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Creative Writing Author Case Study

… These men are not real badasses, but phony reflections of pop culture. When confronting an actual tough guy, these teens are no match. In the story, the narrator and his equally inept friend make two attempts at criminality, first a murder with a tire iron and then a rape, neither of which is successful. However, in the failing of the crime, the narrator comes to realize the truth of who and what he is and to understand that the label of "bad" that he has given himself is nothing but a sham. "I was nineteen, a mere child, and infant" (Greasy). In the attempt at evildoing, the narrator has learned that the bad boy image he has so far been projecting is a facade.

The…. [read more]

Creative Case Study

… Creative Case

Identifying Information: Lisa Simpson is an eight-year-old Caucasian female with bright yellow skin and hair, and large white eyes. She lives with her parents Homer and Marge, as well as her older brother, Bart, and her younger sister, Maggie. Bart is ten and Maggie is a toddler. The Simpson family lives in Springfield, where Lisa attends Springfield elementary school.

Presenting Problem: Lisa is seeking counseling services for feelings of depression and anxiety.

History of Presenting Problem: Lisa claims to have been experiencing symptoms for several seasons.

Description of Personality: Lisa is precocious, curious, and highly intelligent. Her vocabulary is sophisticated, and she speaks with maturity beyond her years. She is an honors student at Springfield Elementary, and has served as student council president,…. [read more]

Post Office Square Park Case Term Paper

… The revenues derived from the project for the city would be substantial, and public opinion began to turn against the initial park. What was the value of a purely aesthetic park and a rather moderate office structure, as proposed by the Friends of the Post Office Square, versus the more lucrative venture of Claremont? The city of Boston was 'hurting' and desperately needed revenue. Also, many Bostonians desperately needed affordable housing, which the Claremont Development could theoretically make more of a feasible reality, given the provision of linkage payments derived from the more financially sustainable office complex.

Supporters of Claremont noted that the proposal would still allow for a park structure to be created, albeit not as large as the original Friends proposal. In Europe,…. [read more]

Creative Intelligence Essay

… Training is the second force. It is a specific learning approach that is quite related to education. People learn to deal with transitions or to handle new tasks in different ways. A good example is the way data entry personnel learn to enter data while a musician learn to play their instrument of choice.

The third force is the influence of others. These can be mentors, experts, friends, family, etc. The philosophy of other people on life and their approach to problems usually affect people deeply in how they are able to approach and deal with personal challenges Clarke, 2006.

A good example is that a child who grows up admiring a musician may become a musician in future.

Rewards and incentives are the fourth…. [read more]

Innovation and Creativity Case Study


Innovative leadership is the need of the time (BlessingWhite, 2007). Apart from this the companies who are able to come up with new innovative ideas take advantages of first mover. The perfect example of this is Facebook. The leadership of Facebook is not only creative and innovative but also brings in new innovative ideas and concepts on continuous basis. The leadership of Facebook is aware of the fact that time is the most important and crucial factor in bringing in innovation and change. The innovation brought in wrong and inappropriate time can be dangerous for the organization and can leads to failure. On the other hand a timely innovation can help the organization to…. [read more]

Pharmacist.In This Case, Case Study

… ¶ … pharmacist."In this case, the pharmacist is faced with a moral and ethical dilemma of informing one Mr. Ramirez's (a congestive heart failure patient) doctor, the risks that he might be exposing himself to by his tendency/trend of increasing dosage of his medication while also consuming several packages of salted nuts. Such an increase of medication and ingestion of salt predisposes him patient to a cardiac arrest. The pharmacist could also attempt to explain to Mr. Ramirez the dangers he predisposes himself to.

A review of the case indicates that Mr. Ramirez is an octogenarian who suffers from congestive heart failure. He is however taking a lethal combination of prescription pills (on an increasing scale) and salted peanuts under the watchful eye of a…. [read more]

Searching and Understanding a Case Case Study

… That plan might be a BIM unit or some other plan which will be included using the 3-D model. Currently, many of these project management applications as well as the 3-D designs have been created in seclusion. Obligation for the precision as well as co-ordination of price and also time setting information should be contractually resolved (Azhar, Hein and Sketo, 2008).

BIM Potential Issues

The efficiency and financial advantages of BIM towards the AEC business happen to be broadly recognized as well as progressively well grasped. Additionally, the science to apply BIM is easily accessible and quickly developing. However, BIM ownership is a lot sluggish than predicted (Azhar, Hein and Sketo, 2008). There happen to be two major reasons, technical along with managerial.

The technical…. [read more]

Fictional Fortsworth Company Case Study

… The appropriate intervention for change can happen on each of the four levels (Fischer, Gebauer & Fleisch, 2012).

