-Modernism continuing into our own century. Each was an artistic movement representing a clear break with the past. Their literary components were especially unique, revealing the myriad unexplored forms that literature could take.

Although famous, these movements are difficult to define because their canons are composed of highly unconventional works, escaping easy categorization. Both movements are impossible to define through common features alone. Therefore, classifying a text, such as the Wasteland or the French Lieutenant's Woman, as Modernist or Post-Modernist, involves much more than identifying features off of a checklist.

The terms Modernist and Post-Modernist cannot…. [read more]

Death and Dying Term Paper

… In "Because I Could Not Stop For Death" (1890), Dickinson personifies Death, much like Donne did in his Holy Sonnet, and sees him, not as a slave or subordinate, but rather as a gentleman caller that accompanies her on her final carriage ride. This gentlemanly and chivalrous Death figure does not attempt to hurry the narrator in the poem to her destination, which in this case is "Eternity," but rather is patient with her and knows that the narrator will reach her destination at the right time. Unlike Donne's Death that is described as a slave, Dickinson's Death is described eloquently as she notes, "Because I could not stop for Death/He kindly stopped for me/we slowly drove, he knew no haste/And I had put away/My…. [read more]

Victor Hugo Romantic Writings Term Paper

… This was also a feature of the romantic, but it was often regarding lost love. Much of Poe's and Shelley's writing offered a look at unrequited love. The love theme may be what people most associate with this period of writing and painting, but the authors did not often share happy scenes of love. The realist in them wanted to show what they believed was the true nature of love. Much like death, it could be restful or damning. The romantics were unafraid of showing what they believed was true emotional turmoil.

Ruy Blas

Hugo was not a person who enjoyed inactivity, so he delved into all genre within his art form. He was first a poet, then a novelist, but he was also a…. [read more]

English Literature. Robert Browning Term Paper

… "$8

Barret made use of his intelligence and techniques of writing to help his husband in his literary work. Due to the involvement of his wife and her ideas numerous poems were written and developed which are counted amongst the top listers of Robert Browning's poems. His mastery of dramatic monologue is also one of the positive attributes of Robert's character and his style of writing the poems were based on the talent of writing dramatic monologues.


The paper has viewed the details and information regarding one of the most renowned poets of the English literary society who is known as Robert Browning. Although he was a son of a clerk yet he developed his interest in writing and finally earned a rank…. [read more]

How Were Catalan Modernista Painters Influenced by French Art? Term Paper

… French Influence Upon Catalan Modernists

It is difficult to imagine the art world without a French influence. It seems that throughout history much of art has been based out of French culture and social ideas. The central location for such artistic creation has primarily been that of Paris, France. It seems that many artists have journeyed there for education or intellectual freedom of expression. It is a special place, a place that thrives on the energy art represents to the world. Even today, it is the place to be an artist. There is a certain allure and safety as if an artist's identity automatically fits with Paris. Maybe the draw can be attributed too much of its pulse is generated by art and the museums…. [read more]

Imagist Poetry Term Paper

… Six poets were identified as "official" members of the Imagist movement -- Richard Aldington, H.D., John Gould Fletcher, F.S. Flint, DH Lawrence, and Amy Lowell. Ezra Pound is omitted because by 1914 he had moved on to other poetic ideas. The influence of these central figures is apparent in later works by followers and adapters of the movement, such as William Carlos Williams and e.e. cummings.

