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Creative Project Tall Buddies Term Paper

… Tall Buddies: Peer-Assisted Learning Initiative for Elementary Schools

Using a Peer-Assisted Learning Program to Help Both Young Tutors and Tutees Achieve Improved Academic Outcomes

The ability to read well contributes to virtually all other academic pursuits, and it is little wonder that there has been a great deal of attention paid to this aspect of education in recent years. In this regard, Otaiba, Fuchs, Fuchs et al. (2001) emphasize that, "The problems associated with limited reading competence are serious. Students with poor reading skills have lower self-esteem, pose greater discipline problems and are less likely to complete school than more skillful readers" (p. 15). One initiative that has been shown to be highly effective in helping young students with reading problems achieve improved ability across…. [read more]

Peer Tutoring Term Paper

… Promoting Self-Esteem Through Mentoring

Teachers are faced with several major challenges that place increasing stress on them. They are faced with a federal mandate to increase overall reading scores and to make certain that every child performs to at least minimal standards. Teachers are also plagued by behavioral problems the complicate their job of improving reading scores. The final product of this study will be a guide to help teachers institute a program to service 6th graders that are at-risk struggling readers due to emotional, social, or behavioral problems. It will assess the effectiveness and serve as a guide for implementing the "Tall Buddy" program in elementary schools.

Teachers struggle to find new methods to help at-risk students. Reading proficiency is closely tied to self-esteem…. [read more]

Bamboo Industry Research Proposal

… Bamboo Industry

In India, bamboo is considered "the poor man's timber." Over the past 20 years, bamboo has become a significant, sometimes superior substitute for wood. Currently, in some way or another in, the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan reports, approximately 1.5 billion people depend on bamboo products. In light of the significances of the bamboo industry, this thesis relates relevant research regarding the bamboo industry and asserts that a number of bamboo products, particularly those processed and manufactured for use in constructing houses and household items, primarily qualify as being eco-friendly.

From the literature reviewed for this study, the researcher completes a PEST Analysis, as well as a SWOT analysis to investigate factors contributing to the bamboo industry. Ultimately, the researcher finds that…. [read more]

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