Changes can happen or sway, within Fortsworth Company, on four diverse levels as figure 1, below illustrates. There might be one or some levels influenced by the introduction of changes. It is critical to grasp the levels a change affects because they form the ground for appropriate interventions and measures. Individual or group changes takes place at levels 1 and 2. They are changes that take place within the framework of the organization. Finally, changes on level 3 involving the organization are based on the framework itself. Changes on level 4 on the relevant environment and context affect the wider framework of the organization (Fischer, Gebauer &…. [read more]

Jacob: A Jacob Was Born Case Study

… Jacob: A case study

Jacob was born on January 16, 2005. Jacob is eight years old, is currently in the second grade, and has never been retained. He has never received any remedial or special education services. His absences are infrequent and are usually as a result of school suspension for disorderly behavior in the classroom. Despite these disciplinary problems, Jacob's teachers like him and feel he demonstrates a positive attitude toward his schooling. He is a very bright and inquisitive student. He seems to want to please his teachers and peers and to be well-liked.

Jacob lives with his mother, stepfather, sister and four brothers; he is currently the youngest child in the home but his mother is expecting another child. Jacob was not…. [read more]

Erik Peterson Case Study

… Instead of making these assumptions, he should have opened communication lines across the organization. For example, Erik found out that most of the employees including him are short of industry experience, he should have raised the issue to the top management and explaining clearly the risks of conducting the project in a fixed period. This is among the reasons why he ended up supporting and backing out various decisions such as pay reversals and termination of contractors (Harvard Business Review 5).

Erik lacks a clear and concrete plan in his project management. Even if the case has not mentioned, it is evident that there is no critical definition of milestones and the plan has not laid down clear dependencies. Before any project can be implemented,…. [read more]

Blue Ridge Coffee Case Study

… The organization set up decentralized structures on regional basis (Wallace 2004). Sales representatives execute their duties effectively and are accountable to specific managers across the U.S. In effect, the marketing and promotion sections of the organization would operate such that their personnel report to managers at regional levels. Proper organization of the sales force is critical to overall success of the wholesale division and the company in general (Wallace 2004).

Since BRC is a formal organization with clearly defined tasks for salespersons, the promotion and marketing strategies would also tend to be formal (Wallace 2004). If the company had adopted an informal structure to its sale force, the marketing and promotional strategies would also be less formal and less rigid. Overall, the customer service, promotion…. [read more]

Quiksilver Case Study

… Quiksilver, Inc. Case Study

Brief Company Description

Founded in 1976, Quiksilver, Inc. (hereinafter alternatively "the company") is headquartered Huntington Beach, California and competes in the global surf- and sports-apparel and accessories industries. The company initially catered to an exclusive market of surfing enthusiasts by providing innovative utilitarian product designs. For example, the company's promotional literature states that, "When Quiksilver boardshorts arrived on the market in 1970, they were the first to use two snaps and a Velcro closure to ensure they stayed on in the heaviest conditions; the first to utilize a yoked waist and scallop legs to maximize comfort and ease of movement; the first to use durable, quick-drying cotton" (About Us 2012, p. 1). Drawing on the success of its initial offerings, the…. [read more]

Drycleaner Case Talent Drycleaners Case Study

… Eze's lack of knowledge and experience also harm the prospects for Talent Drycleaning in other ways, most especially in his lack of financial acumen. This does not only impair his ability to adequately estimate what amount of financing he would need for his expansion plans, but also has made it difficult for Eze to determine how profitable his current business is and what he might be able to do to improve cost efficiency and increase cash flow. This part of the financing problems relates directly to the issue of organizational planning and control issues that Eze and his business are facing, yet again will need to be solved sequentially.

Finally, there are environmental problems that are beyond Eze's control and that he thought he had…. [read more]

Organizational Case Analysis Case Study

… Moreover, many of the components which are available from the multiple sources may sometimes face wide industrial shortage, which may lead to the significant increase in the price of these components. Meanwhile, the effect of shortage of these components may have impact on the company financial conditions, and operating results. Additionally, the company often use some custom components to manufacture its products, and the components are only available from the limited sources.

Based on the issues having impact on the optimal performances of the organization, the paper provides recommendations that Apple Inc. should implement to address the problems.

The organization theory is used in describing the strategy Apple could employ in addressing the current problems having impact on the optimal performances of the company. Organization…. [read more]

Urbanization Chicago Case Study

… Urbanization

Chicago has from its beginnings been a city of immigrants and migrants. In the early days, these were German and Irish immigrants. Around the turn of the 20th century, large waves of immigration from Eastern Europe rolled in made up of Poles, Jews and Ukrainians. The era of World War 1, the 1920s. World War 2 and the post-war period saw a migration from the southern United States of poor whites and blacks to work in the smokestack industries located there. The 1960s, 70s and 80s saw a large emptying out of the city (largely by the white population) as the city deindustrialized. In the 90s, this was mitigated greatly by the service industry boom and the city was a magnet again for people…. [read more]

Disney Internal Memorandum Michael Eisner Case Study

… Just because Disney is headhunted does not mean that it needs to lose that talent. The bleeding of talent has cost Disney significantly, and the company's lack of creativity is starting to become its Achilles heel.