Ezra Pound stands as a major creative force in the twentieth century, a poet who influenced many poetic movements and many of the major poets of the era. Works like "The Tree" and "L'Art, 1910" show the Imagist tendencies of Pound, in the first centering on the image of himself as a tree, in the second on a clear…. [read more]

Poetry Technique Term Paper


In her 1965 poem Daddy, Sylvia Plath utilizes the poetic technique of metaphor extensively in order to demonstrate to the reader how she feels about her father as a perceived member of the Nazi Party. First of all, Plath mentions her father's "black shoe" (line 2) which symbolizes the familiar footwear worn by Nazis during World War II in Hitler's Germany. In lines 8-9, Plath calls her late father "Marble heavy, a bag full of God/Ghastly statue" which indicates her disgust with him as an overblown, iconic figure of marble, standing aloof and indifferent to the suffering of the Jews. In line 25, Plath mentions her tongue being stuck in her jaw and then equates this with "It…. [read more]

Good Man Is Hard Essay

… The individuals can refrain from becoming evil in case they are informed and educated about the evil behaviors and the impact of such behaviors on themselves and society. The acts of violence are originated through evil and are also mastered by the cruelty. The acts of brutality become behavioral patterns and human beings are least concerned about the impacts of such behaviors on them and other members of society.

The violent characters are also found in fiction and drama throughout medieval age. The French drama and fiction stories are famous for their violent characters. The societies passing through the ages of violence, wars, low moral standards, and lawlessness appear to incorporate their surrounding characters within their drama, theater, and cultural poetry. The acts of cruelty…. [read more]

Representation of Death Term Paper

… When God asks him why, he mocks Almighty God by saying essentially that any man could stand to see his son in pain and could stand there with pride as he took the whip and nails. He says with sarcasm that if God would have had a daughter, He couldn't have borne her passion (as if to say God doesn't know what it feels like to have a daughter). As God tells Luke that he loves in weakness, Luke defensively snaps back by saying, "…as you love me" (Clugston R.W., 2010). This shows us that Luke, in fact, is spiritually dead because he is unable to recognize with whom he is speaking.

A visit from Luke's daughter Jennifer, who comes home to visit her father…. [read more]

Gertrude Stein Indeed Term Paper

… Gertrude as Modernist

Gertrude has always taken great pains and great pride in breaking with the past. She, above almost everything else she did, is credited with embracing and perhaps even inventing modernism. What is modernism? According to Professor John Lye, of Brock University (Ontario, Canada), modernism is a "re-structuring of literature and the experience of reality it re-presents. (Art always attempts to 'imitate' or re-present reality; what changes is our understanding of what constitutes reality, and how that reality can best be re-presented, presented to the mind and senses most faithfully and fully.)" Lye also states that modernist literature " marked by a break with the sequential, developmental, cause-and-effect presentation of the 'reality' of realist fiction, toward a presentation of experience as layered, allusive,…. [read more]

Edgar Allen Poe the Controversial American Poet Term Paper

… Edgar Allen Poe

The controversial American poet Edgar Allan Poe was born in 1809 in Boston and dies forty years later in Baltimore, under unknown circumstances. Poe's eventful and unusual life seems, in a way, as peculiar as his work, and it is considered by many of his critics and interpreters as the main source of influence for his art. His life is marked by the deaths of many of his beloved relatives and friends: his parents, both actors, die when the poet was only two years old, his foster mother dies a little later, then his brother, and finally his wife Virginia, at the age of twenty two, after having been married to Poe for nine years. The frequent drinking, his poor health, his…. [read more]

Frankenstein and Romanticism Essay

… Frankenstein and Romanticism

Having long been viewed as peripheral to the study of Romanticism, Frankenstein has been moved to the center. Critics originally tried to assimilate Mary Shelley's novel to patterns already familiar from Romantic poetry. But more recent studies of Frankenstein have led critics to rethink Romanticism in light of Mary Shelley's contribution. Gradually emerging from the shadow of her husband, she is increasingly being recognized as a distinct voice within Romanticism, a distinctly feminine voice within what seems to be a male-dominated movement.