The second option is to hold steady, a sign that the positive turn the company took last year is sustainable. The renewed strength in the theme parks may be indicative of a long-term trend, and perhaps the successes at ABC and ESPN can be channeled into better programming and further growth. There is risk with this option, however, in that the company has struggled in a number of key areas and needs to improve its synergies, and its film division needs to restore its luster.

The third option for…. [read more]

Ford Case Strategic Case Study

… Streamlining and cost-savings are laudable and necessary objectives for the company, however they can have the effect of reducing flexibility and market reaction if not carefully monitored (Johnston & Bate, 2003). Tight control on operations combined with a culture that promotes creative thinking and innovation would be of key strategic benefit to Ford, as the explanation of specific strategies in response to opportunities and threats given below will show.

A major opportunity facing Ford and indeed all auto manufacturers in the current environment is foreign growth, especially in China and India, with the number of consumers able to purchase cars growing dramatically and infrastructure development that actually makes this feasible also increasing at a rampant pace. Achieving a meaningful market share in these countries will…. [read more]

Using Person Centered Therapy Case Study

… Rogers


Patient: Carl S., Male, 41 years old appears on presentation to be in good health but is complaining of depression and anxiety. Medical history reveals that a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) was experience two years ago in a car accident where Carl had been a passenger in a car sideswiped by a drunken driver. His head hit the passenger's side door window and he was initially diagnose with concussion but lingering cognitive issues revealed right frontal lobe injury and short-term memory loss as well as certain impediments to some activities of daily living (ADL). While physically healed from his injuries Carl finds it a struggle to maintain his existence. He was unable to return to work and has…. [read more]

Australian Cladding Company Case Study

… These approaches place the human resource management policy formulation at the strategic level. In these approaches to Strategic Human Resource Management it is claimed that: (1) human resource problems are problems solved by linking HRM and strategy formulation at an early stage; and (2) problems with strategy implementation are solved by early adjustment of the HRM to these strategies." (p.299)

Human resources must be included in the planning from the very earliest of stages and this enables human resources to understand what is needed and enables HR to adjust which means that the decisions made about company employees are geared toward the company's overall strategies. Mueller (1996) states that strategic use of human resources requires the following:

(1) Management is not reactive but instead is…. [read more]

Zappos Case Study

… Zappos Case Study

This case study analysis is based on the 2009 case study from Stanford Graduate School of Business titled Developing a supply chain to deliver WOW! It begins with the general overview of the background, philosophies and current problems faced by Zappos. This is followed by a hierarchal ranking of the four major presenting problems for the company, which are: maintaining the "wow" image without overspending, inventory management/distribution problems, transportation efficiency problems and customer behavior problems.

Each of these problems is addressed in more detail in the discussion section and the recommendations section at the end of the analysis. Prior to the conclusion and recommendations section, a list of possible strategic alternatives is provided with a brief explanation, and potential scenarios that…. [read more]

Acu San Case Study

… Acu San Case Study

The Situation a) Kelly Thomson

Kelly believes that the company and namely his software department is incapable of properly processing the amount of work with which they are being tasked. He bases his assumption on the sound arguments of insufficient personnel, large amount of work and tight deadlines.

While being pressured to design several prototypes for the new product and in the same time maintain the good quality of the old ones, Kelly believes that he would only be capable of designing a single feature for the product.

Kelly believes that the former success of the retinal scan was only due to sufficient time and resources to develop it. Behind this assumption lays the sound argument of previous experience and professional…. [read more]

Creative Powers it Is a Fact Term Paper

… Creative Powers

It is a fact that the society in which we live will never be truly free in all areas of life. Indeed, it has been suggested by some that total freedom would result in anarchy, and that rules are necessary in order to ensure a civilized society. On the other hand, too little freedom would hardly be conducive to creativity in any sense of the word. It would therefore be useful to what degree freedom within society, in terms of the law, culture, education, politics, and other influences, relates to individual and collective creativity in the same society.

Freedom in Society

Freedom is a very wide concept, and difficult to define. It means different things to different individuals and different societies. If Hayek's…. [read more]

Management Three Case Studies Event Case Study

… The city of Ha'il is in Saudi Arabia, and the festival relates to the unique and rich history that the city presents, and which it could demonstrate to the country. In order to plan this festival, example from Australia, Tunisia, and Morocco were utilized. The Ha'il festival, however had to be unique to this city and though it could research elements from other festivals, it would have to ensure that, in the end the city would be portrayed for all its cultural glory. Therefore, the city decided upon strategies that included the specificities of the region, including a falconry exhibition, saluki dogs contests, poetry evenings, family traditional enterprises, a camel calling contest and a competition involving sand dune car racing.

The first question to be…. [read more]

Lumen and Absorb Team Case Case Study

… Overall, the consensus in that team is that they do not have good leadership. Some of the workers on that team feel that the team leader is always in their business and they cannot get anything done because he is so picky. Others feel as though they are being left out of the loop. There was a rumor that someone was going to leave the team, and that caused a lot of speculation and discussion that derailed the cohesiveness that a team should have. If the Absorb team is to get back on track, there is a lot of work that team will have to do. There is also the question of personality, as some of the individuals on the team do not have personalities…. [read more]

Psychoanalytic Creative Case Study

… ¶ … White

Psychoanalytic Creative Case Study

Age: Eighteen (approximate age of entering adulthood from adolescence in her society)

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Judging by the style of the cottages in the wood where she flees, German.

Race: Caucasian

Living situation: Snow White's father and mother are deceased. She lived with her stepmother and a magic mirror until she came of age. When it was revealed that she was the "fairest of them all," she was evicted from her home. She acted as housekeeper for seven men at their 'bachelor pad' until she left their cottage to marry Prince Charming.

Martial status: Recently married

Significant other: Prince Charming

Children: None, except for the dwarves

Presenting problem: After waiting for her whole life for her "prince to…. [read more]

Ingvar Kamprad and IKEA Case Case Study

… There is no evidence to suggest that the company has faltered thus far; therefore, it would appear that this is a fairly solid and valid assumption. As well, on the basis of information provided on IKEA, it would appear and can be further assumed that they have been able to respond effectively to changes in demand and trends without losing their commitment to quality and affordability that has long been associated with the IKEA brand name. Again, evidence seems to support this assumption as the company has continued to successfully market its brand throughout the world without changing its commitment to quality and low-cost.


Strategic management has allowed IKEA to remain successful for well over 50 years. The company has been extensively successful in…. [read more]

Siemens Case History Case Study

… Dissatisfaction in their job in Siemens leads to poor motivation on worker's part and drop-out.

Description of Taylor's theory is first. A short, one paragraph summary of Taylor's scientific management theory assesses his approach. Taylor emphasizes payment as being the most effective incentive for encouraging increase of labor.

The author states that Taylor's theory is non-compatible with modern organizations and proceeds to give Siemens as example. It is innovation in Siemens and the challenge of stimulating and challenging work that rewards and motivates workers.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is next. The author shows that Siemens - with its emphasis on recognition and self-actualization - is fully compatible with Maslow's approach.

Finally, there is Hertzberg's theory of satisfiers and disatisfiers, namely where certain organizational factors work…. [read more]

Active Performance Management Proposal: Case Case Study

… Active performance management is becoming a crucial part of business in today's vulnerable economic environment

It is clear that the literature exposes a number of benefits involved with an active performance management approach. However, there are a number of challenges within identifying issues related to performance management "as they are occurring" (Schwartz 2011). The essential challenge within most modern firms is how to address specific issues in a positive manner that will increase overall productivity (Schwartz 2011). There are a number of environmental changes that occur within the process of implementing such a vastly different managerial strategy. Some recent reports have been claiming that using active performance management is not as beneficial as others may claim. In fact, Ferri (2010) illustrates that in many situations,…. [read more]

Kraft Foods Study Case Study

… Communication

Kraft Foods Study

Effective communication is a vital precondition for any business to attain superiority in its administration. Organizational communication entails the transmission of messages amid its members and other stakeholders. It is only by way of broadcasting messages from one person to another that information and thoughts can be traded. In actuality, communication entails more than just conveying a message. It must also be comprehended. It includes transmission of a message, the comprehending of its substance and the understanding of the fundamental meaning and its intention (Guidelines on the Organizational Communication Process within and beyond Autonomous Hospitals, n.d.).

Communication serves, amid other things, four major things inside a group or organization: observing, feedback and control; inspiration; emotional expression and information trade. In order…. [read more]

HR Collapsing Economy Introduces Tough Case Study

… HR Case Study collapsing economy introduces tough challenges for the public and private sectors alike. However, the public sector faces a unique set of circumstances based on its recruitment models and uniquely transparent hiring practices. The case study detailing information technology recruitment focuses on the specific it needs of the public sector during challenging economic times. Reflecting core concepts contained in Chapter 8, the case study also outlines the specific needs of government agencies in terms of retaining and recruiting the next generation of it specialists. Issues related to outsourcing and temporary work are also discussed.

Public sector human resources constraints are defined by commitments to "public safety, justice, and environmental quality," (p. 184). Information technology recruitment and acquisition practices must follow the same ethical…. [read more]

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