The trend of recent studies of Frankenstein has been to view it as a critique of Romanticism, particularly as developed in Percy Shelley's poetry. Critics have argued that Frankenstein is a protest against Romantic titanism, against the masculine aggressiveness that…. [read more]

Metaphysical Poetry Journal Exercise 3.1A: Addressing Love Journal

… Metaphysical Poetry

Journal Exercise 3.1A: Addressing Love and Loss

I have left someone without knowing when I would see them again. It was a relationship that was very important to me, but it was, ultimately, one that I knew was not going to work in the long run. I still loved this person. I felt so sad to know that I might not see them again, but I felt that there was no other way. They asked me to reconsider the relationships, to give it another chance -- which was the most painful part. I wanted them to see things like I did. I wanted them to be okay with what was happening, because then, in some way, I would feel better.

To leave someone…. [read more]

Thomas/Updike Compare/Contrast the Fight Thesis

… The puppy attempted to defy death, not because the puppy had the power to reason and rationalize that it was something that she could do, but rather the puppy attempted to defy death because it was natural and instinctual. The narrator contends that the puppy began to fight for its life at a very early age and that "[s]he must have been kicked unseen or brushed by a car" (Updike, 1993, line 1). The narrator believes that the puppy was abused or neglected early in its life and that the effects of this abuse may not have been physically evident until it was too late. The narrator comments that the family "thought her shy malaise was a shot reaction" and were shocked when "[t]he autopsy…. [read more]

Domestic Prison Gender Roles Thesis

… 19). Most of her early biographers also failed to realize that her work was heavily based on family and personal experiences, including the lives of her mother and grandmother. One of these ancestor stories, "Athenaise" was based on her grandmother's unhappy marriage to a man who deserted her and left her in poverty to raise seven children on her own. The fictional story features one of Gilman's ironic reversals, however, and has the wife desert her husband and striking out on her own to live with the Cherokees in Indian Territory.

American realism and naturalism were at their high point during the three decades after the Civil War, and among its leading luminaries were Mark Twain, Stephen Crane and Henry James. Chopin certainly fits within…. [read more]

Decadent Style Term Paper

… Decadent Style

Decadent writing during the 19th century took several forms. At its basis was the increasing decadence of society, along with the decay of the feudal system, the hold of the Church and the power of those associated with these institutions. Gothic literature therefore lent itself with particular poignancy to the depiction of declining values and institutions of this time. As such, Edgar Allan Poe frequently treated in his gothic works the themes of royal decadence and decline, with its concomitant mental and physical decay. While he also worked in other genres such as poetry and detective fiction, Poe's depiction in the decadent style was most evident in the fiction that is today classified within the horror genre. "The Fall of the House of…. [read more]

William Wordsworth: A Wordsmith Research Paper

… 11) "Thy nature is not therefore less divine:" -- suggests the child ignorance of her innocence. 12) "Thou liest in Abraham's bosom all the year;" -- suggests her soul is blessed by God. 13) "And worshipp'st at the Temple's inner shrine," -- suggests the child's closeness to nature (the Temple). 14) "God being with thee when we know it not." -- indicates the protection God reserves for innocent children yet not for adults; suggests that because she is natural she is closer or more connected to nature.

The poem is an expression of Wordsworth's deep affection for his daughter. The first half of the octave gives the reader a picture of a tranquil sunset into a gentle sea; however the following lines six through eight…. [read more]

Thomas-Dickinson Perspectives of Death Thesis

… As the poem progresses, the narrator draws attention to numerous things they pass along the way such as "the School…the Fields of Grazing Grain [and] the Setting Sun" (lines 9, 11-12). Throughout her journey, Death has remained behind the narrator's carriage, but when he finally does pass her, the narrator states that she feels a chill and states, "The Dews drew quivering and chill -- / For only Gossamer my Gown -- / My tippet -- only Tulle" (lines 14-16). By not being extravagantly dressed, the narrator is depicted as being humble, an attribute that implies that she is ready to submit to Death. The narrator's carriage ride ends at a house that may be representative of a cemetery, tomb, or mausoleum. The house is…. [read more]

Development of Rainer Maria Rilke Poetry Research Paper

… ¶ … Rainer Maria Rilke's life experiences influence the poet's poetry?

Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) -- acknowledged widely as one among the most poetically-intense of German-language poets --put in unique efforts to broaden the poetic realm by means of novel applications of imagery and syntax, and the philosophy dealt within his work (Poetry Foundation). This poet of Austrian origin composed exquisite, and rather revolutionary, poetry and is, to this day, a potentiating influence for poetry. The mystical quests shaping his work still challenge and move poetry lovers. Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet guides readers beyond his lyrical vision's essence to poetry's very heart. His works covered a lot of aesthetic ground. Mainland-European poetry lovers of his time had high regard for Rilke; however, this…. [read more]

Earl of Rochester / Aphra Essay

… Within this rhetorical inversion, I think it possible that "cunt" is a term of great praise. It follows from the rhetorical inversion that Rochester's presentation of Corinna will be a whore who can speak in the lofty terms of abstract concepts when speaking about the poet's inability to achieve erection a second time after premature ejaculation:

When, with a thousand kisses wandering o'er

My panting bosom, "Is there then no more?"

She cries. "All this to love and rapture's due;

Must we not pay a debt to pleasure, too?"

("Imperfect Enjoyment" ll. 21-4)

In other words, Corinna acknowledges the poet's "love and rapture" as an excuse for the premature ejaculation, but hopes that her "kisses wandering" may stimulate him again so that she, too, may…. [read more]

Polish Syntax Introduction Term Paper

… Polish Syntax

Introduction to the Syntax of Polish

The syntactic differences between spontaneous spoken language and written language have direct consequences for various areas of linguistics; typology, psycholinguistics, and sociolinguistics, not to mention certain assumptions lying behind generative grammar. There is a range of syntactic constructions typical of spontaneous spoken English and with parallel constructions in the spontaneous speech produced by speakers of other languages. Conversely, there is a range of syntactic constructions typical of written English. The constructions typical of spontaneous speech do not occur in written texts except in the representation of conversation. The constructions typical of written English are very rare in spontaneous speech and indeed are usually found only in the spontaneous speech of people who have passed through both secondary…. [read more]

Rousseau, Douglass, Both Prose Writers Term Paper

… He is the arbiter of the diverse and he is the key. He is the equalizer of his age and land... If peace is the routine, and of him speaks the spirit of peace, large, rich... he encourages the study of man, the soul, immortality... his thoughts are the hymns of praise of the things - in the talk on the soul and eternity - God off of his equal place - he is silent - he sees eternity in men and women.

What makes Whitman different - his free choice of subject and his desire to follow his whims and his personal desires. He brings these into his writing - never mind if he violates the sensibilities of his readers.

William Wordsworth - Poet…. [read more]

Structured Poems Such as William Wordsworth Essay

… ¶ … structured poems such as William Wordsworth's 'The World is Too Much with Us,' or Dylan Thomas' 'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night,' do not adequately address the concept of ambivalence."

~ Nu Ance

One of the most haunting poems ever written, one that it often read at funerals and memorial services, is Dylan Thomas' "Do not go gentle into that good night." Thomas was an alcoholic, a tormented man who created great poetry. He seems like the type of maniac, creative, and expressive genius spoken of at length in John Brigg's book Fire in the Crucible. "The victims of manic depression" and other mental illnesses have often been "immensely creative and productive" (Briggs 238). One of the themes of Briggs' book…. [read more]

Tom Shulich ("Coltishhum") a Comparative Chapter

… 40).

Thus, from the perspective of the bottom rung of Indian society, it is Lapierre's contention that the self/other dichotomy if not fully eradicated, at least becomes practically irrelevant. Lapierre's slum dwellers refuse to entertain invidious distinctions between self and other. The familiar as well as the stranger, the healthy and the diseased, the old and the young -- all are taken in and cared for in one big, harmonious community of the urban poor. In a society of unfortunates who all must struggle simply to survive against great odds, no one is rejected "marginal." The denizens of Calcutta's slums, Lapierre tells us, "had reconstructed the life of their villages in urban exile" (p. 41).

Stephan Kovalski, an expatriate Polish priest, is the main European…. [read more]

Amadou Hampate Ba's Cultural and Religious Dialogue Research Proposal


The objective of this study is to examine how Amadou Hampate Ba uses stories as didactic tools on the mystical ways of the Tijanyya tradition. Amadou Hampate Ba was convinced that traditions could serve to assist Africans in discovering who they are in order to progress in new directions while retaining their identity. Didactic is stated to be an adjective which describes something that has been "designed or intended to teach; intended to convey instruction and information as well as pleasure and entertainment; making moral observations. " (Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online, 2009) Therefore, this study intends to examine how Amadou Hampate Ba uses the didactic in his works and oral transmission.


Amadou Hampate Ba, like Leopold Sedar Senghor,…. [read more]

Lais of Marie De France Term Paper

… Having been cursed with a wound that can only be healed by a woman who is prepared to suffer for her love of him, Guigemar makes his way to an unknown land, where he encounters a jealous king who has imprisoned his wife for fear of infidelity. The concept of courtly love provides the thematic foundation for this tale, as Guigemar and the queen become enraptured with one another, engaging in an affair for over a year before being discovered. Having been returned to his homeland, Guigemare remains steadfastly faithful to his lost love the queen, who uses knotted clothing to symbolize their unbreakable bond.

In the lai titled Yonec, Marie de France once again features courtly love as the central premise of her work,…. [read more]

Flaubert's Madame Bovary and the Seven Deadly Sins Term Paper

… Madame Bovary

Gustave Flaubert's novel Madame Bovary was a major shock to the reading public in the nineteenth century, leading to charges of obscenity and a court case on the issue. Emma has an adulterous affair as one of her actions trying to escape from the banality of her existence, and her actions were seen as a direct challenge to the accepted middle class virtues of the time. In part, this was a reaction by Flaubert to the hypocrisy of the middle class at a time when France was still undergoing the social upheaval that started with the French Revolution in 1789, followed by the reign of Napoleon. Flaubert was tried for a violation of public morals, but he was acquitted. The trial served to…. [read more]

Philosophies Embodied in the Heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa Identity Crisis or a Great Philosopher Essay

… Pessoa

"The Philosophies embodied in the Heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa. Identity Crisis or a great Philosopher?"


The Philosophies embodied in the Heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa. Identity Crisis or a great Philosopher?

The Philosophies embodied in the Heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa. Identity Crisis or a great Philosopher?

Introduction of Fernando Pessoa; his Life, Work and Background

Fernando Pessoa (1888 -- 1935) was a poet who wrote using various "heteronyms" or literary alter egos. However, as will be discussed, these were not alter egos in the conventional sense but were in fact separate entities that the writer claimed existed and informed his existential and artistic experience. This becomes clear from the fact that "Pessoa devoted his life to conferring substance to each alter ego, giving each…. [read more]

Relationship and Collaboration Between Louis the Fourteenth and Jean Baptiste Lully Term Paper

… Relationship and collaboration between Louis the Fourteenth and Jean-Baptiste Lully

Louis the Fourteenth, Jean-Baptiste Lully, and Moliere are all recognized for having played important roles in shaping Frances's cultural identity in general and in influencing people's thinking in the seventeenth century through promoting art as an important tool in improving the social order. From the very first years consequent to the moment when he was crowned, Louis expressed particular interest in dance and in arts as a whole, supporting virtually anyone whom he considered talented. Lully was brought from Italy to assist him in presenting the French with the advantages coming along with having access to art and immediately please the king through displaying his aptitudes. Similarly, Moliere impressed both the king and Lully as…. [read more]

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